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-Looking For Juliet
Co-Writer thehemingway*
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-Looking For Juliet
Chapter. 2
Jun 11, 2018
12 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!fT0ZeZDJc81FM7uvHI7kposted on PENANA

Chapter. 2copyright protection20PENANABPy3PxfO46

“Remy, wake up.” I heard Tyler was trying to wake me up this morning. “Remy, time is up to school,” he said again and I can hear his kids were talking and trying to disturb me in his room.copyright protection20PENANATjZUjdUXW7

I woke up and open my eyes. “Oh God,” I said when I see his kids were running everywhere with a spoon and fork in their hand also chocolate on their chin and cheek. Their noises make me feeling dizzy after a wild private party last night. “Tylerrrr,” I’m groaning on bed. Never think would be this way in the morning.copyright protection20PENANA6YMS5hoN0v

Tyler laughs. “Get up, Rem. Or you’ll late,” he said again.copyright protection20PENANA7ClGFadVZh

“Oh my God, your mom is here?,” I asked him when I see his mother’s reflection in the kitchen.copyright protection20PENANA1TB1NVfISc

“Yes, she is here for the kids,” replied Tyler.copyright protection20PENANAPZaBRfTg3T

“I’ll be damn, you jerk.” I stand up and in a hurry I put my clothes on and wash my face in his bathroom. I need to go as soon as possible. I don’t know that Tyler’s mom will stay here. I thought she was just stopped by for the kids. It makes me worry and feeling embarrassed.copyright protection20PENANALav6Qbh37g

“Do you need a ride?,” asked Tyler when he saw me wearing my shoes awkwardy.copyright protection20PENANAl99WaXRqFK

“No, thanks.”copyright protection20PENANACuJM6B20R5

“Are you sure?”copyright protection20PENANATCfpJ6B0aI

“Damn it, next time let me know if she wants to stay here,” I told him almost like a whispering hope to his face.copyright protection20PENANAhvRrs2ojs4

“Don’t worry, Remy.”copyright protection20PENANA44zNRGpTGg

“Asshole.”copyright protection20PENANAYATe0DkBDv

He laugh again. “That’s why you love me.”copyright protection20PENANAkU0clteKMG

“Not really. See you later.”copyright protection20PENANAPRLoFC44wL

“Takecare.”copyright protection20PENANAlulfJlS3Xv

“Yeah,” I said while I’m walking out from his house.copyright protection20PENANAziqAuM3IxQ

Gosh, I still can’t believe this. I spent night with Tyler. This means we are getting back together? Or just another one night stand? Why would I do that? Fact that I still remember why we broke up couple months ago. He cheated on me. Damn, Remy! You’re stupid bitch! Now keep going to catch the bus to Lincoln. Well, I hope I won’t see any drama for today. But it seems like drama loves to find me. I think it’s enough between me and Tyler. I never want to be his doll anymore. No.copyright protection20PENANApmHbLmOPqk

I check my phone to see if Mom leave me a message because I forgot to tell her I didn’t come home last night. And I find no message from her so I put my headset in my ears and listen to the music in my phone. It’s okay though if Mom never worried about me. I’m a troublemaker for her. Would be better if she ignoring me for the best. But sometimes from the deepest in my heart I still want her to worry about me and check up on me. Sometimes truth sadden me more than reality.copyright protection20PENANABMOX1xjTBg

It takes one hour for me to get to Lincoln and I know what is it all about. I’m positive been late to school. And I don’t worry anymore. I will get another punishment again today because I’m still under my probation. But, wait. I see Lucas over there standing near Lincoln’s gate. He wears a red shirt, a black jacket and a green hat. I wonder what he was doing over there.copyright protection20PENANApayQK2DOLa

It’s like a magnetic thingy, he suddenly see me walking toward him. Actually walking to the Lincoln’s gate. And with a smile on his face he is walking toward me. “Hei, Remy.”copyright protection20PENANAEbxlmiHa78

