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The Opposite Of Attraction
Writer Mikayla
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The Opposite Of Attraction
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Chapter 10
Jul 13, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!J0EEAJbjk5LWL2E9xCXtposted on PENANA

Sophiacopyright protection25PENANA1eW7pLNgau

- - - - - - - - - - - -copyright protection25PENANAhTuVx5EJoZ

That ironic moment when you're trying to avoid someone and you end up bumping into them, literally.copyright protection25PENANAPaWAdAJKdG

Yup, I've been avoiding Damon since I got home from the party, which was only last night but whatever. copyright protection25PENANAeeVbmlX9B7

I needed to get my thoughts straight about him, and the best way to do that is to not see him.copyright protection25PENANAET18OzetiD

But that plan failed when I decided to take a walk and ended up being plowed over by a very shirtless Damon. copyright protection25PENANAt8NpI10sMd

Those abs definitely didn't help me figure things out. And I was so distracted by them that I was actually nice to him. Crazy right? But I came up with a good excuse, so whatever.copyright protection25PENANA80s4cPp9Z1

Now I should really stop thinking about him, I'm just getting more and more confused by the minute. I should be thinking about what I'm going to say to Dylan.copyright protection25PENANAgDUhMIQ0c9

I'm currently sitting in a booth at an ice cream parlour, waiting for Dylan to show up so we could talk about what happened last night.copyright protection25PENANADGhr50s5se

"Fia, you came." I heard from directly beside me. copyright protection25PENANAjAfMErB4AA

So Dylan did decide to show up. I briefly thought that he wouldn't come because he was embarrassed or something.copyright protection25PENANA5QdZ8ZIZZV

"Of course I came, I'm the one who asked you to come." I pointed out, this guy really isn't the brightest sometimes.copyright protection25PENANA8DBq4GqxMS

"Right, so anyway what did you want to talk about?"copyright protection25PENANAL5t1S8stc2

Seriously? Was he really that stupid? He forced himself on me last night and he doesn't know why I want to talk to him? copyright protection25PENANA3iThh1hZ0h

My blood boiled as my anger rose, but I pushed it away. copyright protection25PENANAU9UwAZc1wZ

I will not get mad, I will not get mad. copyright protection25PENANAUi5nkXwMqJ

I took a deep breath before replying "I wanted to talk to you about what happened at the party." copyright protection25PENANAOu1IMjK3iL

It was like a lightbulb flashed on above Dylan's head as realization took over his features.copyright protection25PENANAkdUfJveWwL

"Look, I'm really sorry about that, I wasn't thinking and I was drunk." He quickly blurted out, reaching out to grab my hand. copyright protection25PENANAVq41OoYlbp

"I know, and I accept your apology. I just want to make it clear to you that I'm not going to rush into things, and this isn't going to work if you're not willing to wait." I explained.copyright protection25PENANA50T6IGqsJJ

I thought about this, and decided to forgive him because people do stupid things all the time while intoxicated. I just had to make it clear to him that I wasn't going to sleep with him any time soon. copyright protection25PENANAd4W8jGDyDa

"I totally understand that, and I'll wait as long as you want me to." He told me, squeezing my hand reassuringly.copyright protection25PENANAjzBoApNyLY

"Good." Was my response. copyright protection25PENANAXQYRXHxn9h

I'm glad that he understands. If he had said that he wasn't willing to wait I would have broken up with him right then and there. I don't want to lose Dylan, he's always meant so much to me, but I can't be with someone that doesn't respect my wishes.copyright protection25PENANA6nl3wEKacn

"Now that that's over with, do you want to go out with me tomorrow night?" He asked, changing the subject.copyright protection25PENANAkwWVUwlI57

"Yeah, I'd like that." I agreed, a smile forming on my face.copyright protection25PENANAG3XFUUmsiw

"Cool." He said, looking around awkwardly for some reason. copyright protection25PENANAJpU4sqJcAV

Only now did I notice that we never ordered anything. copyright protection25PENANAAUswQm3c48

"Well I should get going, I need to do some homework." I muttered awkwardly, breaking the silence.copyright protection25PENANAjLbgq6bNyu

He nodded and stood up at the same time as me. copyright protection25PENANAkiTenlE6yf

Once we were out of the parlour I immediately went to my car and drove away without so much as a goodbye. copyright protection25PENANA289uF0RIcW

I had a feeling things would be weird between us from now on. copyright protection25PENANARvI3M89YWI

- - - - - -copyright protection25PENANAsh0mvoHaug

"Sophia, there's someone at the door for you!" Mom called from downstairs.copyright protection25PENANApxpz14ATNM

