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Writer Capt. leon
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The reverence of the Doom Mountain
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
14 Mins Read
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THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection3PENANACbC6k6lW90

Chapter 17: The reverence of the Doom Mountaincopyright protection3PENANAXyZAnq4Ytf

The clouds hooded over Mordor did not let the moonlight and stars filter, making the ground beneath them resemble a black sea which had as its only lights the torches scattered on the ground, some of them still held by the amputated hands of the orcs.copyright protection3PENANAwv4tBCPMas

Chaika's timely arrival broke the orcs' willpower and these panicked prey ran towards the tower of Cirith Ungol to seek refuge, however, the green skins were exhausted and as they entered the tower, so were the cat girls. What happened next was a massacre by Famnya's army.copyright protection3PENANAGMDiTXpeUy

The sun was beginning to rise from the horizon and Mordor's darkness was swept away to show a horror that it would have been preferable to remain hidden from the darkness of the night. The entire interior of Cirith Ungol was filled with corpses of orcs and goblins who tried to ask for mercy, their bodies lying cut up and scattered throughout all the stands and corridors of the watchtower.copyright protection3PENANAfR7esvExt7

The cat girls were anxious from one place to another looking for materials to help fortify the blockade of the Ash Mountains pass, the only exit west of Mordor after the destruction of the Black Gate.copyright protection3PENANAM0DRueuj1E

“We must hurry,"s aid Ryu to himself, "until now we have been very fortunate that the humans of Minas Ithil have not been crossing the pass. How I would like Hikari to be here, he is good at this fortification stuff.”copyright protection3PENANALIrp1knqzh

“We can only continue to fortify the blockade," said Chaika, who had heard Ryu's words. “We already sent all the bococho back and I hope that new riders will come to reinforce us by crossing the route I took in the south.”copyright protection3PENANAZP973CCI96

“I hope they'll arrive soon, Chaika.”copyright protection3PENANAPW6tNAIhUK

“They will do it Ryu, it cost me more time to have crossed the Swamp of the Dead for the first time, instead, the reinforcements will go along the road I traveled without making the same mistakes that I did.”copyright protection3PENANAWFsn4uIrVi

“Even so I remain concerned, the kunoichi who came in the evening informed us that Urd sama left some two hundred thousand men east of Mordor to build a wall that would prevent us from being surprised by an attack, She also informed us that she left another two hundred thousand in the fields of the Nurnen sea to recover the land for sowing, and the kunoichi told us that reinforcements will come slowly from your passage through the Swamp of the Dead. I know that even with all these losses, Agog's army continues to be much smaller in number, but the orcs have the advantage of the terrain.”copyright protection3PENANAJV7T2avESE

“Urd sama said she had a plan," Chaika replied, "I don’t know what it is, but she will surely be able to crush the orcs.”copyright protection3PENANAKIBRcosUGm

“As she always does," Ryu acknowledged as he hardened his face as he recalled the brutal battles he faced with his mistress Urd within the borders of the Famnya Empire, when countless hordes of orcs led by balrogs ravaged the imperial lands.”copyright protection3PENANAED1606BJxw

“I could almost feel sorry for the orcs," Chaika said with a pity look.copyright protection3PENANA1hr8atjF8c

“You know Chaika, the key word here is Almost.”copyright protection3PENANAkTUVK6kd11

“Did you make a joke, General Ryu?” Chaika smiled funny, but Ryu did not reply and was on his way to review the work of his men.copyright protection3PENANAzFEAMFGnoe

.copyright protection3PENANAUqvlyFPSlX

.copyright protection3PENANA4GRZBC6WP7

In Minas Ithil men could feel how the Orodruin, the Doom Mountain, roared with all its strength as the ground vibrated beneath their feet.copyright protection3PENANAYoNDZzjGXH

“Now that Sauron doesn't exist, it is the Doom Mountain the true lady of Mordor, isn't it, Dad?” Bergil asked, somewhat apprehensive at the roar of the colossal volcano.copyright protection3PENANAUR8qdH53zr

Beregond glanced at his son and stroked his head in disheveling his hair, which was not very good considering that the man still wore the metal gauntlet.copyright protection3PENANA1D7SDJuJFj

“True, Agog dominates Mordor with the exception of Minas Ithil, but the Doom Mountain will not cease to roar because it does not recognize the dominion of Agog in these dark lands," replied Beregond who had a look of concern on his face.copyright protection3PENANAREIEhHeAnb

