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Writer Capt. leon
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Battle of armor in the narrow pass
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
13 Mins Read
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THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection6PENANAt4p6LlfTmJ

Capítulo 23: Battle of armor in the narrow passcopyright protection6PENANAHq9r1HynVW

The imposing horns of war and the thunderous battle cry echoed throughout the fortified city of Minas Ithil, warning the soldiers to appear ready for battle under the orders of their lord and prince Faramir.copyright protection6PENANAPA86jwiDVN

“I want to send several reinforcements to the front forts to slow down the enemy's advance," Faramir instructed, "let's hope the flying ships don't fire on their own troops, who will be fighting with ours in closed combat.”copyright protection6PENANA7oRwvDRLxe

The men rushed off to carry out their lord Prince's orders, while Faramir turned to speak to his wife.copyright protection6PENANAueEDGFke3f

“My love, I want you to make all the necessary preparations. With these flying ships in enemy hands, it's time to use what we discovered months ago.”copyright protection6PENANAbSPjZ8QhMM

“Don't worry, my husband, promise me you'll be very careful.”copyright protection6PENANA5TaWqGAis7

“Don't worry, my love, Prince Imrahil and I will remain in the last stronghold to coordinate the reinforcements we will send to the front in the hope of stopping the enemy advance," Faramir reassured her with a smile, then the husbands said goodbye with a kiss and Faramir begged the valar to somehow get the famnyas to retreat.copyright protection6PENANAxWmbA3RUiV

The men in charge of the numerous forts that covered the entire pass to Minas Ithil fled in terror at the relentless advance of the cat girls, but their fear was more centered on the flying ships from which the cannons and the giant repeating crossbows were fired at those who fled or at the walls, destroying them with complete ease.copyright protection6PENANAatO0MN9D5W

“It's the army from hell, run away!” the men shouted as they ran to the shelter that the thick walls of Minas Ithil would offer them.copyright protection6PENANApaPA7ghHzJ

The magnificent bridge at Minas Ithil was covered with the speed of men running in both directions, either fleeing or heading for the front lines of the battle.copyright protection6PENANAP6Fbife9ax

“They're going back, the humans are going back!” shouted euphorically General Mizuki, who together with General Sora, had been sent to the vanguard with her men, in order to verify that her lady's decision to appoint them generals was the right one. “This time it's the human dogs that are running away and we're the ones chasing them! Come on, let's treat them the same way they treated us in Mirkwood Forest! Let's avenge General Hikari!”copyright protection6PENANA5l0TlNGvqL

“Ohhhh!” the soldiers shouted furiously, especially those who had taken part in the battle of Dol Guldur and returned to tell the tale.copyright protection6PENANArQWhq3xHL6

“Yes, let us avenge him, just as we avenge the death of our beloved General Sakura!” Sora shouted to his men and they also gave a loud exclamation.copyright protection6PENANAqAd6Mvm0Fw

“Urd sama's tactics are paying off," said Amane, Chaika's childhood friend cat girl.copyright protection6PENANAyKSyDdmkIM

“At this rate it won't be necessary for General Ryu to intervene," said Mamoru with a smile, who, like Amane, had known Chaika since she was a child.copyright protection6PENANA6aC2r35YKQ

Chaika did not answer them immediately, watching the battle go by from one side of the largest flying ship they had, one light blue, unlike the others that were smaller and lighter brown.copyright protection6PENANA5briidOEet

“I don't like to have to fly so low, in the middle of this narrow canyon," Chaika grimaced, "much less have to do it at such a low speed, how are the men in charge of inflating the balloons doing?”copyright protection6PENANAbMd3kQhHb0

“I was not informed of any news General Chaika, their work is done normally as it should be," Amane told her, with her typical professional accent.copyright protection6PENANAtha6jBapAU

“I see," said Chaika thoughtfully, but then frowned as she heard her ship's cannons fire another volley of shots at one of the fortifications in front of the pass to cover the precious goal of Minas Ithil.copyright protection6PENANAgG6IZoVN29

"I wonder why my aunt is rushing things like this?" thought Chaika intrigued. "I can think of a few things that could make our attack fail. The canyon is very narrow and a strong gust of wind can direct our ships to the rocky walls, we wouldn't have enough time to maneuver... and our troops are just below us."copyright protection6PENANAgeVthgkzXv

“Chaika...” said Amane worried, seeing her friend and commander's expression of concern.copyright protection6PENANAzrNJy7lIxV

“Don't worry Amane," said Chaika with a smile, "I'm a little early in thinking about things and only the negatives. Mamoru is right, General Ryu's intervention will not be necessary, he and my aunt can stay calm in the rear receiving the respective battle reports.”copyright protection6PENANADNBJvB8roa

Under the ships, the young General Sora, who commanded his men, was worried.copyright protection6PENANAAEpw7HNsgL

