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Writer Capt. leon
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Entrenchment in Mordor
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
14 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!s08jGHPlalqdPrKFUt6Vposted on PENANA

THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection4PENANAAkbKSt7iWL

Capítulo 19: Entrenchment in Mordorcopyright protection4PENANA7pMgIsXxN7

The bridge of Minas Ithil was a colossal work of the ancient times of Isildur, and it must have been to bridge the enormous abyss in which a river was found that snaked through its chasm. This bridge was deserted except for a small procession that was advancing along it towards the impregnable fortress.copyright protection4PENANASekIG5oByu

Chaika and Bergil rode on a pink bird, while Amane, Amaru and six other riders accompanied them. The latter did not ride the classic small, chubby mares, but rather rode tall, thin, black thoroughbred horses, animals not suitable for endurance racing, but for interception.copyright protection4PENANAw9OHUGa2Z7

Along with the entourage and moving on foot, there were about six figures wrapped in tight canvases, were shinobis and kunoichis who were impressed by the audacity and aggressiveness of their General who had decided to go to Minas Ithil.copyright protection4PENANAN7wznf2kMQ

“Chaika sama," said Amane, "you are too reckless and impulsive, please leave the human child here and let us return to Cirith Ungol while we can.”copyright protection4PENANAsF4NoKSMmr

“Calm down, Amane, besides, the humans are coming to welcome us.”copyright protection4PENANAhSA5AvMLxM

Several knights from Minas Ithil, under Faramir's command, were on their way to intercept the cat girls in the middle of the vast bridge.copyright protection4PENANASkTpUhEWBr

“Tell them we came in peace," Chaika said to Bergil, and he stepped off the saddle and raised his arms and shouted at the knights to stop them advancing at battle speed.copyright protection4PENANAM46RRuCJhY

Faramir was impressed to see the boy and ordered the march to stop, but the one who was most surprised was Beregond, the boy's father.copyright protection4PENANAbyRLErhrcO

“Bergil, what are you doing there!” said Beregond, who could not believe his eyes, when he saw his son in the company of warriors of a strange and unknown race.copyright protection4PENANAd597u4o91Z

“Dad, my lord and prince Faramir, I went to the blockade to see why the orcs wouldn't let us pass and discovered that the Tartars were controlling the passage!”copyright protection4PENANAAO4HFVbhFt

“Tartars?” Mamoru muttered to Amane.copyright protection4PENANAgQ17CFzT6M

“That must be the name by which Westerners know us," replied Amane in a whisper, then the cat girl stepped forward to the procession and in the language of humans announced the presence of her general.copyright protection4PENANAIkRSrmWPwX

“Men of Minas Ithil, you are in the presence of General Chaika, right hand of Lady Urd, who commands the fourth army of the Famnya Empire!” Amane announced as she bowed to announce the presence of her commander.copyright protection4PENANAP7LTOrO0Jt

Faramir and his men were surprised to learn that in front of them was none other than the famous enemy who had defeated the orcs, the steppes and the balrogs who had fought in the far east under the command of Melkior, the true dark lord and former master of Sauron, the lord of the rings.copyright protection4PENANAtZju7WaGPh

Faramir sheathed his sword and removed his helmet, then extended his arm to show the palm of his gauntlet to show that he carried no weapon.copyright protection4PENANAtyBkq2HmSe

“I am Prince Faramir, son of Denethor, the last seneschal of Gondor.”copyright protection4PENANAkHl5B9xp9g

Chaika, despite Amane and Mamoru's worried gestures, approached the human.copyright protection4PENANATDgd8o9i4Z

“Good morning," said Chaika, as she revealed her beautiful face covered by the fan before, while bowing her head. “I looked forward to meeting the men who defeated Sauron, Melkior's servant, the dark lord. Bergil, you can go to your father now, like I promised you.”copyright protection4PENANAzyxbTXdAj5

