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Writer Capt. leon
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Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
13 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Brn6A60UI8nJCjgkDM4Xposted on PENANA

THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection4PENANAH2R3n58BJ3

Capítulo 22: Origincopyright protection4PENANAjluGr5NsZv

Delicate snowflakes fell on Osgiliath, the ancient capital of the kingdom of Gondor, which five years after Sauron's defeat had not yet been rebuilt. This situation was first due to the fact that the dwarves and human engineers assigned to the reconstruction of the city had been sent to Minas Ithil, to remove all traces of horror from what was once Minas Morgul, for the subsequent arrival of Éowyn and her marriage to Faramir. Then, with the arrival of the invaders from Famnya, priority was given to the construction of various fortresses and castles that would protect the south of Gondor and the east of Rohan.copyright protection4PENANABnfdGvykhC

Imrahil, Prince of Dol Amroth, watched with sadness as the beautiful city looked deserted except for a few lookout posts as he crossed the mighty Anduin River to the east side of the abandoned capital and from there to his destination, the fortress town of Minas Ithil.copyright protection4PENANAhZE931ebDY

"This delicate snowfall gives a calm atmosphere to the entire city, I would say romantic, yet it contains the ominous warning that the cessation of hostilities will soon come to an end. Sooner or later the delicate snowflakes will be stained again with the blood of men," Imrahil thought grimly, as he hurried along with his men.copyright protection4PENANAfXjKEKPrdP

Due to the series of fortifications that had been erected from East Osgiliath to Minas Ithil, it took Imrahil longer than expected to reach his destination, where Faramir and his wife Éowyn were anxiously waiting for him.copyright protection4PENANAXOdc1UIzeZ

“Prince Faramir, Lady Éowyn, sorry for the delay but going through the fortifications took longer than it should," excused Imrahil as he cleared his long, black hair of the snow that was settling on it.copyright protection4PENANAcwZRF3TUew

“You mustn't worry, Prince Imrahil," said Faramir, bowing his head, "after all, it is these fortifications and the others that extend from Minas Ithil to the famnyas barricade that will assure us of a good fight with the enemy.”copyright protection4PENANATttce7X4za

“Please, Prince, refresh yourself a bit, and my husband and I will give you a tour of the city so that you can appreciate the defenses we have installed, not only in our fortress, but also on the walls of the cliffs that form the passage to Mordor," said Éowyn, bringing a smile to Imrahil, who made any gloomy feeling leave his spirit.copyright protection4PENANAUwY7J01rAg

“I will be honored to take a short break in your city, Lady Éowyn, sorry, but I heard that Gandalf and Radagast are in this place.”copyright protection4PENANArMMrDsuwnI

“That's right, Imrahil," said Faramir, with a smile cutting off the seriousness of the protocol, "Gandalf somehow knew you were coming to Minas Ithil and decided to go to this place rather than to Edoras or Minas Tirith.”copyright protection4PENANA3gcxtrFqve

“Do you know what Gandalf and Radagast want to discuss with me?”copyright protection4PENANABpLzwuAyWa

“I don't know Imrahil," denied Faramir, "you know how Gandalf is, he keeps his secrets very well until it's time to unveil them, as for the other magician, well, it seems he doesn't care much about the meeting, at this moment he must be walking in the natural gardens near Minas Ithil.”copyright protection4PENANAOnWBOA4i7r

“But soon Gandalf will know that he is not the only one with secrets that can help the Great Alliance," said Éowyn with an enigmatic smile, causing Imrahil to raise his eyebrows suspiciously.copyright protection4PENANA1aIeIcFnDb

“You'll find out, Imrahil, you and Gandalf will be in for a big surprise," said Faramir, widening his smile. “But first things first, let's go to Gandalf to tell you why he wanted to meet you.”copyright protection4PENANACeAnO7SoGO

Imrahil followed the husbands and lords of Minas Ithil into the fortress, while he was surprised at how still the whole place was without the incessant roar of the Doom Mountain.copyright protection4PENANAyubv606ajd

Climbing up the tower of the moon, Imrahil could not help but be surprised to see how the greenery and beauty embodied in natural gardens had returned to Minas Ithil, also noted that on the natural projections of the walls of the cliffs of the canyon that formed the passage to Gondor, had been installed several men, these were above the rocky projections which resembled thorns that came out of the stem.copyright protection4PENANAClolA6xfta

