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Writer Capt. leon
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Strange enemy
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
14 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!HwWn093GtHlurd3penudposted on PENANA

THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection4PENANARnAeeQLu9D

Chapter 16: Strange enemycopyright protection4PENANAtQapdazhR2

The Doom Mountain roared with all his might, as if it wanted to make it clear that it was his strength that ruled all Mordor and not the mortal creatures that dwelt within it.copyright protection4PENANAYdwqqAPFYk

Away from the fury of the huge volcano, Ryu had finally reached his destination and began preparations to entrench himself at the pass connecting the Cirith Ungol Tower with Minas Ithil.copyright protection4PENANASPHt3WjPrs

"It's a good thing I got here before Chaika," thought Ryu worried. "Now I expect her to arrive before the orcs or humans attack me."copyright protection4PENANAtUjDkwOTNG

Ryu’s fear was confirmed, for at that time all the orcs who did not go with Agog to the Swamp of the Dead had seen Ryu’s men arrive and began to prepare for battle.copyright protection4PENANAWMTtcj32Y1

“Hurry, we must not let them cut off the Minas Morgul pass!” shouted the old Shagra, who stayed in the tower because of his limp. “Get as many weapons as you can and let's get it over with!”copyright protection4PENANAmRQ4kU0DKr

"Damn," Shagra thought. "There are only cripples and sick people in the tower and surroundings. I don't know what the Tartars are up to, but we must stop them from blocking the way. I don't think humans know of the enemy's arrival, Minas Morgul is hidden from the sight of the tower and the pass is not visible either... Stupid Agog! He shouldn't have called all the orcs, now there's no communication between Cirith Ungol and Minas Morgul or the forces that should already be in the Dead Swamp."copyright protection4PENANA6empSHVGAJ

Shagra's concern was justifiable and a pathetic yet large mass rushed to where Ryu and his men were, ready to regain their way so that they would not be separated from their human allies now that almost all of Agog's forces were in the south.copyright protection4PENANAnwwgZJA3Lz

“With the black door and all of Udun, now turned into an abyss, Minas Morgul is the only way out of Mordor to the west," Shagra thought nervously. "If the cats succeed in defeating in the Dead Swamp, this will be the only escape route, we can't go south and then east as the enemy blocks all north of the Nurnen Sea."copyright protection4PENANA57qWcKQcoB

.copyright protection4PENANAEuP1THIPoj

.copyright protection4PENANAzLQ52QOCTA

After several weeks in which the snow punished the city of Edoras, capital of the kingdom of Rohan, finally the weather gave a respite to the suffering people of the capital. This, together with the return of the men who went to fight supporting the elves in Dol Guldur, resulted in a festive atmosphere which was also supported by the news of victory carried by the riders.copyright protection4PENANAbYIBVUmM7K

“The Tartars were defeated in the north, in the forest of the elves!” a man exclaimed happily, as the horsemen moved to the sound of cheers from the crowd.copyright protection4PENANAnLedN8VvXj

“Urd and his Tartars will not attack us from the north, all thanks to our knights and Gondor's men!” said a woman with a small child in her arms, who pointed to the large group of horsemen and soldiers entering the capital.copyright protection4PENANAPw5FC7vrKp

“The elves made Sauron's orcs retreat in the previous war, and now our knights have helped the elves drive out the Tartars!” a fat man cheered as he joined the cheers of the crowd present.copyright protection4PENANA1WoJyjEU5L

“We will surely win this war too!” a gray-haired and almost bald man was celebrating when he was interrupted by the screams of the crowd.copyright protection4PENANAEtxTGk1BQZ

“It's the enemy commander, the one called the Mirkwood butcher!” the inhabitants of Edoras shouted euphorically, when a captain of Rohan proudly showed Hikari’s head for everyone to see.copyright protection4PENANAVFw1l88QAT

Next to the general cheers, there was the uncompased but loud noise of drums and one or two horns played by a soldier who was stationed nearby.copyright protection4PENANAgBQEloYZi3

Aragorn, who had come to Edoras with several knights to help in case the Tartars decided to leave Amon Lanc to go to Edoras, was next to Eomer and watched as the proud warriors of Rohan and Gondor approached the "castle of gold".copyright protection4PENANAKXwhRdCTPs

