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Writer Capt. leon
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In Sauron's footsteps
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
13 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Pz4CihSbP5vpnvl4OhhVposted on PENANA

THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection4PENANAZtWCXiMK05

Chapter 10: In Sauron's footstepscopyright protection4PENANAmPErsXIk8y

After several days of constant snowfall punishing the city-mine stronghold of Minas Tirith, the weather finally gave Gondor a respite and a cloudy sky without the desire to unload more snowstorms overwhelmed the whole sky.copyright protection4PENANAqEXNaiRYA8

In the throne room, Aragorn and his loyal friends commented on recent events in the heat of the chimneys that kept away the cold winter outside.copyright protection4PENANAUzCQcA9Yka

“The funeral ceremonies for the kings Garron and Haglin were majestic in the white mountains," said Gimli. “All the dwarves from the west finally decided to put aside that ridiculous idea of forming the Western Alliance and now plan to join the Southern Alliance.”copyright protection4PENANA4HZI8sFRMO

“Southern Alliance?” Aragorn said.copyright protection4PENANApctnZDGRCg

“It's what they called our alliance with Rohan and the orcs of Agog," Gimli replied and then had a drink of beer. “Now they'll join our forces in what they call the Great Alliance.”copyright protection4PENANA0xQDo3dx1y

“No matter what name they give it, as long as we count on its help," said Aragorn. “What about you Legolas?”copyright protection4PENANAI5gHOo9ugW

“The arrival of the bodies of Elladan and Elrohir moved all the elves. They too will join the alliance.”copyright protection4PENANAiG8M38qK02

“I'm sorry I couldn't accompany Arwen to Lorien," lamented Aragorn. “How did you see her, Legolas?”copyright protection4PENANA10zSEXVRvX

“She continues to be shocked by the death of her siblings and will remain for a while in Lorien, in the company of her grandparents.”copyright protection4PENANAqd2GVR55ll

“And Elrond?”copyright protection4PENANA1E1ar5iRPj

“Your father-in-law returned to Rivendel. Despite the pain he must be going through, he keeps a strong appearance. We elves are grateful to have such a high lord as our commander.”copyright protection4PENANATRjtJXqEPW

“Fortunately, the problems with Harad and Khan have already been solved," said Aragorn, "Prince Imrahil is in the south and is trying to get our former enemies to join our cause.”copyright protection4PENANABg9EW4w2aS

“Prince Imrahil is a very competent commander," said Gandall, "I am sure he will succeed in his mission.”copyright protection4PENANAncwpmXuFPk

“And the situation in the north?” wanted to know Aragorn.copyright protection4PENANAYJbicVfDA5

“The trolls seem to be true to their word," said the magician, "the problem is that several troll chiefs still want to descend through the cloudy mountains to Moria.”copyright protection4PENANAzblIQiNnkX

“This is outrageous, those trolls have no rights over Moria!” Gimli shouted.copyright protection4PENANAfHaL7wJCbz

“All the cloudy mountains from the north with the Angmar Mountains, to the south with Moria, are infested with orcs and to a greater extent goblins," said Aragorn, "I suppose that the trolls in the east see the whole place as the natural site to which they can extend.”copyright protection4PENANAWai8su4I7E

“At least they don't want to go further south," said Gandalf.copyright protection4PENANANGQ8pHqd4K

“Fortunately, because the Lorien and Fangorn forests are just south of Moria," Legolas said. “I don't think Celeborn and the ents will be happy with the trolls.”copyright protection4PENANAbjsl5ARPc3

“At the moment there are other concerns in front of us that are more urgent than the expansionist claims of a group of trading trolls from the east," Aragorn said.copyright protection4PENANAo9dGiGamoi

“Still, you should pay more attention to this problem," Gandalf advised. “Remember that Funbol will not rest easy on this matter and we do not want him to instigate the other dwarf kingdoms to fight in distant Angmar instead of in the east.”copyright protection4PENANA0bZRkoyLBC

Aragorn rubbed his right temple.copyright protection4PENANAwNWZ81zZQL

“How much I would like Imrahil to be back, he could convince the trolls not to want to go so far south. The prince is very good at diplomacy,” admittedly tired Aragorn, who in these three years and more had discovered that he preferred ambushes in the far north or battles in the south, rather than having to deal with complicated politics.copyright protection4PENANA3eUhUdX5zl

“If diplomacy doesn't work," said Gandalf, “you should try methods that would surely please trolls.”copyright protection4PENANAoAxnrRM0Cn

