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Writer Capt. leon
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Battle within the walls of Dol Guldur
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
13 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!MsuzDda2h4HaTRRbifonposted on PENANA

THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection4PENANAw0bweN7zJM

Chapter 14: Battle within the walls of Dol Guldurcopyright protection4PENANAgwfK5TYgWf

In Mordor and unaware of the orcs that did not notice the presence of the cat girls, General Ryu and a few hundred soldiers were riding fast in their bococho as close as possible to the slopes of the mountains of ashes.copyright protection4PENANAkDqeuhpNxO

The terrain was rugged and it took longer than expected to reach the ruins of Barad Dur, the ancient dark tower of Sauron. Well, that of ruins was just a saying, because in the place where vestiges of the gigantic tower were to be found, there was only a huge hole and nothing else indicated that any structure had been erected on that place.copyright protection4PENANAa4OlA29HCS

“This is what happens when a structure is erected with magic," Ryu thought. "When the summoner dies, the whole structure disappears so as not to leave a trace."copyright protection4PENANAuSpKDuDBLz

Ryu watched the crater for a few moments and continued his march towards the Isenmouthe with renewed strength.copyright protection4PENANAR6cikHzJu6

“I must hurry or Chaika will arrive first and can be attacked on two fronts," worried Ryu, knowing that if something happened to Chaika, to Urd's "apple of her eyes" she would blame him. Ryu swallowed saliva and suppressed a shudder by praying that everything would go according to his lady’s plan.copyright protection4PENANAxFbl1Loat1

.copyright protection4PENANA3YTsIwXl8I

.copyright protection4PENANAVZP8h9PRSk

To the southwest of the swamp of the dead, Chaika cursed the impossible terrain she had to cross. Her saddle and that of her few hundred men were of great help in this marshy terrain, but still her march was extremely slow, or at least slow in comparison with the dizzying march to which her army was accustomed.copyright protection4PENANAYq09M1Vaco

“At this rate I will not arrive in time and Ryu will be attacked on two fronts," thought Chaika worried and continued her march through the huge swamp which was full of fatuous fires which insisted unsuccessfully to divert the riders.copyright protection4PENANAbgm5J5CGrK

“Fortunately, the fatuous fires have no effect on our group Chaika sama," said Amane, who was riding a white bird.copyright protection4PENANApmKeu2nkTg

The nature of the cat girls prevented them from falling into the mortal call of the fatuous fires, they were worshiping creatures of both the sun and the moon, good and evil were aspects that could be enjoyed by them in a natural way, they were ying and yang.copyright protection4PENANAFSGF1sHWDU

“We must stick closer to the mountains or the orcs might notice our presence Chaika sama," said Mamoru who was riding a yellow bird, and Chaika with the other men went further west as they rushed the race to meet Ryu.copyright protection4PENANAlPaHUTMxAd

.copyright protection4PENANAh0A2f54DpY

.copyright protection4PENANAT5QALS3sPG

The huge army of Agog still did not notice the presence of Urd who was advancing at a snail's pace through the south of the swamp of the dead, however all the goblins that were by the sea of Nurnen saw the enemy advance and seeing the absurd numbers of cat girls to the north, decided to leave Mordor in a hurry to the east.copyright protection4PENANAnawySqsEY2

The goblins knew the terrain perfectly well and arrived after a couple of days at the open border of Mordor, however, they saw for their horror that walls were being erected all over the horizon.copyright protection4PENANASf3thiymWX

The goblins discussed what they were going to do next, when several enemy riders went after them. The huge mass of goblins panicked and decided to run to the walls to sell their lives and somehow escape before the whole east of Mordor was blocked.copyright protection4PENANAkP3bqO3thT

“Trash of Mordor!” cried from the top of one of the walls, Sora, a demon boy whose name surpassed irony because it meant Heaven. “We are not interested in the slightest bit of massacre at this time!, as you see, we have much more important things to do than to waste them in devouring you at this very moment!, pass the damn time and go east where you can escape the fury of Urd sama!”copyright protection4PENANA9E3GcV7FA5

The goblins did not make themselves begging and releasing their weapons, they fled to the east at all costs.copyright protection4PENANAHtkLWC4uZ0

.copyright protection4PENANAskQvvgjzJA

.copyright protection4PENANAsTfvzsrG71

South of the Mirkwood Forest, the weather was again raging with the inhabitants of Middle-earth, and snow fell steadily on the elves and cat girls who defended the Dol Guldur fortress.copyright protection4PENANAMPu6ArJFVI

