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Vivid Red
Co-Writer Bluepalace1985*
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Vivid Red
Chapter One
Jun 14, 2018
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!WegjsxRk4tYElzxcmtLMposted on PENANA

Diana Schaefercopyright protection8PENANAUni9CkzfSL

Diana stepped out of the yellow taxi and onto the sidewalk. She stared down at her blue high heels as if she was in in some kind of dream. As she stepped out of the taxi. Diana breathed deeply into the crisp cold winter air in the city known as The City of Angels.copyright protection8PENANAWP0d8sKZNP

She had came all this way from rural America to follow a childhood dream.A dream that once upon a time bewildered her well meaning parents. In the end her parents agreed to be supportive and to help her out in her professional aspirations. She had begun acting at a relatively young age, mostly in high school drama classes. Her teachers had always considered Diana to be a highly capable student and very conscientious. It was the other students that thought otherwise and used to pick on her out of petty jealousy.copyright protection8PENANAtMtOl11IuN

Such a dream that she held close to her breast. Hidden and kept safe from the outside world and safe from the world of flesh and blood.copyright protection8PENANAupbMyN7830

As a child she would watch the movies on television and thought to herself that she could do that someday. Splashing across her most intimate thoughts her mind conjured up images of film noir detective stories. Accompanied by memories of watching icy blond women in Alfred Hitchcock films and noticing their calm and sometimes passionate screen performances.copyright protection8PENANATZPUdXnXXa

''I believe I have what it takes to become a great actress. Like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Judy Garland.'' Diana said to herself in a cautiously optimistic tone.copyright protection8PENANANrXggjhh1M

The taxi driver grabbed her suitcases and brought them to the footpath. He smiled politely and said in a somewhat cheerful tone ''welcome to The City of Angels.''copyright protection8PENANA5wbgjK4qS7

Diana smiled back and said in an enthusiastic tone ''Being here in The City of Angels is like a dream come true. The sort of thing that you dream about but don't actually believe it will happen.''copyright protection8PENANArM7hGkf3ic

Taxi driver smiled back at Diana and said ''Well, my Mother always told me that if you put your mind to something  you can accomplish anything.''copyright protection8PENANAe5EblUuDcw

''She was a very wise woman.'' Diana replied.copyright protection8PENANAph2AylkCMd

The Taxi driver laughed and said ''She taught me everything I needed to know.''copyright protection8PENANAKeZRvGbKJu

Diana quickly smiled back and grabbed her belongings. Hoping that deep down inside the taxi driver wouldn't catch her insincere expression. In her mind an invisible mask fell across her face. Like the type of mask that hypokrites wear. Diana hid behind this mask and could see the world from that perspective. In some ways this brought some comfort. In many other ways she suspected that most people in the world were that way inclined. Changing one social mask for another on a regular basis. As an aspiring actress, Diana knew full well the ability that acting has over a person's mind and the power of persuasion that comes with the craft.copyright protection8PENANAWYzB9VvEyH

The taxi driver smiled as he drove away. Waving to her as she caught a glimpse of his bright white teeth.copyright protection8PENANAaXZdyxzTal

Arrangements were made beforehand while Diana was still back at home. She is to meet with former actress Gloria May at The Los Sunset Apartments at 4:44pm. Diana remembered Gloria May from her childhood spent watching old movies with her parents. Gloria was a major name in the 1940s and appeared in many high profile film projects throughout the decade. Gloria had to be in her 70s by now if not older than that Diana thought to herself.copyright protection8PENANA7Uz6M4NYPw

A blue Lamborghini sat idling at the traffic lights and Diana could hear what she assumes is a pop song playing on the radio.copyright protection8PENANAsMu2nEXSjw

''I think you've got to slow down, before you start to blow it. I think you're headed for a breakdown, so be careful not to show it.''copyright protection8PENANAAtuzH27gWh

