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Writer Capt. leon
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Merchant's information
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
14 Mins Read
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THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection6PENANA2eIpuJy6KF

Chapter 2: Merchant's informationcopyright protection6PENANAjRJ9DfT0xM

Aragorn held the coin without crediting what his eyes saw.copyright protection6PENANAde8BsGivEK

“No, impossible, Eomer would never betray us, if he did so he would dishonour the memory of Theoden, I am sure there must be some other explanation. Hurin, take me to see those documents," Aragorn ordered, and together with Arwen they went to see the papers.copyright protection6PENANAgHYY6sHFys

In a room, captains were waiting for their king and presented him with confiscated documents, which were spread over a large black marble table.copyright protection6PENANAkSj41XjVXR

“But if these are..." said Aragorn surprised to see the documents. They all showed the plans of Minas Tirith and Osgiliath, as well as the plans of Minas Ithil, before they became Minas Morgul by Sauron. They also showed maps of the roads going and coming from Gondor to Rohan, as well as the number and composition of soldiers inside Minas Tirith and the weapons and armor they used.copyright protection6PENANAIb6QMyx54b

“My king," said a guard who had just entered the hall, "we found that one of the librarians wore these coins.”copyright protection6PENANAQkSOiZh0EQ

The guard placed a small bag full of silver coins from the kingdom of Rohan on the table.copyright protection6PENANAsYJM2LJmGH

“The librarian insists on not knowing anything other than the delivery of documents to the merchant," said the guard.copyright protection6PENANAdpSjgESNKW

“Send the guards at the gate of the fortress to search the merchants," Aragorn ordered. “Nothing goes in or out of here without being searched first, send riders to stop the caravans that left this morning and check their goods.”copyright protection6PENANAZAhSpARHAv

The guards nodded and left the room.copyright protection6PENANAy3uhPx2yTJ

At the entrance to Minas Tirith, the guards would check each of the people entering or leaving.copyright protection6PENANAf787qpMjcx

“Why is there this check?” an old woman asked one of the guards.copyright protection6PENANAgb8x4x7VfI

“We have been ordered to check all those who wish to enter or leave the fortress, I cannot tell you more.”copyright protection6PENANArNLV4As79m

“What is this!” one of the guards shouted as he held some rolled-up papers from the library. “You and your party are under arrest!”copyright protection6PENANAQptZwUojdB

Several guards headed towards the subjects and dragged them into the fortress.copyright protection6PENANARtNZ1Rx9NM

“You woman, what's in that saddlebag!...”copyright protection6PENANAReADaFeDMn

.copyright protection6PENANAZDMtDjn2DA

.copyright protection6PENANADu4rt6i1f6

To the west of the Rhun forest, Chaika and the wolves were approaching the place where the main battle took place, several riders recognized her and allowed her to pass. Chaika galloped swiftly to the top of the terrain overlooking the surrounding area, where white silk partitions covered some sections of the place.copyright protection6PENANAO7loLv3Z9Q

An imposing figure stood in the centre, wearing the same type of armor as Chaika, but this was a deep red colour, and was wearing the helmet and the intimidating mask.copyright protection6PENANAm9t8C6sZ85

“Aunt Urd, I'm here!” the young cat girl exclaimed happily, but the figure of the scarlet armor did not flinch. The white wolves bowed their heads to the scarlet figure and quietly withdrew.copyright protection6PENANAAMzFd3Lw51

“Urd sama, General Chaika comes to report that the northern battle was a success," Chaika said, this time in a serious tone.copyright protection6PENANADT8YhTukSD

“Chaika, is it right to leave your obligations like this?” there came a harsh and intimidating voice behind the mask. The scarlet warrior still did not move a millimetre.copyright protection6PENANAafMEopLQoU

“I fulfilled all my duties pertaining to the battle and those that follow it," Chaika said with confidence. “Mamoru told me that the main battle was over and I commissioned Amane to fine-tune the final details.”copyright protection6PENANAWZGvEUzprE

The scarlet warrior continued unmoving, just as the low and fat black mare she was riding, looked like a statue made of polished stone.copyright protection6PENANAq4xz2Ptxal

“Chaika, the tenacity of a leader to watch over his men at all times, makes the flame hidden in each of the soldiers arise and light with strength, never forget it.”copyright protection6PENANAalBXZZmKQL

“I'm sorry, I'll never forget it.”copyright protection6PENANAFMKliogROH

This time the scarlet figure turned her face a couple of centimetres, then her black mare turned her body and went to Chaika's, all this without the scarlet rider showing any sign of commanding the animal, it seems that the mare could read her thoughts.copyright protection6PENANAweL4OOThl3

The rider removed her mask and revealed a face that she did not need to hide to intimidate. The cat girl’s face was fierce and she had a ruthless countenance, her eyes cast a cold look capable of intimidating the fiercest green skin.copyright protection6PENANADwpeuoeR94