Deorlas, captain of Rohan; and Hallatan, captain of Gondor, both of whom had fought at Amon Lanc, led the march and were received by their respective kings.copyright protection4PENANASK8pMtyVk8

Deorlas handed Hikari's head to Eomer, and he put it on a high pedestal so that everyone could see it, then he, together with Aragorn and the other Captains went to the royal stables where they had deposited the bodies of the enemies. There, they could speak more calmly and without the interruption of the crowd that began to agglomerate to see what was left of the enemy commander.copyright protection4PENANAOAKEf53d5m

“The enemy outnumbered us my kings," Deorlas reported, "but decided not to go out and confront us. I don't know the reasons for this, maybe they overestimated our numbers, either way, I thank them for it, otherwise no one would have returned alive.”copyright protection4PENANAgQkN8b1K5Q

“The Tartars raised strong defenses in the Amon Lanc," Hallatan continued, "it would have been impossible to have taken the fortress. Fortunately, Lord Elrond ordered the construction of catapults and onagres to destroy Dol Guldur. The enemies decided to knock down their own defenses to fight and for our luck they decided to corner themselves in the high towers, that's how we got the advantage at first.”copyright protection4PENANAdYBlnnOVi8

“Then," Deorlas continued, "the enemy decided to leave their hiding places en masse. It was there when the tide changed and I thank the gods that the enemy decided to flee through the forest instead of attacking us or another would have been the fate of all of us in the Amon Lanc.”copyright protection4PENANA47JOLYUPbZ

Eomer nodded his head and continued to ask for details of the battle. Aragorn was saddened to hear of the fate of Flenegal and his brother Flaivias, but the worst was when they told him of Celeborn's death.copyright protection4PENANAbsQvgZGhJL

“Celeborn dead... this is certainly terrible news," said Aragorn dismayed.copyright protection4PENANA7XKJi7673p

“I don't think the elves will continue to help after the king's death," said Éomer worried. “How did you perceive the situation?”copyright protection4PENANAg7wZViXP79

“It was a serious blow to the elves' morale," Deorlas said, "but the courage shown by Lord Elrond and King Celeborn in confronting the Mirkwood butcher brought them back to their forests with sad looks, but also full of pride, and I would not say that our elves allies will stop fighting beside us.”copyright protection4PENANAPiCGNSFuap

“What about Gandalf?” Aragorn asked.copyright protection4PENANAgim01F88Mb

“Gandalf left the battle safe and sound, as did Legolas the elf, and Gimli the dwarf. The only thing that seemed to bother Gandalf was that his staff was shattered," Hallatan replied, reassuring his king. “The three of them went to Lorien to pay their respects to Queen Galadriel.”copyright protection4PENANAx3i42em04u

“First his brothers and now his grandfather," murmured Aragorn, who frowned as he imagined Arwen's grief at the sight of Celeborn's corpse arriving.copyright protection4PENANAaUMMAAEg4O

“King Eomer, my King Aragorn," said Hallatan, interrupting Aragorn's thoughts, "Gandalf ordered us to take the bodies of the enemies with us.”copyright protection4PENANAGl72m8Iugv

Deorlas stepped forward and then led the kings to the back of the stable where the bodies were found. Along with them came an elf named Galdorin and a dwarf named Kilibin.copyright protection4PENANAFOyYSBcfBg

Both Aragorn and Eomer, were surprised to see the bodies of the enemies, it was the first time they saw the Tartar enemy, but what surprised them most was to see that there were not only men among them, but also women.copyright protection4PENANAJLbwyM6d2b

“Do they allow their women to fight alongside men?” Éomer said. “This is barbarian!”copyright protection4PENANA2Iw9LThuny

“Perhaps that's what the Tartars think of us," Aragorn said as he saw the polished weapons and armor worn by the bodies.copyright protection4PENANAZ2nx1g9dvK

Aragorn and Éomer came closer to the corpses, not being able to deny that this enemy possessed a beauty that had nothing to envy that of the elves, besides that their strange nature baffled them.copyright protection4PENANAufwFL5rSiu

“As my lords can see," Deorlas pointed out, "these enemies belong to a race that we had never seen before in Middle Earth. Moreover, the enemy seems to be formed not by one but by several races, something similar to Sauron's forces, which consisted of not only orcs, but also goblins, and different kinds of trolls.”copyright protection4PENANA3kdAuYtMsR

