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Truth and Ideals
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Writer berserker823
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Truth and Ideals
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Chapter 1: Send Away for a Perfect World
Jun 12, 2018
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!OZRQnBF0t8VvLDm1DpFTposted on PENANA

Kent Maddox stood in the doorway of his infant daughter’s bedroom watching as his girlfriend and the little girl’s mother dotes over her. He was a tall, athletic young man of nineteen-years old with curly, dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.copyright protection4PENANAyNaTXfImy8

“Karina,” Kent whispered so he didn’t wake their daughter, “C’mon. The babysitter is downstairs.”copyright protection4PENANA9m70cvCRv5

            Karina turned, her chocolate brown hair swaying a bit as she stared at Kent with pleading green eyes.copyright protection4PENANA0rBM4YNHnt

“Please do not make me leave her, Kent,” she begged.copyright protection4PENANABWhMPe1yBz

            Kent sighed and motioned for Karina to join him outside their daughter’s bedroom. Karina did so and Kent closed the door, leaving it slightly ajar.copyright protection4PENANAGLWOM9jo0O

“We’ll be out for two hours. Three tops,” he reasoned.copyright protection4PENANAu1f6Nk4B1r

“That’s too long. What if something happens?” Karina asked.copyright protection4PENANA4DnmpdAqLc

“The babysitter has our numbers,” Kent countered.copyright protection4PENANA0sYXgK6z87

“She’s twelve, Kent,” Karina pointed out.copyright protection4PENANAoC8DJWXNxZ

“You met with her and you liked her and you trusted her,” Kent responded.copyright protection4PENANAeCCCY2PztB

“Well I change my mind. She can’t be trusted with my baby,” Karina grumbled, crossing her arms over her chest.copyright protection4PENANAMt3KrkuxTD

“Your baby? If I’m not mistaken; I had a hand in making that little bundle of joy that’s turning us into a pair of hermits,” Kent replied.copyright protection4PENANAEhgNVZKTMh

“Please. All you did was subject me to nine months of hormones, morning sickness, and swelling up like a balloon…,” Karina countered.copyright protection4PENANAT1UwDSyts1

“But your boobs were fantastic, babe,” Kent added, receiving a death glare immediately for that comment.copyright protection4PENANA5ev9ZWttum

“Let’s not forget that I also had to suffer through seven hours of child birth,” Karina pointed out, “So I think I had to go through the bulk of it.”copyright protection4PENANA79EnXAnHu9

 “And I’m just an idiot who doesn’t deserve the two most perfect ladies Arceus ever put on this planet,” Kent added in.copyright protection4PENANAZnaTTOMshf

            Karina laughed a little bit at his remark.copyright protection4PENANAumt0vtXZWr

“You are an idiot,” Karina agreed, relaxing her arms, “But you’re my idiot.”copyright protection4PENANAm4A0sxBPf5

“Love you too,” Kent said, batting a pair of big, brown Lillipup eyes.copyright protection4PENANAYes98mYUPf

            Karina rolled hers and smiled in amusement. She let out a relented sigh.copyright protection4PENANA9jCDk86h73

“Fine. We’ll go out for this dinner, but for two hours only. Not a minute more or I swear to Arceus; I will leave you unable to put another child in me,” Karina told Kent.copyright protection4PENANAIt7juzR5p6

            Downstairs, Kent and Karina’s neighbor Hilda White sat on the sofa in the living room, staring at the pile of boxes that the new parents still had stacked in the corner of the home they had just bought. She was a young preteen with more brown hair than she had head and was tall and awkwardly lanky. Kent and Karina descended the stairs and Hilda shot to her feet like a little soldier. She even saluted.copyright protection4PENANAaolDxt0voP

“Mr. Maddox. Ms. Miller. Thank you so much for this opportunity,” she told them in a stiff tone.copyright protection4PENANALx9obtwiLE

“Relax Hilda. We’re not in the military,” Kent responded.copyright protection4PENANAlu8tNC3FHs

“You are welcome Private Hilda. Everything that little Megan needs is on the list in the kitchen. Our numbers are also on that list. If anything happens; no matter how small, we will race back here immediately,” Karina told her.copyright protection4PENANAMSQ7woBwUZ

“Only call if it’s something you can’t handle,” Kent whispered and was promptly punched on the shoulder by Karina.copyright protection4PENANAmGxv4IZB1K

