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The Stone vs. the Viper, a LitRPG
Writer Alvin Atwater
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The Stone vs. the Viper, a LitRPG
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Episode 1 (Greatly improved)
Alvin Atwater
Aug 6, 2018
19 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!RGmVP7o2R6kXoHlbyjnQposted on PENANA

Episode 1copyright protection13PENANAnwLxmCkF7k

In a void of darkness more expansive than his eyes could see, Clyde stood, confused. One moment, he was on his way to basketball practice, the next he found himself…somewhere else. Someone or something floated in the air, a yard from him, eyes red in the darkness. Eight inches tall, dressed in a suit and tie, the thing housed metallic bat-like wings on its back. Pointed nose, a shark-like grin, blue skin and pointed ears, Clyde felt his soul melt. A slight, reddish radiation outlined its body. It spoke in a what seemed to be a humorous tone.copyright protection13PENANAiZ0EUQMjSE

            “Hello Clyde, today is your lucky day. Or at least, our lucky day and boy do I have quite a bit to tell you. Or force onto you depending on the perspective.” He smiled in a way that friendly neighbors greeted each other. That finally brought out the panic stored in the young man. But he couldn’t move. He couldn’t run.copyright protection13PENANApdBOVXZugn

            “What’s going on—who are you? Why are you—”copyright protection13PENANAkET6cgIxWQ

The thing interrupted Clyde.copyright protection13PENANARePSTJIF2B

            “Look, I’d love to sit here and listen to the overdone human whining. This would be like my…thirtieth time? So, listen up, mortal, you’re going to be an obedient dog and maybe I’ll cut you some slack. Do you like doggy treats?”copyright protection13PENANAjsPVgKSge9

Rage snuffed into Clyde’s veins. Normally he was slow to anger, but this just wasn’t the time to hold back.copyright protection13PENANADzOwG0NpxJ

            “Fuck you,” he snarled, his voice not even a shout. “I don’t know what’s going on, what you’re doing to me—not sure if this is just some vivid dream, but I’m not going to sit here and listen to some bat thing in a tie berate me.”copyright protection13PENANAfpX5hQO0wR

            “You call that a berate, mortal. Ha. Thicken your skin because you’re going to listen and obey. Unless, you know, killing you and all.”copyright protection13PENANABQkqLBbERq

            “Well you’re just going to have to kill me,” Clyde said. “I’m not going to sit here and take shit from some Pinocchio-wannabe. Go back to Tinklebell and Neverland.”copyright protection13PENANAOu0C1GCO5a

The shark-like smile of knife-sharp teeth didn’t fade from the thing. He floated right in front of the defiant young man’s face then turned and pointed forward to the void. Clyde gave him a confused look. That’s when a giant video-like image appeared. An image of pure nightmare. It revealed every friend and family member dying in gruesome ways. Some were thrown into massive grinders, others chopped into pieces by building-sized knives, burned by lava, and the list went on. All shown at the same time. Clyde fell onto his knees, breathing rapidly, hands shaking, focus falling from his eyes. His body felt cold, his heart quivered with extreme depression.copyright protection13PENANAxkAvqSmfSS

            “It hasn’t happened yet,” the thing said. “But if you don’t stop wasting my time, I’ll kill them all. I’ll make you have a front row seat to each death then when its all said and done, create evidence that will lead the police right to you.” He let out a dark, unsettling laugh for a moment then shifted back to his composed state. “Don’t give me a reason Clyde. I’m simply conveying what the masters want. But, if you want everyone around you to die, naively believing that this is some dream, then be my guest.”copyright protection13PENANA6uIrVu269T

Clyde looked at him, terror within his soul. He took a deep breath, composed himself, then stood.copyright protection13PENANAxXnxzpdcej

            “What do they want with me? A random college student.”copyright protection13PENANAnMEYh4QDjI

            “Who knows? Simply listen. Intake.”copyright protection13PENANAwqdfR8KTfT

The dark scenery began to flicker like dying lightbulbs.  copyright protection13PENANAMMQajqAxDO