“What do you mean, Gandalf?”copyright protection4PENANAD9az8jAHiq

“I think you should bribe Turok.”copyright protection4PENANAtmFnDAAAFa

“Bribe the trolls?”copyright protection4PENANAW4LtrclddX

“Not all trolls, only Turok, he has a lot of weight in the confederation of Trolls merchants. He can prevent the other troll bosses from descending to Moria, at least long enough for Funbol not to be distracted by the matter of recovering Moria.”copyright protection4PENANABQ7Mpf5ZWo

“And to whom should I send for this "negotiation"?” Aragorn asked, and Legolas like Gimli volunteered.copyright protection4PENANAqpK5NoFoYl

“Let me go Aragorn," Gandalf asked.copyright protection4PENANAzVpkoRxJ5K

“But Gandalf...”copyright protection4PENANAHGAOtZ4yZ1

“When Sauron's unique ring was destroyed, the powers of my power ring were also affected and now the rest of my powers, too, have been diminished. I can't be of much help to you anymore.”copyright protection4PENANAXprHve6bD5

“You are mistaken Gandalf," Aragorn contradicted him, placing his hand on the old magician's shoulder. “Now more than ever I need your wise counsel, which is by far the most powerful magic I could wish for.”copyright protection4PENANAwc0WxoO48T

“I'm flattered Aragorn," replied Gandalf with a smile, "but don't worry, I'll be back sooner if Gimli and Legolas accompany me because they are apparently very eager to go north.”copyright protection4PENANAOQApF3pJCo

“All right, I would trust no one more in this mission than you three my friends.”copyright protection4PENANALzOchjqov4

“Don't worry Aragorn, we'll be back sooner than you expect," Legolas assured him.copyright protection4PENANAt1htYOSNT1

“That's right, we'll do everything so fast that you won't even miss us," Gimli concluded.copyright protection4PENANAGIRh7xlwhX

“Then I wish you a good success and return of your mission my dear friends. Leave immediately as winter has arrived in Middle-Earth and at any time Urd and his Tartars can begin their invasion. You must convince Turok not to let his own descend to Moria. Funbol's support, and the rest of the dwarves depend a lot on your success.”copyright protection4PENANAV2xKeP4Fdz

Gandalf, Gimli and Legolas bowed briefly and were quick to fulfill their mission.copyright protection4PENANAJGB19zQ2nJ

“We must take advantage of the truce that the weather is giving us this day," said Gandalf. “Come on my friends, may the speed of our horses be faster than the arrival of the new snowfall.”copyright protection4PENANA33rUlzsG6J

.copyright protection4PENANAD1LbL01PFe

.copyright protection4PENANAopVZq5zh7W

On the Dorwinion Plain, by the Rhun Sea, snow fell without giving any kind of respite to any living thing that moved beneath the firmament. The camp of the Famnya army concluded the last preparations before the invasion of Middle Earth began, but it was necessary for their mistress and lady to discuss final matters with the rest of the generals in the general command tent.copyright protection4PENANA0a0s5l1y28

The general command tent was a huge place where Urd and her generals discussed battle tactics and other issues related to the military campaign in Middle Earth. Close to the Urd tent, the general command tent was the nerve centre of the entire camp and at that time Urd had just received reports from her generals and other captains. Things weren't working out the way she would have wanted them to.copyright protection4PENANAhG93RV3SLJ

“Then to sum up," Urd said after listening to all the reports. “Not only did the southern border of Gondor cease to be invaded by the Harad and Khand armies, but in the north, the trolls of the east decided to stay in the Angmar Mountains; and to top it off, Rhun's forces and the steppes took refuge in sites granted by King Eomer.”copyright protection4PENANA7a83az8KRf

All the Generals swallowed saliva as they could feel the tension growing every second.copyright protection4PENANAGRqHkw3m45

“All this is my fault," acknowledged Urd, while she raised her arm and implied that she did not want any interruptions of any kind. “It was my plan to make men and orcs head for Middle Earth. The lands of the west were supposed to be invaded by the south and the north, that would force humans to send two of their third forces to both ends of the main invasion route, but what I managed to do was to give the humans a force of Rhun men and the steppes who will allied with complete security to fight against us.”copyright protection4PENANAulLEpDAsvl

“My lady," Chaika said to reassure her, "nobody could guess that King Aragorn and King Eomer would grant land to the invaders so that they would stop attacking them, nor could anyone have guessed that the trolls would not descend through Arnor and Eriador's territory.”copyright protection4PENANAcDwlGGVOqM

Urd looked more savagely than usual at her niece and Chaika shrank in fear.copyright protection4PENANA47EvOZ1Sl5

