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The Stone vs. the Viper, a LitRPG
Writer Alvin Atwater
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The Stone vs. the Viper, a LitRPG
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Episode 2
Alvin Atwater
Aug 12, 2018
19 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!un4iwJU1SZ6T2vtGqXgKposted on PENANA

Episode 2copyright protection2PENANAuGqk5mAbub

Monday.copyright protection2PENANAqYyuh4eb67

An annoyingly loud alarm blasted from nothingness.copyright protection2PENANAbc0eIuU9sb

[Congratulations, you triggered peaceful sleep. Vitality increased by 20% for the entire day.]copyright protection2PENANATXRkhXGR9a

Clyde flinched as the memories returned. It was kind of surprising that he dreamed normally. All things projected were from the real world. This transition felt…unsettling.copyright protection2PENANA2z9B4qGjCN

            “Have a nice sleep?”copyright protection2PENANAqNZr2IWXRp

Clyde stiffened as he turned around to see Mortem floating a few feet behind him, arms folded, grinning like a great white shark.  “I won’t be babysitting you, mortal. No-no-no, we won’t have any of that. But as it’s your first day here, the masters wanted to make sure you didn’t kill yourself. Oh, and this.”copyright protection2PENANA8Km05DXLv7

[You received passive skill: Hostile Detection 1! With this, you will be able to detect hostile intents from beings of Satovia.]copyright protection2PENANAWxG59KvP47

            “If you get into a fight, incapacitate your foe and you’ll get experience,” Mortem continued. “If you kill someone, that’s on you. I won’t be bailing you out of prison.”copyright protection2PENANACvVCWYkTVc

            “What’s the point of attending this school when I should be out looking for the Viper?” I said.copyright protection2PENANAi4XF42i2NO

            “Figure that out for yourself,” Mortem said. “I told you no babysitting.” He vanished without saying another word.copyright protection2PENANA9JlQPvBkkF

            “Fucking dipshit,” Clyde said as he angrily marched to the bathroom. He dressed into a pair of sweat pants then took a jog around the block. This was mostly to burn off his anger.copyright protection2PENANAsXaoA7mV0h

After washing and brushing his teeth for the morning, he set off to the academy. The arrow and map in his head were a godsend. The school uniform felt a bit uncomfortable. The spring’s heat didn’t make it better.  copyright protection2PENANA7jl5Yq7htV

            He practiced his analyze skill as much as he could, hoping that it would level up. Any advantage is better than none. What if the Viper turned out to be some kind of demon lord like in the games. Well, he’d be fuck if that was the case. His stats didn’t show him with any special powers. Where would he learn?copyright protection2PENANA5CFrtuW4Ph

            “Morning,” a voice said from behind as he reached the school gates. Harumi. He was prepared for this—mentally trained himself not to look at them. This turned out to be one of the fatal flaws of anime main characters. They easily fell off task when a pair of enormous boobs flung into their faces.copyright protection2PENANAJhfTFP11L1

            “Morning,” he replied, voice casual.copyright protection2PENANAjTlFYk56By

            “Shall I show you around?” Harumi asked warmly. “What class are you in?”copyright protection2PENANA2HbI8Ed5J2

            “One C,” Clyde said. Wait for it….copyright protection2PENANAnskCmZso1d

            “Same here!”copyright protection2PENANApk6L0555cH

            “I knew it,” Clyde said under his breath. Couldn’t he at least get his own preference of girl? Not that Harumi bothered him. Things could’ve been worse. What if the system gave him one of the bad tropes. Not that he knew Harumi well. He’d have to increase his relationship level with her to find anything interesting about her. Somehow, that just felt invasive.  copyright protection2PENANAEeoQWxvaCe

She gave him a quick tour of the college before taking him to their class. It looked just like a Japanese high school. Or to be more specific, an anime high school. The number of young women seemed to outnumber the men. His professor wasn’t an exception to the tropes, predictably being a young beautiful woman. He introduced himself then took his seat which was surprisingly not behind Harumi, but some silver-haired girl.copyright protection2PENANAcZHwC4w4sy

[Class in session: Satovia History 1. If you possessed the Stream-learn skill, you would be able to learn the material without paying attention.]copyright protection2PENANAhSToDTuJYG

