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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 12 Blade
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!3HQQjLWb9rFNdYCYHU0Qposted on PENANA

         “Cerberus!” I shouted. “Go get the stick! Go get it! Get the stick!” I was playing fetch with my inherited dog Cerberus. For those of you who don’t know, Cerberus is the guard dog of the Underworld. And he is seriously lonely. He isn’t just any dog. Cerberus has three heads and is the size of a Great Dane, and he is the only living thing besides me and Thanatos in the Underworld.copyright protection5PENANAs7qLPXJJpr

            “Master Blade.” Thanatos said appearing at my side. “I think it is unwise of you to play with Cerberus. The beast should be at his post guarding the entrance.”copyright protection5PENANARs9HittfFD

            “He’s a dog, not a beast.” I said.copyright protection5PENANAHkqUj3T1XT

            “He has three heads.” Thanatos said. “Dogs don’t have three heads.”copyright protection5PENANASp1ibQfVAE

            “This one does.” I told him. “Cerberus is a dog, and dogs need to be played with.”copyright protection5PENANAnr7w9q0CFF

            Thanatos shook his head. “But souls are escaping the Underworld!” he complained.copyright protection5PENANAfm0FhjIalG

            “Good.” I said. “Maybe if enough of them get out, those fools on Olympus will finally summon  me.” I hated that word. Summon, you summon a dog or a servant, not a god.copyright protection5PENANA4d56vhWLcw

            Thanatos hissed quietly. “Don’t call the Olympians fools!” He whispered. “Zeus hears all.”copyright protection5PENANAqzYx67X7KD

            “You told me they didn’t have a replacement for Zeus yet. You said that was why they didn’t…summon me.” I said, hating the statement.copyright protection5PENANAMZZMFh6osr

            “That is true.” Thanatos said. “But it would be a good habit to get into. For future use.”copyright protection5PENANA4wEaCaszWF

            “I live in Hell,” I pointed out, “how much worse can Zeus make my life?”copyright protection5PENANA6me4TlcRsW

            “Yes you do LIVE in Hell.” Thanatos said. “You could be DEAD in Hell. Zeus can arrange that.”copyright protection5PENANAufWu2BL8Zd

            “I’m the god of death.”copyright protection5PENANAA4KfenpHWm

            “Lord of death.” Thanatos corrected me.copyright protection5PENANAm3IB7CWktp

            “Lord of death.” I conceded. “Can I even die? I mean seriously.” Just then Cerberus brought back the stick. I took it from him and threw it once again.copyright protection5PENANAgXFcrHOdQN

            “Yes.” Thanatos said.copyright protection5PENANAqrSbG7y6Ov

            “How do you know?” I asked.copyright protection5PENANAsayaLGMI1f

            Thanatos looked confused. “Well, I’m the god of death. I tend to know things like that. It’s part of my job.”copyright protection5PENANA8hdNuFviSl

            “Very well.” I muttered. “So I can die whatever.”copyright protection5PENANA6jMYut52zU

            “Master?”copyright protection5PENANAy147cQOZyP

            “When you told me I was going to become a god, I thought things would be better than this.” I said. “This was supposed to be my new life, a life where I could be the new me. A better life.”copyright protection5PENANAfG6suB8ZT0

            “You came to Hell looking for a better life?” Thanatos asked.copyright protection5PENANAlZj7YOB4Ra

            “I did, that’s how bad my old life was.” I said. “I actually thought it would have been better living in Hell.”copyright protection5PENANAYpc3woTkos

            Thanatos nodded. “You are not Hades.” He muttered. “And that gives me hope that the new Olympians will also be different from their old counterparts. Perhaps these new gods will welcome Hades to Olympus.”copyright protection5PENANAaD8g6CReBL

            “Your just saying that.” I said, once again sending Cerberus running after a stick.copyright protection5PENANAeWLy4JmFNd

            “No, the old Hades would never have wanted to come to Hell. He was sent here to rule by Zeus. Hades was not lord of the dead by choice, but you are. You chose to be a god, and that’s more than the old order could say.”copyright protection5PENANAQMD2Q9rJuP

            I looked over at my godly advisor. “I didn’t know what I was choosing.”copyright protection5PENANAbEskVzWNNy

            “And you still chose this. Even though you had no idea what you were walking into, you still picked to come here.” Thanatos said. “Trust me, these new gods will be better. Of old the gods have understood little of men, because most of us were never men. Many wished for something else, since they had never asked to be gods. But you will understand men, for you were a man. And you wished for something else and were given it. That was our hope in replacing the others. We aimed to find people like you Blade. People who could be good gods.”copyright protection5PENANAz2vkAA3XgR