The kings nodded as some corpses had tails and cat's ears, but others seemed to have wolf or fox tails, even saw a rabbit's ear as the right pair had been cut off.copyright protection4PENANAksTI0VY98u

“The hair of the enemy has different shades of color," Deorlas said. At first I counted only seven, but then the elves told me that they counted more than seventy-five different shades of color. Although it seems incredible all hair is natural, none of them has any dye, the eyes of the enemy also present the same number of variations in color too.”copyright protection4PENANAUDKrjvwLoP

Hallatan had removed the helmet from one of the corpses and then a delicate and pleasant aroma penetrated the environment.copyright protection4PENANAfs9t3ErwqU

“The aroma you perceive," Hallatan explained, "comes from all the enemy's helmets. I don't know what's the reason for it to spread every time the helmet is removed, I can't explain it.”copyright protection4PENANAnLmhtncswl

“Galdorin, Kilibin, what can you tell us about the enemy's weapons and armor?” Aragorn asked, and both the elf and dwarf began to inspect the strange armor and weapons.copyright protection4PENANAWqZGRico3B

“Beware of the swords," Hallatan warned, "some of my men or Deorlas' men suffered severe cuts on their fingers as they grabbed them by the blade.”copyright protection4PENANAdj3nM61eDr

The elf and the dwarf undressed the corpses and inspected the armour, then took the different kinds of swords and tried to break them with theirs, then hit these on the floor.copyright protection4PENANA91cwjGTw8p

Aragorn and Éomer did not need to be expert blacksmiths or armourers to know that the swords were of a level far superior to their weapons and eagerly awaited the report.copyright protection4PENANAR5QRMH9Z5d

“Their strange plate armor is much lighter than you humans, or the ones we elves or we dwarfs use," Kilibin revealed. “Not everything is iron, but there are several segments of pressed leather that are excellent for stopping swords and arrows. The fine cloth underneath the armour is something that neither the elf or I have ever seen before, its quality is much higher and as incredible as it may seem, its function seems to be to prevent the tip of the arrows to penetrate very deep into the flesh and also be easy to remove. Looking at everything as a whole, I would say that the aim of these armour is more mobility than defence, although the latter aspect is also very well taken care of. I don't understand the reason why they don't wear boots, but this kind of sandals, some with these rare elevated platforms, maybe it's because iron tires the extremities, if that's the logic, this is an army with a mobility never seen before.”copyright protection4PENANAAjxDGjKHyn

“With regard to weapons," Galdorin reported, "the almost imperceptible curve of the swords and the shape of their handles give them a much better balance, including the best elf swords of the past. Their appearance is deceitful, if you observe them well they appear to be very fragile but in fact they are very resistant and their sharpness is something that I have never seen in all my thousands of years, I believe without making a mistake, that a blow from this sword can sever the bone of a man of a single cut and in a clean way, besides, I can assure that I could cut six men without any protection whatsoever and stacked one on top of the other. They are not double-edged like our swords, but have only one edge. My conclusion is that the enemy's form of fighting involves blockade and disarmament movements never seen before, excuse me, but I don't see any shields around here.”copyright protection4PENANA8HpldI16ea

“They didn't need it," answered Deorlas, pointing to a small sword next to the body of an enemy. “With that little sword they blocked each of our blows. The longest and curved sword that is beyond, used it with two hands, I saw how one of the elves was cut in half by one of them, the sword penetrated his skull with a nightmare facility and then came out clean between his legs.”copyright protection4PENANAw6fmX13709

Aragorn and Eomer exchanged glances of astonishment and then looked at the inert bodies of the enemy, the beauty of their face and body was disturbing, and the color of hair and eyes of the fallen accentuated their beauty.copyright protection4PENANAlAtSe9cZQK

“First the hobbits and now these creatures," said Éomer, "apparently this fourth era seems to hold for us men to see wonders never seen before. It is a pity that these women came to Middle Earth with the desire to wage war.”copyright protection4PENANAnZsMlGunMJ

“Is there anything else you should report?” Aragorn asked.copyright protection4PENANAxjQMFONJWO

“My king," said Hallatan nerves, "some of the feline soldiers, whether men or women, seemed to have the strength to defeat a troll by clean hand. Creatures that did not possess feline attributes did not have that ability but still fought undoubtedly with courage.”copyright protection4PENANAThomaDvmCm

