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Writer Capt. leon
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Scarlet sunset
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
14 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!mcw6cN7tY4E5dDhLaRhpposted on PENANA

Disclamer: This is a not-for-profit fanfic that is not intended to infringe the rights of anyone who owns the Lord of the Rings franchise. Fanfic translated with the DeepL program and my knowledge of English. Forgive any grammatical and punctuation errors.copyright protection6PENANAJCRAujcjmZ

THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection6PENANAMJcjPo7XR6

Chapter 1: Scarlet sunsetcopyright protection6PENANA1vbf9s0jji

The day was dwindling in a wooded place and was dyeing the sky more and more with orange colors. The clear sky was disturbed by a column of smoke from a wildfire, a fire that was being quelled by three dwarfs who used a gadget to pump water to prevent the fire from spreading.copyright protection6PENANAJ3UADpUQJh

“Hurry Bromir, Brumir, keep pumping water!” cried an old dwarf holding the end of a pipe and trying to put down the fire.copyright protection6PENANAPw01PQqXNi

Initially Brugor, the grandfather of the other two dwarfs, believed that he would put out the fire, but then a strong wind stoked the flames and now, after three hours of intense work, the fire did not diminish.copyright protection6PENANA3PNe4XH4g0

“Damn, where that human Fernydo must have gone!” Cursed Brugor for the incompetence of the huma.copyright protection6PENANAmZ3hAHGvxq

Initially Fernydo provided him with the wood to secure the mine sinkholes, it was a good deal, no, in fact it was a magnificent deal, the human sold them the logs at very low prices, the only thing that bothered him were the questions of the human, he said that he was from the south of Gondor and wanted to know everything related to the mountains north of Rhun.copyright protection6PENANAMnWNoMDPKq

The dwarf did not care much for the forest, but with Fernydo's disappearance, he could not let the trees be consumed by fire.copyright protection6PENANA7NfV2jSJo8

“Keep pumping, we need the wood from these trees!” Brugor shouted to his grandchildren.copyright protection6PENANAKL8O2JvJf3

“If it weren't for that unpunctual human, we wouldn't have to do this," Bromir told his younger brother.copyright protection6PENANA91q6OPSrEC

Bromir was the spitting image of his grandfather, except that his hair and fluffy beard were not white, but light brown.copyright protection6PENANASLq8GtrycQ

“Where did he go? This time we were going to pay him more," Brumir, who was still an imberbe at a young age, said sweatily. “The last time he was with us, he kept asking about the roads and routes that southern humans were taking, do you think he would have moved south?”copyright protection6PENANAHXBQLDAhnP

“I don't know. This job is useless!”copyright protection6PENANAlwQLCFBv7f

“Shut up, brother! Do you hear that?”copyright protection6PENANA8Z1z7I2zge

Bromir and his brother stopped pumping water and their grandfather began shouting at them, but then fell silent when he saw his grandson beckoning for him to shut up.copyright protection6PENANAqYc1PYFpf2

“What happens Bromir?” the old man asked, somewhat worried.copyright protection6PENANAfBy5mbLXHS

“Don't you hear that? They sound like screams and noises like trees breaking.”copyright protection6PENANAdPSeo0Wqzd

The distant noise soon increased and the dwarves in the middle of the wide clearing of the forest took their axes.copyright protection6PENANAFZcS11QGr6

“With a fire behind us, we can't run away," said Brugor swallowing saliva, "so whatever comes out of the forest, we must face it.”copyright protection6PENANAJGHiM3ty1b

The noise was getting louder and louder when suddenly they saw a crowd of orcs coming out of the grove. The green skins screamed in their foul language and turned to the dwarfs.copyright protection6PENANAqf0iupjrQS

“Get ready to fight my boys!” he and his two grandchildren attacked the green tide in front of them.copyright protection6PENANAFwSRoUTfBl

It was madness, three dwarfs confronting a large group of ferocious orcs, but somehow the dwarves killed several orcs, however, the enemy was so numerous that it eventually rammed them and made them fall to the ground.copyright protection6PENANAlk22CO66m8

