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Writer Capt. leon
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Victory without celebration
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
14 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!xXdJMml1Vnh6lZr8XZIQposted on PENANA

THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection4PENANAq44iuSfQGP

Chapter 15: Victory without celebrationcopyright protection4PENANAHdNUXAgiCb

A slow march ran south of the swamp of the dead in the cursed land of Mordor. A march made up of a huge army that advanced slowly due to the difficult and treacherous nature of the marshy terrain.copyright protection4PENANAFTi1SKaQJT

“So the young Captain Sora let the goblins go," Urd said, being informed of the flight of the goblins from Nurn's fields. “Well, he had the right decision, we left many soldier engineers in the rear to raise the great wall of Mordor, it would not have been wise to lose such valuable elements in a battle that could be avoided.”copyright protection4PENANAH9XLsrEHik

“I believe that this captain was one of General Sakura's lieutenants," said a Kunoichi who marched on foot with Urd.copyright protection4PENANAxZylTvVaOy

“Ai," said Urd while looking at the horizon, "I think the young captain won a promotion, after all I need to replace the deceased General Sakura. I want you to go to Sora's and give him the good news.”copyright protection4PENANAmtrFukpEb8

Urd raised her arm and waved her fingers at a sign, revealing that huargos scouts were approaching.copyright protection4PENANAxSivDKXhsf

The army of Urd took the assigned positions as planned.copyright protection4PENANACZebl8Hhiv

“We will not chase the huargos," Urd ordered with a smile on her side. They must return and warn Agog of our presence, so that Chaika and Ryu will have a chance to reach their destination when the entire tower of Cirith Ungol will be empty. Go away Ai, tell Sora that he remains in charge of the great wall until it is finished. Once this one is completed, he must leave enough men to defend the place, he can ask me for reinforcements if he consider it necessary.”copyright protection4PENANAPFYgktBJ8M

“Too bad Urd sama," said Ai, whose name meant Love, "I would have liked to go and fight with the orcs and show them my "love" by gutting them.”copyright protection4PENANASFEabiV8zn

Urd laughed low and with a twitch of her arm signaled that the talk was over.copyright protection4PENANAncnBnIJ4Z2

“Ryu must already be in the Isenmouthe, it would have been easier to enter from the northwest, but now there is an unfathomable abyss where Mordor’s black door used to be. Go orcs, go, see the extent of my army and return to Cirith Ungol with your tail between your legs to inform your leader," Urd thought as she watched the rogue explorers get closer and closer.copyright protection4PENANAAOHy511GLa

.copyright protection4PENANAsEQ6O1pJ9Y

.copyright protection4PENANA7wbu8zcSEc

In the Amon Lanc, the battle for all of Dol Guldur continued with unbridled fury as the snow continued to fall relentlessly on all combatants.copyright protection4PENANAUe0BN6DPMp

Hikari killed whoever stood in opposition in front of him, thus demonstrating to his men that this arrogance of his was well founded.copyright protection4PENANAZe3PlSQKBZ

“Give me that," Hikari demanded of a soldier just passing by. The soldier handed him a cannon that did not fire projectiles, but a deadly discharge of long sharp stakes.copyright protection4PENANAJJwVdFuqx8

Hikari shot and struck a magnificent white horse with long, silver-colored manes. The poor animal died instantly, causing his rider to fall to the ground, this one seemed to be an elf commander because of his polished and ornate armor.copyright protection4PENANACrmD39JGYw

The elf rose just as Hikari leapt at him, stoping the cat boy’s deadly attack with sheer luck.copyright protection4PENANA5XL9N71DSD

The elf was a sword master due to the thousands of years he spent polishing his art, but Hikari waved both arms with precise and deadly elegance, not counting the armed tail, which tried to pluck the eyes of his rival.copyright protection4PENANADBm9xAO10l

Although the fight seemed to be even at first, in the end it was not the experience of thousands of years before mediocre rivals like orcs, but the varied and strange techniques dominated in a few decades by the cat boy.copyright protection4PENANA9DNwgQG0xF

The elf's majestic sword was blocked by Hikari's short sword, while the blunted side of his sword crashed into his rival's face, crushing his nose and emptying his front teeth.copyright protection4PENANAwDDiMqpN3h

The elf fell backwards and watched as the cat boy in front of him lifted his katana ready to behead him.copyright protection4PENANAqGSNQqnFrn

“Father, no!” shouted an elf rider in dark armor and riding a formidable black horse.copyright protection4PENANA1B0O8hEOic