Urd offered a sinister smile remedy to the young cat girl in front of her. Chaika was not frightened because she knew Urd since she was little and knew when she was really angry.copyright protection6PENANADOQna8Mq0B

“Chaika, you remind me so much of your deceased mother," said Urd, and then putting the mask back on again she saw the battlefield at the foot of the small esplanade.copyright protection6PENANA8wQUBEIuV4

Chaika watched her aunt with adoration eyes.copyright protection6PENANAyyBXN6m1Xw

“What a magnificent posture, she looks like a tigress who observes the jungle and knows with certainty that the life of all living creatures at her feet belong to her without exception," Chaika thought and went to place right next to Urd.copyright protection6PENANA5AkWYv4LW5

It took about three hours for the last of the finishers to terminate a survivor and then have him stripped of his weapons and clothing.copyright protection6PENANAm4CcYdQHIM

“Accompany me," Urd said in a laconic way and Chaika followed her.copyright protection6PENANAMgkne7tB9r

A group of soldiers belonging to the personal guard followed the pair of horsemen, all of whom were relatives of Urd and Chaika in some way. Chaika greeted them and the group responded in the same way, then they observed the silence of rigor.copyright protection6PENANA7e2sb1XfMU

The group headed to the camp and arrived at the Urd tent. She and Chaika entered along with the personal guard, which were placed in strategic locations.copyright protection6PENANAl8YXlXabES

The interior of the huge tent featured a remarked luxury and comfort, a large decorated cage was in a corner and inside were several multicolored birds that were nicely chirping, the cage was open and a couple of tiny birds were at the other end of the tent, none of the birds however, wanted to escape the tent.copyright protection6PENANAYq9jOnriZA

A black cat lying on a stool that didn't play with the place because it was old and rough, stood up and yawned loudly.copyright protection6PENANAJ6PMy0Nwgz

“Urd, you're back, I've been guarding the tent of any enemy," said the cat and jumped onto the carpet decorated with ostentation.copyright protection6PENANAqBIpy3mIf0

“Well, Gigi, you're very reliable," Urd thanked him with a smile on her side.copyright protection6PENANABdrKwf8Xx7

“Urd sama, it is good that you have finally returned," said a young elf of the same age as Chaika, albeit somewhat lower.copyright protection6PENANAxhen3MnQjD

The thin elf had pink hair and possessed the face of a girl.copyright protection6PENANAqJe89Ncvwr

“Sakurai, it's good to see you again," Chaika said.copyright protection6PENANAw7FXRbd09K

“Chaika sama, how glad you are here," the elf said with a smile and then went to Urd, who had sat on the rough stool and began to remove her armor.copyright protection6PENANA8H1m458rWs

A group of generals and captains asked for permission to enter the tent and then reported various issues to Urd. She had her eyes closed and nodded with pleasure, then the generals and captains left and Sakurai began to massage her mistress.copyright protection6PENANA5mckvl7HRD

Chaika was surprised at how skillful Sakurai’s hands were. Urd was a huge cat girl, more than two meters tall and also very muscular, but Sakurai managed to satisfy his mistress in more than one way.copyright protection6PENANA8nLNlDZyD8

“I would like to have a wakashu too," Chaika said as she bit her lip.copyright protection6PENANAjLPk7Uqgmm

“A kid like you is not allowed to have a wakashu," Gigi criticized her mockingly.copyright protection6PENANAIrIUMdgUU7

“Hey, in case you haven't noticed, I'm a General! A General in my own right!” Chaika shouted with a frown and her tail bristling.copyright protection6PENANAy3vjQQWPoA

“Ah, meritocracy, the most intelligent form of government, both at the level of public and military service, well here I have already found the fault with the system," said Gigi. Urd had her eyes closed and laughed low.copyright protection6PENANAYHlO2tItJ4

“How was the battle Urd sama?” Sakurai asked.copyright protection6PENANAPswynjMDdG

“The battle of Chaika and mine went perfectly.”copyright protection6PENANALMKg6A62qv

“Then soon we will win the war," enthusiastic Sakurai said and Urd shook her head.copyright protection6PENANADodYdgsVJc

“Remember Sakurai that a war is not just about winning a couple of battles," Urd reminded him. Only the baka gaijins, the barbaric fools, believe in that of a "decisive battle", there is no such thing.”copyright protection6PENANA0yEx71QTF4

“A war is just a military campaign," Urd explained, "no matter how many battles you win, in the end it all resumes in your effectiveness in managing both your combat and logistical resources, or to making it simpler: you win if you make fewer mistakes than your rival, there is no such thing as a perfect military campaign.”copyright protection6PENANAzqQjGWUNZl

