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Writer Capt. leon
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Tricky green ones
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
14 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ITu2CBD5h56j4aaWeQcvposted on PENANA

THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection4PENANAyWujqSJqSq

Chapter 12: Tricky green onescopyright protection4PENANASAjmDWYg1f

The cursed land of Mordor, the ancient refuge and empire of Sauron, remained untouchable by the cold snowfalls that followed constantly outside its borders in the rest of Middle Earth. Although Mordor was seen as an unhealthy wasteland and thus described by Frodo and Sam, when they traveled through that territory to destroy the one ring, they never saw the Inner Sea of Mordor, the Nurnen, nor the fertile lands of Nurn, which provided vast quantities of wheat to the dark lords orcs.copyright protection4PENANAl8ypjImxzy

Agog, the leader of Mordor, had sent several orcs to restore the fertile fields destroyed by the army of Urd and gradually the land was recovering, however, the orcs not only fed on bread, a meal considered by them hateful, but needed much meat and more now that Zugul's horde was in Mordor.copyright protection4PENANA28vxsVpcmh

Prince Faramir went to the tower of Cirith Ungol, the headquarters of Agog and his lieutenants, and saw with his own eyes the malnourished horde who formerly served under the banner of Zugul.copyright protection4PENANACeSWBvTzLV

“I never thought that someday I would feel sorry for the orcs," thought Faramir surprised by his own thoughts.copyright protection4PENANAO63nvm6STG

Hundreds, if not thousands of hungry orcs paraded before Faramir, a pathetic spectacle considering that the creatures before him were nothing more than walking bones and skin.copyright protection4PENANArWOWthSStf

“You see Prince Faramir," said Agog, "we need you to send us more cargo of animals for breeding and eating, I have already exhausted all the stocks of food you sent me.”copyright protection4PENANAa5u215xVEi

“But I gave you enough food for your army to settle for the winter!” Faramir protested.copyright protection4PENANAQtpTRVgXN9

“It is also very true, but the arrival of the orcs from Zugul consumed all the reserves. Mostly now I need twice as much as you gave me to my army and I need it but already," Agog said arrogantly.copyright protection4PENANADe5sazK3sd

“But in Gondor we had to get used to not eating one day of the week to give you part of our food!” Faramir reported angrily.copyright protection4PENANAiCjMElScgw

“Then ask King Eomer to send food to his allies who are us," cried Agog scowlingly.copyright protection4PENANAu60U0RPgPC

“Rohan had to give several of his provisions to the Rhun refugees and steppartners so that they would not devote themselves to looting all over the place! Rohan can't afford to send you food, Agog!” Faramir said, trying to make Agog understand.copyright protection4PENANAqtRwW25G5x

“I very much defeated the Tartars in the battle of the mountains of ashes, and is this how humans treat their allies?”copyright protection4PENANATn9caOx20O

“But we can't give you any more food.”copyright protection4PENANAzvUApUsebh

“But what nonsense comes from your filthy mouth!, if I was able to beat the Tartars very well with my men, imagine what I can do with all these very hungry, well-nourished orcs!, we would no longer have to worry about the Tartars, we would push them back behind the steppes so that they don't come back!”copyright protection4PENANARBLI7HKcnP

“All right, we'll get you some more food, but it may take a while," said Faramir, downcast.copyright protection4PENANAKhdUtoI1rI

“You'd better be little prince, or else I'll think twice about the alliance," Agog warned him, pushing with his filthy finger at Faramir. “I may only come out behind Mordor and head for the steppes, after all the Tartars are only interested in you little rosebuds, or better yet, I may claim for myself the very many territories of Moria, which apparently neither the dwarves nor the trolls decide to occupy.”copyright protection4PENANAP1dKBCF3RQ

Faramir tried to reply, but Agog shut the door in his face. And two brutal orcs approached Faramir's, implying that his visit was over.copyright protection4PENANAlIr6qzOaMb

Faramir quietly cursed Agog and himself because it was his idea after all to resort to the help of the orcs, however, Agog told the truth, with a force of well-nourished orcs, the problem of the Tartars would cease to be so ominous.copyright protection4PENANA0wseqWD8Y4

Faramir came out of the tower of Cirith Ungol, and Agog and his subordinates laughed.copyright protection4PENANARN54xGHcKy

“It was good to hide the food for our army, now more will soon arrive," said Agog as he took a big bite of the ham leg he had received from Lady Eowyn.copyright protection4PENANA36hudH41SQ

.copyright protection4PENANAdTnF7NCKWA

.copyright protection4PENANAPOoUTWBA9m

The plains of Dorwinion, along with the rest of the Middle Earth remained covered by snow falling at regular intervals on the ground. On the shores of the Rhun Sea, several Famnya soldiers were breaking the ice and trying to catch as many fish as possible before their mistress and the other generals and captains decided to leave the site according to rumors circulating around the camp at that time.copyright protection4PENANA9ctqHG8LI0