            He took her by the hand and started leading her to the door. Karina resisted and turned back to Hilda.copyright protection4PENANAfmeoQ20UII

“She loves ‘Baa! Baa! Black Mareep’!” she told the preteen babysitter, “Oh and if she needs to be fed; keep the bottle at a forty-seven degree angle! No more and no less!”copyright protection4PENANAmuBdC7CdDx

            Hilda’s eyes widened at the aspect of having to do math in order to feed a child, but Kent shot her a reassuring glance from over his shoulder. Despite her young age, Hilda caught on to the fact that Karina was just extremely worried and a bit overprotective. She had this.copyright protection4PENANAdZdKvhtuTu

            The front door closed and Hilda was left in silence for about twelve seconds before her Xtransceiver vibrated in the pocket of her denim shorts. She pulled it out and saw Karina’s caller ID.copyright protection4PENANAf9RuxHxxBf

“Hello?” she answered the call.copyright protection4PENANAgYKRcmYOAB

“I heard three rings. What if something had happened to Megan during that… hey!” Karina’s scolding voice responded.copyright protection4PENANAmNBzy6R1BK

“Ignore her Hilda. Just be smart and do a good job and I’ll double the pay for having to deal with Karina so much,” Kent cut in before hanging up.copyright protection4PENANAwRTolr6TZH

            Hilda did a little victory dance over the prospect of getting paid more money.copyright protection4PENANA8fGS6Tf5IP

            Kent had driven down the street from their home in Nuvema Town and Karina was sending him death glares for confiscating her cell phone. His amused smirk only hardened those aforementioned death glares. Kent stopped at an intersection and waited for his light to turn green.copyright protection4PENANAH4DiDbpud0

“Y’know… I’m gonna have to deal with a lot of crap too,” he pointed out.copyright protection4PENANAfKR98dAe7z

“Like what?” Karina questioned skeptically.copyright protection4PENANAWfOD8Vwo0e

“Well… if Megan ends up looking like you did when you were a teenager and attracts loser guys like me; yikes…,” Kent pointed out.copyright protection4PENANAeHiR0W3pqg

“The light’s green smart guy,” Karina grumbled, turning her body to face the windshield.copyright protection4PENANAqG0iP9vpnC

            Kent looked past her and saw headlights in the distance speeding toward the intersection. He put trust in the driver to slow down for the red light as he drove forward. They did not. The right side of Karina’s face illuminated in the oncoming headlights and she turned with immense fear in her eyes.copyright protection4PENANAYkSNX1IuqJ

“Kent!” she screamed out.copyright protection4PENANAIEr1vrXyRo

            Crash! Shatter! Crunch!copyright protection4PENANAPi4QAUZ6jn

~Six Years Later~copyright protection4PENANAJiIC5FEO94

            Kent woke with a start, a cold sweat forming across his brow, and he stared at his open bedroom door where his daughter Megan Maddox stood with a concerned look on her face; a face that was already beginning to resemble her mother’s.copyright protection4PENANAxSIYTeqRNi

“You okay?” she questioned.copyright protection4PENANAgCAlsbfshy

“Y-Yeah… Just a bad dream. Nothing to worry about, sweetie. Why aren’t you in bed?” Kent responded.copyright protection4PENANAQ1QyDVehJo

“It’s seven-thirty. I have to go to school,” Megan responded.copyright protection4PENANAlhg4gaiG15

“I thought yesterday was your last day?” Kent questioned.copyright protection4PENANAZiHADaLSD3

“No. Today is,” Megan revealed.copyright protection4PENANAqt4h2HdgZX

“Shit,” Kent muttered, shooting to his feet.copyright protection4PENANAEleUpv5Hc7

            He quickly threw on a shirt and slipped on some sandals. He looked at his daughter and saw she was already dressed.copyright protection4PENANAMbpuL2FxUi

“Did you eat? Pack a lunch? Brush your teeth?” he asked.copyright protection4PENANAAlMFDOmQ4m

“Yes. Yes. Um… maybe,” Megan answered, shrugging her shoulders with a bit of a grin.copyright protection4PENANAOJH3E6yJNK

“Two out of three is good enough,” Kent responded, hoisting his daughter up onto his shoulders, and carrying her down the hall of the home they have lived in for the past six years.copyright protection4PENANAQAWg5IiKfd