Clyde cursed under his breath, but tuned in. What kind of history did this world possess? That could clue him in on where to find this Viper person. He felt surprisingly energetic as the instructor went on and on. Could this be due to the vitality boost? Clyde had no other explanation—normally dry lessons made his eyelids heavy.copyright protection2PENANAqDUOuRmZ2Y

            “Uhm, Chika. Since you seem to think of my class as naptime, you will be in charge of catching Clyde up with unit one.”copyright protection2PENANAeeYVLAZiFs

The silver-haired girl groaned. Clyde did not want to be taught by someone who was unable to take the class seriously.copyright protection2PENANAQXkJlYCQHB

            “No, it’s okay, Professor,” he said. “I’ll just read the chapters—”copyright protection2PENANAw7erWIjiIl

            “While that’s admirable, this isn’t your punishment.” She gave Chika a dark smile. “If she doesn’t catch you up by Friday, let me know. I’m sure her father or even that sponsor would love to know how many times we’ve had to deal with her snoring—”copyright protection2PENANAhWzgRlRRDw

            “Alright—I’ll teach him,” she said. Clyde could see the anime girl blushing like a tomato and strained to hold back the laughter. The rest of the class wasn’t so nice.copyright protection2PENANAkttEcPCPFk

            “Good attitude,” the professor said. “You may be an honor student, but in this academy, if you want to be treated like a child, we’ll do so. We take our jobs seriously. If we didn’t, our reputation wouldn’t be so high. Now, that will be it for today. You two exchange phone numbers and agree to meet up. The faster you catch him up, Chika, the faster you redeem yourself.”copyright protection2PENANAqcrFDooWG6

The teacher left, leaving the poor girl to sigh.copyright protection2PENANAhY3ReVc5MQ

            “Is she always like that?” Clyde asked. Chika seemed taken aback a little, but quickly composed herself. She was probably expecting a rude comment.copyright protection2PENANAC6j5LwVolB

            “She is,” she said, “but, she’s right.”copyright protection2PENANAIMN9rqyQmf

            “I’m guessing you have a reason you’re tired,” Clyde said. “But you don’t have to worry about me. I’ll catch up through the book tonight—”copyright protection2PENANAWEd0vsVIyI

            “Let’s exchange numbers,” Chika interrupted. “I don’t mind teaching. Besides, there are some things she talked about that can’t be found in the book.”copyright protection2PENANAyaPSgApbYL

Clyde shrugged and then pulled out his phone. Both his device and Chika’s flickered.copyright protection2PENANAMGxzQZZoPm

[You have exchanged phone numbers with Chika. Your speed dial has been updated.]copyright protection2PENANADM0RMwjIeS

[Your relationship level with Chika has changed from stranger to classmate.]copyright protection2PENANAqN2fFiP4tO

[QUEST: get caught up in History with Chika. This quest is mandatory and cannot be refused. Reward: 20 EXP and 5 dollars.]copyright protection2PENANAQgunQlnQKd

Twenty experience?  Clyde was not complaining. He’d let the anime girl explain away while taking notes, send her off, and be done with it. Why mandatory? Could this meetup be important?copyright protection2PENANAcoZdfMJzuY

            “I will contact you this evening,” Chika said. “I know of a diner that’s quiet and has the best coffee.”copyright protection2PENANArVLuaqM0vg

She gathered her things and left. Harumi awaited him outside the classroom. Clyde never felt so thankful because he forgot where his next class was located.  Or to be precise, forgot to activate the map.copyright protection2PENANAOlxjJnE6do

            “Exchange numbers with me too,” she said cheerfully. “You don’t seem to know anyone here, so if you need anything, you have my number.”copyright protection2PENANAkpNkD26nCB

            “You really are a kind person,” Clyde said as he revealed his phone. “Don’t really get many of those in my life.” He chuckled.  copyright protection2PENANAl4w6yGxlG3

[You have exchanged phone numbers with Harumi. Your speed dial has been updated.]copyright protection2PENANABvp8O8wtfJ

[Your relationship level with Harumi has changed from friendly and neighborly to Friendly and associate. Harumi will help set you up for success. Your comment has increased the 5% relationship boost to 10%. Let it be known that Harumi may be attempting to increase her relationship points with you. Not stealing from her wallet has set a great impression on the young woman.]copyright protection2PENANASz9FTMH09k