Urd however, was in her tent and still not entering the command tent, first had to put her ideas in order before meeting Chaika and Ryu, in addition to the rest of the captains.copyright protection4PENANABVTYB1MdMJ

“According to the report of the captains of Sakura, the orcs of this Agog modified their battle tactics in order to surprise us.”copyright protection4PENANANBxcwq881h

“Something they accomplished," said Gigi, who as usual does not measure his words with Urd.copyright protection4PENANAvatYAaFIWn

“I would like to go to Rohan and Gondor, which are the realms for which this military campaign began at first," Urd said, and Sakurai offered her a cup of tea.copyright protection4PENANAJyiDwTEj7r

“And risk the orcs attacking you from the rear?, what a good plan Urd!” Gigi snorted.copyright protection4PENANA2V3A7A0fI1

Urd broke the cup of tea and Sakurai shrank in fear.copyright protection4PENANAwebZcMaRv6

“I said I'd like to, not that I will do it," Urd grunted with a hard look at Gigi, who didn't even flinch. “I can't order Hikari to leave Amon Lanc's fortress, nor can I launch myself as a bull to attack Rohan and Gondor.”copyright protection4PENANAefExSbrxvy

“Then what will you do?”copyright protection4PENANAYxt27AC8Pl

“I am surprised Gigi, the answer is obvious," Urd said as she took another cup of tea that Sakurai offered her, "I will attack Mordor.”copyright protection4PENANA9lzllL8vDE

“And the plain of the Gorgoroth, the swamp of the dead...”copyright protection4PENANACSTgpLsRjX

“I have no alternative, the orcs developed combat techniques that can neutralize ours. Their huargos are not as fast and resistant as our mares, but if they teach humans their techniques, we can face a serious problem.”copyright protection4PENANAphvSkDsWLi

“It takes time to teach a human being an expert in the horseback bow and we have beaten the stepparts who are much better than Middle-Earth men in this kind of tactics.”copyright protection4PENANAhVDQgYCpug

“Gigi, you forget that the orcs of Mordor represent half of the enemy forces on this side of the world, I do not intend to continue the war without first getting rid of this threat.”copyright protection4PENANA368XnyJQp2

“I see that you have made up your mind, then all that remains is for you to decide the details of Mordor's destruction with the other generals," said Gigi and began to drink the lukewarm milk and watered down with water that Sakurai offered him at the beginning of his conversation with Urd.copyright protection4PENANANOkjHEWaAH

"Damn weather," thought the majestic black cat as he drank his warm milk. "Maybe it's not a bad idea to go to Mordor after all. I wonder how glacial the weather will be in the far north in what humans call the Cold Lands, those trolls must be clever and charismatic to convince the orcs and goblins of the place not to descend south."copyright protection4PENANAsRD5IU4kjy

.copyright protection4PENANAAnFJk3h3TH

.copyright protection4PENANA5Hwp0e3WoE

In the far north, in Carn Dum, capital of the federation of merchant trolls, amid the territory of Angmar, Gandalf, Gimli and Legolas, held an interview with Turok, the leader of the confederation.copyright protection4PENANAEQvhVec0zv

Unlike the prevailing glacial climate in the exterior, inside the ancient capital of the warlok of Angmar, enormous chimneys and pipes spread the heat throughout the place, scaring away the cold weather that was trying to enter the interior of the whole enormous complex. The room where the meeting with Turok was held was so hot that the three heroes of the ring fellowship were sweating.copyright protection4PENANAz9SeTcibgb

“The great and powerful Turok, belly of precious stones is satisfied with the negotiation," said Egul, who was in charge of translating everything his master said.copyright protection4PENANASlSpLTDPP1

Turok was undoubtedly the biggest and fattest troll ever seen in his life by Gandalf, Gimli or Legolas. His bulky stomach was covered with several cuff-sized gemstones, which were fused with Turok's skin.copyright protection4PENANAtuRZMNdYOM

“That must have hurt," Gimli thought as he saw all the precious stones in his bulky stomach.copyright protection4PENANAunWmCPzU1Q

Turok began to speak in strange incomprehensible language and both Gandalf and Legolas knew that such language in another mouth than Turok's, surely would have been heard melodious and crystalline.copyright protection4PENANA5TbYjXRWMH

Turok, like the other trolls coming from the east, had a shaved head with the exception of a long braid that came out of the back of his neck, had two long and thin whiskers, besides that each nail of his hands was very long, so many women orcs and goblins were in charge of manipulating things for him.copyright protection4PENANAYgbQfYEtWs