Urd gestured for Sakurai to serve her some sake.copyright protection6PENANAiCKwBXM4Sv

“The taster tasted the sake as well as the food of this day," Sakurai reported, "nothing was poisoned.”copyright protection6PENANAgT4UqbWg4C

Urd drank the sake and then hardened the tone of her voice, if that was possible.copyright protection6PENANAlE3bYJ8Tx8

“At this rate, we will lose the war.”copyright protection6PENANAeQLYmmV8qO

“Don't say that aunt, the Famnya Empire is the most powerful on the planet, we have four million soldiers!”copyright protection6PENANAEHHIC7UyoY

“Four million?” Urd snorted with mockery, "those are simple  numbers Chaika. The army under my command, the Fourth Army, has only one million individuals and sixty percent of them are logistical soldiers such as: soldiers of collection, of post and rest, soldiers who care for mares, soldiers who feed them, soldiers engineers, soldiers blacksmiths and smelters who process all the metal that we collect and a long etc...”copyright protection6PENANAbJDeVBY4uv

“Of the remaining four hundred thousand, three hundred thousand are horsemen with compound bows or lancers, the other one hundred thousand must be rotated between heavy, medium and light infantry.”copyright protection6PENANAcIlXHHkCQL

Urd finished her sake and this time Chaika and Sakurai noticed that she was upset.copyright protection6PENANArus8d4g7DF

“How they expect that I conquer so much territory, from the eastern steppes to Middle-earth, is madness.”copyright protection6PENANA5OoI2kk0oO

“But even with only 100,000 foot soldiers you can do it," Chaika said, cheering her on.copyright protection6PENANAwAxRxezSRp

“The eastern steppes and Rhun is one thing, even Harad and Khand will be easy, but you must take into account that the Middle Earth does not have so many open fields," Urd noted with a frown. “Our army is for open field. When we get to Gondor and Rohan, we won't have such an advantage. The Second and Third Army should also be here! Even the First Army, I don't know what the generals and ministers in the capital are thinking!”copyright protection6PENANADiU5q79HeM

Urd breathed calmly again and continued.copyright protection6PENANAmkBK3D5nEt

“Our army is of conquest, but not of colonization.”copyright protection6PENANAca4J2CXBuP

“And what is the plan to follow?” Gigi asked to break the uncomfortable silence.copyright protection6PENANA177Wdx3nei

“We must act intelligently, we must not make known the exact composition of our army and its tactics," Urd explained, "that is why we are not looking for alliances with any human kingdom to attack the Middle Earth, otherwise we would have to fight prematurely. We will head south towards Khand and Harad, go to the south of the continent and then climb up towards Gondor.”copyright protection6PENANAaACLlFpr33

“I see, with this we will create a wave after wave of invaders who will fight the enemy for us and thus tire them," Chaika said. “It is very clever, if those barbarians were our allies we would have to share our logistics with them, which we do not want.”copyright protection6PENANAVfdZYgCWS6

“Hordes of orcs and trolls fled north of the Middle Earth. From there they will descend southwards," Urd said. “From the south the middle Earth will be attacked by hordes of Harad and Khand. And from the east they will be attacked first by orcs, then by the hordes of Rhun, and finally by the barbarians of the eastern steppes. Then we'll come in ourselves.”copyright protection6PENANALTeSPrqTPF

The birds continued to chirp in a gentle and harmonious manner.copyright protection6PENANAbZgOKCt93w

Urd ordered another sake drink and after Sakurai gave it to her, he went to prepare the food for his mistress.copyright protection6PENANAdZMqYKHAHz

Chaika got up and stepped out of the tent, the guards stayed inside, except Gigi who stepped out smiling sideways. Just as Chaika was in the entryway she turned around.copyright protection6PENANAHtsWminMcd

“Auntie, don't overuse Sakurai too much tonight.”copyright protection6PENANAsncJbWlF6p

“Why do you say that, do you think it's wrong?”copyright protection6PENANAcjoYKnJrXq

“It's not that I find it wrong, even with the guards in there as mute witnesses, but I don't understand something.”copyright protection6PENANA0FTtBgMZ2Y

“What don't you understand, Chaika?”copyright protection6PENANAcvloexlAds

“I don't understand... the mechanics involved” Chaika laughed and fled immediately in a funny way.copyright protection6PENANAZpLonwL6XJ

.copyright protection6PENANAxYorr0HdZK

.copyright protection6PENANAbcfxBu5X4i

It was already night in Gondor and in the throne room, a frightened merchant was brought before the presence of Aragorn and Arwen. In the throne room there were several severe captains, it was a very intimidating atmosphere for the merchant.copyright protection6PENANAp4Hbs5HdcF

“Present yourself before the kings of Gondor," Hurin commanded.copyright protection6PENANAWJDla4lShl