The boy ran to his father and he hugged him.copyright protection4PENANAPENaKokhOu

“Dad, if it weren't for General Chaika I would have been executed!” exclaimed the boy with tears in his eyes.copyright protection4PENANAyI7OVfc5yh

Faramir was surprised by the exotic saddle and the youth of Chaika, as she was certainly less than seventeen years old and already the second in command of Urd. In addition, she was disturbed by her beauty as a cat girl, with huge, beautiful olive drab eyes, along with hair that had an alice blue shade.copyright protection4PENANA48PCjIzxjT

Chaika dismounted from her saddle and so did Faramir, then both leaders approached under the watchful eye of their men.copyright protection4PENANAD8xqjhPDzD

“General Chaika, you could tell me the reason why the Famnya army has decided to invade Middle Earth.”copyright protection4PENANA77leWhu9m3

“Prince Faramir, the objective of the Famnya army is not the conquest of Middle Earth, but its colonization.”copyright protection4PENANArrbg3uZD2j

“What do you mean by that?”copyright protection4PENANAxFs56LmVoW

“If we decided to conquer the Middle Earth, we would have to establish a political command in the Middle Earth under the leadership of officials of the empire, who would have to deal with the rights and obligations of the native population, which would be the majority, however, with a goal of colonization, our goal is to destroy the humans," said Chaika with a gentle gaze and a smile that made par, which caused Faramir to have a shiver through his whole body at seeing how Chaika said that with unnaturally calm and joy.copyright protection4PENANAzw3UL0cg9z

“You can't do that, we humans along with our allies the elves and the dwarves will never let an invading force exterminate us!” Faramir shouted, displeased by Chaika's dreamy expression, who spoke of the extermination of the people of Middle Earth as if she were talking about the climate.copyright protection4PENANAjA1uR5ZRI1

“You are confused, Prince Faramir, it is not our intention to wage war on the dwarves, much less on the elves. We even came to these distant lands trying to leave the orcs of Mordor alone, but these became a slight problem that we had to overcome.”copyright protection4PENANAafHClNoHIN

“Slight problem, what happened to Agog's forces?” Faramir asked, fearing the answer beforehand.copyright protection4PENANAEhjIc4IplS

“Urd sama had to put out the flame of their bodies to make them go to paradise, there were no survivors left in the battle of the Swamp of the Dead or in the tower of Cirith Ungol where I was in charge.”copyright protection4PENANAYEtZ8k48bN

Faramir opened his eyes wide in surprise, refusing to believe that all of Agog's men had been eliminated.copyright protection4PENANAam3RZoFn6n

“Urd sama's desire is the extermination of the human race, yet this seems to me a cold but logical measure. I believe you can convince your king and other Middle Earth lords to accept an alternative solution.”copyright protection4PENANAaLFutSzchU

“What do you propose?” Faramir asked.copyright protection4PENANA4gyxgHSlP4

“Not all humans should die, in fact none of you, accept to be taken to territories assigned by me, I promise you that you humans will settle in fertile territories, which will be called "indigenous reservations".”copyright protection4PENANA80qcRpBwNI

“We cannot accept such absurdity!”copyright protection4PENANAUYtAsWs18K

“Sure? Urd sama would lead you to wasteland instead of the fertile lands I have in mind, or worse yet, my aunt would decide to exterminate every last man, woman and child of your race.”copyright protection4PENANAVd0uKgbCB1

“We will never submit to Urd, we suffer much to defeat Sauron's forces and now give up everything we have achieved through the sacrifice of our brothers!”copyright protection4PENANAHK17XTxyql

“We too suffered a great deal to defeat Melkior's forces and other horrific enemies to now deliver the fate not only of Middle Earth but of the whole world to humans, we cannot do that after the sacrifice of our sisters.”copyright protection4PENANAgkjJULGnNO

“You cannot win, you are not invincible, Agog has already defeated you in the Ash Mountains.”copyright protection4PENANA7J18dMpop1