Clyde was doubly sure that the system wanted to push him into the slice of life trap. Not on his watch. Everyone within this world had consciousness. They were real, just…alien. In that case, Clyde shouldn’t overthink this. He should be able to go about his life like normal while maintaining friends and leveling up, right? But…how many times did he get warned about the tropes? Fucking ridiculous.copyright protection2PENANACuo8BWP8hw

As he and Harumi rounded the corner, the girls around began to gasp or make comments, but not at him. It took Clyde a second to notice the anime pretty boy walking down the hall, girls at his side, others loudly exclaiming. He played the part of the kind noble.copyright protection2PENANAcT2B2QJykZ

Clyde chuckled.copyright protection2PENANAhczqRtdztm

            “Guessing he’s someone rich and famous?”copyright protection2PENANAT6Rifsf4Bx

            “That’s Toru,” Harumi said in a non-enthusiastic voice. “His dad’s the CEO of a few popular sporting companies.”copyright protection2PENANABOqDptu91O

Toru looked in their direction as if noticing them for the first time.  Clyde took that chance to analyze him.copyright protection2PENANA8j0IJSbXrF

Toru.copyright protection2PENANAjlLbE0ET5f

Level 13.copyright protection2PENANAqH4RltkQCm

Type: Noble.copyright protection2PENANAELFFupyFm0

Relationship: Neutral.copyright protection2PENANAlGl7RZ8vTe

HP: 100%copyright protection2PENANALkVPbhiw7V

MP: 100%copyright protection2PENANATLHyrbYZRk

Stats:  Relationship isn’t high enough.copyright protection2PENANAZd1lkSlsoe

Special abilities: Relationship isn’t high enough.copyright protection2PENANAG9zCZLTih0

Skills: Are we really doing this again, idiot? Close out the prompt!copyright protection2PENANAdbMVJd6IdY

Magic abilities: see above.copyright protection2PENANA2cb3yvWTYk

Clyde forced himself to remain calm at the prompt. Mortem could be behind it. As for Toru being level thirteen, he felt a little confused. Why was Harumi simply level one? Is she the Viper in disguise? No…there were a few others low-leveled too, but only children less than five years old were at the first level. Clyde set the mystery to the side for later digestion as Toru approached.copyright protection2PENANA8EuHgtsaLK

            “Hello, my dear Harumi,” he said. “Had any time to think on my invitation?”copyright protection2PENANAaZVWUF91nm

Harumi scowled at him.copyright protection2PENANA0qzbu7Hr1F

            “I already told you, I’m not interested.”copyright protection2PENANAM9kgRBJjLv

Clyde’s anime trope senses activated. He took a few secret steps out of Harumi’s reach so that she couldn’t grab his arm or hand, then give off the wrong message, which would drag him into her mess. She was a sweet girl, but he had no intention of sticking his nose into anyone’s affairs. He had enough on his plate.copyright protection2PENANA4Vu0SoG1q4

She indeed grabbed at the air that was supposed to be his arm. Something seemed to spark within her because the girl marched right over to him to snatch his arm anyway.copyright protection2PENANAoqvYCZ6jr7

Toru and Clyde shared surprised expressions. “Please excuse us while I show the new student to his class.”copyright protection2PENANAZdgkt7VdrH

[Your relationship with Toru has dropped from Neutral to Distaste.]copyright protection2PENANAJwDdwvCcx2

Great, so much for befriending a possible powerhouse. Clyde couldn’t get mad at Harumi for using him to avoid an unwanted advance. He also didn’t want to be on a hit list for someone who could possibly make him disappear.copyright protection2PENANAhWtMU5M0od

They silently walked to his second class. Before he could step in, the girl bowed her head.copyright protection2PENANA8oqoIUwE8X

            “I’m sorry I put you in an uncomfortable position,” she said. “I…can’t stand someone like that. Someone who gets whatever he wants while looking down on others and treating them like dirt.”copyright protection2PENANAlRtY50uHd1

            “It’s cool,” Clyde said. “I figured that out the moment he strolled through the hall.”copyright protection2PENANAKuXdgSj2SI

            “Haarrruuummiiiiii.”copyright protection2PENANAg16GpOBWtK

Before the duo knew it, a blue-haired girl with glasses, smothered into Harumi’s arms. The look, with the small smirk, gave Clyde all the clues he needed. She was the perverted glasses girl trope. She quickly blocked the door before he could get away, grin on her face.copyright protection2PENANAUOBnNGohoB