The rider tried to ram the cat boy, but Hikari took an elegant long step to the side and then bent down, then with a single movement of his sword he cut the front legs of the magnificent equine.copyright protection4PENANAtOP76BxvpB

The dark-haired rider in black armor was sent forward with a deaf noise and Hikari assumed he would be unable to move immediately, so he turned and headed toward the other wounded elf to finish what he had begun.copyright protection4PENANANPiGD960Ox

The wounded elf stepped forward at lightning speed, but Hikari placed one leg in front of the other so that they were very bent, and thus managed to increase the reach of his stroke that struck the elf fully into the mouth of his stomach.copyright protection4PENANAnP8oEgGj5Y

The elf fell backwards and again the cat boy approached to behead him.copyright protection4PENANAvzNkGUWeql

As Hikari lifted his blade, he was pierced by his back by a spear.copyright protection4PENANAPdb8TOhZO6

“Damn you, this is for the Elves of Thranduil!” shouted the elf in dark armor and lifted the spear, causing the base of it to sink deep into the ground covered with bloody snow.copyright protection4PENANAxcWFBAWhT2

Hikari before he was completely impaled, writhing his body furiously trying to get the elf to drop the long spear. The cat boy's tail moved furiously and Hikari, concentrating, made his tail become longer than its natural extension and with it struck the elf's shoulder, which fell backwards due to the sharp pain of his shoulder, which had been pierced by the knife that carried his rival's tail.copyright protection4PENANAgpB3KiXGwn

“You bastard!” Hikari shouted as he broke the spear and plucked it from his body. Then he went to the dark-haired elf holding half the spear.copyright protection4PENANA1mBduu1MtQ

The elf wanted to put up a fight, but Hikari’s tail enveloped him completely.copyright protection4PENANAS02OGEpDVi

When Hikari prepared to finish the elf with the spear, a sword pierced him from behind, it was his former rival who had managed to rise.copyright protection4PENANAFcIhfszd86

The elf drew his sword from the cat boy's body and with lightning speed, beheaded him as he began to turn around.copyright protection4PENANABascoXGpKa

Once the battle was over, the elf fell backwards holding the armor up to his stomach.copyright protection4PENANAfCbirSWQwS

“Celeborn, hang on!” cried Elrond as he ran beside his father-in-law.copyright protection4PENANA9b4Rtkk2yt

“Elrond... This is the first time in thousands of years that you called me father... I liked it very much...”copyright protection4PENANA99EBm2z3rj

“Celeborn, don't die, you mustn't die!”copyright protection4PENANAdHWpZniWeO

“Cog... I always lived in the shadow of my beloved wife... Cog, cog... Now I can see the valar without trace of shame in the face...”copyright protection4PENANAPnZTfteAvM

Elrond held Celeborn’s bloodied hands and placed his face on his father-in-law’s chest, at the same time as he clenched his teeth to prevent tears from falling down his face. As he looked back at his political father, he saw that Celeborn was dead.copyright protection4PENANA3EWIgjKPmc

Elrond looked up into the sky as his teeth were still clenched.copyright protection4PENANA9AU5ZTtiQH

The sound of a clash of swords was approaching to Elrond and he saw a pair of enemies being killed by a large group of elves who had come together to help their master.copyright protection4PENANA6F55zlyNV4

“Hurry, my lord, we must leave before we are crushed by the Tartars!”copyright protection4PENANAAZJxH0QsPd

“We cannot leave Celeborn in this place, we must take him with us or his body will be crushed in the enemy stampede," said Elrond and the elves fixed their eyes on the inert body of their king.copyright protection4PENANAEZNy5Nsy5j

The elves nodded and with tears in their eyes lifted the noble body of their lord, and along with Elrond, fled from the war that approached dangerously.copyright protection4PENANAfbYlhyHQmD

The cat girls penetrated like a tidal wave through the entire ground floor of the Amon Lanc, beheading and blowing the arms of elves and humans warriors. Once they saw that they had the escape secured, the entire Famnya army escaped along the route indicated to them by their deceased leader and then headed for Mordor.copyright protection4PENANAVXCEukElNu

“Don't chase them, we have already lost many elves in this battle!” Gandalf shouted, he had an ugly cut on his head and shaken what was left of his staff.copyright protection4PENANAysum1z9u7f

The elves initially obeyed, but when they saw how Elrond and a group of elves brought Celeborn's lifeless body, were imprisoned for the desire for revenge and ignored the words of the magician or his lord Elrond, they went into the forest to pursue the enemy.copyright protection4PENANANnqMJIkqyG