The situation was frustrating for both contenders because after two days, neither elves nor cat girls had dared to attack their rival.copyright protection4PENANAFo2vTyLd7v

The elves believed that within Amon Lanc, at least sixty thousand Tartars were armed, while Hikari’s forces believed that behind the grove lay nothing less than one hundred thousand fierce elves.copyright protection4PENANAOAp45ZwxGE

All these numbers were of course exaggerated. Hikari placed dolls on the walls before the first Elf assault, and made the attackers believe that he had sixty thousand soldiers when he actually had ten thousand.copyright protection4PENANAyst3z4uiJq

On the other hand Hikari was informed that the elves expelled Sauron from Dol Guldur. Considering Sauron's forces in the far east (which were actually commanded by the Balrogs), Hikari supposed that for the elves to have accomplished such a feat, they would surely have had a force of one hundred thousand elves. General Cat Boy didn't know that Sauron was just gathering power in Middle-earth after losing his unique ring, so it only took a force of five thousand elves to make Sauron flee to Mordor, where he just increased his strength.copyright protection4PENANA1oO4UIDGWK

Hikari also did not know that the race of the Elves was not only in decline, but that it was in frank retreat to their mysterious white shores from where they could never return to Middle Earth. Urd's General did not know that actually less than a thousand elves were covered by the leafy trees of Mirkwood Forest.copyright protection4PENANAcKlBOqBlXh

“Damn Elves,” curse Hikari, putting again an expression that took away the androgynous beauty of his face, “how I would like to leave Dol Guldur and crush them at this moment, but with one hundred thousand archers all of them with a deadly aim, it would be the end of my troops.”copyright protection4PENANAZwKtAjx5Cg

“Damn the Tartars," said Elrond to Celeborn and Gandalf, "they are very well equipped, I do not understand what is stopping them from advancing on us, but we will soon take advantage of their indecision.”copyright protection4PENANAvEFkJA3mg0

Elrond had given up on conquering Amon Lanc and instead decided he would destroy it. The elves began to build huge catapults and onagers to bury the Tartars under the rubble of the fortress. After two days of hard work in the cold snow, everything was ready.copyright protection4PENANA7sKs4zTGVR

“Elrond, Gandalf," said Celeborn somewhat concerned,"siege machines are ready, the elf and human knights will protect these when the Tartars leave the fortress to destroy them.”copyright protection4PENANAYUnInY1V3E

“This is a good Elrond plan," said Gandalf, "we cannot send more elves to die in that deadly labyrinth that is Amon Lanc.”copyright protection4PENANAcziRU1sXnI

“I would have liked to have recovered the fortress," admitted Elrond with regret, "but the Tartars are so well equipped that they leave me no alternative. Well, tell all catapult and onager crews to reduce the entire Amon Lanc to rubble.”copyright protection4PENANAXvbIXgiQWd

The snow accumulated on the ground silenced the advance of elves and humans, but it could not silence the noise of trees breaking and falling to give way to siege machines.copyright protection4PENANAHU85Dv3Eq6

Fulfilling Elrond's orders, the catapults and onagers barely exited the grove, tirelessly dropping a multitude of projectiles throughout the day, while a strong cavalry of elves and humans from Rohan and Gondor made sure to guard the ceaseless bombardment.copyright protection4PENANAiCFBuzDWx1

"Elves are fearsome," Hikari thought anguishedly. "I put up several defenses to undermine the attackers, but they decided to launch missile attacks."copyright protection4PENANAFvwRdt8vk4

The shells fired by the elves had revealed to the attackers the formidable defenses erected by Hikari. If the elves had entered one of the false weak points, the attackers would have perished drowned because Hikari put small reservoirs of water ready to pour over the elves.copyright protection4PENANAJ1ZR7CnahO

“Damn it, I have no choice but to break down the inner walls and thus tempt the enemy to fight with my forces face to face! If we follow this situation, the elves will exterminate us without even setting foot in Dol Guldur," Hikari decided.copyright protection4PENANAhArWbVwOS3

At the command of their General, the cat girls took all the cannons along with all the explosives that were ready for the enemy and with these they demolished all the exterior and interior walls that formed the inner labyrinth.copyright protection4PENANAPyylqMPyi9

“What was that!” Gandalf exclaimed as he heard the sound of the explosions happening in a timed and systematic manner.copyright protection4PENANAC1bCTjfgtw

An elf scout came to the high council and reported that for some reason Amon Lanc's defenses had been destroyed from within.copyright protection4PENANA4K6vHird7k

“What can this mean?” Celeborn asked intrigued by the enemy's actions.copyright protection4PENANAhWTQijD8RV