“What's bothering you, Dad?”copyright protection3PENANAii3rIh8OkH

Beregond messed up his son's hair again.copyright protection3PENANAfllneY6IIM

“Dad, that hurts. Stop it and tell me what's bothering you.”copyright protection3PENANA2zqLdIsrjQ

“The braggart of Agog sent his troops back to Cirith Ungol, we have not heard news from the orcs since then. The riders we sent tell us that a fortification was erected that blocks the pass.”copyright protection3PENANADC9H3RYbGi

“Why did they do that?”copyright protection3PENANATWEfjSepBW

“I don't know, but the orcs guards wouldn't let anyone near the stockade at risk of being shot by their archers, they said they were playing "war games”. They told me that the guards were covered in thick leather armor that covered their whole body and face, and they stank a lot, as if they smelled flesh rotting.”copyright protection3PENANAcEwDpKlScF

“The orcs always stink Dad," Bergil told him with a smile to alleviate his father's concern, but at the same time he thought there was something strange about the whole thing.copyright protection3PENANAIPhRwlJvxq

"Here's an enclosed cat," thought the boy and his curiosity began to grow. "Without Dad noticing, I'll go to the pass and see for myself the stockade."copyright protection3PENANAOrmsGGlV6X

.copyright protection3PENANASiBoV18hTk

.copyright protection3PENANAWCaeuHAdc7

Unlike the frenetic activity around the tower of Cirith Ungol, in the Swamp of the Dead, Urd's colossal army was heading northeast, at a turtle's pace, towards where once stood the tower of Barad Dur, where Sauron resided materialized in a huge, unspoiled infernal eye.copyright protection3PENANAD0y0tfGPbM

“We will not yet leave the swamp of the dead," Urd thought as she looked in the direction of Sauron's physical manifestation. “The orcs were cowed by the numbers of my army, even though I sent three hundred thousand of my men to the north without Agog finding out. The orcs use the same tactics as us which is to attack at a distance and then retreat, but I do not plan to go after them, that they continue harassing us with their ridiculous attacks, they will soon fall into the trap.”copyright protection3PENANAM34os0pBhi

The mares were useless in this terrain and for that reason the riders were dismounted holding the bridles of their saddles, which went to the middle of the enormous mass that stubbornly raffled the rotten and cursed waters.copyright protection3PENANAWeU6toN3C0

Agog, who at first had believed that he would obtain an easy victory, was overwhelmed by the incredible number of enemies in front of him, discarded his plan to attack head-on and ordered instead, that all his rogues with their extra orcs and goblins make rapid attacks and then retreat to see if in this way the enemy decided to pursue them and then ambush them, however, the cat girls always stayed together in a compact formation that although it delayed them very much in their advance, it also protected them from the arrows and the slings enemies.copyright protection3PENANAag1JhuZXja

“Unfortunately, the entire Tartar army retreats at a snail's pace," groaned furiously Agog. “I know this is a trap, but I cannot command my forces to return to Cirith Ungol or we will be swept away by the numerical superiority of the cats.”copyright protection3PENANAK6ePuGPUh7

“What do we do big boss?, the cats just back down," asked one of his lieutenants.copyright protection3PENANAddl7kPw8S9

“We can do nothing more than keep sending the huargos to attack," Agog said with a tone that showed his frustration. “The army of Urd is huge, but with every attack it loses more and more men, we must keep attacking!”copyright protection3PENANA83q9NHEMEY

“They lose men with each attack, but as the humans say: "it's like removing some hairs from the cat", they are so numerous that I can't count them.”copyright protection3PENANAXo5cdAS3ua

“Like if you knew how to count old pig son!, what the hell do you want us to do, if we get out of the Dead Swamp we'll be playing their game!, their riders would crush us, here at least the cats are advancing at a turtle's pace and our huargos are very fast in this fucking terrain!” Agog spat at him, holding him by the arm and making him feel all his foul breath.copyright protection3PENANAaHowPJlmRd

Agog cried out that his endowments of huargos should follow the attacks without resting. Huargos riders again launched themselves in pursuit of causing more enemy casualties, however, this was difficult because the outer rows of the enormous enemy mass carried huge shields that completely covered them both ahead and above.copyright protection3PENANAw0hWa4DPQi

He strained his muscles and cursed, while Urd smiled grimly at the ridiculousness of the situation.copyright protection3PENANANOHS0VtTYX

“To this absurdity the conquest of Mordor has been reduced," Urd cynically thought. "You Agog, can't go back to Cirith Ungol, and I can't attack you to keep you from going there. In the end it all can be summed up as a struggle of wills, but who will give in first, your green skin troops or my soldiers? What loyalty will be the first to break? Who will be the leader who will inspire more fear in the hearts of his men? For you Agog, this game can be frustrating, but for me... It's a lot of fun!"copyright protection3PENANA39FsFub1R2