“My King Eomer, King Aragorn," said nervous Deorlas, while he was quick to look at Galdorin and Kilibin, "there is something else you must see, they are bodies that are beyond and we do not show them because of the presence of the elf and the dwarf.”copyright protection4PENANA7ZmALIgg53

Aragorn and Eomer were surprised and asked to see the bodies, Galdorin and Kilibin also asked to see the bodies.copyright protection4PENANA0CmRp1FdLC

The group went to the far end of the stable and saw the bodies of several elves and dwarfs side by side.copyright protection4PENANA1ETq043wqF

“What does this mean?” Kilibin asked as he saw what appeared to be the bodies of some dwarfs, though they were characterized by no beard, except one of them being very short.copyright protection4PENANATyFf8rXpH3

Galdorin, on the other hand, said nothing, but with a frown he came forward to inspect the body of the elves lying before him. Some had blonde hair and white skin, typical of middle earth elves, while others had tanned skin and white or dark blue hair. Their ears were also different, unlike the elves of the middle earth, these elves had very long and pointed ears.copyright protection4PENANAtIFPz5RfiC

“The bodies that you see here," Hallatan reported, "are not of soldiers. The bearded dwarves seemed to be the engineers in charge of Amon Lanc's defenses, while the elves seemed to be a kind of herbalist like those in the healing houses in Minas Tirith, others seem to be simple cooks.”copyright protection4PENANARjhLJhPNOg

“Why are these dwarves and elves with the enemy?" said Éomer with a frown. “Why did they decide to help an enemy who massacred the elves and dwarfs of the north?”copyright protection4PENANAtHO8XXzUnh

All present exchanged glances but no one knew the answer. That same afternoon Eomer ordered all the bodies to be burned and Aragorn asked Galdorin and Kilibin to be very careful with everything they saw in the royal stables, as well as to rush the shipment of the new armor and weapons according to the specifications given to them by the steppes riders, allies of Gondor and Rohan.copyright protection4PENANAYQZEFzJxO2

.copyright protection4PENANAaGlrr5JgTx

.copyright protection4PENANAwmelucj46G

A huge, chaotic group of orcs were attacking with all their scarce strength, the position of Ryu and his men under the sky covered with black clouds. The only light in the middle of the night came from the torches that carried orcs and goblins, which used them as weapons against the cat girls who defended the passage between the tower of Cirith Ungol and Minas Tirith.copyright protection4PENANAl5wlJcUsJI

“Green dogs," curse Ryu, while he cut in half an orc that was thrown on him, "all afternoon we cut the advance of the orcs, but more and more and more are coming. I will not be able to defend this position with less than a thousand soldiers, I hope that Chaika and her soldiers will arrive soon.”copyright protection4PENANAuTpQlQW47P

Shagra had sent some orcs to inform Agog about the enemy's presence at the pass of the Mordor Mountains, but he knew they would not arrive in time to prevent the enemy from becoming strong at the pass.copyright protection4PENANABEcQZH2iL9

“If this is a trap and Agog goes towards it, we must recover the step or at least send an orc to warn Minas Morgul to send reinforcements," Shagra thought, who at the time saw how the green wave was gaining ground more and more. "This situation can change at any time, the orcs are weak and sick, we will not tolerate this rhythm."copyright protection4PENANAY7eusXHmqq

Shagra decided that they could no longer fight and ordered all the orcs to make a final effort to break the enemy's defense, the plan was no longer to win, but that at least one orc reach where humans and report the situation.copyright protection4PENANA5VkuLFlIKs

The green charge was powerful, and some orcs and goblins made it through the defense to Minas Ithil, but Ryu’s deadly archers put an end to them all, with the exception of a huge but thin troll in leather armor covering his back, which stopped all arrows.copyright protection4PENANAyl6Kc6sfpe

The troll was moving further and further away from the pass when suddenly a shadow fell on him, beheading him in the act.copyright protection4PENANApnlESOBAb2

The head rolled a few yards and then stopped under the weight of a delicate foot that landed on it.copyright protection4PENANA0hXlLJ07rK

“I'm sorry it took so long General Ryu," excused Chaika while with a quick movement of her sword, she wiped her weapon from the blood of the troll.copyright protection4PENANAA06GLjNdzc

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection4PENANAsYANCtCe3N

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