            “Oh? And who do we have here?” She gave Harumi a look.copyright protection2PENANAi86fmm8Fp1

            “He’s the new transfer,” Harumi answered. “I’m showing him around the academy.”copyright protection2PENANAnF2umrjYnM

            “And why you?”copyright protection2PENANAIiAkGn14Ep

            “He’s also that new neighbor I told you that moved in.”copyright protection2PENANAGXyMdU8lAy

A gleam sparked into the girl’s eyes. She held out a hand.copyright protection2PENANAmXdosAQLye

            “I’m Kazumi,” she said.copyright protection2PENANAxhw8BcvCha

            “Clyde,” the young man said as he accepted her hand. He activated Analyze just for kicks.copyright protection2PENANA2X8AJluSH4

[Your relationship with Kazumi has changed from stranger to friendly. The boost from Harumi contributes.]copyright protection2PENANAq42EsuejgN

Kazumi.copyright protection2PENANAyN44VGhriy

Level 8.copyright protection2PENANACkvKUf6p7N

Type: Unpredictable.copyright protection2PENANAuyRxck2rDi

Relationship: Friendly. Flirty.copyright protection2PENANAfc5jg10ysi

HP: 100%copyright protection2PENANA74DCOySUYZ

MP: 100%copyright protection2PENANAIsyzZKU2cy

Stats:  Relationship isn’t high enough.copyright protection2PENANAkrKqL1rLzT

Special abilities: Relationship isn’t high enough.copyright protection2PENANA4GXIjMgbHe

Skills: …. see above. Dumbass.copyright protection2PENANAbpHJZHuTJH

Magic abilities: see above.copyright protection2PENANAs39ctVdUHN

Kazumi moved away from the door.copyright protection2PENANAOLuMuNzKZg

            “If you need help and see me, don’t be afraid to ring me. A stupid question is one that isn’t asked.” She poked Clyde’s chest then trotted off.copyright protection2PENANAZbGHVGoqA7

            “Guessing that’s a friend of yours,” Clyde asked.copyright protection2PENANA72bheFcrAT

            “Yep,” Harumi said. “Love her to death.”copyright protection2PENANAfoFJb9xKUx

Clyde nodded.copyright protection2PENANA0UJHBEnZ5X

            “Well, off to class I go. Don’t want to make you late.”copyright protection2PENANA7dZjudYGFz

[Class in session: Romance Literature 1. If you possessed the Stream-learn skill, you would be able to learn the material without paying attention.]copyright protection2PENANAAVXfE8pcTj

This class was also taught by a young female professor. She talked about famous romances, spots to take dates, and then assigned a short essay about love.copyright protection2PENANAJTdtBO7YOd

After class ended, Clyde looked at his schedule. Free time for lunch. As he walked, he thought to himself: just what am I doing here? He needed to find clues about the Viper’s whereabouts. Who is the Viper? Why fight it? He didn’t have time to be living some stupid anime school life.  Someone tapped on his shoulder. He turned to see his Romance professor smiling at him.copyright protection2PENANAVWqVfU9eBP

“Could you take this to the dean’s office please?” she said. “I’ve got another class to teach.”copyright protection2PENANANcKLrpUQBN

[Quest:  Deliver the professor’s letter. Reward: 20 EXP. $20 dollars.  Do you accept: yes or no?]copyright protection2PENANAalHoOicWg1

Clyde mentally selected yes.copyright protection2PENANA9cXA8cvhr6

            “Sure, I guess,” he told the pretty woman.copyright protection2PENANA7ejR0KhUBT

            “Thanks,” she said then hurried off.copyright protection2PENANAHMeoa3Hn0Y

He used his mental map to quickly find the office and complete the quest. That’s when he felt something amazing.copyright protection2PENANAoaalKjyfA0

[QUEST COMPLETED. You have received 20 EXP and $20!]copyright protection2PENANAmIeFAfqR92

[Congratulations you have reached level 2! Your stats have increased!]copyright protection2PENANAKROZgZ2Xm3

His phone beeped.copyright protection2PENANAVKd66XpFd0

[You have received a text from Harumi? Do you wish to respond?]copyright protection2PENANAFAIUfi9G9i