The lyrics themselves were unfamiliar to her. She just naturally assumed that the song was popular at the moment. Growing up in a remote rural area, she didn't have access to very much music entertainment. Mostly just very old records that her Parents had kept around the house. Sometimes as a child she would sneak in to her parents bedroom and play some of those records on her parents old record player. For some reason this seemed to make her feel like a mature and grown up adult. But this nostalgic feeling started to make her feel hollow and empty inside.copyright protection8PENANAB3cbaYgXX5

*****copyright protection8PENANAupSZrfEp8X

''Hello, Los Sunset Apartments, Gloria May speaking.''copyright protection8PENANAVIrqh8toop

''Good afternoon, it has been a while since we last spoke.''copyright protection8PENANAG0tTcEStCP

''Yes, the Diana Schaefer has arrived and she will be meeting up with me here at The Los Sunset Apartments this evening. I will give her a tour of her accommodations and she can get settled in for the night.''copyright protection8PENANAz7er6GGK6O

''I know that she arrived today because she rang me from a payphone at the airport.''copyright protection8PENANAI2x9sOiVdG

''I received the portfolio that you sent me. The one that included photos of the girl. Although movie casting is none of my forte. As a forty year veteran of the film industry, I think the kid has potential based on her beauty alone.'' copyright protection8PENANAkUHONUsFn5

''Agreed, we just have to get her into the audition. Beauty alone doesn't make a successful  actress after all.''copyright protection8PENANAuWcJojp53w

''Well, so far I am fairly optimistic of her chances. All she needs now is a good amount of  acting talent and I am sure she can climb her way to the upper echelons of our illustrious society.''copyright protection8PENANATMyrV0fdVt

''Do you plan to initiate the girl first? Or are you going to wait until later. When her career becomes successful?''copyright protection8PENANAUgnC4bwxRU

''I haven't seen the contents of the video cassette that you sent me. I will get around to viewing its contents very soon. I am sure I will find the tape to be of some interest.''copyright protection8PENANADlRP5f8vkc

''Okay, I will see you at the banquet tonight. Goodbye.''copyright protection8PENANA1eYzFTzV7u

*****copyright protection8PENANAp1LNEQYaoP

Walking up the long and winding footpath, Diana made her way to the entrance of The Los Sunset Apartments. She immediately observed her immediate environment and found it peaceful and tranquil.copyright protection8PENANA51bWQgcZLw

Diana walked up to a large red door, flanked by stone gargoyles with water flowing from their mouths on either side of the door. The water flowed down a stream downhill alongside the walkway. Around the property stood high pearl white walls that gave the property this sense of being secluded from the world. Like this place was trying to hide itself from the surrounding suburbs.copyright protection8PENANAbNLamr3Vnb

Diana pushed a red button on a corner intercom and said ''Hello, Gloria May, it is me Diana Schaefer.''copyright protection8PENANAqMcczQ2x1q

The voice of a mature aged woman replied ''Yes, Diana Schaefer, I will open the front door and you come right in. I will meet you out in the front courtyard soon darling.''copyright protection8PENANAn6sy3jPfiB

Diana assumed that the woman on the intercom was Gloria May. The voice on the other side of the intercom sounded world worn and husky.copyright protection8PENANAMuoxELZIHm

A loud buzzing sound rang and the large red door opened. Diana stepped into the inner sanctum of The Los Sunset Apartments. As she walked further uphill, she became excited and a little bit nervous.copyright protection8PENANAT786kIXmfZ

''I hope that I leave a positive first impression.'' Diana said out loud to herself.copyright protection8PENANAND6gc9z1oS

Diana look around her and could see the apartments with also had pearl white walls and the interior courtyard had this very Mediterranean look and feel. With a swimming pool in the centre of the courtyard. She could also see a Hedge that went all around the perimeter of the courtyard.copyright protection8PENANADbm2J0NIJu

In front of the swimming pool She caught sight of an unusual looking cherub standing with an arrow in his hand. Beneath the cherub is a Catholic Nun, in a very strange body posture and this Nun appeared to be having an ecstatic spiritual experience.copyright protection8PENANA5CCeJWWGjc

''Darling, that there is a replica statue of Saint Teresa of Avila. The only one that exists in this fine country. I had it commissioned and imported from Rome during the 1950s.''copyright protection8PENANAG7PMn1VW3k