Bromir tried to approach his brother's body to cover him, but apparently the orcs were taking their time... In fact, they were taking too much time.copyright protection6PENANAhNni6SIpjy

“What happens, why don't they finish us off?” Brumir asked his older brother.copyright protection6PENANAiY5bQu5KJG

“They're not attacking us, they're running from something!” Bromir shouted.copyright protection6PENANA54077CWdIj

The two dwarfs saw that the horde was not attacking them, but the orcs could still crush them, so they went to their grandfather and dragging him, they stood next to his water pumping machine.copyright protection6PENANAmZ6JidB0CV

The green horde was still passing around the fire, in the end all the orcs disappeared and the only ones left were those killed by the dwarves.copyright protection6PENANAyUTE5K8buR

“Look one is alive!” Brumir pointed to an orc who had apparently been trampled underfoot by his companions and was now beginning to get up.copyright protection6PENANARzWRH3uDhd

Brugor went where the orc and knocked him down to the ground, the green skin turned and saw that three dwarfs were on him preventing him from rising.copyright protection6PENANAXDc3mvgYvT

“Where did you come from orc and what was all that stampede!” Bromir asked, threatening him with his axe.copyright protection6PENANAU4ONITxQ42

The orc looked at the dwarves attentively and then smiled stupidly, his eyes were exorbitant and they began to tear.copyright protection6PENANAIWBENjIiXZ

“Dwarves, dwarves with beards... dwarves with beards... Astogg is happy to see dwarves with beards... dwarves with beards!” sputtered the orc and then laughed nervously.copyright protection6PENANAvUCIYZdfYI

“What's wrong with him?” Brumir said, the orc now cried in tears.copyright protection6PENANA8SMWGvQelV

“Tell me where you came from and from whom you were running for!” cried Brumir furiously, throwing his axe aside and lifted the orc by his ragged robes, shaking him then.copyright protection6PENANAg4RSIFbqX9

“We come... we come from hell... we come from hell... A hell of flowers, a hell of pink flowers! Running, running is what we were doing! Run away!”copyright protection6PENANAqs32a22oh0

“What the hell, flowers? Speak at once!” Bromir shouted and struck the orc that blew a tooth and knocked him to the ground.copyright protection6PENANA6pSTmyocNK

The orc immediately rose to his feet and going down on his knees he went to Brumir and held him in his clothes.copyright protection6PENANA73OYVxD7YB

“Before we used to devour... Before we were the ones who devoured! now... Now they devour us, they devour us! Devils more terrible than balrogs and more beautiful than elves!, now we are the food, they devour us!” the orc shouted and suddenly he rose to his feet and fled into the flames that had increased, taking what had previously been the escape route from the orc stampede.copyright protection6PENANAgo3kqemsCD

“They devour us, they devour us all! You too will be devoured unless you take off your beards, they will devour you!” the orc shouted and stepped into the flames to be consumed by the fire.copyright protection6PENANAtJ3lDpU1CH

“For Aule, what was all that?” Brumir asked and the three dwarfs exchanged frightened glances.copyright protection6PENANAMJLAIG7mO5

The dwarves decided that it was best to take their gadget and return to their mine as quickly as possible, lest more orcs come in their direction.copyright protection6PENANAX5u1pUfLnS

They had already left the forest behind and were in the mountains when Bromir turned around and did not follow in the footsteps of his two grandchildren.copyright protection6PENANApQCtcfS7hv

“What's wrong, Grandpa?” Brumir asked, turning around and going to the old man, as did his brother.copyright protection6PENANAP3eAEXhMk5

“Look at the sunset, it's so red, so unreal.”copyright protection6PENANAShamjAhzmF

The sunset looked not like an orange as usual, but was so deep red in colour that the faces and beards of the dwarves were scarlet in colour.copyright protection6PENANArLv3eIj7QA

“I had never seen such a red sunset before," Bromir muttered in awe.copyright protection6PENANACFERfiPw49