            Megan giggled and started smoothing out Kent’s disheveled bed head as he descended the stairs to the living room. He dropped his daughter unceremoniously, but harmlessly onto the couch and she bounced against the cushion.copyright protection4PENANA3QyPvcDS3I

“Do you have everything?” he asked.copyright protection4PENANAeRsWU62tQQ

            Megan nodded, grinning ear-to-ear on the couch. Kent nodded back at her and scraped away some physical exhaustion leftover in his eyes.copyright protection4PENANAdHraXwSfh8

“Grab your things, Megan. Let’s go,” he said, leading the charge out the front door.copyright protection4PENANAskY19udNmg

            The duo rushed out of the house together and ran side-by-side toward the bus stop around the corner. The bus at the aforementioned bus stop was already there and students of varying ages were boarding so that they can be taken to the academy all the way in Castelia City.copyright protection4PENANAwB8Yx35AwV

“Wait!” Kent called out to the bus driver in hopes that he can hear him.copyright protection4PENANArKCSUzpMPH

            Someone did. Hilda White heard him. She turned to see Kent sprinting and Megan starting to lag behind. Kent noticed this as well and slowed in order for her to catch up. He hoisted her onto his shoulders as Hilda boarded the bus.copyright protection4PENANAUh1TjbnxYJ

            Her brown hair was even more expansive than it was when she was a pre-teen and she kept it tied up in a high ponytail. She finally grew out of the long, lanky body, and was now a beautiful young woman. She stopped in the middle of the aisle and suddenly knelt down.copyright protection4PENANAOulWtTZytv

“Whoops! Shoes untied!” she announced, purposefully untying her shoe so she could retie it.copyright protection4PENANAuVf6OaGdWv

            The bus driver and the line of students behind Hilda waited and Kent managed to reach the bus in time. Hilda tightened her laces and smirked victoriously as she took a nearby seat. The line of boarding students resumed. Kent, breathing hard, removed his daughter from his shoulders. She hurried off onto the bus.copyright protection4PENANAURNWK777E5

 “Have a great last day of school, Megs!” Kent called out to her.copyright protection4PENANARsAdp46oCA

            Megan turned and waved at her father before hurrying down the aisle of seats to an empty one left for her next to Hilda.copyright protection4PENANAU7vadjkUxh

“Sup kiddo,” Hilda greeted her younger classmate.copyright protection4PENANAqs8doTkw1Z

            She ruffled up Megan’s hair and the doors to the bus closed. Outside, Kent watched his daughter be taken away as he did every morning she had to go to school. He leaned against a tree and looked up at the sky.copyright protection4PENANACSrd6RhcgU

“I hope I’m doing a good enough job, Karina,” he muttered under his breath.copyright protection4PENANAMa1ilfCG99

            A sudden realization hit him. He had work at eight!copyright protection4PENANAXzC6N108x1

“Shit!” Kent shouted, his voice echoing across a mostly-empty street.copyright protection4PENANA79Uzm0qEcG

            Only an elderly woman sitting on a porch swing across the street heard him. She shook her head judgmentally and watched as Kent sprinted back toward home.copyright protection4PENANAyZRAicPUTZ

            He showered, dressed, and was back out the front door at eight-ten. He sprinted toward Professor Juniper’s Lab where he worked as an assistant. He was out of breath by the time he reached the Lab and fell to a seat in the front room so he could catch his breath.copyright protection4PENANA3QzFXmGXve

            Professor Aurea Juniper appeared and saw Kent in a disheveled state, catching his breath. She was a gorgeous woman in her late thirties with light brown hair tied into a professional bun and green eyes. She knew how to rock the lab coat.copyright protection4PENANAZCnTbKTCo6

“Late again, Mr. Maddox,” she spoke with a slightly amused tone.copyright protection4PENANAiX69xomnjf

“S-Sorry… Slept in… Kid late to school... Me late to work…,” Kent responded between heavy breaths.copyright protection4PENANAmm6V24iJ2O

“All is forgiven, Kent. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a single parent,” Professor Juniper told him.copyright protection4PENANAY1qlUC6Oev

            Kent smiled slightly in return.copyright protection4PENANAVxs2G0r3nK

~Flashback~copyright protection4PENANAiJ7pFatYUv

            Kent woke up in a daze in an overturned car. Broken glass, smoke, and two crumpled vehicular forms lay in the intersection. The faint sound of sirens could be heard in the distance. copyright protection4PENANAMSwddrPkf4