Hikari’s army hurried to flee and it was difficult for the avenging elves to reach them, because unlike the orcs or goblins, Famnya’s soldiers were quick reflexes and fast running.copyright protection4PENANA3uDG981OuO

As the cat boys and girls were running on foot they did not have the advantage that their silk antiarrows spread effectively on their backs, so the elves killed many of the persecuted by means of accurate and deadly shots.copyright protection4PENANAj2gNohmyMu

Some of Famnya's warriors moved to strategic locations and covered the retreat of their comrades.copyright protection4PENANANzSelBWG1v

Elves fired their arrows and enemies blocked the shots with their skill with swords. Celeborn and Elrond's subjects were impressed with the incredible display of skill of the warriors who stood up to them, but in the end they could no longer block the arrows forever and fell at the end.copyright protection4PENANAn500L99MXD

Although the battle was over, the snow continued to fall heavily on the survivors, whether they were elves or humans.copyright protection4PENANABgGS35aqDW

Gandalf approached the place where they were temporarily watching Celeborn and his face grew old with grief.copyright protection4PENANAVrvNGRoDyq

“Gandalf, in the end we managed to drive out the enemy, but at a very high cost” Elrond lamented with sorrow.copyright protection4PENANA8Vw9Wii55f

Gandalf nodded, many elves and humans of Rohan and Gondor perished to retrieve the Amon Lanc.copyright protection4PENANAJGvpyzuJ08

“During two eras this place was a place of battles and bloodshed," Elrond said. “No more, we will continue with the bombing of what remains of the fortress so that no one else will reclaim these lands to attack us.”copyright protection4PENANAFVzbIg37TB

The elves obeyed their master's command, and the catapults and onagres reduced the whole place to ruins as the snow continued to fall relentlessly. The survivors before, recovered the inert bodies of their companions, as well as some bodies and equipment of the enemy by order of Gandalf. When the entire Amon Lanc was already ruined, the incessant snow stopped falling and a light drizzle fell in its place.copyright protection4PENANAy2x4buntzs

“From the fortress in this place, there is nothing left but memory," Gandalf thought sadly. “Now the drizzle that falls on us seems to be tears of sorrow for the absence of Amon Lanc, as it seems to mourn Celeborn's death. Just as this place will disappear from the memory of men, so the elves will go to the white shores and their memory will abandon the memory of men.”copyright protection4PENANAIj9eIHOdrO

The men of Rohan and Gondor paid their respects to Celeborn's corpse and then went southwest to go to Edoras, capital of the kingdom of Rohan, carrying with them the bodies of the enemies to show them to their king by order of Gandalf.copyright protection4PENANAl6JVisblz4

.copyright protection4PENANAX86udiYALy

.copyright protection4PENANA2uRbJATxNk

The humans marched, singing a cheerful hymn due to victory over the enemy. Although the invading army of the far east already suffered a defeat at the eastern end of the ash mountains, this was the first battle in which the forces of Rohan and Gondor participated, proving that the enemy despite being called Tartars, in reality they were creatures of flesh and bone that could bleed and die, and not an immortal army from hell that their uncomfortable green-skinned allies called the Tartar. And to prove this to the people of Edoras, the riders carried Hikari’s head as a trophy, which would be exposed in front of the golden castle so that everyone could see the defeat of what they called the Mirkwood Forest Butcher.copyright protection4PENANAl8r44Jwf56

The march to the west, had a different atmosphere, there were no melodious and joyful hymns, no laughter and celebrations with the comrades in arms for having survived the battle, only the solemn and silent march of the elves led by Elrond and Gandalf, the last one who wanted to give his condolences to lady Galadriel, lady of the forest of Lorien, the last of the noldor elves and the last queen of the elves in Middle Earth.copyright protection4PENANAk2frxsJw2u

Celeborn's body rested in a palanquin that had been placed on the wheels of a chariot, and a group of select Elven warriors marched in an escort of honor.copyright protection4PENANA55ZXhIxbfl

Legolas was one of these warriors and behind him was Gimli, who although he was not an elf he also decided to march with Celeborn's body to express his respect and sorrow for the lord of Lorien's elves.copyright protection4PENANAvBuXGyGdNL

“We have already lost many valuable commanders in this war," Legolas said, "more so than in the ring war when the nazguls devastated Thranduil. I don't think Elrond will ever manage to bring so many elves together to fight alongside Aragorn and Éomer.”copyright protection4PENANAj7Oyym1hS3

“Do you think that after this, the elves will go en masse to abandon the middle earth?” Gimli asked.copyright protection4PENANAMY9MVqvtCK