            “You are about to join a game,” the thing said. “And I am somewhat of your guide, for now. Just call me Mortem.” The scenery flickered faster with dim light. “I will be taking you to a world called Satovia. You are the stone. Somewhere in this world is the Viper. Kill it and I set you back in your timeline.”copyright protection13PENANAR1AvZRzPvT

            “Let me guess, there is more to it than that,” Clyde said then folded his arms.copyright protection13PENANAy1jLhbU149

            “You’re catching on,” Mortem said then clapped. “But if you fail, well, let’s just say kapeesh for planet earth. Isn’t this fun?” He winked. Clyde choked down his fear and anger. The flickering stopped, and one infinitely large bright green light briefly covered everything. That’s when he noticed they were somewhere unreal.copyright protection13PENANAURVL2fcCNP

Clyde looked around, but the people…if they could be called people were on the other side of the street, ignoring him.  copyright protection13PENANAqER19QSJGo

            Don’t worry, you can’t be seen right now. I haven’t finished the transfer.”copyright protection13PENANADeqW0H8UId

Clyde took a moment to process everything. He seemed to be somehow in a world that was in fact an anime. The city, the people—all of it looked like a seriously high-quality Japanese animation.copyright protection13PENANA3D4Zp7eBJ1

Clyde would love to deny this experience, but he knew he just stepped out of his house, ready to go about with his usual routine. Shit, if he was here, that meant he’d not only be missing practice, but also the chance to get in some last-minute studying for his exam in the morning. His perfect score would be ruined. He’d lose the number one spot at his college. He’d—copyright protection13PENANAraGibP84zO

            “Tsk, tsk, Clyde, impressive world, is it not?”copyright protection13PENANAsc3T94AhZj

            “What’s going on?” Clyde said, his heart pounding. He knew how to keep calm on the outside, but inside, the young man was terrified.copyright protection13PENANAv2Wz2lHhXr

            “Kill the Viper. If you want to go home. If you want to save your pathetic little planet. Kill it.”copyright protection13PENANAjoBZGNPPSo

            “I still need answers,” Clyde said.copyright protection13PENANADkBHdLLO2K

            “Well too bad you’re stuck figuring that out on your own. Oh, and you’ll never know when the Viper will appear. Could be a few months from now, a year, who knows. What you need to do is simply live. In this city. Increase your level, find rare items, gain abilities, fight enemies and bosses, so on.”copyright protection13PENANA7xN47QqP7o

            “You’re speaking game talk to me,” Clyde said. “And what’s this have to do with a viper? God, I hope you’re not sending me to kill a snake because I don’t like snakes.”copyright protection13PENANAgqMRptFfix

Mortem stared at him then shook his head.copyright protection13PENANADWSfE60pU3

            “Human take this time to focus and access your stat page. The knowledge to do so has been implanted in your mind. Right now, you can say you’re in the anime world. This place, Satovia, is real, every person here has a consciousness, a life, a trope, so on. But they act exactly like the character archetypes you’ve seen in the shows. No one made those up. It’s a secret to your world of course. Just remember one thing, if you trigger the wrong trope, hurt someone’s feelings to the point of mind breaking or creating something like a yandere, well, whatever happens is on you.”copyright protection13PENANAa2BY7JOyyV

            “This is crazy—send me back,” Clyde snarled. “Find someone else suited for this.”copyright protection13PENANAWOmIGLcl0u

            “That choice isn’t yours, mortal,” Mortem said, his voice dark. “Remember what I said. Kapeesh.”copyright protection13PENANATErLU5RUuM

Clyde swallowed, sensing the intensity in that voice. He couldn’t chance it. He’d have to just defeat this Viper and hope that the mystical dickhead of a being kept his word.copyright protection13PENANAXFPzDWisvQ

            “Access your stats page, so we can continue.”copyright protection13PENANAnrFJalvmGw

Clyde focused. Within is mind, prompt appeared. It looked like something one would see from a freaking computer game.copyright protection13PENANARzbil5ndZS