“There are three men on every sharp ledge," Faramir said, noting Imrahil's expression. “They operate an elf-modified virote spear called a "scorpion". Every huge arrow he shoots is attached to a thin but sturdy chain, the work of the dwarves, of course.”copyright protection4PENANAr5p1td9lBP

“Something that the good master Funbol keeps reminding us of," said Éowyn suddenly, and Faramir smiled at the double meaning of his wife's words.copyright protection4PENANA9aklGqmMAG

“What does it need something like that for? Imrahil asked, after toasting the wisdom of Éowyn's words.”copyright protection4PENANAZd1oyBu5RY

“You will see Imrahil, you and Gandalf will be impressed," replied Faramir, leaving Imrahil intrigued.copyright protection4PENANAgi3FkwTuSv

"I wonder what Faramir, Éowyn and Gandalf are planning. Whatever it is, I hope it will help us fight Urd's army on the other side of the mountains."copyright protection4PENANAj1FDnl4J8F

.copyright protection4PENANAp7Srwq20wU

.copyright protection4PENANAYNd2txzm2r

In the vicinity of the dark tower of Cirith Ungol, Urd's enormous army was preparing to take over Minas Ithil, Mordor's only western pass, and if they took it, Urd would have all the territory that once belonged to Sauron, and thus facilitate his task of invading Middle Earth through an entrance that would give her direct access to the kingdoms of Gondor and Rohan.copyright protection4PENANARltxZQT3A1

The cavalry would be useless in the narrow pass dominated by the Gondor fortress, and Urd knew that very well, she also knew that the humans had erected fortifications ranging from their fortification that cut the passage between Minas Ithil and Cirith Ungol, to the desired Minas Ithil. In that place, numerical superiority would count for nothing. The narrow pass, added to the human fortifications, would force Urd's army to go at a slow pace in narrow and few rows, the risk was enormous, but the reward of being victorious would be to ensure her victory over the main kingdoms of Middle Earth and thus win the entire military campaign in less than a year.copyright protection4PENANAI09BrF2uFy

“If we take Minas Ithil," said Urd, in the command tent in the presence of hers generals and other captains, "we will take over the western pass and from there we can easily invade Gondor and Rohan. Now free from having to break the fortresses erected by humans in South Gondor and East Rohan, we could divide the fourth army in two. To the south, we would go to Minas Tirith, then Belfalas, to destroy Dol Amroth, and then to the Isen River. To the north, we would go to Edoras and the Helm abyss, we would cross the fords of Isen, south of Isengard. Once the two armies have gathered, we will invade Eriador and not stop until we reach Forochel Bay.”copyright protection4PENANAoEmCHPagbc

“What about the human fortifications at the pass?” General Ryu, who thought the idea of crossing the narrow pass sounded like a suicide mission, asked, "Besides, Minas Ithil alone is a problem.”copyright protection4PENANAI3xcAx3tAD

“A problem?” said Mizuki, the wolf girl named general. “You dare say that Minas Ithil is a problem? It's an obstacle, an mammoth obstacle!”copyright protection4PENANAujDDV5jXzY

“The best thing would be to go out through the gate of the great wall and attack the humans from the north or from the south," said Sora, the demon boy and also named general. “Our air fleet cannot transport our entire army, but they can fly over the mountains of ashes or the mountains of shadows and reach us, the effect on humans from seeing our air support will be devastating.”copyright protection4PENANAwXDSAkHKBT

“No, I've made up my mind," said Urd. “Humans may be panicked at first, but then they would insist on fighting us. What is preferable is a "lightning war" to avoid falling into a guerrilla war with the humans, in addition, with this we will not give the elves and their numerous forces a choice to help the humans. Once we cross the Greyflood River or the Gwathló, as the elves and dwarves call it, the elves and dwarves will certainly not come in search of us, nor will the dwarves, if we do not touch the white mountains and the blue mountains, in this way we will drive the humans out of Middle-earth and lead them to the island north of Forochel Bay, where they can live as long as they please.”copyright protection4PENANAWkWtxw0A0B