I’m surprised. It feels like it’s the first time he said my name clearly. “You again,” I said. “What are you doing here?”copyright protection20PENANAuJUjGVRZPt

“Looking for Amber. As you said,” he replied me.copyright protection20PENANAfeEO5pRIdD

“Oh.”copyright protection20PENANASROpcbHUmP

“But they won’t let me in.”copyright protection20PENANA2RzXbfT2eI

“Of course, because you’re not a student here.”copyright protection20PENANAvuXai2zaKM

“But yesterday when I said I was looking for someone, they let me in.”copyright protection20PENANANDEC3QNLLa

“You can’t used the same reason to get inside anymore. Yeah?”copyright protection20PENANABN1aLcpEfE

“Yeah.”copyright protection20PENANAmK8kVrnuB8

I raise my backpack and choose to ignore him and walk away.copyright protection20PENANAgpLV1PLPBx

“Hey, can you help me to get in?,” he is touching my shoulder, like a sign not letting me go.copyright protection20PENANAZcl0n6dMKs

“What? No.”copyright protection20PENANAr7dzr81PCC

“Please.” He is begging please.copyright protection20PENANAXT2JO3yAS9

“I can’t let you in. You’re not a student and it’s out of Lincoln’s rules.”copyright protection20PENANA7SmsSJy5wj

“I wanna see Amber like you said before.”copyright protection20PENANAyXrLxSTyHw

“To find Tessa?”copyright protection20PENANAbFqdofhWP9

“Yes.”copyright protection20PENANA6X1sqUbZ0I

“Come on, Luc. If she left you without explanation means she dumped you. Move forward and be the best. You understand?,” I told him straight to his eyes. And he looks surprised and shocked for a while. “I’m sorry,” I said again, feeling disrespectful towards him.copyright protection20PENANAiyFJkcCeLk

“It’s okay. Yeah, maybe you’re right. But I deserve the explanation, right?”copyright protection20PENANAKWZa9oqqkf

I nodded. “Yeah.”copyright protection20PENANAArdCTDx5Cx

“Am I look selfish pervert this way?”copyright protection20PENANANU6tEqGhEr

I laugh to him. “Yes.”copyright protection20PENANABpnBzxZ0Yk

“Seriously?”copyright protection20PENANAfyLsbF5ILI

“Can you stop bugging me that way? You can wait here till school is over at 2.”copyright protection20PENANAfzDl2hMIzq

“At 2?”copyright protection20PENANA9bPxNp4Mp3

“Yeah.”copyright protection20PENANA7FBT8Nzevk

I don’t give any response anymore toward him. Doesn’t mean I acted rude or whatever but I don’t wanna get involve with others drama. Not anymore. I pressed the bell’s gate button. Waiting for a security to come and open it but I’m waiting for almost 5 minutes and I haven’t gotten in. What’s wrong with Lincoln today? They also won’t let me in? It’s pissing me off.copyright protection20PENANAWLTz7WRTEq

“Seriously?,” I protested.copyright protection20PENANAkOB9mpzqbZ

“They don’t let you in too?,” asked Lucas behind my back.copyright protection20PENANAtjE5cMTL0o

“Shut up,” I replied him, fed up.copyright protection20PENANA6Wa0whWnbB

“Life sucks, isn’t it?”copyright protection20PENANAOwqqGMPfd1

I’m staring back at him. “Let’s suck together.”copyright protection20PENANAeHkTNxFGjG

“What do you mean?”copyright protection20PENANA5pDfp9xmxJ

“Do you have money? For food?”copyright protection20PENANAXlfnMVaBbn

“Yes.”copyright protection20PENANADp4XjRvYyO

“Buy me breakfast then I will bring you to Amber.”copyright protection20PENANAFDdiTDrrZY

“Nope. Bring me to Tessa.”copyright protection20PENANAaXkql6mvIx

“First, we need to find Amber to get her information, Dude.”copyright protection20PENANASlXXjgOOfn