Name: Clyde.copyright protection13PENANAZXxPxbMPDh

Level: 1.copyright protection13PENANAG1IlLSGhfn

Type: Main character/ Stone.copyright protection13PENANAN6XYoi4Lv3

HP: 100%copyright protection13PENANADv1bkym6o0

MP: 100%copyright protection13PENANAo416pNZ64f

Attack: 4.copyright protection13PENANAtRlqQKJUvf

Defense: 2.copyright protection13PENANAY9K0k5yHcW

Speed: 6.copyright protection13PENANAIA1JHqwHwB

Luck: 1.copyright protection13PENANAW0tiqj2aey

Will: 4.copyright protection13PENANApdH9d2fMKr

Intellect: 9.copyright protection13PENANAJs2KcKbJrI

Form: 0.copyright protection13PENANAkoING97Ijm

Special: ???.copyright protection13PENANAgIAYSN18AM

Special Abilities: none.copyright protection13PENANAAjeC4rmgaO

Skills: Athlete: 10% bonus to speed and Will.copyright protection13PENANAYvcHjSQqBa

Magic: None learned.copyright protection13PENANANSTnRMbSUL

Talent: Main character stuff.copyright protection13PENANAFu5T7altqv

Clyde willed the window to vanish, overwhelmed at what he saw. He had so many questions but decided to ask the most important.copyright protection13PENANAip0u6jnWKY

            “What should I do and where do I go from here?”copyright protection13PENANA7yQ0VIN7AH

            “We have a place prepared for you,” Mortem said. “It will appear in your inventory. Access that the same way you do your stat page. As for now, you will go attend classes at Sato Academy. Will the map to appear in your vision. You also have the option to simply follow an arrow with a countdown of meters until your destination is reached. Starting money will be in your inventory; however, you will be responsible for earning more through quests, selling items, or whatever method you see fit.”copyright protection13PENANATgbY9j9vMz

            “Is there a manual for all of this?” Clyde asked, annoyed.copyright protection13PENANA05Y1z5lW26

            “Do you need a manual to learn to walk? Just don’t give up and your world will be fine.”copyright protection13PENANAV9EMaAuXH5

Clyde shuddered internally, doing his best not to widen his eyes. He willed his inventory to appear.copyright protection13PENANAFAlRzvaI0X

Inventory:copyright protection13PENANAi12h2Bmoyo

100 dollars.copyright protection13PENANAuux9gIJLGq

Map of Lot City, Satovia.copyright protection13PENANAQl1bcAHmiH

Smartphone.copyright protection13PENANAjBIlSLXe9w

Key.copyright protection13PENANADE0bNhTw2z

Clyde willed it out of his vision. Only one hundred bucks. Couldn’t these godlike beings give him more than that? Cheap, kidnapping, assholes. Great. Clyde pushed his anger aside, ready to just start this hopeless quest.copyright protection13PENANAXSVY47zLuR

            “You’re free to go anywhere you’d wish,” Mortem continued. “But I’d recommend getting a map of that place before doing so. No map, no arrows, meters, or sense of direction. You’ll be hopelessly lost, wandering like a sad puppy. Then kapeesh.” He winked. “Now, I’m going to mark on your map the locations of your apartment, which is number one zero two, and school. Your alarm will wake you in the mornings to attend, so thank me.copyright protection13PENANAtNtc9lY7A7

“Oh and within your talent, you have the ability to analyze anything, anyone. The more you increase your relationship with someone, the more you’ll see. Including secrets, without their knowledge. They may even tell you things. So be kind.”copyright protection13PENANADdMDozUi6X

The way Mortem said the word, kind, tipped Clyde off a little. Main characters of anime trait? No, don’t overthink it, Clyde. He needed to keep his head straight and get out as soon as possible. If that meant leveling up, he’d do so. Like an RPG, right?copyright protection13PENANAS4PN2UVBGp

