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Writer Capt. leon
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The siege of Dol Guldur
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
14 Mins Read
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THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection4PENANACKWp8lI2LS

Chapter 13: The siege of Dol Guldurcopyright protection4PENANA4PMpDF9iTo

South of the Mirkwood Forest, the weather seemed to give a respite, and the relentless snowfall gave rise to a clear sky that showed the kingly star in all its splendor.copyright protection4PENANAt0On9PiTgG

Although the cold winds still punished the whole place, the warm sunshine gave joy to every living being and in the case of the elves, it seemed that both their bodies and minds were invigorated by new energies.copyright protection4PENANA5Sr1izn1C8

Gandalf stood beside Elrond and Celeborn on the outskirts of Mirkwood, where three armies gathered to attack the stronghold of Amon Lanc.copyright protection4PENANATGXG6AlfTf

“Rivendel, Lorien, and the Mirkwood elves of the west are gathered together to retrieve Amon Lanc from the hands of Urd and his ruthless and cruel Tartars," said Celeborn who rode a majestic white horse with manes of the purest silver color, the elf king wearing an exquisite and polished armor of elf plaques.copyright protection4PENANAEnftLpi4jy

“Yet we are less than when we snatched the stronghold from Sauron, when he called himself Dol Guldur's necromancer," Elrond reminded them, who, unlike his father-in-law, wore a black armor and not so ornate because of the mourning he bore for his sons. Elrond's black horse wasn’t calm as if he felt the inner fury of his master.copyright protection4PENANALorcqKLNLn

“At that time Sauron had ten thousand orcs, goblins and trolls in the fortress, while we and the deceased kings elves of the north had about five thousand warriors including Galadriel," said Gandalf, whose countenance looked aged. Now among all of us we gather together just a thousand, not counting the cavalry of Rohan and Gondor who came for this meeting.”copyright protection4PENANAWF4TlauHqo

“A malignant force occupies the Amon Lanc," said Elrond, "once again the walls of the fortress shelter an invading force of at least ten thousand men... It is as if history were repeating itself, but this time to mock our misfortune.”copyright protection4PENANAW4LcxxCPBV

“I regret that my wife Galadriel is not with us to fight," Celeborn apologized, "she was a great help when we expelled Sauron from these lands... but with her magic exhausted due to the destruction of the unique ring...”copyright protection4PENANAomkQzKAkyl

“Don't be sorry Celeborn," said Elrond, who had a stern face. “Arwen, who also fought in this place cannot fight at this time, the image of her crushed brothers still refuses to stop tormenting her.”copyright protection4PENANAIu1MonWT5m

“We will avenge the death of Elladan and Elrohir, taking out the enemies of Amon Lanc once and for all," said Legolas, who together with Gimli came to battle.copyright protection4PENANAh2r3eZARPc

“I will avenge the tears of Queen Galadriel," Gimli promised, and Celeborn stared at him.copyright protection4PENANAMdz638REtq

Gimli was nervous at Celeborn’s deep gaze, but then calmed down as he saw the elf king smiling at him and bowed his head with reverence.copyright protection4PENANA0bV1XjoUdu

Flenegal approached the group and indicated that Rohan’s cavalry was already in place.copyright protection4PENANAguwHyLG9Cw

Flaivias, Flenegal's younger brother, also approached indicating that Gondor's riders were also in the indicated position.copyright protection4PENANAmoJVvN4nry

Gandalf, Celeborn and Elrond exchanged glances, and at the command of Elrond, they entered Mirkwood in the direction of Amon Lanc.copyright protection4PENANAOrJJtH3SBg

.copyright protection4PENANAmSLSAkDhtf

.copyright protection4PENANANPExLakQyM

Southeast of Mirkwood, Urd's army had entered Mordor. It was incredible how such a vast army of close to one million troops had traversed such great distances, from the plains of Dorwinion to the eastern end of the mountains of ash in just six days.copyright protection4PENANAome85HQ9zr

“We have left the cold snowstorms behind us, aunt," Chaika said to Urd.copyright protection4PENANApWkbOUvsbY

“We would have arrived in four days, but we needed to move the whole camp," complained Urd, who rode majestically on her small and chubby black mare.copyright protection4PENANAIZOnwAxRr6

The inland sea of Mordor, the sea of Nurnen, had four rivers that came out of it. One was heading west and crossing under the mountains of the shadow, resurged in Gondor to form the river Poros; the other river, the shortest of all, the Nargil, went south and after a short journey, died in the middle of the mountains of the shadow, without crossing these and blessing with the liquid element to the desert of the kingdom of Khand. The Lithlad mountains were the ones that supplied the Nurnen with water by means of two rivers less than a hundred kilometres apart, and it was in one of these rivers, the easternmost that the cat-girl army stopped to divide its forces.copyright protection4PENANADPsRYyzOH8