“So you join me now? We deal?”copyright protection20PENANACU0QcUtElt

“Buy me food everyday.”copyright protection20PENANADwqXWL4jhM

“No problem.”copyright protection20PENANAQa8N7r4Wgj

“Okay. I’m gonna think about it.”copyright protection20PENANAjTdjJqec4z

“We deal.”copyright protection20PENANAGI56F2SKla

“I didn’t say it.”copyright protection20PENANAwckFZr74on

“How about your school and class today?”copyright protection20PENANAnHgB102fd7

“Fuck it.”copyright protection20PENANAOTPU0uXTei

“Wow.”copyright protection20PENANA3LvoruPyyd

“Where is your car?”copyright protection20PENANAWWVdyWdAcq

“Over there.”copyright protection20PENANAH0jwVj1Sdg

--copyright protection20PENANAbg1GEtbu1K

I left school with Lucas, we dropped at Ginny’s. I’m so hungry so I order big mac burger, french fries and diet coke while Lucas just order a cup of black coffee. We are sitting near the window. He opens his phone and have a look at it for a while when I’m chewing my food.copyright protection20PENANAIXHDafAnPM

“Still no answer from her,” Lucas told me with a sad expression.copyright protection20PENANAOwN73Ir4BE

“How long you’ve been together anyway?,” I asked him because I’m curious.copyright protection20PENANAlNVnuAQF5R

“Six months.”copyright protection20PENANAqNP7r0n1oc

I almost got choke by my food. “Six months?!,” I replied with my unbelieveable expression.copyright protection20PENANAOcJBkMkLRV

“Yes.”copyright protection20PENANAqcJmzdWqT2

“When did you both meet each other? Online?”copyright protection20PENANAijP7rh8Oiw

“No. She was an internship at my work place. When we first see each other, our eyes meet each other, collided. Not gonna lie but it’s true. She was like a woman version of me. It’s hard to describe it but I really fell for her. I love her.”copyright protection20PENANA06IKI2x2Oo

“Do you know old is she?”copyright protection20PENANAYeBHBbUxBN

“17.”copyright protection20PENANAAT6q1yH9m0

“And you?”copyright protection20PENANAFn7o7PrERf

“I’m around 30.”copyright protection20PENANA3PuEx5QrDs

“More specific info, please?”copyright protection20PENANAedmlDnTkxg

“Well, age is not a big deal for me. She is 17 and I’m around 30. I’m okay with that.”copyright protection20PENANAlcDsBKh2o9

“Does she loves you too? Not a one sided love only?”copyright protection20PENANAhsZM6wRXYu

“Yes, she does. But the thing is, her friends takes control everything in her life.”copyright protection20PENANApdILyl9sGG

“Friends?”copyright protection20PENANAI1Sluu6Mwv

“Yes.”copyright protection20PENANAVOXVA4ss1r

“Why don’t you try to contact her friends instead of being here with me?”copyright protection20PENANAXrEFcd1mFI

“I did.”copyright protection20PENANA2oKVKepQ0W

“And?”copyright protection20PENANAmWKjSlokNp

“They hate me.”copyright protection20PENANAMKRqp4Drqj

“Funny. Her friends hate you, how come?”copyright protection20PENANA9sHTos8Ni8

“They just don’t like me. I don’t know why. Probably because they jealous of me. Her male friends hate me. They bad mouthed about me. And her female friends also do the same thing.”copyright protection20PENANAJE5uYXPmiC

I look at him while he is telling me about his story. I almost done with my breakfast anyway. And he hasn’t drunk his coffee yet. “Do you remember the last time you fight or anything you talked with her?,” I asked him.copyright protection20PENANAM4nEuNI8e8

“We were good before. She was just mad at me, I think,” Lucas replied my question and now he is sipping his coffee. “She told anyone she doesn’t like if a guy buying her stuffs she wanted. She told her friends about it. But suddenly she came to me, asked me to buy her thing she wanted. I ran my credit card to give her what she likes but she bad mouthed about me to everyone which make them hate me more.”copyright protection20PENANAroB8hZApNT