Urd waved a manic smile towards the enemy’s direction and Sakurai, along with the tough soldiers around Urd began to sweat cold.copyright protection3PENANAfn3wjdAX2r

.copyright protection3PENANAfQfXJgSc9R

.copyright protection3PENANAad0PFGjQHb

The situation was frustrating and this extended for several days, the permanent retreat of the cat girls seemed not to go even a hundred meters per day.copyright protection3PENANATXyXtSb3Pd

“We have now reached the northeastern tip of the swamp of the dead," said Urd, who saw how a new day began as she caressed Gigi, who was as usual on her shoulder. “Get ready, Gigi, it's time to go through with the plan.”copyright protection3PENANAu54K2O0V09

The cat nodded and then without the help of wings, flew away from the compact mass and headed south.copyright protection3PENANAManN02tjTb

“Let's stop backing up!” Urd ordered, after a couple of hours with a voice that rumbled all over the place. “Prepare to move forward as planned!”copyright protection3PENANAvM83JBVUFK

The enormous mass stopped and more than two hundred thousand cat girls breathed relieved that the martyrdom of the incessant and frustrating retreat through the enormous marsh had finally ended.copyright protection3PENANA8aQdUS1VO1

“Great chief, the cats stopped," said one of Agog's lieutenants. “Now they're starting to move forward, but they're moving too slowly.”copyright protection3PENANA5AcsncuRwn

“Well, everyone get ready to attack seriously this time. We'll take advantage of the fact that we're still in advantageous terrain," said Agog, then the whole green-skinned army began to prepare for the advantage that was given them to fight in the marshy terrain, despite being outnumbered.copyright protection3PENANA21ab5UN0Ps

Agog's forces took a long time to take up positions, while the huargos continued with their lightning strikes, which this time were answered by enemy arrows.copyright protection3PENANALYDBbxucti

“Shoot towards the sky to miss the shots, I do not want the orcs to retreat in disbandage, not yet," Urd ordered her forces and these obeyed the orders of their mistress.copyright protection3PENANAeyTr0hEv8a

The orcs and walking goblins took a long time to take up positions because of the difficult terrain, and when they did, they heard the distant sound of water splashing approaching them from the west and south.copyright protection3PENANATbc3mhYaiN

The orcs looked in these two directions and saw enormous numbers of enemies on foot were running toward them. All of these had removed the armor of plates and instead wore simple silk fabrics with paintings simulating fire or tiger stripes covering their legs, and in the case of females, they wore tight bandages covering their breasts.copyright protection3PENANAC3LfFXNaag

"Well, the soldiers I commanded to separate from my main force arrived in time after circling Doom Mountain," thought Urd. "It was a good idea to separate the surprise attack group into two, one will cut off the orcs' retreat to the west and the other will cut off the south, you warned them well Gigi."copyright protection3PENANAtoPmQQDulM

The Urd's plan worked perfectly, the soldiers had dismounted from their mares and removed their armor, now they were advancing at a speed that was blazing in the treacherous terrain beneath them thanks to their natural agility and the sandals with small stilts they wore.copyright protection3PENANAFfXRik8hur

The front lines of Urd's heavy infantry separated and several huge white wolves emerged along with riders mounted on majestic red deer which were very fast in this terrain.copyright protection3PENANA47uQnaNblX

“Huargos, charge the riders and the wolves!”copyright protection3PENANAsOmhbd8PHt

 Agog shouted with aplomb to instill courage in his army, but he discovered with horror that the resilient huargos were exhausted due to the constant attacks they carried out at the command of their leader.copyright protection3PENANABmIze1Umip

“That's why the cats were slowly retreating, it was so that the huargos could attack without stopping... I fell into their trap from the beginning!" Agog noticed and fixed his eyes on his other forces.copyright protection3PENANAOnxjeVt26O

The trolls covered in heavy armor that used to tread carefully on the ground were now sinking as they tried to face the enemy. Agog had a cold sweat run down his back.copyright protection3PENANAZzDmQOzZDh

The orcs went from surrounding the enemy to being surrounded by them. The battle plan designed by Urd was carried out, which always implied no possibility of escape from the enemy and systematic massacre instead of just struggle.copyright protection3PENANAseDbORdIew