“K-Karina,” Kent grumbled past the pain. copyright protection4PENANAQbBjdijFlH

            He unbuckled himself from the seatbelt and fell to the roof of the overturned car. He kicked out the driver’s door to give him room and looked over to the passenger seat. copyright protection4PENANApErw36Hw5B

“You okay?” he asked the still form hanging limply upside down.copyright protection4PENANA1Rty5HZU1f

            No response. Kent unbuckled her and she fell limply to the roof of the car. He checked her pulse. Nothing. Silence. Darkness.copyright protection4PENANAZRqAaETujf

~End Flashback~copyright protection4PENANAbJTCgXJXuO

            Kent finally pushed himself up off the chair and approached the Pokémon Professor.copyright protection4PENANAywG14LI3GK

“What’s there to do today, boss?” he asked.copyright protection4PENANAjFCKgNp9hI

Hours had past as Kent assisted Professor Juniper around her Lab before he took a break around lunchtime. He ventured outside to the field behind the large building where several Pokémon that Professor Juniper had adopted thrived. He found a spot in the shade of an immense oak tree and planted himself beside its wide trunk. Professor Juniper watched Kent rest from inside the Lab and shook her head in disappointment.copyright protection4PENANAotsi6IgQFK

            Professor Juniper had known Kent since he was in the Academy. He was always determined to become a Pokémon Trainer, but the night before the necessary graduation where he would have been legally allowed to become one, he became a father. Ever since then, Kent had never been able to realize his dream, and he was beginning to near the age limit for being a Pokémon Trainer who can compete in Leagues.copyright protection4PENANAFeglfk7YoO

“Kent, can we speak?” she asked him rhetorically.copyright protection4PENANAJItlsK9RTr

            Kent slowly returned to his feet, wincing as some lingering pain shot into his leg. He stared at the Pokémon Professor with a curious and concerned gaze.copyright protection4PENANAAiU2B1LRRr

“D-Did I do something wrong?” he asked.copyright protection4PENANACwFSSVd0UC

“No, not at all,” Professor Juniper responded.copyright protection4PENANAODliZN38FW

“Oh good; I thought you were about to fire me,” Kent responded.copyright protection4PENANAAgfvjRw4Jo

“I was,” Professor Juniper revealed.copyright protection4PENANAvlVbeN6sO1

            Kent’s blue eyes wavered and his knees buckled a bit, so he leaned against the oak tree for support.copyright protection4PENANA5DEqWEdZNT

“W-What’s happening? Is this a joke? Professor, please. I need this job,” Kent spoke rapidly as anxiety crept into the back of his throat.copyright protection4PENANAWn9cSs3pxN

“Calm down. Calm down,” Professor Juniper told him.copyright protection4PENANAN28IenwkPk

            She inhaled through her nose and Kent followed suit, matching her breathing until that anxiety returned to the pit of damnation it belonged in.copyright protection4PENANAlUY0kUFyUs

“I’ve known you for years, Kent. You always wished to become a Trainer, but everything got in the way,” Professor Juniper explained, “I refuse to let you not follow your dream.”copyright protection4PENANArQQB2I467B

“I haven’t thought about becoming a Trainer in years. I’m honestly content with where I’m at now. I have a kid and that’s my number one priority,” Kent responded.copyright protection4PENANATVD2DSq9cf

“Megan’s school year ends today. Aspiring Trainers will begin coming to me for their Starter Pokémon and there is an open spot tomorrow if you want to take it,” Professor Juniper disclosed.copyright protection4PENANAuyatzvof3i

            Kent remained silent as he seriously began contemplating the offer. He could not come up with an answer; however, and lowered his attention to his feet. Professor Juniper did understand. She knew she sprung this whole dilemma on him from out of nowhere.copyright protection4PENANAHv9y7cgbio

“Why don’t you take the rest of the day off to think it over? You will be paid for the time you miss, so there is no reason not to take this offer,” Professor Juniper spoke softly.copyright protection4PENANAMcjqfWiF6v

            Kent nodded solemnly and left Professor Juniper’s Lab in order to determine whether or not he will take her offer.copyright protection4PENANAVB355DAtSE

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