“You kidding, right?,” I asked him. This is so unbelieveable. Now I’m curious about this Tessa girl.copyright protection20PENANAywyD0xAQUT

“I’m not kidding. That’s the truth. She and her friends tested me that way and I couldn’t passed through it. When they know I failed, they assumed I wasn’t good enough for her.”copyright protection20PENANAsHXPlrC3zR

I’m chewing my last slice of potato and still looking at him. I think he is going to continue his story but he doesn’t. “So she dumped you like that?,” I asked him straightly to the point.copyright protection20PENANAc1fNaxNLXA

“She disappeared.”copyright protection20PENANAEv7d97KKXF

“Yeah, that’s what you called it.”copyright protection20PENANADqmAgH2TKB

“Do you think I’m stupid if I deserve explanation? I bought ring for her to propose her. I can show it to you but I don’t bring it right now.”copyright protection20PENANAKXC0KNxyyu

“It’s fine. No need to show me though. Well, do you have her photo? With a picture of her, it would be easier to find her at Lincoln’s website.”copyright protection20PENANA8c0fq9nbTl

Lucas shook his head. “No. I don’t have her picture.”copyright protection20PENANAQwMc72U9VF

“What? You don’t have any picture of her even on Facebook?!” Now I show him my shocked expression again. This guy really an old school or whatever.copyright protection20PENANALGCoGnbdVJ

“Nope.”copyright protection20PENANAI4VIkmSIxL

“Oh, come on.”copyright protection20PENANA4oiQApSuyO

“I’m an old school. I don’t like keeping a picture instead I keep them in my heart.”copyright protection20PENANAakvMIb9Tp5

“Now how can your heart find her without a picture but just a name? Duh.”copyright protection20PENANAC79yQtUIcs

“Her name is Tessa Hamilton.”copyright protection20PENANAugQM6rcZWL

Tessa Hamilton. I repeat that name again and again. Just in case I’ve seen her once maybe at the library or one of my unknown enemy at school. But I’m pretty sure I haven’t met her before.copyright protection20PENANAO65jSNu1GU

“Bring me back to Lincoln,” I said to him like an order.copyright protection20PENANA6j1gRSKMAW

“Sure.”copyright protection20PENANAe4c4Rjv4jr

“I will try to ask Amber.” I added my statement so he knows I’m ready to help him. At least I give a try.copyright protection20PENANAP7xVqqJVsq

“Thank you! You’re awesome. I know you’ll help me,” he said with his sweet smile and a shocking expression like I would never do to help him even if he begs for it. Well I’m stubborn but I had a sensitive fragile heart so my compassion is the only weakness I had. That is why I don’t like to show my good sides to anyone but me.copyright protection20PENANAQzJRPBJznk

“I won’t,” I replied him. I take my bag and walk away from Ginny’s.copyright protection20PENANAwBpIGg2cll

--copyright protection20PENANADbtb6TCPP4

I’m coming back to Lincoln. I know I already skipped one or two class and it woud be harder for me to pass through this semesters if I don’t comeback here to study. Lucas Hardford dropped me in front of Lincoln and we will meet again after class is over. After I get information from Amber actually. I don’t understand why I want to help him.  His eyes looked so sad and deep. Reminded me of Hayley’s. If she is here I bet 100% she would help him to find Tessa. And I would be the only one who say No to her. But this time, let’s say maybe I just want to make a good karma after all had happened to us. Between Hayley, Kim and my own life. Hey life, be nice to me this time, okay?copyright protection20PENANAgFDZxsAh2X

After class ended I’m looking for Amber. As usual she is at music club, looks so worry and stressful.copyright protection20PENANACyz1hfijsD

“Hey Amber,” I said to her.copyright protection20PENANAF5O8hV2TLS

“Oh, hey Remy. You are coming at the right time. Could you please help me to fix this note? She can’t do it as good as you do. I’m exhausted. She needs a lower keys or medium I don’t know. Everytime we’ve tried it always sounds unfamiliar,” she said looks so exhausted, pale and she lose her inner beauty today. She put music sheet in her folder and looking at me with her big blue eyes. “Remy?,” she said my name.copyright protection20PENANAY1yB064Bn6