I just came back from the ice cream parlour I met Dylan at and I already have to deal with more people? Great. copyright protection25PENANAPEixH5GR3D

I dragged my lazy butt downstairs and to the front door. copyright protection25PENANAzwUASqYAAt

"Sophia Mackenzie at your service." I mumbled sarcastically to whomever was at the door. copyright protection25PENANAR00gz2k9W7

"That's a surprise, you being at my service? Sounds fun." A voice I definitely didn't expect at my front door said just as sarcastically as I had. copyright protection25PENANAWMMfktk1lo

My eyes instantly snapped up to him. Damon Blake. copyright protection25PENANAEUUzvMZunA

"What are you doing here?" I asked, not in a rude way but more in a shocked and confused manner. copyright protection25PENANAXeAYua1PkY

"Nice to see you too." He said with an eye roll, before getting to the point. copyright protection25PENANAXhKJw4dQ5y

"I came to see if you wanted to do some video recording for our tree project." He explained.copyright protection25PENANAeKt9kYWksj

Well that makes sense. copyright protection25PENANAUqyvp3GrS0

"Um, sure I guess, Antonio is in my room so follow me." I replied, still slightly shocked that he was here, and being nice-ish. copyright protection25PENANApPh9zOeMEj

I turned on my heals and started on the short journey to my room.copyright protection25PENANAlT4O2oMYIf

I paused for a moment at my bedroom door, a thought hitting me. copyright protection25PENANAiDGQ86TOxM

Damon was about to enter my room. He would be the first straight boy to ever step foot into my fortress, other than my dad of course.copyright protection25PENANAPWC76bVkYA

Who would have thought? copyright protection25PENANAEjuI7w7UvQ

Taking a deep breath, I walked over to Antonio who was seated beside my window.copyright protection25PENANAaOtQEBWyqu

I was aware of Damon's presence beside me but I still didn't look over at him, feeling weird about how close he was to me.copyright protection25PENANAkgqWox8kR6

"Well, lets get started." Damon spoke up, breaking the awkward silence. I seemed to be having a lot of awkward moments today. copyright protection25PENANAVvppexWlrs

I nodded in agreement. copyright protection25PENANAcCgFsVhptI

"So how are we going to do this?" He asked after setting up his amazing camera. I would die to have a camera that good. copyright protection25PENANAUOYkLnSTHJ

"Um, I guess I'll just water him, make sure he's in the sun and talk to him a bit." I stated, shrugging. copyright protection25PENANAZDfp2uWZQo

I had absolutely no idea what Mr. Willis wanted us to video. But he did say that it would be proof that we were actually taking care of our tree so I guess we just had to film ourselves doing exactly that. copyright protection25PENANAr21HHuCYT6

Once I was ready Damon pressed the record button and I did my regular routine with Antonio.copyright protection25PENANAGNVF8G21zK

Put him in the sun, water him, trim off his dead leaves. Then start talking to him.copyright protection25PENANAKzn0YquVpk

"So Antonio, how are you liking the weather?" I asked awkwardly, it was uncomfortable talking to a tree in front of Damon. copyright protection25PENANAkQmmx4Qa2K

I looked over to see him holding in his laughter, his eyes dancing with amusement. copyright protection25PENANAhJycoHSrIs

I rolled my eyes and brought my attention back to the task at hand. copyright protection25PENANAcs1zt0ZXWo

"So what's your favourite colour?" I asked, looking at the tree with fake interest.copyright protection25PENANAihfEDNJtYL

I paused for a couple seconds, letting Antonio 'answer'.copyright protection25PENANAdfvMsUtklb

"Green? Oh cool, mines gold." I 'replied', it felt like I was having a conversation with myself. copyright protection25PENANANxEO77P75M

"Whats your favourite pass time?" I questioned, this is like I'm playing 21 questions with a wall.copyright protection25PENANAwn3L2HzLbx

"Oh sunbathing? I should have known that, its pretty obvious." copyright protection25PENANAwpM2bfWEzh

This time when I was done speaking Damon burst out laughing, like roll on the floor, clap like a demented seal, laughing.copyright protection25PENANAPmPubXB15G

"Shut up!" I exclaimed. copyright protection25PENANANB3Rn5yWRJ

"Sun bathing, really?" He asked once his laughing was reduced to only chuckles every now and then. copyright protection25PENANAuo8hqkwmY5

"Well what else does a tree do?" I asked, placing a hand on my hip.copyright protection25PENANAEOstiErTFw

"Photosynthesis." He stated, completely serious. copyright protection25PENANAAt8EkvKTsB

I let out an annoyed huff of air, for once he outsmarted me. copyright protection25PENANACWZLdp5JL4

