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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 26 Blade
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!fbeNh5Znk62Fa1lywbpsposted on PENANA

            I woke up in a cold sweat. I opened my eyes slowly and looked around. A woman was in my room, but her back was to me as she looked out the window. A storm seemed to be raging outside.copyright protection10PENANA9Tmlxvl3Oz

            Thunder rumbled almost immediately followed by lightning, causing me to flinch quite drastically. I had a horrible flashback of the last moment I remembered. Lightning ripping apart the lighthouse. My movements must have alerted the woman to my being awake as she turned to look at me. “Calypso.”copyright protection10PENANAu4KIR2NRp8

            “Blade.” She practically dove onto the bed. Her arms squeezed me as she tried to smother me with her face. “Thank the gods.”copyright protection10PENANAXsO8u9G1k6

            “What.” I couldn’t get more than one word out at a time. She was keeping my mouth too busy for that. “Happening.” I know realized that I could hear screaming and shouting coming from the hallway and the other rooms around me. I realized I was in the hospital. Why did it sound like all of Olympus was dying in this building? I gently pushed her off of me. “What is happening?”copyright protection10PENANAtuZQPwlaAa

            Her jaw tensed. “There is a battle, a siege going on right now.”copyright protection10PENANAJ4euM6wAXW

            “What?”copyright protection10PENANAJUpx3THJU2

            “The mountain is under attack. Much as happened in your absence.” Calypso explained.copyright protection10PENANAPowPellzwV

            I sat up in my bed. “I have to help.”copyright protection10PENANAKf0YKM5hm2

            “You are not strong enough yet.” Calypso tried to hold me back. “Please, I just got you back.”         copyright protection10PENANAe6XDD0xlKr

            “I have to help.” I repeated. “The gods must protect Olympus.”copyright protection10PENANAoAQUp4gLEM

            “The others aren’t.” she got off the bed and stood before me, her body too close, not giving me enough room to stand up. “The city is nearly empty, most of the others are away, the rest are dead or dying. Please Blade, now that you’re awake…please we must leave. Use the shadows, take us away from here.”copyright protection10PENANAHo2HnMus4R

            “Calypso I…”copyright protection10PENANAviXtVBtsWe

            “We will hide on my island.” She offered. “We will be safe there. Everytime you go to do the gods bidding, it goes poorly. Please let us not this time. The city will be lost, the gods are gone. Please let us leave.”copyright protection10PENANAUkPKfePv0t

            “Calypso I have to help.”copyright protection10PENANAiHSkpf7UIb

            “But why?” She demanded. “Zeus tried to kill you, Hera has left without us. Why must you stay?”copyright protection10PENANALdtIGpjaSg

            “Because I have to earn my keep.” I muttered. I stood up anyway, our bodies touching from floor to chin. “Death and the Underworld are unwelcome guests. I have to prove my place by the gods. I must help.”copyright protection10PENANAoNBeyQsnmt

            “Please.”copyright protection10PENANARFbJ0AY7uG

            “Stay safe.” I kissed her. “I’ll be right back.” She didn’t look happy, but Calypso stepped aside and dropped her head. I hobbled my way out of the room, my legs still sore and unaccustomed to walking.copyright protection10PENANAjgUNYAciL4

            “Don’t you dare end up back in this bed.” She warned me. I glanced back to see she was sitting on the bed, not looking at me.copyright protection10PENANAyaSaoq1RNo

            “I have to help.” The hospital was full of bleeding and wounded soldiers. I didn’t see any gods among the bodies. Hopefully none of them had fallen. The streets were chaos. Buildings were burning, bodies were littered like leaves, and overhead our pegasi were engaging a flock of hawks, eagles, and other winged things I didn’t know.copyright protection10PENANAkF3vo36nbB

            “FOR THE GODS!” Bellerophon rocketed into view. He crashed into a little hawk and laughed as it bounced off his mount and spiraled to the mountaintop. At least someone was still fighting for us.copyright protection10PENANA4uRYhQzt8k

            “PAULLLLLL!!!”copyright protection10PENANAyHuqRTRSKF

            I started hurrying towards the source of the cry. I reached Hercules’ Landing and found Artemisia firing arrows straight down, screaming for her brother.copyright protection10PENANAh4kkzIoG6z

            “Thank us, I need help here.” Herman was kneeling on the ground next to a near delirious Gaia. Hygeia was examining a hole that had cut through the Titaness.copyright protection10PENANAha399kZJO8

            “Lord Hades, we must get Gaia to my hospital.” Hygeia looked up at me. “But I don’t want to move her. Please, use your shadows, get us there now.”copyright protection10PENANA4nPzNHsFAc

            “Of course.” I knelt next to them. “After, can you explain what is happening?” Herman nodded and grabbed my hand, Hygeia wrapped her arms around Gaia and I grabbed the goddess’ shoulder. “Close your mouths.” Darkness surrounded us. It filled my field of vision, and then it squeezed us. Trying to smother us, trying to make us forget light had ever touched our skin. Then the darkness broke and we were once again able to see.copyright protection10PENANAkRgEbQnzwu