“And we exterminated Agog and all his forces, and now Mordor belongs to us completely.”copyright protection4PENANAp6LreJkLhK

“The orcs were not our only allies. The Elves have already defeated their forces in Amon Lanc, your commander has already been shot down in combat and his army has fled to the east. By the valar, I swear to you, that will be the same fate of the Tartar forces in Mordor.”copyright protection4PENANA7y5qi0cYnZ

This time it was Chaika who opened her eyes to the impression.copyright protection4PENANANvIPEVB3k1

“I see, I understand," said Chaika, turning her face and looking at the loss of the soldiers at Dol Guldur. “I suppose then that divine punishment cannot be avoided.”copyright protection4PENANA4K7Qblzv7R

“Divine punishment?”copyright protection4PENANAgeplFIlRGJ

“You humans have already sinned much, if you had not sinned, God would not have sent Urd sama to punish you," said Chaika, then bowed and returned to her men to withdraw from the bridge.copyright protection4PENANARufAjTvVXQ

“Chaika sama," said Amane worried when they returned to Cirith Ungol.copyright protection4PENANAW1A3RLprhw

“I can't believe Hikari is dead, he was a specialist in carrying out sieges and enduring these.... I must tell my aunt.”copyright protection4PENANAixLITrqei7

.copyright protection4PENANAYaBdKV7gQ4

.copyright protection4PENANA6M6GPYrepI

In the abyss of Helm, who continued to be punished by the incessant snowfall, Aragorn and Éomer made known to their friends the decision they had taken to oppose Urd's army.copyright protection4PENANALIgxr9YSoh

“The battles we humans waged against Sauron's forces greatly diminished our numbers," Aragorn said. “After more than three years of the defeat of the dark enemy, our numbers are only just recovering, however, to defeat or at least repel such a massive army as Urd's Tartars, we must first create permanent armies and secondly establish mandatory military service, only in this way can we soon have enough well-trained men to cope with Urd. Kilibin, Galdorin, you must tell your Lords that they too must take this step.”copyright protection4PENANAZmrBAbwIrm

Both the elf and the dwarf nodded and promised to do everything possible to make their leaders agree to carry out the idea of Aragorn.copyright protection4PENANAMy8SeYRGdg

“My husband, what can we do while we wait for Urd to attack us from Dorwinion?” Arwen asked.copyright protection4PENANApZZFwqPvid

“According to the information we received from the Orcs and Steppes," Aragorn replied, "the Tartars are not very good at the art of siege, so together with King Eomer, we have to fill with castles the entire territory between the Dagorlad plain, north of the ancient black gates of Mordor, and the Wilderland plain, which is at southwest of Dol Guldur.”copyright protection4PENANANizeTaqqSS

“Castles must also be built on the very road between Morannon and the southwest of Dol Guldur," said Éomer, "and in addition to these castles we will build others on both sides of the Anduin River.”copyright protection4PENANAMFqVxFUol7

“This measure will give a lot of power to the knights in charge of these castles," said Gandalf, "they could become feudal lords.”copyright protection4PENANAFK7EqE5f9o

“There is no alternative," said Éomer. “The power of Rohan and Gondor is very centralized, this is the only way to prevent the Tartars from passing through our lands at their leisure.”copyright protection4PENANAsXG2bzcC05

“But if we manage to repel the Tartars, the feudal lords will fight each other to seize power," said Legolas, "the powers of Rohan and Gondor will not be enough to stop the wars between the feudal lords.”copyright protection4PENANAvMKWIiBCHW

“One problem at a time, my friend, one problem at a time," intervened Gimli as he patted Legolas.copyright protection4PENANAKmGS17w7mG

“Well, now it remains to be decided who will command the Great Alliance, to face Urd and his Tartars.”copyright protection4PENANAvODbQPL3rL