“My kings, I am Al, son of Alden, just as my father was a merchant and I am the leader of my caravan of goods.”copyright protection6PENANACtyS0am57r

“Al, son of Alden," said Aragorn and rose from the throne while he wore his cloak to one side, thus discovering his sword, "when you and your father traded in the lands of Gondor and Rohan, were you faced with outlaws and orcs?”copyright protection6PENANAoxv5IXaqbn

“Yes, my king, before your rule, to travel through Middle Earth was a dangerous matter, we were attacked many times and lost a few members.”copyright protection6PENANA576IthMPa4

“So, Is this how you repay the sacrifice of the men who gave their lives so that merchants like you can move through these lands without fear of being assaulted?” Aragorn asked, with a cold look in his eyes, which caused the captains to exchange nervous glances.copyright protection6PENANAbMyJFzT2F1

“I bribed the librarian and hid the papers and money in several saddlebags of my caravan, no one else is responsible!” the man shouted, kneeling and began to cry.copyright protection6PENANAt3yY8hWjH7

“The punishment for espionage is death," said Aragorn, "but I will exchange it for perpetual ostracism in these lands if you say who ordered you to do what you did. What king or kingdom is behind all this? And don't tell me that King Eomer is involved because I know for a fact that he isn't, unless you really want to be executed and the rest of your caravan put in prison until the end of their days.”copyright protection6PENANAGMfNvI5hxf

“My lord, I do not know what king or kingdom is behind this conspiracy! I only know the name and appearance of the man who tempted me with money!”copyright protection6PENANAmJ1UsHumJ9

“Then speak," said Aragorn with a cold accent.copyright protection6PENANAnccWble8FV

“His name was Hiyo, that's what he said his name was. He dressed like the peasants of Bree and always covered his face with a wide-brimmed hat so that I wouldn't look at him, but I saw him for a brief moment, I'll never forget such a face!” the man exclaimed and Aragorn ordered him to continue. His eyes were slanted and his whiskers were short and nail-like. The man was old, small and chubby.”copyright protection6PENANAgmIv9deevM

“Explain the silver coins," Aragorn ordered this time with an anxious look.copyright protection6PENANAtSvvNYdhkW

“Hiyo, he gave them to me in exchange for obtaining the documents that the librarian gave me, he told me that if I was captured I would say that King Eomer gave them to me to sow doubt in your heart my lord! He indicated a place where we would meet near Bree so that he could give me more money, forgive me my lord!”copyright protection6PENANAqI9DFlYTtE

“Al, son of Alden, for your crimes against King Eomer, you shall be punished, and this is your sentence: you shall return to Bree and help my men to capture this man named Hiyo. Then, you and your caravan should never set foot in Gondor under penalty of perpetual confinement.”copyright protection6PENANAPJ0xf9Ltog

“Thank you, thank you, my lord!” the man whimpered and was taken to the cells by guards.copyright protection6PENANAfS9LoWJBd3

“Brac, you and your best dúnadan, go with the merchant to Bree and pretend to be members of his caravan. You must capture the bribe taker alive at all costs and bring him as soon as possible” Aragorn asked his friend from the north.copyright protection6PENANAxEMHhr2gkw

“Don't worry my king, I'll bring that man here no matter what.”copyright protection6PENANAU9gUHv4sYs

The captains departed and left Aragorn and Arwen alone.copyright protection6PENANAJelSZJOIk2

“What do you think of all this Arwen?” Aragorn asked him.copyright protection6PENANAMSGyAX0Cdl

“To send spies to this kingdom from afar is troubling, but what worries me most is the form of payment that tempted the merchant. We are not talking about copper coins or iron coins, perhaps Eomer has spies in his kingdom who, like here, are trying to sow the seeds of doubt and mistrust.”copyright protection6PENANA98vp2cU6FS

“I will send a messenger to Rohan, the sooner I tell Eomer about these facts the better.”copyright protection6PENANAzo7Uh6E6OZ

Dark clouds prevented the stars from flashing, while a cold wind began to strike the walls of Minas Tirith, causing the citizens of the fortress to clothe themselves with more clothing and the guards of the battlements to grit their teeth and stubbornly show their faces to the cold night wind.copyright protection6PENANA8BRP9sN941

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection6PENANAud9ZCbcxiR

Author's final notes: It is said that the ancient Chinese came to have three million soldiers, mostly logistically. Rome had 700,000 to guard its borders. Attila commanded 400,000 and Genghis Khan had 300,000. Well, Attila confronted the Romans, who although they were in decline formed a league with several barbarian kingdoms under the command of Flavius Aetius. Genghis Khan, on the other hand, sufficed less men, because let's admit it, in the Middle Ages they were not even the shadow of what the Romans were even in decline.copyright protection6PENANAqSgxNyDrEs

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