“Surely it is a trap," said Gandalf who did not understand why the enemy broke down their own walls.copyright protection4PENANAiuWu6QNm6g

“Even if it was a trap, we can't stay here knowing that at any moment they can bury us in a sea of men, we have no choice but to attack," said Elrond decidedly.copyright protection4PENANASb1ZHIi9Wp

“Let all warriors prepare!" cried Celeborn, "we will enter Amon Lanc!”copyright protection4PENANAueln5EGIMx

Hikari and his forces heard how the siege machines stopped firing projectiles and the noise of the clash of armor and swords echoed in the forest.copyright protection4PENANAD42Ay9qlvx

“Prepare to fight hand-to-hand!” Hikari cried, saying that with the echo coming from the forest he still believed he was facing a hundred thousand elves.copyright protection4PENANACnIEnqmFzj

Although the walls had been destroyed, Dol Guldur's five main structures were still standing and all of Hikari's soldiers went up to occupy their respective positions.copyright protection4PENANA43yqqD47mR

A funereal echo coming from the five structures reverberated all over the place and the elves swallowed saliva when they saw that they would soon face sixty thousand Tartars willing to die defending the Amon Lanc.copyright protection4PENANAFZWHAuQ0Ql

The water snow and wind had stopped and were replaced by a snowfall that promised to increase as the hours passed.copyright protection4PENANAytJh77HuMh

“I have a bad feeling about all this," Legolas told Gimli when he saw the snow fall.copyright protection4PENANAORkmhL0mTm

“As in Pelennor, eh?” Gimli said with a big smile, "You count yours and I'll count mine, this time it's revenge.”copyright protection4PENANAeymagWF7Xv

“I also outdid you in Helm's abyss," Legolas replied with a smile and Gimli turned red.copyright protection4PENANAsvZcN6kuB7

“Well, this time it's all or nothing! I'm sure I'll outdo you this time!” Gimli said and began to march toward Amon Lanc.copyright protection4PENANALpY6LgRMDL

This time both elves and humans marched unopposed within the large complex. Flenegal and Flaivias, distributed the forces in five parts and each of them entered their assigned fortress to face the enemy.copyright protection4PENANA9Rjv1AsGHp

The tension was rising from Hikari’s men, while the elves and humans had left that anguish behind when the attack began.copyright protection4PENANAcaVcmIiHdT

The noises of the attackers were coming closer and closer. The muscles tightened, the jaws tightened, and the senses were forced to work hard. Then, the image of various shadows preceded the attackers and the battle within Dol Guldur's walls began.copyright protection4PENANAOYjM453WRG

“Kiai!” the Famnya defenders shouted as they rushed forward with their blades drawn over the attackers.copyright protection4PENANAH0y1wzBYgi

The Elves stopped the attacks and began to strike back with fury, after all, they wanted to avenge the death of Elladan and his brother Elrohir.copyright protection4PENANAntsjFP1Ywe

You could say things were very even. The combatant elves had hundreds of years if not thousands practicing sword fighting, but the cat girls used sword attack techniques that the elves had never seen before, and the enemy was also very good and fought with fanaticism.copyright protection4PENANASldb7igbe7

The elves fought wielding the sword with two hands, while the cat girls had two swords, one long and the other shorter that used it as a shield, plus the tip of their tails had weapons that could be a small ball of iron to knock out the enemy or a deadly and sharp knife, both seemed to come out of the stump of metal sheathing the tip of the tails as a ded.copyright protection4PENANARW8pXEZyCg

Rohan and Gondor's humans wore heavy armor that restricted their movements, unlike the more advanced elf plate armor or the strange plate armor of cat girls. The swords of the humans were enormous and thick-leaved, which by their weight could not make rapid attacks as did the thin elven swords or the strange swords of a single edge of the Famnyas.copyright protection4PENANAR0JkkpamnH

“Forward, men from the west!” the humans shouted for encouragement and, together with their allies, they attacked with renewed fury.copyright protection4PENANAAf2Oqa6Hll

The collision of swords reverberated all over the place, as sparks leapt all over the place, illuminating in a spectral way all the struggle in the dark corridors and stairways with reversed twist.copyright protection4PENANAOdhXDeCCNf

The edge of the blades pierced through the armor, cutting skin, muscle, nerve and bones. The screams of either anger or pain rose to the snowflakes that descended to the earth, they reached the ground and disintegrated either in a pool of blood or under the footprints of the combatants, unless they were covered by the bodies of the duelists who twisted in pain or rather lay their bodies inert and motionless, except when they were pushed either by their companions or the enemies who continued to insist on fighting.copyright protection4PENANATFfDZA2aWp