Clyde viewed it. An invitation to lunch. Well, it wasn’t like he had anything else better to do, so he accepted it. The internal map helped him find cafeteria with ease. He caught sight of a book on the ground, right in front of the entrance to the cafeteria. He picked it up. No one seemed to be around to claim it, so he mentally made it vanish into his inventory, which appeared as a grid with many items. He’d return it to the Lost and Found later.copyright protection2PENANAJU9xTpxWnT

Kazumi ended up joining them for the lunch period. Clyde wanted to just sit back without contributing to the conversation, but the overly enthusiastic girl wouldn’t give him the chance. She practically drowned him with questions. Eventually she stopped upon realizing the last of her sweet cakes were gone.copyright protection2PENANAZiEdoKbNpo

“Nooooooo,” she said in a fake dramatic voice. Clyde expected the fake anime tears to come poring from her face like rivers. No such thing happened. When she looked at him with a sly smile, he immediately knew. Harumi interjected at that moment.copyright protection2PENANAO5YwZeP8VZ

“You don’t need any more sugar,” she said. “You’ll get fat.”copyright protection2PENANArETBcN1JKo

That seemed to strike a hidden nerve, because her smile dropped.copyright protection2PENANADKGhX518Tr

            “Am I fat?” she said, looking at Clydecopyright protection2PENANAxHwvewK3FG

            “No,” Clyde said tiredly, finishing the last of his burger. It costed a measly two dollars. “In fact, you should tell me your secret some time. Not sure how you can manage to eat copious amounts of sugar and look good at the same time. It’s unfair.”copyright protection2PENANA26kWIxJJht

The anime girl gave a gasping blush, causing Clyde to give her a blank stare. He didn’t mean anything by the remark, except that some people had the ability to eat whatever they wanted and not gain even an inch.copyright protection2PENANA7UdObaTcjM

[Your relationship with Kazumi has changed from friendly to curious.]copyright protection2PENANAEQubmJH7Mm

Clyde did not like where this was going, so he gathered his things.copyright protection2PENANANPt8LbFvUW

            “Anyway, I’m off,” he said then left before Harumi had the chance throw away more of her time. The girl was too nice, but at least not nice enough to let that rich guy get close to her.copyright protection2PENANAY2QcQ1nJeG

Clyde’s last two classes flew by nearly instantly. Sciences and Crafting wouldn’t get hands on until they met Wednesday.  copyright protection2PENANAwTw14TKL0x

Now was the moment of truth. Could he dodge the walk home with Harumi? There was no way in hell she knew of his location—he didn’t show her the schedule. A buzzing in his pocket caught his attention. To his surprise, it was Chika wanting to meet in the library right away. She had plans in the evening. Clyde tried to get her to accept his offer to just forget the tutoring session, but she refused.copyright protection2PENANA8NmBW8MBDH

For some reason, no one was in the library except a girl, presumably the student aide. She paid them no attention, preferring to vigorously tap at her phone.copyright protection2PENANAyCJoOzqbjF

Chika led him to some private study room, shut the door, then placed the history textbook in front of him. She taught him the unit, but in a very distracting way. The boobs over the shoulder way. In fact, it almost seemed like she was either enjoying the tease or completely oblivious. Clyde had a textbook on his lap, but when Chika noticed, she swiped it.copyright protection2PENANASQypRCiCoj

            “I’m only teaching this once, so no distractions.”copyright protection2PENANAaw6x83FUEj

He shot her a blank look. She either pretended not to notice or once again was completely oblivious to the torture she emitted. Suddenly, she blew on his neck, causing him to tense.copyright protection2PENANACcWlBLV2Xe

[Your relationship with Chika has changed from classmate to curious.]copyright protection2PENANAHP5geXTxzh

            “Is that a banana under the table or is someone happy to see me?”copyright protection2PENANAQJNXhW0WRF

He glared at her.copyright protection2PENANAgtScPuXKwU

            “So, you are doing that on purpose,” he said.copyright protection2PENANAZeK4uZ2owC

The girl shrugged.copyright protection2PENANAFnmtlDpmAg

            “Doing what?” she said innocently then pointed at the book. “Read the last paragraph and you’ll be caught up.”copyright protection2PENANA1QJT3zn0jU