“I don't think so, however, that makes no difference. Slowly but steadily, my people leave this world to never return, the few elves who will stay to face the Tartars will surely miss the strong command of noble warriors like Elladan and his brother Elrohir, as well as the experience and unwavering will of warriors like Flenegal and his brave brother Flaivias.”copyright protection4PENANAO7mi52QMfE

“You talk as if you're leaving too, you won't leave, will you?”copyright protection4PENANAyzLm7kI9CB

“I would never abandon my friends to their fate, and you know that you are one of the dearest friends I have ever met in this world.”copyright protection4PENANAdpzmbuNGYp

“I too am proud to fight beside my best friend and if I have to fall fighting I will make proud to know me beside you.”copyright protection4PENANArMxN5CPWp5

The march of the elves continued as they left the sleet that fell in the surroundings and then be under the snow that began to fall on them.copyright protection4PENANAAXEljLG2Vi

.copyright protection4PENANAD8IduUIiAG

.copyright protection4PENANAI2tfQySFuh

In the tower of Cirith Ungol, in Mordor, there was no snowfall, however, a storm broke out in the hall where Agog was, who as usual spent his time stuffing himself with food.copyright protection4PENANAK4eoqya7B5

“How the cats are inside Mordor!” Agog shouted as he leapt from his seat.copyright protection4PENANAqee8sJ2a1D

“They are just south of the Dead Swamp!” informed him an orc. “And it's not just an advance party! It looks like the entire Tartar army is coming to Cirith Ungol!”copyright protection4PENANARJFkZvTSbn

The orcs were frightened and looked at their leader who had a stupid expression on his face.copyright protection4PENANAaWsplTXw1z

“Shagra, you told me that the Tartars would not dare to enter Mordor, let alone defy the Swamp of the Dead!” Agog said after shaking his head to clear his thoughts.copyright protection4PENANACrOQzgzCqB

“And they shouldn't be big chief Agog!” the old orc said in a frightened way. “Their horses are useless in the Swamp of the Dead! They must be advancing on foot!”copyright protection4PENANAfilVCkrvcD

This last one gave Agog a crazy idea. Emboldened by his victory against Sakura in the mountains of ashes, and with the army advancing at a snail's pace through the Swamp of the Dead, he would take this opportunity to add a new victory which he could boast before his allies, the humans. He also began to think about the things he would ask of Faramir, Aragorn and Éomer once he was victorious.copyright protection4PENANATnAmMWgKsh

“Well, warn all the huargos riders, we will go to defeat the cats," Agog said with a strange look in his eyes.copyright protection4PENANAj5I7WinwVO

“But great chief, they tell me that the Tartar army that is coming is much bigger than the one we face in the Ash Mountains, they tell me that it is so big that you can't tell how many are," said one of the orcs that were in the room.copyright protection4PENANA7a6s6JNyf0

“That's why I also want all orcs, goblins and trolls that can lift even a baton to come with me!” Agog shouted, striking the edge of the table. “I don't care if Cirith Ungol is empty, I want them all marching to the Swamp of the Dead! You heard me, everyone!”copyright protection4PENANAb8nMv9ILUa

“Should we warn the humans in Minas Morgul?” asked an orc looking at his leader nervously.copyright protection4PENANA3dgMkc4II0

“You're stupid or what, we won't say anything to humans. Somebody go to Minas Morgul and tell that Faramir that we will not make the daily orc patrol in front of Minas Morgul as we do every day... Tell him, that we will be practicing with the orcs from Zugul newcomers, yes, tell him that.”copyright protection4PENANAxQbDihn6PC

With this decision Agog did not know that he was making things easier for Urd and that soon the forces of Chaika and Ryu would cut off the way of Minas Ithil to become strong within Mordor. Mordor the cursed land, Mordor where before established Sauron's kingdom, would soon see blood poured out on his ever vibrant ground due to the fury of the Doom Mountain.copyright protection4PENANA61KtNgDv2y

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection4PENANAG5LXR69WOS

Final notes by the author: The distance between the eastern end of the Ash Mountains and the eastern end of the Shadow Mountains, east of Mordor, is less than 170 miles, which is nothing compared to the great Chinese wall, which is much longer and was also built on high mountains, unlike the terrain open to the east of Mordor, which is flat.copyright protection4PENANAXmI8Z1pm7f

The ancient Chinese had a cannon that fired sharp bamboo stems, I only replaced the bamboo that surely does not exist in the Middle Earth with long and sharp stakes.copyright protection4PENANAYehJI50mB2

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