“General Ryu," ordered Urd with aplomb, "you will cross the narrow pass between the mountains of ashes and the mountains of Lithlad, you will head towards the ruins of the tower of Barad Dur, then go straight to the pass of Isenmouthe and then descend south to the west of the tower of Cirith Ungol.”copyright protection4PENANAg74AiTvOmH

“Should I attack Cirith Ungol?” Ryu asked.copyright protection4PENANAN4GCrdcZ4D

“Your mission General," Urd replied, "is speed, speed that will allow you to go through the foothills of the mountains of ashes and the mountains of shadows to locate a force that will prevent any orc from leaving Minas Morgul or any human reinforcement coming from Minas Ithil, which is what humans call it.”copyright protection4PENANA5Ityzr79gO

“General Chaika," ordered Urd to her adolescent niece this time, "General Ryu's journey is very long, yours on the contrary is shorter, however, you have to cross the west side of the swamp of the dead and give Ryu the necessary support to avoid fighting between the anvil and the hammer. You must arrive with Ryu at the assigned site at the same time, otherwise he or you may be attacked by orcs from the east and humans from the west.”copyright protection4PENANAhxWm7fgD3C

Both Chaika and Ryu stood firm and nodded with complete confidence.copyright protection4PENANAkQG1t8eF7i

“I, on the other hand," Urd continued, "will go with the bulk of the combat army and the logistical army through the middle of the swamp of the dead. This will be enough for Mordor's full attention to focus on me, while you Chaika, along with Ryu will be addressing your goal as quickly as possible.”copyright protection4PENANAjd0MMAeTJv

“But my lady, you will be vulnerable in that muddy terrain!” Chaika suddenly said.copyright protection4PENANAI12EoaTFNX

“The troops that will leave with you will be few but enough to prevent the orcs from fleeing to Gondor, the rest of your forces will come with me," Urd reassured them. “Right, Gigi?”copyright protection4PENANAi8OY9h7oXf

Urd's long black cat smiled mysteriously as he sat on the shoulders of his mistress.copyright protection4PENANAHgtI3fji83

Chaika could not help but shudder at the cat’s gaze, which was that of a predator who had nothing to envy the gaze of the tigers living in the Famnya empire.copyright protection4PENANANQ5Qvt0p9O

“Chaika, Ryu," said Urd, "mares are not fit to overcome the obstacles you will encounter on the slopes of those mountains, so you will ride the mouths we brought with us.”copyright protection4PENANAnrWbq6txvr

The bococho were huge birds that could not fly but that ran very fast and were yellow, although there were many other colors.copyright protection4PENANANcHgVLve3E

Ryu even though he was a tall, muscular cat boy, almost as tall as Urd, decided to climb on a pink-colored female bococho and smaller than the others.copyright protection4PENANAhRvmH1QIqZ

“I know you're the fastest, pretty one," said Ryu with a smile.copyright protection4PENANAwNrtZRAtp5

Urd gave Chaika her war bococho, black in colour and at least three times the size of the other exotic saddles.copyright protection4PENANAUciCtdnYrr

“Be swift and watch over my Chaika," Urd whispered to the bird so that no one else would hear it.copyright protection4PENANADJj8609WJA

The majestic bird croaked and, without giving Chaika a chance to say goodbye to her aunt, ran swiftly along with the other war birds.copyright protection4PENANAWfooJofjSF

.copyright protection4PENANApMRHplUNjm

.copyright protection4PENANAfX5y6czg8i

At Dol Guldur Fortress, General Hikari was informed of strange noises coming from behind the huge clearing surrounding the fortress.copyright protection4PENANAQ5yfthEJBw

“That's wood noise being sawn," the cat boy told himself. All troops on the ground, we'll be besieged in half an hour maximum!”copyright protection4PENANAo0jgHIBCwV

All of Hikari’s forces were placed in their positions as they had practiced it and waited for the siege to begin, which would be carried out on a sunny day to the attackers advantage.copyright protection4PENANAYLS4kYgTep

"Damn it, the snow hasn't melted yet and the sun's reflection is giving us the fullest... They chose this sun-filled day to prevent our shots from being accurate," Hikari said. "In addition, the noise of sawn wood does not come from one place, but surrounds everything around!"copyright protection4PENANAc5vKlY2ZID

The Elves had placed Dol Guldur's weak spot, but they decided to confuse the enemy by cutting and sawing trees all around the fortress, so the enemy would not know where the attack would come from.copyright protection4PENANAv6EOnlxZX4

Dol Guldur was not a fortress, but the ensemble of five separate structures. The main fortress served Hikari as its central tower, while the other four structures were broad interior structures with little fortification.copyright protection4PENANAUWPN19Mh31