“My grandfather's grandfather once saw him," Brugor whispered. It is said that when a sunset turns so red, it is the sign that the whole world will be bathed in blood.copyright protection6PENANACWrMiKmAkJ

The two young dwarfs exchanged startled glances.copyright protection6PENANAfLuLPJt8Rj

“What kind of horror is coming towards us?” Brugor muttered.copyright protection6PENANAJuZnleGaLK

.copyright protection6PENANAknHM90xwAR

.copyright protection6PENANAfPCKAsu4Bm

At the same time, northeast of the Rhun Sea Forest, a huge flock of ravens and vultures hovered on a high hill and then from time to time descended in front of it, toward a vast expanse of land covered by the corpses of thousands of orcs and trolls, also among the fallen were the bodies of men from Harad, Rhun and Khand.copyright protection6PENANAokQnIbBomm

A figure wrapped in dark-colored canvases advanced through the middle of the enormous pile of corpses, although the face was covered, the cloths clinging to the body revealed the curves of a female.copyright protection6PENANA9HJQtTR0qr

The strange woman looked at the corpses, when behind her stood one of the supposedly fallen, it was not a green skin, nor a human from the territories that fought in the fields of Pelennor. He was a human of unprecedented physiognomies, yellow skin, slanted eyes and a long braid as the only hair on a hairless skull.copyright protection6PENANARFhuqRWVVx

The small but muscular individual attacked the woman with a long curved sword, but this as if it were the most natural thing in the world, she turned with the speed of lightning and stopped the attack with the help of a short knife.copyright protection6PENANAhjS7GAjiYF

The woman once blocked the attack, carried her right hand behind her shoulder and drew a thin blade sword, unheard of ease cut the man up as if he were an animal, cut him up in several pieces before his feet and hip fell to the ground.copyright protection6PENANAF8noZQiQQI

The woman was bathed in a shower of blood coming from her enemy, it seemed that she enjoyed it because she felt her body with her hands. The woman’s body shuddered with pleasure, as did her tail and cat ears.copyright protection6PENANAiIozcOr8Km

“Why did you do that?” was criticized by a man on a low, chubby horse, a resistance horse. The man wore a strange armor, it seemed to be made of plaques, all dark brown. The man also had a tail and cat ears and carried a spear.copyright protection6PENANAG1Gy8n8sG7

“Does it matter? one body won't make the difference between so many thousands.”copyright protection6PENANA7lfvKfl25c

“Just do your job as a finisher, Kunoichi. We don't have all day," said the rider and continued his march.copyright protection6PENANALoU9X6YpfI

The cat girl undertook her task, close to her other soldiers, whether females or feline males, finished off the survivors. A troll began to rise and the kunoichi held him by his helmet. Her force was superhuman, as her fingers sank into the metal and with her free hand she easily cut the troll's throat.copyright protection6PENANALVJstSPBkw

“Here's one more, take him away at once!” the kunoichi shouted and then painted a mark on the troll’s skull, then a group of soldiers approached, saw the mark and proceeded to undress the monster, took his weapon and armor. In the end, one of them cut off his ear and then put it in a sack he was wearing.copyright protection6PENANAJsRZXBejEk

“Hurry, we don't have all day!” cried the army's caller. “Rematators, don't leave anyone alive, don't forget to mark them for the offal team to take care of! Offal team, separate what you collect into three groups: weapons, metal armor and leather armor! Place each group in the appropriate carriage: red for weapons, lead for armor and black for leather armor!”copyright protection6PENANAvpIpzGwx5L

"Don't forget to stop by the marshal of battle spoils first and let the scribes write down everything you picked up before taking it to the carriages! Go, go, go, arrrrr!” the cat boy shouted loudly. “The ears go to the green carriage, come on! One, two, one, two, one, two, one, two!”copyright protection6PENANAfRGZk9SaLc

At the top of the hill, a figure glimpsed the whole machinery of homicide and collection. Wore the strange plaque armor of the lancers, but this was an Alice Blue color, which matched a huge eyes and hair with pigtails on the sides.copyright protection6PENANAGuFxtC9IWN