He sighed then turned back to the book. Chika boldly leaned against his back enabling him to feel full softness.copyright protection2PENANAVj9GoEFq2c

            “A pleasant distraction, but are you expecting me to finish this paragraph or not?” Clyde said.copyright protection2PENANA2HApaV2AiC

            “I don’t care really,” she said. “I’m bored, you’re handsome and fun to tease.” She surprised him by grabbing his horn. “No one’s around. Want my virginity?”copyright protection2PENANAQjtAdw9Bwt

His eyes widened. “I’m just kidding.” She let go and sat next to him. “It’s wrong to cheat on someone from an arranged marriage, right? Don’t answer that. It’s not like my stupid father’s going to change his mind anyway. I’m just something he can sell off to seal a deal between companies.” Clyde said nothing. Chika wiped tears from her eyes. “Sorry.”copyright protection2PENANAwsMF8bjOBl

            “It’s okay,” Clyde said then closed the book. He almost added it to his inventory when he realized the text belonged to Chika. And the last thing he needed was to explain how he made objects disappear. The magician excuse wouldn’t work.copyright protection2PENANA0E2A4dw6NO

Chika stood up.copyright protection2PENANAJE8cflIpXf

            “Don’t tell anyone. I don’t need anyone giving me pointless looks of pity. It’s bad enough that I’d rather give myself to someone I barely know than that jerk.” She banged a fist on the table. “Thinks he can just do whatever he wants with me—I don’t enjoy his touch.” She sighed. “Maybe this is the pot calling out the kettle. I touched you without your consent with a dumb reason called revenge.”copyright protection2PENANAStIF8QRrEs

Clyde knew he could invoke a silver tongue. He could take advantage of the poor girl in her momentary weakness just for pleasure, but he wasn’t that kind of person. He didn’t want to get into anyone’s affairs…but a few wise words could change a weak heart. That’s what his grandma taught him.copyright protection2PENANANF7Qgb3MiR

            “First of all,” he said, “don’t do this to anyone else. I’m letting it go because I was caught off guard. Attractiveness aside. Someone could do something terrible to you. Second, is there anyway you could talk to your father, tell him how you feel. Tell him how that jackass persistently violates you. Eventually it would come to rape. If your father truly cares for you, he’ll do something. If he doesn’t, tell another relative, a mother or someone to see if they could help. If that doesn’t work, then grab some things and move in with a friend. Let your father know you’re not some bargaining object just to expand his company. Hell, if you have no friends, you could live with me. I don’t care. Don’t just take your fate lying down. You don’t want to be at the point where you’re doing…you know, just to get back at them.”copyright protection2PENANAA1wIeL4Wa1

Chika stared at him for a while, eyes intense, then nodded.copyright protection2PENANAb3vUJEKA6p

            “No one’s…no one has ever just sat down and talked with me like this before,” she said then looked down. She nodded again as if confirming something within herself then made eye contact with Clyde. “Thank you. I’ll end this tonight.”  She stood. “Study session’s over I guess. Just text me if you need anything else. You’re a pretty cool guy, so I don’t mind hanging out with you. “copyright protection2PENANA3T5bJlnN7F

She strolled out the door, her last words being, “see you in the morning.”copyright protection2PENANAEIHarVWvS7

[Quest completed. You have earned 20 EXP but also a bonus 30 EXP for moving Chika’s heart.]copyright protection2PENANAx4a3YUHIuN

[Your relationship with Chika has changed from curious to friendly- associate.]copyright protection2PENANA8yGdJpz7dG

[Congratulations, you have reached level 3! Stats increased! You have learned the passive skill, Heart Protection!]copyright protection2PENANAMRpu2QqYmi

Clyde smiled, eager to get home to see his stats, but before he could do so, he’d have to return the book he found. He pulled it from his inventory. The title of it made him flinch.copyright protection2PENANA6TmgWkbE3G

[You have found the book of Magic Line, Energy. Item value: mysterious. Opening this book will teach you the Magic attack: Energy ball. Warning, it will vanish after one use.]copyright protection2PENANArbe7pYxY5K

Clyde’s eyes widened. He had found a way to defend himself at last. At least in the case of a fist fight being impossible against certain enemies. Possible monsters like in the games.copyright protection2PENANAFSC4nEUNDh