"Well if you think you could do so much better, why don't you talk to Antonio." I snapped, mad that I lost.copyright protection25PENANAPpSiTbXl4D

"Okay." he said with a simple shrug, making his way over to the tree. copyright protection25PENANARF6Zjrv3kY

Now it was my turn to watch him make a fool out of himself as I sat back and relaxed. copyright protection25PENANAFXVEI94OTP

"Antonio, got a crush on any tree-etts nearby?" was Damon's first question.copyright protection25PENANATJfL19WZu1

"Oh really? You're right, that cherry blossom outside the window is pretty sexy." Damon agreed with Antonio's silent reply. copyright protection25PENANACmHJm0aS4v

Oh God, could this guy get any more ridiculous?copyright protection25PENANAQJsMobVs0P

"Do I have a crush on anyone?" Damon suddenly asked, pointing to himself.copyright protection25PENANAiTyyEAHBzc

He waited a second before he spoke again "I think I'll save this conversation for when you're at my house." copyright protection25PENANADcykVUl5Mq

"Okay, I think we're done for today." I interjected, turning off the camera. copyright protection25PENANABD93pyel1e

This was getting too weird. copyright protection25PENANAaj7IRMjzoS

Damon looked over at me in fake disappointment. copyright protection25PENANAL15jl0eH60

"We were having a nice conversation over here." He wined, pouting like a two year old. copyright protection25PENANA7HDhK3PZoQ

The look on his face was seriously adorable. He looked just like a child when he pouted like that. For once in his life Damon actually looked innocent and cute instead of mean and ugly. copyright protection25PENANAezali28BBw

"Earth to Sophia." Damon called, breaking me out of my thoughts.copyright protection25PENANAunyzHTzVBG

"What?" I asked, confused. I knew I was lost in thought but it couldn't have been for more than a few seconds. copyright protection25PENANAWInA08EP72

"You've been staring at me like a creep for the past ten minuets." Damon exaggerated, a thoughtful expression on his face. copyright protection25PENANAGlCRHUTQvv

I scoffed "Yeah right, like I would ever look at you for that long." copyright protection25PENANAmZTUzAO8wq

"Whatever helps you sleep at night." Damon said dismissively. copyright protection25PENANAOt8c38kHYr

I rolled my eyes in annoyance and crossed my arms over my chest. copyright protection25PENANAKFNmxuhqkM

"I wasn't looking at you." I stated stubbornly. I don't know why I didn't just drop it, but I felt like I had to convince him that I wasn't staring.copyright protection25PENANAWHMPClqruX

Or maybe I had to convince myself.copyright protection25PENANARjqZvt8Pb7

"Whatever Sophia." He replied, waving his hand trying to dismiss this conversation again.copyright protection25PENANAhWM4jkzAKU

Not gonna happen. copyright protection25PENANAnHC9xevXF0

"You're so full of yourself! You think every girl wants you and that you can have any girl. Well news flash, that doesn't happen in the real world, you can't always have what you want and every girl doesn't like you, especially not me!" I snapped. copyright protection25PENANAUxjlwOPFE0

He looked at me in shock for a second before his expression turned into a cocky one, a smirk forming on his lips and his eyes narrowing.copyright protection25PENANAMWXz0gTARE

"It sounds like someone's in denial. You know the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem." copyright protection25PENANAvem7oTmUR2

This is why I hate him. copyright protection25PENANAUMzd762WMH

"My problem is you! I hate you, now get out of my house!" I yelled, this boy was just so frustrating. copyright protection25PENANAXzDU8Eb2e3

"Gladly." He shot back, then proceeded to stomp out my room and downstairs. copyright protection25PENANAHKi3RGXeAO

The front door slamming shut a few seconds later informed me that he was out of the house.copyright protection25PENANAgvBQJIXMEJ

I flopped onto my bed angrily, stupid Damon just had to accuse me of staring at him, I was staring off into space, even if my eyes were in his direction, that doesn't mean I was looking at him. He's so stupid! copyright protection25PENANAtCi7xrLJt0

I suddenly thought about how girls in movies scream into their pillows to let out their frustration, so I thought I'd give that a go. copyright protection25PENANAMbK4fCKcRl

I took a deep breath in, preparing to let out the best scream I could muster up, and stuffed my face into the pillow. copyright protection25PENANA18RCYAkVmZ

Then I screamed.copyright protection25PENANAEQBXX9oJSR

I screamed, and screamed until I couldn't scream anymore. And damn it felt good. copyright protection25PENANAJE3uIi7tuY

Even with a soar throat and hoarse voice, I felt calm and at peace. copyright protection25PENANAPv7G85hs1E

I would definitely do that again.copyright protection25PENANAsGu4Dsd1b5

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