Hikari changed all that, fortifying all the walls and putting traps all over the place, several interior walls formed a labyrinth whose route had been memorized by his soldiers, besides several of these walls were hollow and allowed the passage of arrows and spears through strategic openings.copyright protection4PENANAGf6bZsa2rS

The entrances were modified to be replaced by wheel-shaped stones, which could be closed from behind, while it was very difficult for the enemy to open them, in addition to the front of each stone wheel and on the roof were openings where boiling liquids could be thrown.copyright protection4PENANAFXZjLnFjmD

All the stairs were modified so that attackers climbing the steps would have to hold their weapons with their left hand instead of their right hand, while Famnya's soldiers would fight with their right arm. All left-handed soldiers were placed on the only stairs that were not modified.copyright protection4PENANAngAd4BmQSq

Elrond, Celeborn and Gandalf were informed that the enemy forces had been underestimated, as there must have been at least sixty thousand Tartars instead of the ten thousand that were supposed to have become strong in the fortress.copyright protection4PENANARzFYLFqWHR

“How could we be wrong so much!” Elrond shouted.copyright protection4PENANAOnOOHAcnUy

“We are outnumbered not by one against ten, but by one against sixty," said Gandalf worried. “You sure you want to go through with this, Elrond?”copyright protection4PENANA0hPAuTbRJ4

“Amon Lanc can become the spearhead by which the enemy attacks Middle Earth," Elrond replied.copyright protection4PENANAhAEXzpCZlk

“What does the enemy do?” Celeborn asked the elf scout.copyright protection4PENANARaHGZpgbMb

“Stay still in their positions, they don't seem to be nervous about not knowing where we will attack.”copyright protection4PENANAJNsynXszPb

"They are a disciplined army," Elrond thought.copyright protection4PENANAE7Mi4lHHl3

Gandalf looked at Elrond again, but Elrond had already decided to launch the attack.copyright protection4PENANA1ddJTc9aoV

Behind the walls surrounding all of Dol Guldur, Hikari celebrated having gained some time.copyright protection4PENANAl7IOG6L8GB

“The puppets on the walls have made the enemy doubt, how are the preparations going?” Hikari asked the beardless dwarves.copyright protection4PENANAklI7DNtluO

“They go very well, we have already prepared the drawbridges and the pits with poisoned spades that are also covered with tar. The false floors on the access bridges have already been laid and the gunpowder cannons are already lined up on these bridges.”copyright protection4PENANApw1CgVPp5d

The sound of an elf war horn rang around the forest signaling the beginning of the siege and several elves came out carrying ladders to storm the outer wooden palisade.copyright protection4PENANAkql3e190aQ

Snow forced the cat girls to close their eyes and the elves advanced confidently, but the cat girls were not Sauron's orcs and goblins who were weak in the sunlight. The army on the palisades was guided by sound thanks to their cat ears and fired their arrows that although they were not as accurate as if they were shooting them with their eyes open, they did shoot their target by penetrating at least in non-vital points of the body of the attacking elves.copyright protection4PENANABubjCP65aB

The elves were overcome and had to summon the cavalry of Rohan and Gondor. The knights helped the elves conquer the exterior wooden palisade although some knights fell inert due to the perforated arrows of the composite arches.copyright protection4PENANATz7VcnQ2NW

Once the wooden palisade was taken thanks to the knights and the deadly aim of the elves archers, the humans retreated. The wounded riders of Rohan and Gondor tried to pull out the arrows, but they had a form of hook that made the wound worse each time they were pulled out.copyright protection4PENANAg7mBbBDlBN

The elves helped the humans and decided that it would be best for them to remove their armor in order to better treat the wounds, but this action also worsened the wounds.copyright protection4PENANAbcinwUcCZn

Hikari’s soldiers, on the other hand, had leather armor laid in various layers one after the other and a fine silk cloth covered their bodies. When the elf arrows pierced the armor, cat boys or girls would only pull the silk cloth around the arrowhead and remove the arrow without causing many injuries.copyright protection4PENANAdTXlP9JGbw

The elves felt triumphant over the wooden palisade, but this was bombarded by the enemy by small catapults that although they did not have much range, but can destroy all the exterior palisade and thus avoided that the elves had a protective wall. The wooden walls that did not fall were covered with flammable liquids in the back and were impacted by incendiary arrows from the fortress.copyright protection4PENANACrEZ3PAGab

“Well, now they're going to have to retreat to begin the siege of the reinforced stone outer wall," Hikari thought as he assessed the damage suffered by his men, who were not many because they retreated when he saw that the defense of the outer palisade would be impossible to defend any longer.copyright protection4PENANAtloMJUGVxG

