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-Looking For Juliet
Co-Writer thehemingway*
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-Looking For Juliet
No Plagiarism!mryHYes2Fdp35osR3RrQposted on PENANA

This is a story about a girl named Remy Sullivan. A 16 years old girl who became the only survivor from the car accident couple months ago which killed her bestfriend, Hayley Anderson. Feel so depressed and low she put herself at the mental health facility. After recovered and feeling better she choose to move forward and start over her new life.copyright protection12PENANArOHYRrwWJK

Remy comeback to school. First day at school she meets Amber who forced her to cancelled her resignation letter which tell that she quit the music club. And then a stranger guy just bumped her at the locker room. That guy actually too old as a newbie at Lincoln. He looks weird, awkward but very attractive. His name is Lucas Hardford. He comes to Lincoln to find someone. A girl named Tessa. His first impression with Remy make him feel comfortable and he hopes for a friendship and a favor of course. Yes, he wants a help from Remy. He wants Remy to help him to find Tessa. A girl which Remy never heard that name before. Lucas keeps begging for a help. He's desperate and almost give up. He loves Tessa but she disappeared and left a scar in his heart. He needs to find her and find the truth.copyright protection12PENANAT5bsMaGfdm

Will Remy wants to help him and join the new adventure to find Tessa? Or she just want to go back and forth relationship with her ex boyfriend, Tyler, a married-divorced guy which has two children and wants her money only? Her decision would lead her to her next level of maturity, forgiveness and unlimited love.copyright protection12PENANAsCpx1Sp4JQ

--copyright protection12PENANAVbFD9w4FsO

This story based from a true story from a friend, here was Lucas Hardford's character when he realized he lost her loved one. This one was so sad and I thanked him for sharing his story with me. I think this one would give a great message for us to get more understanding about love and God's path.copyright protection12PENANApmTBOGMvVZ

Happy reading, Readers. Give me comments, like or suggestion always appreciated.copyright protection12PENANARoBgWC8lHS

Be patience for the next chapter. I promise will keep update it.copyright protection12PENANAcD3RgdolTR

Regards,copyright protection12PENANA9jd2U2IGxE

-Vivian Lin/thehemingwaycopyright protection12PENANAGp3hF0UOmB

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