I stunned for a while. “Yeah?”copyright protection20PENANAz0F81WojgQ

“Oh you’re real. I thought I’ve hallucinated,” she added again.copyright protection20PENANAXWWM4eH78t

“I am real, Amber,” I told her as real as I am. “I actually come looking for a help from you.”copyright protection20PENANAZ6uxIvEM62

“Help me first then I will help whatever you need just ask me. Okay?,” she said to me faster and correctly.copyright protection20PENANATF2yO3udnL

“Wow, you look stressful today.” I said to her and give her a smile. I’m joking to make her relax but it’s not work. Her eyes sharper than mine. I come at the wrong time.copyright protection20PENANA4lH17MgPTo

“Yes I am. The musical drama will going live on next Saturday and I still couldn’t make the newbie learn better than you. You got me?”copyright protection20PENANAiTvMrdh50o

“Yeah. Okay. Umm, Amber do you know--,”copyright protection20PENANA7T49rTdW6A

“Remy, thank God you comeback this time! Can you help to lead us to practice this session?”copyright protection20PENANAIbVpd3ctS6

“Wait! I’m not coming back to this club, Amber.”copyright protection20PENANASaZnXqBewC

“So why you’re here? Mocking at us?”copyright protection20PENANADDvINXB0UI

“Hell no! Instead I need your help to find someone or maybe you know her. Tessa Hamilton. Do you know her?,” I asked her with my faster intonation.copyright protection20PENANABCTw27zeAs

“Remy, I’m busy with my things here and I don’t have much time to be your Google account to find someone. Why don’t you ask Lauren, the assistant of Lincoln?”copyright protection20PENANAksCkQzKsOg

“If I could ask you why would I asked that witchy witch though?”copyright protection20PENANA5sUBaHyLHt

“Watch out with your words though.”copyright protection20PENANAti5nP8vpm5

“Okay. So you have no idea who the hell is Tessa Hamilton?”copyright protection20PENANARHyu1p3MRS

“I will tell you if you agree to join us. Again.”copyright protection20PENANA2WkWxvE6gl

“What?!”copyright protection20PENANAzKEF8uNDTa

“It’s a deal.”copyright protection20PENANAJLRhfSGjFy

“No. I don’t like dealing with people because even Death cheated on me, Amber.”copyright protection20PENANAcHvxE32i9i

“I won’t. I promise to help only if you agree to join back to music club at least for the last show. After that you can quit as you wish.”copyright protection20PENANAEJ3jocNcQG

I keep quiet for a moment. Thinking and thinking.copyright protection20PENANAmzsdRH6x1L

“I know it hurts you deeply, Remy. About Hayley.”copyright protection20PENANA6etBL8ENqO

“Don’t start it, Amber.” I warned her.copyright protection20PENANA65xaoWmb8c

“I know she’s gone and it hurts your soul more that I’ve ever think about. But let’s be wise. She won’t let you quit from this club. She wants you to keep going with or without her.”copyright protection20PENANASuMkID2Ob4

“DON’T START, AMBER! I WARN YOU!,” I’m screaming in front of her face.copyright protection20PENANAAhi3T3byRC

“You know you’re in denial. You said you wanna start over your life but actually you’re in denial!”copyright protection20PENANAmXIU86QuiZ

“SHUT UP!”copyright protection20PENANAHbttwc6y0h

“Hey stop it! What’s going on?,” said Dave the leader of music club. “Remy, Amber, what’s going on, Huh? It’s practice time.”copyright protection20PENANADBzWEtZQ1R

“Oh you’d better ask her, Dave,” said Amber pointing her finger to me.copyright protection20PENANAsoPaiXh9rA

“No. Nothing,” I said to Dave then walk away from them.copyright protection20PENANA88LCChOIQP

[--]copyright protection20PENANA0uqAq53qV4

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