“Now that the palisade is destroyed, we will not be able to use this one to cover ourselves," said Gimli frowning.copyright protection4PENANAiLzf7opQ5B

“I never saw such magnificent archers, they even fired with their eyes closed," Legolas admitted.copyright protection4PENANAnH31G6QhM0

“His arrows emit a kind of whistle that facilitates enemy shots," said Gimli, who was worried about the siege. “Legolas, we have only conquered the exterior palisade and that of conquering is not so much because it was destroyed by the enemy. It's clear that we don't face clumsy orcs, and we are far outnumbered. Now a whole high stone wall is coming and behind it the real battle begins.”copyright protection4PENANAsgmR25MJ0j

“We made Sauron himself withdraw from Dol Guldur as we crossed his defenses," Legolas said.copyright protection4PENANApj5YzcnY3s

“But I have a feeling that when we open the Tartars' defenses, sixty thousand enemies will pass through them ready to slaughter us, Legolas, we are so few, even with the humans!”copyright protection4PENANAzqaCrQIh7v

Legolas knew that Gimli was right in the background, but this siege could not be reversed.copyright protection4PENANAiAMFsOKeyL

Behind the grove, Gandalf waited for the report on the first outpost. The news was not to his liking at all.copyright protection4PENANAyX5DWEPkDS

“According to my information, the enemy has thrown several enormous spheres of dry wood fibres in front of its walls," Celeborn said. “Some of the elves have tried to pick up these enormous spheres but they turned out to be heavy and were caught by the enemy's sure-fire shots. The few spheres that were transported and checked had several weights in their interior and it was proved that these fibers can give off a lot of smoke to be impacted with flaming arrows.”copyright protection4PENANAMcjXPKOx2W

“They try to make our vision difficult when the siege of the stone wall that surrounds the fortress begins," Gandalf pointed out, "our lethal elven archers cannot fire with a wall of smoke covering the enemy, but the enemy can fire at us.”copyright protection4PENANA3lwP0ZELdc

“We will not fall into the trap of the enemy," Elrond said, "before starting the siege, we will shoot at these spheres and wait for them to be consumed.”copyright protection4PENANAxLaCp7hfrU

“What if they keep throwing more of those spheres?” Gandalf asked.copyright protection4PENANA8e6rbVbZte

“My elves tell me that they have not replenished the spheres taken by us, presumably they have no more," Celeborn said.copyright protection4PENANAVxzsmzr1kF

“Then set those things on fire, we will resume the siege when all the smoke is gone," Elrond ordered.copyright protection4PENANAeRqouQwL5X

The elves fired flaming arrows at the spheres and they released smoke which had a strong, indefinite aroma.copyright protection4PENANAFdbMEnIQmc

Once the Tartar plan to cover themselves with smoke was dismissed, the Elves resumed their attack at dusk, this time advancing cautiously and covered by several giant fireproof wicker shields carrying several strong soldiers in the vanguard.copyright protection4PENANA4iJEL6dc7y

Thanks to this stratagem, the elves reached the wall and began to tear down a section of the wall with the use of covered battering rams.copyright protection4PENANARmqiLU8hFe

“The wall has fallen, go ahead!” Flenegal shouted and the elf forces entered the fortress like a tidal wave.copyright protection4PENANAelrq86NQXa

“What is this?” He said, Flaivias was astonished to see the inner labyrinth, which was high and had several canvas sheets on its roof that did not let the sunlight pass.copyright protection4PENANA21tMFeSTr0

The Elves continued to advance in the dark and were caught by the enemy that this time was guided by the sense of smell.copyright protection4PENANArjnRB8MKqs

"They fell into the trap," Hikari thought as he heard the elves' steps.copyright protection4PENANAYFNq5VxTMu

The smoke from the spheres was not to create a wall of smoke, but to impregnate the skin and armour of the elves with a characteristic smell that was easy to recognize, so in the most complete darkness, the cat girls who had previously been smeared with a cream that emitted a different smell, eliminated with certain shots to the elves thanks to the smell that came from them.copyright protection4PENANA4PwxBcMu5d

The panicked elves fled in droves and when they turned their backs on the outer wall they were shot by the defenders of the fortress using their small, repetitive crossbows.copyright protection4PENANAvxwSp81bSr

The elves fell under a shower of arrows, which were impregnated with a powerful poison for safety.copyright protection4PENANAER6ricnP5a

“This is an army of the Tartarus," said Elrond without being able to give credit to the massacre in front of him.copyright protection4PENANAk9ZQHB3t69

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection4PENANAGBHdu6lvie

Final notes of the author: The idea of pulling the silk cloth to remove the arrows without causing much damage comes from the Mongols, but also in Korea, China and Japan, used the same system.+copyright protection4PENANAXW54oogMem

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