He opened the book. It shimmered, turned into golden sparkles that resembled the most amazing snowflakes, and then he knew everything. Just like that.copyright protection2PENANA5Jas07McLP

He wanted to try this power out but restrained himself. No need to cause a stir. He smiled, feeling giddy. All his life, he wished he could shoot powers from his hands like a Dragon Ball Z character or a superhero. The knowledge to do so was now in his head. He’d practice as much as possible to level it up. The only problem now is to get out of Harumi’s sights so that he wouldn’t risk being spotted.copyright protection2PENANASd17kr6Spc

He took the time to read over a few of his other books before tossing them back into his inventory. He made sure not to leave the book Chika took of his lap. Thinking of that moment made him chuckle. This world was insane.copyright protection2PENANAD55f9sU4gy

When he arrived at his apartment, he locked all the doors, showered, then got comfortable. It was tie to at last view his stats for the day.copyright protection2PENANAlmiwOjEAvq

Name: Clyde.copyright protection2PENANAqoDrvYSCQi

Level: 3copyright protection2PENANAOunTJxmEBC

Type: Main character/ Stone.copyright protection2PENANAcXZvtNO8ok

HP: 100%copyright protection2PENANAyOIbfda8P0

MP: 100%copyright protection2PENANAqEvNxekUTW

Attack: 8copyright protection2PENANAx6TwBnjqvI

Defense: 6copyright protection2PENANAK4wsgLGqTw

Speed: 10copyright protection2PENANArkaW8IbsC4

Luck: 5copyright protection2PENANApaaiGMF0cb

Will: 8copyright protection2PENANAIWfepv05VU

Intellect: 13copyright protection2PENANABmfMjnuuP7

Form: 0copyright protection2PENANAyehJxYwdZI

Special: ???copyright protection2PENANAoIFDW58Xa4

Special Abilities: none.copyright protection2PENANASMq7yJu3ek

Skills:  copyright protection2PENANAaNzsw6r2kq

-Athlete: 10% bonus to speed and Will [passive].copyright protection2PENANALI8rl5wu3G

-Hostile Detection 1: detects hostiles within a certain range of you. [passive].copyright protection2PENANAyVtZ31Jx5X

-Heart Protection 1: you’re 25% less affected by unwanted mental magic or skills from enemies. You gain a 10% bonus to your ability to convince others to do anything that would protect their hearts. [Passive].copyright protection2PENANASfKrIhy9kS

Magic:copyright protection2PENANAA5BIxXO3rR

-Energy Ball.  Type: spiritual. Class: mysterious. [Cast].copyright protection2PENANAK0Md0PfJnk

Talent: Main character stuff.copyright protection2PENANAHgAsHiKgs4

Bonus:copyright protection2PENANA92aKLHHzL9

10% boost to relationship stats with Harumi and her friends.copyright protection2PENANAqv9dJa2ZTq

Inventory:copyright protection2PENANAjBGU4ocOFF

$133copyright protection2PENANATPH3AsLi2w

Map of Lot City, Satovia.copyright protection2PENANArs2BFLLIKF

Smartphone.copyright protection2PENANA94hPYlebaU

Key.copyright protection2PENANAQ4Jy7j1TB3

Reminder for practice- note.  copyright protection2PENANAq3vsFbeqTZ

Classes: (year1).copyright protection2PENANA623oS2K7eU

Satovia History 1.copyright protection2PENANA14YLD64F0G

Romance Literature 1.copyright protection2PENANAIqKeTpp7Qj

Sciences 1.copyright protection2PENANA7Xmalfd5mr

Crafting 1.copyright protection2PENANA0owZ9a6eP6

Phone numbers:copyright protection2PENANAVxxFMq4byV

Chika.copyright protection2PENANAvFSRQd64jt

Harumi.copyright protection2PENANAvjR2i0cpf1

If things continued to go this well, Clyde would get to a respectable level in no time. He could even skip school and set off to find the Viper…Or use the internet, send a calling card, and ambush it.copyright protection2PENANAvaz3PluUx2

He returned Harumi’s goodnight text then laid back. What if there were more things for him to do besides killing the Viper?copyright protection2PENANAP2IHUzU0Dd

One step at a time, Clyde supposed. He’d overcome this trial. Get home. Forget this all.copyright protection2PENANAt8xkbPlnfA

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