 This didn’t have to be all bad. If the being was true to his word, they’d take him back to his timeline and he’d shake off this whole thing like a bad hangover. Not that Clyde drank. He wasn’t good with alcohol. He became a master of excuses to avoid attending his friends’ parties just, so he wouldn’t be urged into drinking. He’d turn it down; peer pressure wasn’t a problem—but people would get curious. Ask too many questions. Call him out.copyright protection13PENANAt9dXlnijuT

“Before I go,” Mortem said, “Remember this. All rules of anime apply here. Oh and…you may want to invest in a bus pass or a bike. Bye.”copyright protection13PENANAr77eLwOGOV

“Wait!”copyright protection13PENANADHZtu2nqE3

Too late. The being vanished and time resumed. The map icon appeared on the corner of his mind’s eye. Fortunately, his apartment wasn’t too far away.copyright protection13PENANAP7d34zqnTU

As he walked, Clyde couldn’t help but be amazed that he was actually living in an anime. The setting, the people, everything. It’s surprising they didn’t make him deal with Yen, the Japanese currency. Dollars? How boring.copyright protection13PENANAhl2ozOUnvI

When he rounded a corner, he caught sight of a wallet on the ground. No one else seemed to care, so he picked it up and glanced at the ID. Some pink-haired girl named Harumi Akagi. Or if one wanted to be full weaboo, reverse the first and last name, Clyde thought.copyright protection13PENANAj8qiCVk0lY

The culprit just happened to be the person walking away, dressed in a school uniform.copyright protection13PENANA4b6hebRFzK

Something inside Clyde stirred. A warning sign. This could be his awfully annoying, cliched start to his own anime. Still, there was no need to be a dick. He didn’t want anyone to steal this girl’s money. He bet she lived alone like a lot of anime characters did and depended on it for survival. If so, she was clumsy. Fucking careless. But hey, shit happened right? Maybe he being here is more of a coincidence and arrogance.copyright protection13PENANAAQ5CeFr83W

Just then, a prompt appeared in Clyde’s vision.copyright protection13PENANARm5hEHdZHy

[QUEST: return the wallet to Harumi. Accept: Yes or No. If you do not accept, you will be suspected for theft.  Reward: 5 EXP and 5 dollars.]copyright protection13PENANAYMK43ZgVEP

Well, there goes that choice, Clyde thought as he accepted the quest. Easy experience and five dollars. Better than nothing, Clyde guessed. He hurried to the girl.copyright protection13PENANAFeFLRTqi2t

            “Excuse me.”copyright protection13PENANAeUQjcv1puJ

She turned around to look at him.copyright protection13PENANAYsvIxzHNul

            “You dropped your wallet.”copyright protection13PENANAC9AhUrblKe

The anime girl gasped and blushed.copyright protection13PENANAPY8FilbjKF

            “Thank you so much,” she said as she gave him a short Japanese-style bow.copyright protection13PENANA2J8xrF78tB

[QUEST COMPLETED. You have received the reward. Your relationship with Harumi has changed from Stranger to Friendly. Returning someone’s wallet to them without stealing from it truly shows your character. In a cold world, you are a warm light.] copyright protection13PENANAu5K4nFwz1g

            “It’s no problem. Just be careful.” Clyde headed off before she could say another word. Or so he thought he was going to be long gone.copyright protection13PENANAOQeXwxiHQ3

            “It looks like we’re heading in the same direction,” the girl, Harumi said. She held out a hand. “I’m Harumi.”copyright protection13PENANAnTMwrecymF

Clyde was thankful they didn’t do the honorifics here—he didn’t want his life to be even more of a pain in the ass. He accepted her handshake.copyright protection13PENANA9RLUV9ArIB

            “Clyde. I’m new in town,” he said. “Heading to my apartment.”copyright protection13PENANAIxsXuZuNHl

            “Wait. You must be the new neighbor I heard we were getting,” Harumi said. “They loaded the vacant apartment next to mine with a bunch of furniture and stuff.”copyright protection13PENANAR5fDBGRNfe