“Chaika sama” suddenly said a cat boy who wore a compound bow on his back and was wearing light armor, the soldier had a knee resting on the floor and palm of his hand on his chest.copyright protection6PENANA2rdLRMsnjx

“Mamoru, it's about time! What news you bring from the main battle further south," Chaika asked.copyright protection6PENANA9zpQyJ0qTL

“Urd sama was victorious as usual," Mamoru replied, looking up and smiling at her young commander.copyright protection6PENANADzgi7KVgtR

“Amane?” Chaika said, and a soldier in heavy armor and helmet approached her riding a horse. Her plate armor was yellow and she wore a strange helmet that was adorned on her forehead with the shape of a crescent moon. The soldier’s face was covered with a metal mask aimed at instilling fear into the enemy.copyright protection6PENANA4vjhha3Jyn

“Tell me Chaika sama," said the soldier as she took off her helmet, it was a cat girl.copyright protection6PENANAhIWGyvqyWj

“Amane, I'm going to meet my aunt," announced Chaika as she nervously waved her tail and ears.copyright protection6PENANAkzTBS0mOhP

“At this very moment, Chaika sama?”copyright protection6PENANAFllZCCaGlI

“The battle is over and the collection logistics are about to end, the wounded were also treated by the healers and now they are being taken in light carriages to the healing and mobile recovery centers," said Chaika, "I want you to take care of the rest.”copyright protection6PENANA3CrZjZvJyr

“But, Chaika sama...” tried to replicate Amane, but the cat girl was already galloping down the hill.copyright protection6PENANA2S0WuTXQHe

A pair of nearby soldiers climbed to the top of the hill and raised a different coloured banner in each hand, then moved their arms not randomly, but rather unfolding a pattern.copyright protection6PENANAFnz1mcDwSZ

“Command relay, command relay! finishers, spoilers, marshals and scribes, continue your work!" cried the shouter at loud voice. “Archers, lancers, infantry, keep moving!”copyright protection6PENANAfVBGVVGqEe

Chaika was galloping in a hurry, her mare was small and chubby and ran towards the next spare post. Advanced a few miles away Chaika saw two white wolves approaching her.copyright protection6PENANARH7SDCLAst

The snowy wolves were not normal, they were enormous, the size of her horse and one of them started talking to her.copyright protection6PENANAP8Qp9dBNKu

“Chaika, don't you think you're too reckless? You should have taken a couple of the personal guards with you.”copyright protection6PENANAMZqoGljnMY

“Runos, Mara, don't worry, this route is safe and the patrol lookouts pass every moment. See? here they come," Chaika said, pointing to a pair of riders in light armor who lifted their bows in greeting.copyright protection6PENANACEFJwjliUO

The route watchmen continued to gallop and lost sight of each other, while Chaika and her two wolf friends reached the spare post.copyright protection6PENANALJWC86PKUA

The spare post was a circular shop staffed by soldiers of stationery and rest. The soldiers gave another fresh and saddled mare to Chaika, to the wolves were offered  water and some food with military efficiency. Chaika drank yogurt to restore her strength.copyright protection6PENANAfGAF5g1pEN

After the drink was finished, Chaika left with her wolves to go to the next refill post.copyright protection6PENANAngr2ZYllgf

.copyright protection6PENANA92Z6F8dvT7

.copyright protection6PENANA58OFOTWPiA

In Gondor, the celebrations of another anniversary of Sauron's defeat were being prepared.copyright protection6PENANADFQ5IQ34bk

Aragorn saw how his wife Arwen, who was in charge of inspecting all the preparations for the celebration, and could not help but smile.copyright protection6PENANAklmjs2sGxl

“I still remember when I decided to be in charge of preparing the first festivities," Aragorn thought blushingly. "I thought putting on a minstrel, lots of food and drink had it all covered. How I screwed up! I'm still ashamed of how bad I did it."copyright protection6PENANANCtChive7O