            I didn’t know what to say. Here Thanatos was telling me that I would be a good god and that things would be different for me than they were for Hades. And it gave me hope.copyright protection5PENANAb6EO9uYBes

            “Hello Thanatos. Long time no see.” I turned around to see a woman standing behind me playing with my dog. She had long flowing black hair with a purple petunia resting on her right ear. Her smooth skin a pale and fair and she was wearing a floral design sundress.copyright protection5PENANAqp7TK3sGRf

            “Lady Persephone.” Thanatos said bowing slighting.copyright protection5PENANAfqiLKSlOQB

            “I assume this is Hades 2.0?” she said gazing me over.copyright protection5PENANAG1IkPRPOs3

            “I’m Blade. Who are you?”copyright protection5PENANAhTtoNdsgUj

            “I am Persephone.” She told me. “Goddess of springtime and flowers…and Hades wife.”copyright protection5PENANAwaJOVtHgix

            “Whoa!” I shouted turning to Thanatos. “I’m married?”copyright protection5PENANASYzAjos9dV

            “No, Hades was married.” Thanatos said.copyright protection5PENANAcuPGSCUkTP

            “Don’t worry kid.” Persephone said standing up. “I’m not going to marry you. Zeus knows I didn’t want to be married to the first one either.”copyright protection5PENANAEpZndVRUba

            “Then why are you here?” I asked.copyright protection5PENANAs481Fsq8BD

            “I’m only allowed to leave in the spring.” Persephone said. “Half the year here and half the year up there.” She pointed towards the shadowy ceiling of Hell. “That was the deal.”copyright protection5PENANA4O7Tv0wplp

            “Lady Persephone will be…a motherly figure for you Blade.” Thanatos said.copyright protection5PENANAeZOem29eXl

            I looked the lady over. “You’re not my mother.” I told her. “And your deal was with Hades, you are free to leave when you want.”copyright protection5PENANAopqxq5ZQeA

            Persephone smiled. “You are kind for the lord of death.” She walked closer to me and leveled her face with mine. “What makes you think I want to leave?”copyright protection5PENANAtipBbUBIjW

            I inhaled and found that she smelled like roses. But I should have expected that since she was the goddess of flowers. “I didn’t say you had to leave. I said you were free to leave when you want.”copyright protection5PENANA7yVWNiYXxV

            “Good. I would hate to have to replant my garden, and who would play with Cerberus if I was gone.” Persephone smiled and returned to the three headed dog. “Oh, I also have a message…”copyright protection5PENANAiVlIsLOsC2

            “From who?” I asked. Was I being summoned? Was I finally going to get to meet my new family?copyright protection5PENANA36ksHwnjeH

            “…for Thanatos.” Persephone said. “From Hestia.”copyright protection5PENANAfmgbj3th01

            “Thanatos stepped forward. “What is it?”copyright protection5PENANAdjWy2pkQSX

            Persephone smiled, and then looked at me. “Two words: Bring him.”copyright protection5PENANATV3eoLKM4Z

            “Now?” Thanatos asked.copyright protection5PENANAtkmJvFNZXN

            “Can’t be late for the first date.” Persephone said smiling. “It would leave a bad impression.”copyright protection5PENANA0b7XK9n40f

            “We’re going?” I asked. I was very excited. “They summoned me.” I wasn’t even upset at that word.copyright protection5PENANA2Tb57zRSmV

            “Where?” Thanatos asked. “The gods haven’t been crowned yet. We can’t be going to Olympus.”copyright protection5PENANASPfezLTmKR

            “That’s right, but Hestia would like Blade to meet the others.” Persephone said. “To prove that they will be gods. She would like us to rendezvous with her. Her usual hole in the wall.”copyright protection5PENANAaL2hIMq5Rq

            “Great.” Thanatos muttered. “The smell follows me for weeks.”copyright protection5PENANAkTjvYr5Qkr

            Persephone smiled. “I could make you smell like flowers.” She offered.copyright protection5PENANALch1rQNkcx

            “No thank you.” Thanatos said. “The god of death shouldn’t smell like daisies on the job. It would make me look like one big oxymoron.”copyright protection5PENANAcmieD1046S

            “Don’t say I didn’t offer.” Persephone said shrugging. “Now let’s go. The sun and moon are on their way, and they won’t wait up for us.”copyright protection5PENANAvqLOWKg2AA

            “Sun and moon?” I asked.copyright protection5PENANAumNMneCazP

            “Master Blade, take my hand.” Thanatos ordered me. He called me master when he gave me an order. I thought to myself. But I took his hand anyway.copyright protection5PENANAILb1ZP20U8

            “Mind if I tag along?” Persephone asked. “I would enjoy seeing this for myself.”copyright protection5PENANATpzEewouzZ