But that's the same height as the Cold Lands or the Forodwaith!” exclaimed Chaika indignantly. “Humans will suffer a lot to adapt to that ice cube that is that island!”copyright protection4PENANAeuVS8QXrNw

“Do you think my treatment of humans is unfair?” said Urd, who was beginning to get upset and seeing that her young niece was going to contradict her, stopped her.copyright protection4PENANAqku4c4pUP0

"These humans may consider themselves fortunate to be allowed to live. Don't tell me that my treatment towards them is not merciful, unlike those worms, I am merciful.... I will give them the same mercy they gave us, no more, no less.”copyright protection4PENANANLlKfSgfth

“...So, it's your final decision, Commander?” Chaika asked without cutting eye contact.copyright protection4PENANARILNAUDylr

“That's right, all of you must prepare immediately for the advance to Minas Ithil. We will not use light cavalry or heavy cavalry, only heavy, medium and light infantry. As for the human fortifications and Minas Ithil, the air fleet will be in charge of tearing down the walls so that our troops can advance inside and conquer each of them," said Urd, looking to Sora and Mizuki. “That's it, you're dismissed.”copyright protection4PENANA5LLAPYFeTu

All the generals and captains withdrew from the command tent, except Chaika who looked frowned at her aunt, but in the end she too went out to prepare her forces. Urd also retired after a sigh of frustration and went to her personal tent, where Sakurai followed her along with the personal guard, also Gigi, Urd's black cat.copyright protection4PENANAfGfBruuIKY

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Urd asked Gigi, seeing that the cat was looking at her significantly.copyright protection4PENANAZCGKphE3P0

“Nothing special, I'm just a cat who doesn't know anything about military tactics, I was just wondering why you should rush into it like that.... All this has to do with Natsuki's visit?”copyright protection4PENANAvUMgvCfaR8

Sakurai and the personal guard noticed how the tension suddenly grew in the place, even Gigi's coat began to bristle.copyright protection4PENANAE7PUIgodY9

“Bah, after all, no matter what, humans will fall before you," said Gigi and after stretching himself out of the tent.copyright protection4PENANAbYLRIa8neY

.copyright protection4PENANAoJTa0oMfyD

.copyright protection4PENANAodKd7tuwGt

Inside the majestic tower of the moon at Minas Ithil, Gandalf presented Imrahil, Faramir and Éowyn with his discoveries about the enemy from the Far East.copyright protection4PENANAFSrqKaBSyP

“These cat girls, these famnyas, as they call themselves, were originally a breed of cat people who lived in the west of Middle Earth.”copyright protection4PENANARWyK6y8TOH

“Did the famnyas live in Middle Earth before?” Imrahil asked in amazement, and he was not the only one, Éowyn and Faramir exchanged astonished looks.copyright protection4PENANAwcVhq2KVyr

“That's right," Gandalf replied, "they were engaged in agriculture with the Ent women.”copyright protection4PENANAoejQF30gWy

“The women ent, are you sure Gandalf?” Faramir asked impressed.copyright protection4PENANA6NvFyBeHu2

“I am, you see, at first the ents lived together, as time went on, the men and women became more and more separated. The ent men preferred to graze the trees, while the ent women were fully engaged in agriculture. As the Ents live thousands of years, they did not suffer from living apart for a few centuries, so when the Orcs attacked the land of the Ent women, they no longer knew about it. In the heat of the battle between orcs, elves and dwarves, the latter two, who at that age did not have the irreconcilable differences they have today and fought shoulder to shoulder on the lands of the Ent women, left no writings about the fate of the farming trees.”copyright protection4PENANAo1fkiGm3CV

“But Gandalf, if the famnyas lived together with the Ents women, wouldn't you expect them to be alive?” wanted to know Éowyn, who was fascinated by the tree shepherds, after her late uncle, Theoden, told her about his meeting with Barbol at the Saruman Tower in Isengard.copyright protection4PENANAv0aORPSS6P

“According to what I found out in forgotten sections of the libraries of the human, elf and dwarf kingdoms. This race of cat girls was driven out of the western lands by men of numenor and other kingdoms and human populations, and what they did to them.... was unutterable," said Gandalf, while an expression of disgust and shame poked into his face. “Yes, it was we humans who drove the cat girls into the land of the ent women. They gave them shelter and taught them the art of agriculture as they did with humans thousands of years ago.”copyright protection4PENANArdDWSbx6T2