“My love? You look blushing and thoughtful," said Arwen, who stood beside Aragorn. “What are you thinking about?”copyright protection6PENANAOLuEQduThG

“I thought of how fortunate I am to have such a beautiful and intelligent wife," Aragorn acknowledged while gently holding the delicate hands of his wife. “Tell me, how are the preparations going?”copyright protection6PENANAeB2BVvDnba

“They are going very well, the minstrels, troubadours and bardos have already presented their songs to me and I have just approved them; the sprinklers, jugglers and buffoons have already been hired the same as the wrestlers; the head of butlers and their assistants are already prepared to attend the guests, as well as the halberdsmen in charge of announcing the guests and also the...”copyright protection6PENANAIYNcA5v6jC

Aragorn did not let Arwen finish because he held her tightly.copyright protection6PENANAV7opMeCh8T

“What a joy that you are at my side, these things were never given to me, the life I had as a rustic ranger was so different.”copyright protection6PENANAYmv0YqvBOG

“I see you happy my darling, but I also see some sadness in your gaze.”copyright protection6PENANAMwFzJgFenY

“Oh Arwen, my heart still resents the absence of my friends. How I miss Legolas, Gimli, Gandalf and the hobbits!” Aragorn said with a sigh. “How much I wouldn't want to travel north to see them again, but there are so many things to do in Gondor. Did you know that the dwarf engineers told me that with all the destruction, Osgiliath would take ten years to rebuild, there is so much to do!”copyright protection6PENANARi6fISukaD

“I know my king, but I assure you that one day you will see them again.”copyright protection6PENANAe80K9YbEAZ

“Perhaps you should travel north, you would see your grandmother Galadriel and your brothers or your father in Rivendel again, and you could go to The Shire to see Frodo and the other hobbits.”copyright protection6PENANAlmw1WgiBvG

“So soon my lord got bored of me that he wants me to go far away?” Arwen said to him with a smile.copyright protection6PENANAAmYGCHz72J

“My love, I could never get bored with you," Aragorn told her and kissed his wife with passion.copyright protection6PENANAKhRK10JcFj

The two were kissing, but they had to separate when they saw one of the guards in front of them.copyright protection6PENANAc1FI3BZmdu

“Forgive my king, my queen," said the guard looking at the floor and somewhat uncomfortable. “I'm sorry to interrupt, but there was a problem with one of the merchants who arrived at Minas Tirith.”copyright protection6PENANA2NR1ttI2BK

“Don't worry Hurin, tell me what's wrong?”copyright protection6PENANAMl1D63EPgk

“My king, one of the merchants was discovered in possession of suspicious documents.”copyright protection6PENANA8slObppaLD

“Explain yourself.”copyright protection6PENANAFNqwPU0xWB

“The merchant was carrying vases, when one of them slipped and fell to the floor. The vase broke and there were several rolled-up papers inside, in which there must have been grapes. A guard saw this and confiscated the documents, put the merchant under arrest and told me that he also did so with the other merchants who accompanied him, these also carried documents that apparently were taken from the royal library.”copyright protection6PENANAiIXkm3n1TE

“I understand, interrogate those in charge of the library, those documents could not have come out on their own," Aragorn ordered. “Is there anything else?”copyright protection6PENANAl17HPi6ftS

“Yes, my lord," Hurin said with a nervous look and showed Aragorn a silver coin. “This is one of the coins that the merchants carried, they all come from Rohan.”copyright protection6PENANAS8GjFvdF3a

TO BE CONTINUE…copyright protection6PENANAhlSeGfh4gb

Final notes of the author: The cat girl army, comes from a mixed culture of Japan, China and Korea. Heavy armor is typical of samurai, medium, light and leather armor comes from China and Korea.copyright protection6PENANAIBcPj28phC

The cat-girl army will have the same tactics and logistics as Genghis Khan's army had, as well as the tactics of Attila's Hun army, in fact Attila was called "the scourge of God", hence the title of the fanfic. Who said cat girls were weak and vulnerable?copyright protection6PENANAhaLXtqtG6w

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