Hearing that husky voice again this time now behind her back. Diana turned around and asked ''And you are Gloria May?''copyright protection8PENANAOGvbIecwXV

''Yes, I am darling and you are Diana Schaefer. It was me that you were talking to on the intercom.'' Gloria responded.copyright protection8PENANA02yCghycYS

The air felt tense around Diana as her nervous disposition came back to her again.copyright protection8PENANAoEZeqmfmjj

Alice Killeencopyright protection8PENANAH80cjJrvfp

Alice sat alone in the local Jazz club ''The Garder Le Silence.'' The dingy smoked filled room allowed her the luxury, to sit alone and meditate on the elusive meaninglessness of reality. The morals, dogma and the spirit of the times. These ideas sat uncomfortably  in her mind.copyright protection8PENANArfrZSIgrVf

Her persona didn't fit into the established narrative or the world that she lived in. People come to The City of Angels to make their dreams come true. Sometimes dreams become nightmares she thought to herself.copyright protection8PENANAjjTiykFOHZ

Alice looked around the Jazz club and in the corner of her eye. She caught a glimpse  of a man that she had been trying to track down for a very long time.copyright protection8PENANA7o77BrQ3W6

Janus Madison, Million dollar film director and producer. The man that made her who she is today and the millions that she earned working for his production company as an actress. He was also the man that left her raped, gagged and thrown into a ditch.copyright protection8PENANAsnlUneCDFx

Janus and her were also lovers. Unlike Romeo and Juliet they were not lovers of the star crossed variety.copyright protection8PENANATZRNiq8XeP

Sitting there in the Jazz club and hiding behind the noise of the crowd, the music and the haze of the smoky atmosphere. Alice reflected on the volatile romantic sexual relationship that she  had with Janus. The sexual relationship that helped gain her a starring role in a successful movie. Alice had long suspected that Janus had something like ten other women on the side. Rumors had been doing the rounds in the movie industry for years of his serial philandering. Then one day she found him in bed having sex with her sister.copyright protection8PENANAXle4sQvjUs

''That man was the bitter end of me and one way or another. I will make that fucker repent of his many heinous sins.'' Alice said to herself in an extremely sardonic tone. She took an intense drag from her cigarette and whispered to herself. ''Tonight, is the night that I will make it happen.''copyright protection8PENANApmQLhdZURF

''Before I confront Janus. I may need to go to the bathroom first and powder my nose.'' She said to herself.copyright protection8PENANAsKEjxXJFUY

Walking past the two marble columns. Alice made her way to the Ladies bathroom. She walked up to the silver wash basin. Dug into her purse and took out a small vial containing cocaine from her black purse and proceeded to spread the cocaine onto the marble counter. Alice dug into her purse pulled out a credit card and she made a line out of the cocaine on the counter.copyright protection8PENANAvSjKWMBs6v

''Fuck me.'' Alice screamed aloud in her mind as she inhaled the line of cocaine.copyright protection8PENANAUwSKh9Xh3O

In that moment her thoughts started racing as memories of previous transgressions against her swirled inside her mind. Alice contemplated about how she could get her revenge. She could go back to her car and grab the small pistol stored away in her glove compartment. Then follow Janus to some isolated out of the way location. Shoot him in the back of the head right there and then blow her own brains out. Pray beforehand that God can forgive her. There both her and Janus can be found dead together in the snow. Hopefully, in due time, to be forgotten by the world altogether.copyright protection8PENANAXvzCP7zzNu

At least Alice knew full well that her soul was damned. She harbored no illusions  as to the path that she chose for herself. A Path not built on good intentions, but rather a path forged by one sin after another. Alice thought that if there was any justice in the universe at all she will drag Janus down to hell with her.copyright protection8PENANAximR3iDEKJ

Leaning on the marble counter with her head hung low. Alice decided to inhale another line of cocaine. Carefully making sure not to get any of the cocaine powder into her long dark hair. Moving away from the counter, she walked over to the bathroom mirror and took a long hard look at her reflection in the mirror.copyright protection8PENANA9Ff2pxbnPf

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