“We're pushing them back!” Flenegal shouted euphorically, when a sharp sword drew a bow and cut across his face with a diagonal pattern.copyright protection4PENANARxFUl64rNp

The Captain elf shouted as blood streamed from his chin, lips, nose, and forehead. The elf's skull opened and the brain could be glimpsed before the elf's body fell to the ground and was crushed by the cat girls who resumed the attack.copyright protection4PENANAMCC4AgicS6

The Elves and humans counterattacked, and took one of the five strongholds of the enemy.copyright protection4PENANArMMHpMhrWd

“Eight... nine..." said Gimli, increasingly exhausted due to the stamina and technique of the enemy. “Damn, these tartars are not clumsy orcs or goblins...”copyright protection4PENANAROKxI6DMxr

“Gimli, hang on!” Legolas shouted and stopped the attack of an enemy who nearly beheaded his friend.copyright protection4PENANAck3OpE4HQX

Legolas was very skillful and was able to defeat his attacker, but suddenly saw many more coming in his direction.copyright protection4PENANAOiKAZ9mhBj

“Gimli, we must retreat!” shouted Legolas, to whom the strength began to abandon him.copyright protection4PENANAut7f0PlEBT

“No, a dwarf doesn't retreat, a dwarf never gives way!”copyright protection4PENANA6NeaCDOHlE

Legolas ignored his friend's words and with another elf dragged him out, while a couple of human defenders were killed while covering his retreat.copyright protection4PENANAF9WqKWz7da

Several elven and human horns sounded in the section of the fortress taken and the allies felt their forces renewed.copyright protection4PENANAqIEyYFnjjZ

“You see, we must follow that our section is still under enemy rule!” Gimli insisted, even though he breathed hard.copyright protection4PENANAdpNrzq4o8p

Something struck Legolas's right leg at the time and when he looked down he saw that it was Flaivias' head, which lacked the lower jaw with which the skull exposed the elf's extended and bloodied tongue.copyright protection4PENANA2OzZekWNr9

“No, let's go while we can," Legolas said with a frown.copyright protection4PENANAYSSDqQiOaB

“All right, my friend," said Gimli with what the strength abandoned him and he had to lean on Legolas to leave the fortress.copyright protection4PENANAOn1BOB2TZa

Either by fate or any other luck, as soon as they came out of the inner courtyard they were in, the entire structure they had fought collapsed and crumbled where they were seconds earlier.copyright protection4PENANAi2YS2dcY1E

“What luck," Gimli acknowledged. “And by the way... How many did you count?”copyright protection4PENANA80x0DYRVM1

“Like fourteen," said Legolas, nodding his head and feeling that he too was being abandoned by his strength. “Let's keep moving forward.”copyright protection4PENANAxAoyccae59

At the main fort, Hikari watched as two of the strongholds fell and cursed his stupidity.copyright protection4PENANApocoheBtcC

“We cornered ourselves like mice and allowed the elves and humans to pass over us despite being inferior in number! If I had known we were more, I would have broken the elf siege and escaped to Mordor.”copyright protection4PENANA8kCFlfDcbq

Hikari knew that keeping the other fortresses occupied would be suicide, so he made a fatal decision.copyright protection4PENANAdI1BheOrtU

“Make the shock advance sound," Hikari commanded one of his captains.copyright protection4PENANABSjNgA2S4e

“What will be the target, sir," said the captain.copyright protection4PENANAvcz7SUnw7z

“There will be no target," Hikari said with a hard look on his face. “It will be a general clash and at your discretion.”copyright protection4PENANAXkhZWydL0G

“But we will disperse our forces!” the captain claimed.copyright protection4PENANAGBy0pPArHF

“We will sweep the elves and then retreat northeast," Hikari said poisonously. “We'll get to the great clearing to the east and then we'll head southeast towards Mordor.”copyright protection4PENANAGcSgkKbIhi

The Captain obeyed and went to give the signal to begin the attack. Several horns and drums marked a certain march and the cat girls swarmed out of the crowd, severing everything they found in their path.copyright protection4PENANAhfDzeA8rl8

The allies were surprised at the enemy's attack and the whole place turned into chaos.copyright protection4PENANA82KG29wDBe

There was no strategy, there were no formations, only soldiers trying to assassinate each other in the midst of a heavy snowfall that made it difficult for the contenders to see.copyright protection4PENANAiirayLVJuc

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection4PENANA1MrFlFft7B

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