Clyde held his neutral expression, but inside, he was baffled. He didn’t want to deal with any annoying anime tropes, yet they were fluttering to him, like blood-starved leeches. If he got sucked into some weird shit, he’d never get home. Hell, he could be even killed by a…yandere. Just like Mortem warned. They were rare in anime, but one could never be too careful. He’d try to avoid raising the relationship stat. Pink-haired anime girls were dangerous.copyright protection13PENANAso5dj1nUt6

            “Let me buy you lunch before we head back to the apartments,” Harumi said. As if on cue, Clyde’s stomach growled, anime-style. He sighed as hunger flooded through him. He couldn’t ignore basic needs.copyright protection13PENANAwbDZ88YDVG

            “If…you don’t mind,” he said then gave the girl a sheepish smile.copyright protection13PENANAYMLdqmUh99

[SECRET QUEST COMPLETED. By accepting Harumi’s kind hospitality, you received the following rewards: 10 EXP. A 5 % boost to your relationship gain with Harumi and any of her friends. 5 dollars. Making friends is an important step of adapting to your new life here.]copyright protection13PENANAwCyBQSDdM6

Clyde didn’t like the sound of that but thanked Harumi for treating him. While they ate ramen, he unintentionally got to know her a little better. It turned out that the uniform she wore, which was a blue shirt and skirt combo, belonged to the academy in which he’d be attending. Clyde just fucking knew she’d be in his class. The system had him by the throat. She’d probably call after him as he left to walk home together. This…was a slice of life trap and if Clyde didn’t do anything, he’d be stuck in it. How would he level up if he’s stuck at a slow pace? Level grind at night. Risk sleep? A good way to end up with debuffs for the day.17Please respect copyright.PENANAvuslJh5NZo
He pushed the thoughts aside as they reached the apartments.copyright protection13PENANAjihXhq5g40

            “Do you need any help settling in?” Harumi said. Clyde kind of felt bad for his thinking earlier. What was it Mortem said: everyone here had consciousness, a life. Maybe he won’t find himself sucked into any tropes after all. He knew he’d be naïve to believe that, but hey, a guy could dream.copyright protection13PENANAW2NIgd4bve

            “That’s okay, you’ve helped me a lot already,” Clyde said then smiled. “See you around.”copyright protection13PENANAl1RTDHLgVy

Harumi’s door was only some feet away from his, so she smiled warmly at him as she slowly unlocked the door to her place. He accessed his inventory and willed the key to appear in his pocket. To his relief, it did. He reached into his pocket, pulled out the golden key, and unlocked the door.copyright protection13PENANAmfQEc85ip9

The apartment looked incredibly luxurious. Fully furnished, with a TV included. The kitchen had shiny floors of marble accompanied by a stainless-steel fridge, granite countertops, stove, microwave, toaster and even a blender. Clyde hoped he didn’t have to pay any rent—because he’d be screwed. The place may look like anime, but as if the artist put years into the details. This wasn’t a two-dimensional plane of existence, but everything still had the appearance of a two-dimensional anime. Maybe on steroids.  copyright protection13PENANAjmc64tk9EP

The large living room had nice fluffy black sofas accompanied with a fifty-inch smart TV. Glossy floors. Clyde’s room was nice and tidy. He peeked into a closet full of casual clothing and school uniforms. A paper awaited him on a nightstand. It revealed that the academy was a college. He knew it’d be run like an anime high school. He kept his status as first year. His eyes widened when it said all earned credits would be transferred into his record on earth. His time wasn’t wasted. Good.copyright protection13PENANAoZRfTuXFLT

 His list of classes wasn’t too strange. Well except for one.  Thankfully, next to them indicated how it will be transferred to earth.copyright protection13PENANAd884NldSDC

17Please respect copyright.PENANAPio8PVtab6
Classes:copyright protection13PENANA1WYe32Hnbm

Satovia History 1copyright protection13PENANAczl4PfyMUk

Romance Literature 1copyright protection13PENANAF8sOcf9p8N

Sciences 1copyright protection13PENANA1aK0oN25ae

Crafting 1copyright protection13PENANAsnONrD30qX

Clyde could live with this. He checked the clock on his nightstand. Five. The only thing that really kept him from losing his shit was the Mortem’s warning. The words promising to return Clyde to his timeline.copyright protection13PENANAk66NVi35Ib