Urd sighed and extending her arm implied that she needed a drink of sake.copyright protection4PENANAXQqIuPl4iR

Sakurai filled the sake glass and gave it to his mistress.copyright protection4PENANAqvvWQbDL03

Urd drank while a demonic fire gleamed in her eyes.copyright protection4PENANAy5bcA0bBSx

“We can no longer delay the invasion with winter hitting Middle-Earth," Urd said, and an icy cold glowed in her eyes this time.copyright protection4PENANAGPn7ySXUXg

“We will use the same plan that Sauron had before the battle of Pelennor and that gave him excellent results, in fact we already crossed the first part of his plan at exterminating the northern kingdoms, now we will go to Thranduil and raze all the eastern edge of Mirkwood, we will not stop until we reach Amon Lanc.”copyright protection4PENANAMnLhkCtYou

“What about the orcs at north of Mordor?” Chaika asked.copyright protection4PENANA1WAd9adlM6

“These orcs threaten to be a spear on my left side or my back," Urd said with a psychotic tone as she rose. Now the tension was palpable and all those present receded a couple of centimeters their bodies, all except Sakurai who became stiff from the fright.copyright protection4PENANAStWgBu8yp6

“Chaika, Sakura and Ryu will go with me to exterminate those green skins," Urd said tightening all muscles. “They think they're safe north of the mountains of ashes? Well, no more! We will surround them and not allow any of them to come out alive.”copyright protection4PENANAOctAtOcXMA

“When the orcs feel cornered," said Urd, bristling her hair and tail, "they will be tempted to go east and descend down the eastern end of the ashy mountains to the safety of Mordor, we will allow them that false hope and ambush them.”copyright protection4PENANAsOx22Gdf10

“A cornered enemy will fight to the death, but one who sees an escape route will try to flee and so he can be killed safely and comfortably by us," Chaika claimed, and Urd gave her a grim smile denoting her pride for her niece.copyright protection4PENANAlUtib4NjDc

“Hikari," Urd suddenly said, pointing wildly at a general of her with short, cornsilk-colored hair, who looked androgynous. “You will go north of the green forest to Thranduil and from there you will descend to the ancient fortress of Dol Guldur or Amon Lanc as the elves call it.”copyright protection4PENANAproT2SIeQv

“What about the humans of Rhun and the steppes in the southeast forest?” Hikari asked.copyright protection4PENANAPijmlm2yB4

“To get to Amon Lanc we must cross the refugee territories. No matter how our attack will be, it will force them to join Rohan, so the more humans who kill, the less they will fight us," Urd said, and Hikari bowed.copyright protection4PENANAyXZ2fa73uK

“Hikari, of my four generals, you are the specialist in long sieges, both inside and outside the defensive walls. Your goal apart from exterminating anything that moves, is to make you strong in Amon Lanc. With Lorien so close, the elves will have no choice but to besiege you and not send their forces to humans.”copyright protection4PENANAfUbEOexxtn

“Excellent plan my lady," said Hikari with a beautiful but evil smile.copyright protection4PENANA2iGmE1IHAk

“When Amon Lanc was taken by Sauron, the elves took and destroyed Dol Guldur. The site following the aesthetics of the elves, does not present much defense against sieges, there are open sites and numerous weak points by which the enemy can penetrate and surprise you with low defenses and scattered throughout the place," Urd reported. “According to my informants, it was Galadriel's magic that protected the fortress, not its defenses.”copyright protection4PENANAM9hLbxWiAr

“I understand my lady," said Hikari, erasing his smile this time, his work would not be easy, "I will try to keep the elves occupied.”copyright protection4PENANA2Qlevas2HV

“I don't want any attempts, do it! If necessary send excursions to Lorien, Amon Lanc must not fall. You won't leave that place until we've finished with the orcs of that Zugul," Urd spat, giving his general a poisonous look that made the cat boy's blood freeze.copyright protection4PENANAqJe66S7OAH

Urd breathed calmly and sat down. Sakurai filled a new glass of sake as the previous one was crushed by his lady’s powerful fingers.copyright protection4PENANA8mRq82Y5kz

“Once we have secured the entire second front in Mirkwood and our rearguard, we will go straight to Middle Earth” it was the final and absolute opinion of Urd. All generals and captains rose and left the general command tent.copyright protection4PENANAwnqSCV24XK

.copyright protection4PENANA0nueuA7BpI

.copyright protection4PENANAjy5aZddYiy

In the dark and tall tower of Cirith Ungol, in the warm land of Mordor, Agog and his orcs had made a decision regarding the war.copyright protection4PENANAxPVXHxTKCR