            “Help me get her to a bed.” Hygeia shouted to several of her nymph nurses. “Hurry!”copyright protection10PENANA8OFbYOwXyk

            “Herman, what’s happening? Who’s attacking us?” I demanded to know. “Where are the others?”copyright protection10PENANA5CHVbvCDbc

            “She’s called the Huntress. We don’t know much about her. But she’s sending in swarms of animals to kill us. Plus she’s one of the best archers I’ve ever seen, she’d give the twins a run for their money…I guess only one twin now. The Huntress shot Paul out of the sky. We don’t know if he’s still alive.”copyright protection10PENANAQv369fXxOu

            I frowned and dropped my gaze. I thought back to the days when Kronos was terrorizing the world and killing gods. We had lost people then too, now it looked like things were truly turning bad. I’d mourn for Paul later though, a battle was raging. “Where is everyone else?” I ask. “Why are only you and Artemisia here?”copyright protection10PENANA1XjG9hvGe3

            “Zack betrayed us, he tried to kill you remember?”copyright protection10PENANA1kFJfReRvp

            “Of course.” I said. “We don’t really get along.”copyright protection10PENANA4lV7s5npCc

            “Yeah…” Herman nodded. “Good point, anyways Kara banished him to Tartarus. Sid and Eric are down there guarding him. “Deon, Demi, and Adele are searching for Hestia, you probably remember. Shortly after that, Albany went wonky and freaked out. She was acting all kinds of crazy, then just up and disappeared. Kara and Hector went after her. And that leaves you me and Artie.” Outside the window several satyrs were poking at a very large bear with spears. A pegasus crashed into a fountain, it’s wings shredded by a hawk’s talons. I looked around. The hospital was over full. Bodies outnumbered beds, there was an even greater disparity between those needing care and the ones still able to give it. I may have missed the build up to this point, but I could see it was not going to have a good ending.copyright protection10PENANATE9dkjuQZI

            “Herman,” I turned to my fellow Olympian. “Find Nyx and Thanatos. We need to evacuate these people through the shadows.”copyright protection10PENANAT03zJjqYbW

            “Thanatos is gone, he went with Kara.”copyright protection10PENANAofhjnJoK91

            “Nyx will do then. I’ll be back to help.” I made my way for the door. “Tell everyone who can still fight to concentrate on protecting this hospital. We’re going to withdraw as many as we can. Then we’re going to abandon the city. Go now, tell everyone…find Nyx.”copyright protection10PENANAW3F6gZpKPo

            I ran through the streets shouting my message. Telling everyone to form up around the hospital. There were not many left to hear it. Soon I found myself back at Hercules’ Landing. Artemisia was still fighting, still firing arrows. But she was no longer on the edge. She had been backed up to the middle of the square. Beasts and monsters were clambering over the edge and spilling into the landing. Artmisia was trying her best to hold them back, but she was slowly losing ground, and her quiver was far too light to be able to supply her much longer. This was a hopeless battle. She couldn’t win here.copyright protection10PENANAtJpxi8QJ71

            “Artemisia.” I stood at her side. “We are going to abandon the city.” She grunted but said nothing. “There are many wounded at the hospital. Nyx and I are going to shadow travel them out of here. But we’ll need time.”copyright protection10PENANAGvgXPDHdoR

            She fired an arrow right into a hellhounds mouth. “I’m not leaving without Paul.”copyright protection10PENANAekUUqbTQWJ

            “Herman told me he fell.”copyright protection10PENANAfptEWMNNwU

            Artemisia’s eyes fixed on me. They were watery. “Go Hellboy. Get everyone else out. When you come back for me, take me done there first. Help me find my brother.” I didn’t want to argue with her.  So I just nodded and disappeared into shadow.copyright protection10PENANAOcq59fJRs7

            “Lord Hades.” Nyx curtsied.copyright protection10PENANAIHsDBTOvJK

            “Help me take them to my palace in the Underworld. They will be safe there.” I ordered. Nyx nodded and went to work. “Herman, once all the injured are gone we will start taking the soldiers that are still standing. Go outside and fight with them, send them inside in small groups when we are ready.” I put my hand on his shoulder. “Herman, the rearguard will take many loses.” I could tell he was afraid, but Herman nodded. “I don’t think we’ll have enough time for everyone. When it looks like the end is near…make sure you’re in that hospital.”copyright protection10PENANAfYaJC7vpU1

            “You want me to leave them behind?”copyright protection10PENANAkJdKOnZxfs

            “Men are going to die today. This is a defeat Herman. A god, an Olympian, is going to be more valuable in the next battle than any satyr or demigod. We can’t afford to lose any more of us. We’re a family, make sure you’re in the hospital before the end.” He nodded, and then charged outside to fight besides the men I’d just ordered him to abandon.copyright protection10PENANAFXa7AM0piJ

