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Short Story
Faded Blue
Writer Jared Vidal Soto
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Faded Blue
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Jared Vidal Soto
No Plagiarism!Lr1JaHjqGrw1nA70gBHdposted on PENANA

Sometimes life isn't what it seems. Finding your way through the maze of paths can be disheartening and frighting. Follow this journey through soaring highs and abysmal lows overcast by mystery.copyright protection19PENANAwfyVjdRYLe

*Trigger Warning*23Please respect copyright.PENANAZrqExGGizX
If you struggle with mental illness and/or the following, this story may not be suitable for you.copyright protection19PENANAKxFMgQuAga

• Suicide Ideation23Please respect copyright.PENANAHPGu0ysno4
• Self harmcopyright protection19PENANA1MbpnjpDU6

*This list may be subject to change as the story develops.copyright protection19PENANAQrmonFBeDn

About the project23Please respect copyright.PENANAvuvqBXx7Ig
23Please respect copyright.PENANAEHI5lfM1xl
My struggles with mental illness has lead me to express my experiences, thoughts, and emotions through many different mediums. Writing happens to be one of them. Time to time I would go onto my Tumblr and write short stories or poems and never post them. After a few years I had accumulated a small collection of written pieces that I went on to finally post to the public. Met with enough good feedback I decided to take most of my writing and post them on sites like this. Now I'm just waiting to see where Faded Blue takes me.copyright protection19PENANAsoU8abYELe

How Faded Blue came to be is easy to explain. As to why I write these stories will hopefully be explained by reading the collection. Currently their is no foreseeable end goal for Faded Blue.copyright protection19PENANAON10cojB1e

Message to the readercopyright protection19PENANAISF5g2LSgp

I hope you enjoy reading Faded Blue! Comments, constructive criticism, and suggestions are greatly appreciated.copyright protection19PENANAgJNaRXmQC7

*Parts of the collection have been used in contests as pre-written material.copyright protection19PENANA5rV7r7vLJx

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