“We can't help humans unless we fix Zugul's ugly face at once,” spit Agog and all the other orcs nodded strongly.copyright protection4PENANAuDfYSJz0lY

"JA, it would be the last straw as long as we are fighting in the north, the dog of Zugul enters Mordor and takes over Cirith Ungol.”copyright protection4PENANAIFxOQw13uk

“Then what shall we do?” one of the orcs of Agog said.copyright protection4PENANAB29x0R5TBI

“Zugul, that son of a huargo ended up weakened as I told him,” shouted Agog, “his forces are very numerous, much more than ours, but orc that does not eat is a weak and stupid orc, and Zugul's army is with their bellies stuck to the backbone.”copyright protection4PENANAK5m04fJDf5

All the orcs laughed and howled at ease, then fell silent to continue listening to their leader.copyright protection4PENANACYK9MAGOEa

“We will assemble our best warriors and go after Zugul's deformed head, once we have removed it from his filthy neck there will be nothing to prevent me from commanding his forces. I will place his ugly big head on a spade at the top of Cirith Ungol! so everyone will see it and know that with Agog there is no play, even the rosebuds of our allies will see it and tremble at the power of Agog.”copyright protection4PENANA9gcjOcaU6L

The orcs raised their arms and howled in cheering to their leader.copyright protection4PENANACRRZRVeAzu

“The rosebuds will have to send us more meat if they want us to continue with our alliance, they know that they can't leave us alone," said Agog and then gave the pig's leg that he was eating a hard bite.copyright protection4PENANAGbtqlg115G

“And what will we do with the humans of Morgul mines?” said Shagra, the old orc of the east, "in Morgul mines we always appear to be making tours outside the fortress. Our "parades" as humans always call them are constant, will they not be suspicious when they see that we do not send our forces as we do every day?”copyright protection4PENANAbeWoyKBIEH

“We must send the most idiots and make them march in an endless circle. For the rosebuds, we all look alike!” Agog exclaimed and everyone laughed more eagerly, spitting food scraps everywhere, while the Doom Mountain continued to roar and spit fireballs from within his bowels.copyright protection4PENANAuhylhpgw0Q

.copyright protection4PENANA0G1u7nK8oQ

.copyright protection4PENANAOA5LYDwAlb

Far to the east of Middle-Earth, in Tomoyo, capital of the Famnya Empire, the streets were covered by a gentle and smooth snowfall and passers-by came and went doing their daily activities, the number of people was impressive and there were not only cat girls, spongy tails of fox and long ears of rabbit were seen here and there, there were also many different types of yokai making their daily lives.copyright protection4PENANAhQsPbKfsgf

In a tall wooden tower of oriental style, two ministers discussed the mail received from Urd.copyright protection4PENANAihWkL3Iwc6

“We can't delay this any longer," said Natsuki, who was a short-haired, green-colored cat girl.copyright protection4PENANAn1HsMG5igr

“According to Urd's report," said Akira, who was a short-haired black rabbit boy, "until now she has faced weak and sick enemies. The only decent opposition was found in Rhun, Khand and Harad, but in those kingdoms there was a process of political and military disorganization after Sauron's defeat, civil wars in those territories were at their peak when Urd attacked them.”copyright protection4PENANAtxhWntHCVX

“The human kingdoms, dwarfs and elves of the north were almost empty and defended only by inadequate military personnel," Natsuki continued. “Now Urd is asking us for reinforcements to fight enemies who will surely be well prepared and equipped.”copyright protection4PENANAReeNz0Rhx3

“With this is the fifth card calling for reinforcements," said Akira. “What do we do?”copyright protection4PENANAoU55mRLsa1

“Obviously, we will both go to the Middle Earth to meet with Urd.”copyright protection4PENANATEzbBWFiyB

“Both of us?”copyright protection4PENANAgqPvepv5G2

“Of course Akira, you will not expect me to go alone and tell the furious general that the second and third army will not be able to reinforce her because we are full hands at the moment.”copyright protection4PENANA94Weai6VKh

“Of course, if we both go, it will be easier for you to accept death," Akira said with a sarcastic smile, "since going both of us and presenting ourselves empty-handed will be the same as putting up a sign that says "please, decapitate us once and for all".”copyright protection4PENANAXEWxQytvR2

“We will not go with empty hands," Natsuki said with a serious gesture, "we will give her some presents from the second, third and first army, that should be enough for Urd not to decide to have our heads as more ornaments in her tent.copyright protection4PENANA67tWCHm7N2

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection4PENANAaX76chpjda

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