            “Blade.” Calypso was standing behind me.copyright protection10PENANAayHkhkrNKm

            “Take my hand.” I told her. “We’re leaving. You! Come here, touch me and close your mouth.” A nurse and several patients put their hands on me. Then I summoned the shadows. We materialized in the throne room. There were already several groups lying around. Nyx worked fast. “I have to go back.” Calypso was clinging to me. “I have to save more of them.” She let me go, her eyes begging her body not to. I closed my eyes, and held my breath. I was back at the hospital.copyright protection10PENANAO552PUpPrE

            “Lord Hades!” Hygeia hurried over to me. “You must take this group next. They are in the most danger.” I placed my hands on the wounded soldiers and bid them to close their mouths. Back and forth I traveled, with Nyx popping in and out almost in sync with me.copyright protection10PENANAi6CtedfeDy

            The hospital was emptying, but so were our defenders. The beasts and monsters we circling the building. And each man that fell or joined us inside was one less weapon stopping them from ripping the roof off from over us. “Hygeia.” I shouted before disappearing. “Go get Herman.” I ordered. “He and you are next.” Then the shadows engulfed me.copyright protection10PENANAXN7F7p0zcK

            “Thank you Lord Hades.” A nymph cried out when she realized she was safe.copyright protection10PENANAV0P13FVtum

            “Thank you.”copyright protection10PENANA8NtKgHYwWB

            “Thanks Hades.”copyright protection10PENANA5UoczwBz5O

            “We owe you our lives.” All the while, with thanks and congratulations ringing out in the very throne room that was dedicated to me, I couldn’t help but feel guilty. These voices were praising my name. But how many would be cursing me outside in the Fields of the Fallen. How many souls wouldn’t be ferried into this palace. How many had we lost. I couldn’t think like that. This was war. We had learned from Kronos, sometimes bad things must be done for good reason. There is such a thing as acceptable loses. I closed my mouth and focused. I was back on Olympus.copyright protection10PENANAk1Pa2SPXlk

            “Hurry Blade.” I opened my eyes to see Herman and Hygeia standing before me. “We have to go now.” A large bear hurtled through the front door. Outside I could see the last of the defenders being torn apart. Beasts were eating them, hellhounds were ripping them to pieces, those men had been condemned to my realm. Not by my action, but by my choice. “BLADE!” Herman yelled shaking me by the shoulders. The bear was bearing down on us.copyright protection10PENANAkt8OeowdVs

            “Close your mouths.” I ordered grabbing each of them.copyright protection10PENANAO0mddWJOwP

            “Thank the gods!” Hygeia fell to her knees. She allowed herself several seconds to enjoy her salvation, then we went right back to tending her charges.copyright protection10PENANACQQr1TkQRG

            “Nyx, no more.” I ordered. “Say here. I’m going back for Artemisia.”copyright protection10PENANAbc9j1oIxCD

            “I can help.” Nyx offered.copyright protection10PENANA0qDnERjoGP

            “Blade, you should have gotten her before me.” Herman muttered.copyright protection10PENANAejG5LHY5yQ

            “Don’t go back.” Calypso begged. “Please.” I couldn’t look at her. I couldn’t look at anyone, but that was because the lights had been snuffed away in favor of shadow.copyright protection10PENANALK2V34kMBW

            I appeared in the body pile that was Hercules’ Landing. Corpses littered the earth. I looked around, nothing was moving, nothing was alive. “Artemisia?” I called out.copyright protection10PENANApCn3Z1UjqA

            “Take me down there.” I looked up to see Artie standing atop a nearby building, the bodies seemed most concentrated at its base.copyright protection10PENANA8ETPJExIK6

            “We have to leave now. The city is lost. You’re brother is lost. We have to go.”copyright protection10PENANAyvQBqUFLHh

            “You promised me.” She said, not moving from her perch. Her quiver was empty, the last arrow clenched in her hand, the tip pointing at me. Her bow was nowhere in sight.copyright protection10PENANAH6T4aS64cx

            “Listen…”copyright protection10PENANAFkbyaVdIDX

            “TAKE ME TO MY BROTHER!” she screamed. Calls and howls rang out through the city. It sounded like the horde from the hospital was heading this way.copyright protection10PENANAObtFMUArFh

            “Ok, come down here. Hurry.”copyright protection10PENANAImoCryvyDH

            “Swear!” She shouted. “Don’t you dare lie to me.”copyright protection10PENANA5i2hRcc4VP

            “I swear!” I called.copyright protection10PENANA2K1vqNq0f5

            “Swear on the truth goddess.”copyright protection10PENANAiYsHAUf6sS

            “Aletheia take me.” I said the words solemnly, the noises were getting closer. We didn’t have much time.copyright protection10PENANANybPP2217X

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