            “I told you, your free to do as you please.” I repeated.copyright protection5PENANA53lSPI6sTG

            “Good.” She said taking Thanatos’ other hand. “Cerberus! Come!” she said.copyright protection5PENANAhCrtDriFsd

            “Umm…” Thanatos started to object as Cerberus charged towards us.copyright protection5PENANAOlCoZQUolt

            “We can’t leave him here all by himself.” Persephone objected.copyright protection5PENANAnqxIjnrqPl

            “Let him come, Thanatos.” I said. “He should see the sunlight once in a while.”copyright protection5PENANA67XxABZThr

            “Yes Master Blade.” Thanatos said nodding. “Close your mouths.” And with that the shadows once again enveloped me. They compressed slowly encircling me, before sunlight once again shone down on my face.copyright protection5PENANA65NJuNzobU

            I was able to enjoy the world again for two seconds. Then the smell hit me. Let me tell you, nothing in Hell could measure up to that landfill. Phew!copyright protection5PENANASzkqiENK4D

            Next to me Cerberus was whining and pawing at one of his noses. “I know dog.” Persephone said petting him. “It smells bad.”copyright protection5PENANA5aL3IlFHfW

            “Whoa!” Someone shouted. “That thing has got three heads!”copyright protection5PENANA9m2W5wJEVV

            “Sid, stay away from Cerberus! He can eat you three times as fast as anything else alive.” Another voice shouted.copyright protection5PENANAzOvUeNy2yC

            When my eyes finally stopped watering from the smell, I was able to see that I was standing in the middle of a circle consisting many people.copyright protection5PENANAFEMqHvMnc2

            “Lord Hades.” An old lady said approaching me. “Thank you for meeting us here. I am Hestia.”copyright protection5PENANAkloniuU19P

            “Hello.” I muttered. “Why aren’t we on Olympus?”copyright protection5PENANAXIDsDSgbUO

            “Well, mortals aren’t allowed to gaze upon Mount Olympus.” Hestia explained. “If they do, they burn up and die…painfully.”copyright protection5PENANAOzsB0a6Nyi

            “What was that?” one of the kids asked.copyright protection5PENANAPSEefWJ9YS

            “She said we’re going to burn and die.” Another answered.copyright protection5PENANAZWBDoevFqq

            “If they can’t see Olympus, then how are you going to make them gods?” I asked.copyright protection5PENANAufZXQ08XOG

            “We’re going to blindfold them.” Hestia answered.copyright protection5PENANAgEzUTPRCYP

            “Oh.” That was the best the gods could come up with? “And you need me for that?”copyright protection5PENANAuYL6Bak7QL

            “Not particularly.” Hestia said. “I just thought you would want to come to Olympus with us.”copyright protection5PENANAxk0xiQyqOm

            “I would like that.” I said. I couldn’t wait see Olympus! Then I remembered what Thanatos had said about my new family being the gods. I turned to face the other kids. They would become my brothers and sisters. “Who are these people?”copyright protection5PENANA741GYUvQwu

            “Ah introduction!” Hestia mumbled. “Those three over there are Adele, Deon, and Demi. I don’t remember anybody else’s name.” she admitted.copyright protection5PENANAF0tr64Crct

            “I’m Gaia.” Said a girl with neon green streaks in her hair. “This is Albany, Eric, Hector, Artie short for Artemisia, Paul, Sid the shirtless blunder, and Pots and Pan. Call him Pan.” She rattled off the names almost faster than I could look at the people who owned them. “The shadow over there is Nyx, I haven’t met her’s yet.”copyright protection5PENANAcKOdh64QxS

            The woman made of shadows smiled, I could hardly tell with her teeth also being darkness. “Lord Hades, I would like you to meet Herman, Kara, and Zack.” She bowed slightly while she said the names.copyright protection5PENANAdEWelV8RLE

            “Hello everyone.” I muttered after a brief silence. I didn’t know if I was supposed to give a speech or something, but no one else was talking.copyright protection5PENANAlrFOTMTve6

            “You’re Hades?” Paul asked. “God of death.”copyright protection5PENANAYrQME8TIYq

            “Lord of death.” Thanatos corrected.copyright protection5PENANAAc5xqqszhd

            “Sorry, lord of death.” he corrected himself. “But you look so young. Does death not age or something?”copyright protection5PENANAdDETsxFl3U

            “Sadly death ages.” Thanatos whispered, more to himself than anyone else.copyright protection5PENANAs2liPZrIIq

            “I look so young because I am young. I couple days ago I was just a kid like you guys. But now I’m Hades. Now I’m a god.”copyright protection5PENANA9iCeP3EiCW

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