He opened a drawer and found what he was looking for. School supplies. He wrote a reminder to himself, accessed his inventory and placed the note inside. No use of being completely unprepared for practice. Clyde knew assumptions and false hopes, so pushed aside the thought of home for the moment.  He was really in an anime world. He rushed to the bathroom and stared at what he saw reflected back. An anime version of himself. He flinched, but focused. To his relief, the illusion went transparent. There, reflected his true self. He was still alive, not in some afterlife, maybe after having some ridiculous heart attack. Mortem and his masters were playing a game. He and this Viper were the pieces. That thought infuriated Clyde, but what could he do?copyright protection13PENANASKlDKKqMPB

He wasn’t a big believer of the supernatural, but neither a denier. Not at first. This was the proof presented to him in which revealed that the world is more mysterious than he thought.copyright protection13PENANA1iYP5pt9qU

Just then, there was a knock on his door. Only one person knew he existed in this apartment. Clyde shook his head. This couldn’t be the cliché girl visiting to cook. The young man had his answer when he opened the door. Harumi smiled.copyright protection13PENANA7K1dyXwB2e

            “Hi.”copyright protection13PENANANVY8yISZvI

Harumi.copyright protection13PENANAAx0yn6YRgo

Level 1.copyright protection13PENANAMn9NBHK7iN

Type: gentle spirit.copyright protection13PENANAl5Ikeh37gz

Relationship: Friendly. Neighborly.copyright protection13PENANAQQ6RpuYnle

HP: 100%copyright protection13PENANAM7CVUdCFkV

MP: 100%copyright protection13PENANAsG1b0gs4oI

Stats:  Relationship isn’t high enough.copyright protection13PENANADeyK6Xe4lz

Special abilities: Relationship isn’t high enough.copyright protection13PENANAj7HV2C9Fht

Skills: how many times do I have to tell you, relationship isn’t high enough, you dolt.copyright protection13PENANABK9DVaTneh

Magic abilities: see above.copyright protection13PENANA5SwECCCRHX

Was that a…sassy prompt? No, just a fluke.copyright protection13PENANAr148X7K6N2

Clyde made sure there wasn’t anything on the floor that could trip him and create the awkwardly impossible fall scene. He pocketed his hands. Her type, gentle spirit made him feel better about allowing her into his apartment.copyright protection13PENANAAoMK2HUV59

He felt a little awkward having her cook. The damned girl wouldn’t take no for an answer. He couldn’t just tell her to fuck off. She was simply being nice. The gentle spirit. But come on. A total stranger…no. It’s the friendly relationship.copyright protection13PENANAda2KPEnrw4

Clyde remembered in some games, it took a while of grinding to raise relationship levels with NPCS. Not that he was thinking of conscious beings as NPCs. Giving back her wallet rather than keeping the girl’s money jumped him right into friendly. Also…what if the girl was trying to raise her relationship with him? Can anyone else do that? Did they see stats? It was an anime world….so maybe. Clyde sighed.copyright protection13PENANAoX6t53BPao

            “Are you feeling well?”copyright protection13PENANASKNEuPmpLr

Clyde flinched. Harumi was right in his face, setting up the cliché. He felt annoyed with his secret inner thoughts. The thoughts that anime girls were ridiculously cute. It’s preposterous to think that—but no one would know. No one could call him out on it.copyright protection13PENANAyYCAIrf5SL

            “Just a little tired,” Clyde said truthfully as he sat up. He wasn’t going to do something as ridiculous as pullback fast while blushing. He wasn’t some anime main character that lacked a spine. While he wasn’t in any relationship now, he had his fair share. He thought… he wasn’t a pervert but suddenly noticed that Harumi was one of those.copyright protection13PENANAahIhKOkmEv

He almost spat out his tea at the size of them. The boobs would put nearly every…. He stopped the thought. It’s not real. Well…yes, but no. He didn’t have time to…holy shit, they were so jiggly. The physics didn’t make even sense. Her back had to be reeling in pain at times.copyright protection13PENANAKwfyaJox89