“How is it that the cat girls of that time relate to the enemy Famnya of the present?” Imrahil asked intrigued, eager to know the answer, as did Éowyn and Faramir.copyright protection4PENANA9i3pCm6YpI

“Of the women ent, I found no further evidence, however, the queen of the cat girls of the time, a female named Partesia, fearful that the men of numenor, victorious throughout Middle Earth against the orcs, then decided to exterminate all non-human races, decided that her people should emigrate to the far east, a migration they called "the great moving". It seems that the daughter of this queen Partesia, managed to take her people to the other side of the world or helped a lot in this work, the name of this cat girl was Fam or Famnya, and from there the identity of our enemy arises.”copyright protection4PENANAUVJ4JAUCt0

“Do you know anything about why elves and dwarves from the Far East fight together with the famnyas, as well as other races?” asked Faramir, who as a prince knew about the presence of elves and dwarves in the enemy army.copyright protection4PENANArUd4Q6god9

“I'm sorry, but as far as I could go in my search for the identity of our enemy, it was until that "great moving".copyright protection4PENANAqnruM4QT2g

“I see that the information you have given us, Gandalf, is very valuable to understand our enemy," said Imrahil, "but with everything you have told us, I see that our situation is now more complicated. I now understand the Famnya's hatred and resentment of men, but that does not help me in how to make our enemy forgive the sin that our ancestors committed and pretend that we should pay them back.”copyright protection4PENANACXbl2VWWxp

“If what they say about Urd is true," said Gandalf, "I don't think we can achieve peace, but other Famnya may be less radical and willing to engage in peace talks. How about that General Chaika, who said she was Urd's second in command, besides being her niece.”copyright protection4PENANAWZka4aglyt

“I don't know, Gandalf," reflected Faramir, "she seemed determined to continue the war, but her more benevolent position towards us humans, unlike Urd, was also clear.”copyright protection4PENANAvZQWtD1kw3

“A position that established the forced mobilization of humans to indigenous reservations," Imrahil suddenly said, "more favorable lands than Urd would be willing to give us, but a forced mobilization, after all, expelled from our own lands.”copyright protection4PENANAA81Mu3HqZf

“It would be worth trying to communicate with this General Chaika," said Éowyn. “According to what she said, she is in charge of Cirith Ungol, the dark tower is not far from here, we could talk to her without Urd knowing about it and convince her that this Indian reservation thing would get her nowhere, we could convince her to talk to Urd and stop all this madness.”copyright protection4PENANAQWfa6kkmFT

“We don't know how much weight Urd's niece can have, to change the mind of the scourge of God," Imrahil interrupted. "Even if we were to make progress in the negotiations, I doubt that elves and dwarves would be satisfied after the death of their lords at Urd's hands.”copyright protection4PENANAPaSF7mi8GP

“What do you propose then, Prince Imrahil?” Gandalf asked.copyright protection4PENANAchXd3rhLSg

“...That it's worth a try. If, in the worst case scenario, the fall of man should come about, let it not be written in any book that it was because we were not willing to dialogue with our enemy, ready to embrace a true and mutual peace.”copyright protection4PENANA1IdhTjBeFg

Éowyn and Faramir smiled, as did Gandalf, who saw in Imrahil's decision the hope of men.copyright protection4PENANA7vr0ayntH3

“Sir, my lord, the famnyas are attacking us with all their might, they are advancing along the way!” Beregond suddenly shouted, who had entered the room in full haste. “The fortifications are falling down before the enemy advance, there's nothing we can do! They have flying ships that spit fire and destroy the stone with the sound of thunder!”copyright protection4PENANAiTlg7oHoaA

The faces of those present contracted in an expression of anguish and fear. Faramir hugged his wife, while Imrahil shook his head.copyright protection4PENANAFbjSscb4qR

“...Just now, when we glimpse the light of hope.”copyright protection4PENANAkymMzxkW01

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection4PENANA0jVlz2KhrU

The author's final notes: the "scorpion" was a kind of giant crossbow from the Roman era, very effective in terms of the defensive system of walls, of course the shells that were fired were not attached to chains, that is my work, whose purpose you will see in another chapter.copyright protection4PENANAR66aZzmbDN

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