The unarmed cat girls would attack the walking orcs who, because of their weight and natural clumsiness, were at a disadvantage in the marshy terrain.copyright protection3PENANA73TEm7zPaG

For the immobilized trolls, a special tactic was reserved, which consisted of blinding them with long spears or swords, then they would throw a net at them and leave them for after the battle.copyright protection3PENANAEafhw6565I

The weary huargos were easy prey for the wolves, while their endowment of orcs archers and slingers goblins was decimated by the skillful archers on top of the deer.copyright protection3PENANAoyX2KLTXu8

Those rider of huargos who tried to flee, saw how the legs of their saddles were broken by very long swords with the blunt tip.copyright protection3PENANAtCbngxvQnF

This time the archers and crossbowmen of Urd fired at close range, which were covered by the other foot soldiers.copyright protection3PENANAx1PNjmTosZ

The orc archers fired at will but were blocked by the heavy infantry of Urd, who were responsible for stopping the arrows with their huge shields as they advanced slowly. The green-skinned archers continued to insist, but were then surrounded by heavy infantry, which began to kill them using long spears like Greek phalanges.copyright protection3PENANA7Rx4ThQMfk

“It can't be, it can't be... I thought this terrain gave us an advantage, but in the end it turned against us... This is a nightmare, it's got to be a nightmare," Agog blabbed as he saw how some of the smaller, lighter goblins had managed to escape, or so it seemed, because coming out of the stinking waters, several shinobis and kunoichis emerged with hollow woods held in their mouths, which they spat out and then took blowpipes and killed with poison darts to those fleeing.copyright protection3PENANAVIW76dFB43

Agog, afraid prey, stumbled across the swampy terrain and proceeded to remove the heavy armor he wore, which was made of leather with heavy iron rivets placed chaotically, it was obvious that the heavy armor was designed more to intimidate than for efficient protection.copyright protection3PENANAhC56posjMV

Agog finished taking off his armor when he noticed as if the shadow of a mountain had fallen upon him.copyright protection3PENANAiTMQYF8Osn

The Orc leader looked up and saw a giant standing in front of him, it was Urd, who looked at him with a gaze that seemed to carry the fire of burning coals inside.copyright protection3PENANA9o66vdjbOo

"Don't retreat, don't retreat before anything or anyon!” Agog ordered himself to stop his tremors and attacked Urd with a huge scream.copyright protection3PENANAe50jcpHFIu

Agog's attack was blocked by a katana and the cat girl commander bent down at lightning speed and with the same speed, a clean cut severed both Agog's legs at the height of his testicles which flew away.copyright protection3PENANAA1onRm20bv

Due to Urd's technique, the orc fell without falling on its back and began to scream painfully, releasing its sword.copyright protection3PENANAokTvrpIKBx

With the same devilish speed Urd sheathed her katana and holding her hands behind her hip drew two small kunais and with them pierced Agog’s eyes, then Urd, with an unprecedented agility for someone of her weight and size leaned on Agog and leapt over him, twisting as she took the kunais out of Agog´s eyes and screamed in pain. Once behind Agog, she buried the kunais in the orc's kidneys and began to twist them.copyright protection3PENANA9PD99PzRui

Agog shrieked in pain but Urd was not finished, from a kick that broke his pelvis knocked the caudillo down and holding the orc's arms, the cat girl broke them and then took them off slowly so that Agog could hear how each thin fiber of the muscle stretched and then broke one by one and with a sound gore.copyright protection3PENANAm5jKsb7uci

Urd with one hand lifted Agog by the head and holding it very high so that all the green skins could see, she began to crush his skull very slowly.copyright protection3PENANA0ADT54jOPU

Agog's brains came out through the empty sockets of his eyes and the whole skull exploded before Urd's powerful grip.copyright protection3PENANAlYKY8TNHLi

The cat girl licked her fingers and began to stomp wildly and brutally on the trunk of the orc as she laughed like mad, once the whole body of Agog was thrown away, Urd threw a roar that reverberated across the battlefield.copyright protection3PENANA07njRPvYkH

It was too much for the orcs, upon seeing the horrible end of their leader, they began to disband in panic.copyright protection3PENANAhkiUeoZxcO

"Well, more orcs will stumble across the swamp and make it easier for my soldiers to work," Urd thought with a manic expression.copyright protection3PENANArxNcvV5jDR

The Doom Mountain stopped roaring, as if recognizing that a new power and a new dark lord, incarnated in the figure of Urd, was the undisputed and bloodthirsty owner of all Mordor.copyright protection3PENANACDY0XQPtOa

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection3PENANAb6vu1KS0i4

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