After the meal, Harumi offered to walk with him in the morning. Clyde knew it was time to break the trope right there. So, he declined.copyright protection13PENANAYH8AiR1xXU

            “It’s okay, I do jogging in the morning, so don’t worry about me,” he said.copyright protection13PENANAj8b1pWQKiu

The girl looked crestfallen, but quickly covered it up. They were brand new neighbors. She’d try again. She smiled, bidding him a good night, then took off.copyright protection13PENANAf31uBce0Jn

Clyde’s face fell when she left. Why did he have to put up with this shit? He’d feel like scum of the earth if he took advantage of the poor girl. Also, he didn’t want her to become the heroine.copyright protection13PENANA9H4iim9kT6

He remembered what was on his stats page. Main character. If there was going to be a heroine, at least give him someone with a higher level. Someone who could help him defeat the Viper. He just hoped the Viper wasn’t some other human or being existing from another world. Someone kidnapped and placed into this game.copyright protection13PENANAedeqfDm5nF

He tossed a detergent pad into the dishwasher then after it was loaded and good to go, turned it on.copyright protection13PENANAzCJB7kNllw

Clyde viewed his stat page after showering.copyright protection13PENANAIueNMw9WQ3

Name: Clydecopyright protection13PENANA25ghvvVSAj

Level: 1.copyright protection13PENANAyaWhL3CzpX

Type: Main character/ Stone.copyright protection13PENANA57rjUeP4aG

HP: 100%copyright protection13PENANA7dLovhUqau

MP: 100%copyright protection13PENANAKIFG0rKC09

Attack: 4.copyright protection13PENANAz6h1pcgfgr

Defense: 2.copyright protection13PENANAWoFIMa0HBa

Speed: 6.copyright protection13PENANAblTR2TjMwk

Luck: 1.copyright protection13PENANAV5rd7Rpo6G

Will: 4copyright protection13PENANAP34uLRFMyg

Intellect: 9.copyright protection13PENANAWKCQCEKWqg

Form: 0.copyright protection13PENANAgmmHztyZRF

Special: ???copyright protection13PENANAFHJKbvCRha

Special Abilities: none.copyright protection13PENANA7eVJ4xoOtO

Skills: Athlete: 10% bonus to speed and Will.copyright protection13PENANA4KbqsLU0KM

Magic: None learned.copyright protection13PENANAGqtpaFUMwb

Talent: Main character stuff.copyright protection13PENANAXEpSouqMiU

Inventory:copyright protection13PENANABnEMO6yI7j

110 dollars.copyright protection13PENANAuOJYdUD8Ha

Map of Lot City, Satovia.copyright protection13PENANAkFOKxceYZx

Smartphone.copyright protection13PENANATAUxnJEVrM

Key.copyright protection13PENANAeWAYUOSxXA

Form had zero? What did that mean? At least his intelligence took the position as highest stat. He’d be insulted if it didn’t.  Special remained clouded in a mystery of question marks.  Did that mean he’d have to gain a special ability first?copyright protection13PENANAHhfw2NJgLI

Clyde recognized Athlete as a passive skill. As long as he trained his body every morning, he’d keep the boost right?  copyright protection13PENANAOEjJcGsRCT

Perhaps the most insulting thing was his talent. Main character stuff? What in the hell—he tried to click on it, highlight—anything that could possibly make it elaborate. Nothing happened. The screen was there to display and vanish.   copyright protection13PENANAERQfPK4Ii1

As Clyde drifted off the sleep, his brain racked on stats, the next anime trope, and so on. He decided if Harumi was going to be his neighbor anyway, he’d befriend her. He just couldn’t get close in case she triggered something that would make her an impossibly avoidable nuisance.copyright protection13PENANAi0jxwlkfC6

Clyde shook off the douchebag thoughts. If someone’s just trying to be nice, don’t be an ass. He’d remember that.copyright protection13PENANAYqLh9YYBPA

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