“What are you talking about, Gandalf? It is obvious that Aragorn is the right man for the job, as are Éomer and Elrond," said Gimli, and Legolas nodded strongly.copyright protection4PENANA8XySTgauTR

“I'm sorry Gimli, but for this work we don't need several kings to go their own way," Aragorn contradicted, raising his hands to calm Gimli, "what is needed is a commander general to lead all the high lords of the alliance, otherwise we won't be able to defeat the enemy. Besides, I'm not the best man for the job.”copyright protection4PENANAqEe7wge2nA

Both Gimli and Legolas began to contradict their friend, but Aragorn interrupted them.copyright protection4PENANAISpm4fbPjD

“I'm just a simple ex-ranger, you need someone who has fought in the open since childhood, someone like you Éomer.”copyright protection4PENANAArA9ktpuXj

“I'm sorry Aragorn, but I must say I'm not the man you're looking for. I am only a former cavalry captain who was fortunate enough to become king because of the death of the first-born of King Theoden, the glorious one.”copyright protection4PENANAmoXBwtRLwe

"Boromir and Théodred died in combat," Gandalf reminded them, “they were taught from an early age not only the art of war but also the art of command and politics. Faramir as a younger son was also not instructed to be the leader we seek.”copyright protection4PENANAlf7LBb0N0k

“My brothers Elladan and Elrohir also died," said Arwen, "they would have been excellent commanders, but with their death and that of my grandfather Celeborn, I don't think my father Elrond is the best commander we could wish for, he would take this war personally.”copyright protection4PENANAqBL1K5uaAs

“And I am too old to lead the whole Great Alliance in the war," said Gandalf when he saw that those present were looking at him as if asking him to lead them.copyright protection4PENANAtXRrynUp9r

“Who can we name then, a dwarf lord of the west?” Arwen asked.copyright protection4PENANAEvGLgiWh6W

“I think there is no better man for this position than Prince Imrahil, lord of Dol Amroth," said Gandalf, "after all, it was he who convinced the men of Harad and Khand to stop attacking Gondor. He was also the one who got Rhun's men and steppe tribes to stop attacking Rohan. It was Imrahil who convinced all these people not only to stop attacking us, but also to join the Great Alliance.”copyright protection4PENANABwynyis3s3

“I have heard from my father Elrond that Prince Imrahil, apart from having elf blood in his veins, is a great monarch and a great commander," said Arwen.copyright protection4PENANAvW1nnzLiZU

“In the meetings of my race the name of Imrahil is also known, he is seen as a great leader of men," said Legolas.copyright protection4PENANAJDpqoFJkWP

“Among dwarves, Imrahil is known to have good judgment, despite being human," Gimli said.copyright protection4PENANAhymPVU7oXA

“All right," Aragorn concluded after exchanging glances with Éomer. “I don't think any other lord of our territories or of Eriador in the west has anything to say against this decision. From this moment on, Prince Imrahil will be the commander general of the entire Great Alliance, and both princes and kings will abide by his mandate in regard to the war, thus becoming a dictator until Urd and his forces leave the Middle Kingdom.”copyright protection4PENANArtwsQT2Cc1

.copyright protection4PENANAwVEWm3C5nz

.copyright protection4PENANAUF7gu2bCq8

Once Chaika reached Cirith Ungol, she made her way quickly to the Isenmouthe Pass, where the Urd camp was located, which assessed whether the unfathomable abyss into which Udun and the black gate of Mordor had become could be crossed in any way, the only way out of Mordor to the west that led to the Morannon plain and the lands of Dagorlad.copyright protection4PENANAcSBJlsCn4O

“Then you tell me, General Chaika, that you not only spared the life of that human child, but you also went to Minas Ithil to meet this prince named Faramir," Urd said to her niece with a dismayed expression on her face.copyright protection4PENANApBK3y66acu

The tension was palpable and Chaika herself began to worry, while Gigi shook his head.copyright protection4PENANAK79RoEUzgl