The huge troll smoked something using a rare gadget made of glass that looked like a fine vase from which came a little hose that went into his mouth.copyright protection4PENANAgrQdNs3nn4

“I don't think that's tobacco," thought Gandalf, who already had his head dizzy from all the fumes thrown out of Turok's mouth.copyright protection4PENANAdsYprhniea

Turok spoke again and Egul translated his master's words for them. Aragorn would not have to worry because Turok would convince the other trolls of the confederation not to claim Moria, then excused himself because he should go to another meeting.copyright protection4PENANAZcqb3GaHa7

Several creatures who resembled the formidable armored trolls that pierced the gates of Tirith mines the night Sauron’s forces penetrated the fortress, lifted up the majestic palanquin made of gold on which Turok sat.copyright protection4PENANAaqy0EltHJQ

Gandalf asked Egul what kind of strong creatures these were and the tiny goblin answered that they were ogres, very similar to the trolls of the east or west, but that these did not turn into stone in the light of the sun and that they were also very strong.copyright protection4PENANALXjJnK1K2f

The ogres took their master to another room, but Turok asked them for something first.copyright protection4PENANAU2skev1odb

Okane, okanecopyright protection4PENANAvnC3ogpRX9

“Pardon?” Gandalf said.copyright protection4PENANAHJ60tuKueN

“My lord asks you to pay the fee for each interview with him," Egul translated and Gandalf, Gimli and Legolas frowned.copyright protection4PENANAK8Qdt5JuuW

“I suppose is ok," said Gandalf and gave Egul the fee, which was much more expensive than Gandalf supposed he would have to pay.copyright protection4PENANAF0kh4IyuAw

“And then humans say that we dwarfs are greedy!” Gimli shouted indignantly and the three of them left Carn Dum to receive the cold bite of the northern glacial wind.copyright protection4PENANADhfKiJe3et

In another warm room, a dwarf had an interview with Turok and gave the huge troll several coffers with gold, silver and precious stones inside. The dwarf also had to pay the fee for the interview and then went out the way he had come, a different corridor through which Gandalf, Legolas and Gimli walked.copyright protection4PENANARYCIc5NVAi

“It was a good evening, my lord," said Egul slyly after saying goodbye to the dwarf and translating his lord's farewell words.copyright protection4PENANASficxmV6Rv

“The dwarves gave me much wealth as long as I convince the other members of the confederation not to take Moria," said Turok, this time in perfect western dialect and then together with Egul and his ogres laughed at the stupidity of the inhabitants of the west.copyright protection4PENANACvNRf5Bu8P

“Now all that remains is for the confederation of merchants and your Excellency to take all the mountains east of Angmar," said Egul, who was already starting the inventory of the chests brought by Gandalf and the dwarf from the west.copyright protection4PENANAYZOAH0FvVg

“The army of cat girls annihilated all the dwarfs of the east, from the grey mountains to the iron mountains," Turok reminded him, "since the rest of the members of the confederation cannot take Moriah, it is only fair that they go to the empty dwarf kingdoms of the north.”copyright protection4PENANANNw603tVak

“What if the dwarves then claim the northern kingdoms, like Erebor?” Egul asked.copyright protection4PENANArMPeE5jfAs

“If they insist on their alliance with humans and the orcs of Mordor, they will not survive, and if they do, they will have to pay so that we can return their kingdoms to them.”copyright protection4PENANA4yrS89TOFO

.copyright protection4PENANA4tCBzDF2zP

.copyright protection4PENANAm0BcefhxvR

At the fortress of Amon Lanc, south of the snow-capped Mirkwood Forest, the weather was no milder than in the rest of the middle Earth, except with the exception of Forodwaith also called the Cold Lands.copyright protection4PENANAZAqrtzBmog

General Hikari known for his androgynous beauty, now had a stern face and nothing graced because he cursed with all his strength to the deceased General Sakura on the built walls that reinforced the ancient fortress of Dol Guldur.copyright protection4PENANAbtJO4jrJl0

“Stupid Sakura, if it had not been for her stupidity, the army of Urd would have already attacked Rohan and Gondor. Now I have to wait in this frozen mousetrap until Mordor is razed to the ground by the army," Hikari muttered, unchangeable despite the cold sleet that fell at the time.copyright protection4PENANAyI19UfpcNV

Even without the forces of Hikari and the cavalry of Sakura, the fourth army was still a force of consideration and it was in their capabilities to destroy all the forces that opposed it within Mordor, however, the difficult terrain, especially the swamp of the dead, would make the march of the riders would be slow at best.copyright protection4PENANA4NvufY3Qkr

“It will take a long time for even the mighty Urd to reach the tower of Cirith Ungol, while I must resist in this place, luring the elves not to go south. A useless task since Urd is not attacking Rohan at the moment!" Hikari thought furiously and cursed with all his might the critical situation he was in.copyright protection4PENANA7vURjYaLHv

A young fox boy guard arrived at that moment and warned his master of the elf incursion taking place in another sector of the large and discontinuous fortress.copyright protection4PENANAMgeNq82QkP

“Attacks are becoming more frequent," Hikari thought, and went to the siege was taking place.copyright protection4PENANALpDhTSfXIA

The elves rode on majestic horses and tried to penetrate the defenses of Amon Lanc, however, Hikari did his job well and put several defenses around the perimeter of the fortress as palisades that could be destroyed from behind in case the elves conquered these defenses, also set up several pools camouflaged with sharp and poisoned spades to prevent the elves from advancing quickly. Hikari's dwarf engineers also assembled giant versions of the repeating crossbows which needed two operators and were extremely efficient.copyright protection4PENANAoQ6jHqiRb0

Other defenses to support more fierce sites would take time to prepare them, but he was already taking care of it.copyright protection4PENANAnXgBKHKNx4

In the end, after an unsuccessful attack, the elves withdrew but that did not reassure Hikari, he knew that these attacks were only to prove several points of their defenses.copyright protection4PENANADitgzn8PkR

"Elves are smart," Hikari thought. “They're trying to figure out what Amon Lanc's most vulnerable spot is, once they find out for sure they'll attack seriously."copyright protection4PENANAqJHw3pWlg8

.copyright protection4PENANAmD6DfQkZER

.copyright protection4PENANA4hayxKVGzg

In Edoras, capital of the kingdom of Rohan, a meeting was held in which the kings Eomer and Aragorn, forgot the cold that penetrated the throne room and received the news of Prince Imrahil.copyright protection4PENANAxZZfw3EspV

Imrahil, lord of his own kingdom, had elf blood in his veins as much as Aragorn and the Dúnedain, yet the prince’s skin was very tanned and his hair very dark.copyright protection4PENANABLzHpOxJNb

“King Aragorn, King Eomer," said Imrahil, "after the attack by the Tartars on Amon Lanc in which they razed everything in their path, including the lands where the people of Rhun and the stepparis settled, they have decided to join us.”copyright protection4PENANABRtLp0vkH5

“This is great news," said Éomer, relieved to learn that all these refugees would not invade the lands of Rohan.copyright protection4PENANABf4AuAE933

“Negotiations with the new king of Rhun were easy, the problem was with the stepparents as they come from different factions, and I had to interview more than a dozen stepparian kings, but in the end they will all join our cause," Imrahil reported with a smile.copyright protection4PENANA5EOEmesUXf

“We finally glimpsed some light in this dark tunnel," said Aragorn very relieved. “The stepparis are many and know of tactics that will be very useful against Urd and his tartars, also with the information we obtained from the orcs, we ordered the new armor to the elves and dwarfs of the west.”copyright protection4PENANA6z7zkwAQRh

“Do you think everything you asked of them will arrive on time?” Éomer asked.copyright protection4PENANAVsw031BHbF

“I don't think so," admitted Aragorn worried, "I hope Urd decided to attack Mordor instead of starting his attack on Rohan and Gondor.”copyright protection4PENANAKgkzUGNnAL

“Perhaps the defeat he suffered by the orcs in the mountains of ashes forced him to go to Mordor," said hopefully Eomer.copyright protection4PENANADGkKfFgPv8

“May the valar listen to you Éomer, as well as to all our prayers, now more than ever we need time to prepare ourselves to face Urd in the open field," Aragorn wished.copyright protection4PENANA7qADrDF2kQ

“Something that we must avoid at all costs, so I heard," said Eomer frowned.copyright protection4PENANAI572E2Ispi

“You are right Éomer, we must not only change our weapons and armor, we must also discard everything we learned about making war," Aragorn said resolutely.copyright protection4PENANAd2ZyMed34I

“Urd and his Tartars changed the rules of the game," said Imrahil, "we too have no choice but to change ourselves or we will become extinct like the dragons of old.”copyright protection4PENANAbb9MPApuDK

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection4PENANAllPsnuu6XU

Author's final notes: When the Mongols invaded Europe, several nomadic tribes from Asia, who were displaced westward, went to offer their services to the European kings. These Eastern warriors knew of tactics and others that would have helped them fight the invaders, but the Europeans treated them badly, and the stepparts withdrew. In the end we all know what happened with Eastern Europe...copyright protection4PENANApaXoJKDWNH

As the army of Cat Girls is too powerful, I make Aragorn, Eomer and other princes value the help of nomads. With this I try to match things up, otherwise when the Cat Girls do come to Middle Earth everything will be sewing and singing for them.copyright protection4PENANAEZTOLIobd2

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