“I guess it's all right," said Urd, who sighed a great sighed to get rid of the frustration, "anyway, sooner or later the humans would have discovered that we were no longer in Dorwinion.”copyright protection4PENANAHsejbzMOXR

“Aunt, about what I heard about Hikari's men in Amon Lanc," said Chaika, who was nervous, and so she grabbed her tail nervously, which was the same color as her hair.copyright protection4PENANADmtoq1vxcH

“Remember General, you must refer to me more appropriately every time you submit a report.... Anyway, Hikari's men have just arrived in Mordor and I have already received the battle report.”copyright protection4PENANA2WObOcPIM5

“How strong are the enemy forces?” General Ryu asked.copyright protection4PENANA4uyiNKRAzP

“Undetermined, some survivors talk about 5,000 elves on horseback, while others talk about 100,000, not to mention the human forces that took part in the battle or the elves that chased them to the edge of Mirkwood.”copyright protection4PENANArdcVBCX7a9

“What will be the course of action to be taken Urd sama?” Ryu asked again.copyright protection4PENANAOc6DoVQdEC

“If the maximum numbers given to us by the survivors are true, we face a serious problem. Of ten thousand men, only two thousand returned, all thanks to Captain Mizuki's guidance.”copyright protection4PENANAjI6S0UDSvc

“If I remember correctly, that's a wolf girl," said Gigi thoughtfully.copyright protection4PENANAIXqUS2xP9H

“That's right, despite her youth she did a good job of bringing the survivors, I think she is the best fit to command the forces of the late General Hikari.”copyright protection4PENANAZYT6Ch1svF

All present exchanged glances and nodded.copyright protection4PENANA5PobIp6liB

“Apparently you are no longer the youngest general in the fourth army," Gigi said mockingly of Chaika.copyright protection4PENANAy0yYUr1rga

“Mo! You'll never leave me alone, will you?” Chaika replied, pouting.copyright protection4PENANA9g92mLkndQ

“Enough," Urd suddenly said, rising from his old stool. “With all of Udun impossible to cross and Minas Ithil occupied by the enemy, we will have to stay in Mordor until the coming of the following winter. We have no choice but to consider that we were unable to obtain the intelligence information regarding the kingdoms of Gondor and Rohan, as well as the null information we have regarding the elves and dwarves. We'll get strong in Mordor and as soon as the first snow hits the outskirts of Mordor, we'll attack Middle Earth.”copyright protection4PENANA3iFruoQBK8

"If humans get ready, they can organize themselves in such a way that they represent a worthy challenge for my army... This can get very interesting.” Urd spoke quietly as she cracked the knuckles of both hands as he looked to the west and an aggressive grin on her fangs was drawn prior to the tongue running across her lips to taste the future promise of blood, fire and death.copyright protection4PENANAdi9Lh3civt

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection4PENANAtEJCH6n1uB

.copyright protection4PENANASxUyZpWQ0G

.copyright protection4PENANAZdZ8ZhccAI

Author's final notes: "If you had not sinned, God would not have sent me as a punishment", this phrase is attributed to Genghis Khan when he invaded Eurasia.copyright protection4PENANAF3npG4w360

After the Pelennor battles and the black gate, all the surviving soldiers numbered just three thousand, and in almost four years I don't think they have more than doubled. Imagine, three thousand or six thousand humans without counting elves, dwarves or humans of Eriador VS almost 400 thousand cat girls without counting the other almost 600 thousand logistic troops. This is a lot for humans so I adapted Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte's measure, which is the implementation of permanent armies and obligatory military service, with this measure copied by the rest of the countries in real life, we managed to have multitudinous armies that were not seen since the ancient world.copyright protection4PENANAFYyzwxYtoY

In ancient Rome, the title of Dictator did not have the bad connotation it has today, but was the title given to the military leader in charge of repelling an invasion or waging war, he had full powers over the Roman Senate until the end of the military campaign.copyright protection4PENANA9oc9wbqJo0

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