"These knights are different from those who fought in Dol Guldur, according to Mizuki's reports, they were supposed to be slow and clumsy, but the men here fight with good speed and our katanas cannot get through their armor," Sora thought restlessly. "Their infantry is also fast and although their armor does not cover their entire body, it is very functional and cannot be pierced by our swords. Had it not been for the impact of our air force, these humans would not have retreated at first. Now they're not giving up ground, they must surely have good commanders leading them from behind."copyright protection6PENANAYPdLzMTUuq

Due to the treacherous and narrow nature of the canyon and the fact that the battlements of the forts were empty, neither on either side, there were archers with compound bows or repeating crossbows on the part of the cat girls, or archers with the new long bows on the part of the human defenders. Only the infantry fought between each stronghold at their best, in fights that ended in singular one-on-one combat.copyright protection6PENANAQ8dsRJ3Zbr

The katanas crashed furiously against the damask swords and gladius, in a display of the technique's handling by the cat boys and their female companions.copyright protection6PENANAaL5zidg6Gx

The heavy infantry famnyas wore full plate armor, which varied in color depending on the force they served. This type of armor gave them a lot of mobility, but the enemy used the new armor called Gothic, which apart from giving them a lot of protection, gave them a mobility that they did not have before.copyright protection6PENANAREm5qWRjQm

The armor of the cat girls could not offer the same resistance to blows as their rival's armor, but their swordsmanship prevented humans from connecting successful blows either in the form of a cut or in stock.copyright protection6PENANAJGuX9lHclS

"Damn humans," thought the young General Mizuki, who remembered how the battle she fought in Dol Guldur was easier, "Ships can't shoot when we're so committed to the enemy. We can't surround the enemy and finish him off for lack of space, we're stuck."copyright protection6PENANADwEJ6WWn2D

In the more open sections of the forts, the cat girls advanced with fanatical fury, but were held back by compact formations of the human infantry, which wore the long halberds and used them in the manner of the deadly Greek phalanges.copyright protection6PENANAUUhhZHdR14

“Try to surround them!” Sora screamed furiously. “With those weapons, they won't be able to turn around in time!”copyright protection6PENANAdKLHIU3p6p

But it was impossible to carry out young General Sora's orders, there was no room to surround the enemy.copyright protection6PENANAhKVVt1RqpU

In other open fields of different strongholds, it was the humans who fought back, but the cat girls in their heavy infantry armor also used Greek phalanx tactics, using long broad-leaf spears and humans could not surround them either.copyright protection6PENANA3jPlBO3OG4

Gladius swords were very effective in cutting the armor of famnyas, but they could do nothing against the heavy Famnya shields, which were used in a "turtle formation", but for this the knights intervened and with their curved damask swords could penetrate through the openings of the shields.copyright protection6PENANATTOFAwzEWG

Humans also used the turtle formation, causing the cat girls to change their strategy and take advantage of the slight curve of their swords to also penetrate through the openings.copyright protection6PENANA3dqY8T00kp

Above all the canyon, Chaika watched helplessly as her forces and those of the humans stagnated.copyright protection6PENANAVnJKIkzL9f

“Do we flush the poison gas?” Mamoru asked.copyright protection6PENANAP29EHKbho7

“We can't do it, we would also affect our troops," said Chaika.copyright protection6PENANAXrlnquhqvB

“Then what do we do?” Amane asked worried.copyright protection6PENANAQqZzbITLt2

“Let our forces retreat," Chaika commanded with aplomb. “Once separated from the humans, our ships will attack, we will not use the poison gas, because in this damned canyon the wind cannot be read, not even by the cats, instead we will use the giant repeating crossbows and the canyons.”copyright protection6PENANA1j4aYMUa3j

The cat girls retreated and the humans cheered thunderously, but then their cheers were silenced by the roar of the cannons and fled the place.copyright protection6PENANAi0KDob7GBD

“This can go on for a long time, too long," said Chaikia. “We don't know when the winds will blow. There's no other way, send a message to General Ryu, to come and support us, I just hope he can maneuver safely in this damn canyon.”copyright protection6PENANAir3h0f0U0u

In the blockade the cat girls had erected before the attack, Urd received reports from the front.copyright protection6PENANAW2N0cMN7XQ

“Humans wear armor and weapons that give them the advantage over our troops, at least when it comes to fighting in such scarce formations, it's a warrior versus warrior fight," Ai, one of the kunoichis in the Fourth Army, told her. “General Chaika has already requested General Ryu's assistance.”copyright protection6PENANAqfQbTfm0VY

“I understand, that General Ryu proceeded to assist the vanguard troops” Urd gave her permission, so the kunoichi left quickly to warn Ryu.copyright protection6PENANAEeqIwrXwlY

"Damn it, I can't see the battle unfolding, but for Chaika to have asked for Ryu's help, it means things are worse than they reported. The humans did their job very well, they reinforced the passage with forts, which force us to fight without enjoying our numerical superiority. General Ryu, Chaika, you must show the humans that the Famnya Empire is not to be played with."copyright protection6PENANA0h0OidA5kx

A huge shadow overshadowed the blockade where Urd stood, which raised her eyes to the sky.copyright protection6PENANAVLNMXG1jHX

"This is the end for the defenders of Minas Ithil."copyright protection6PENANAilbI3H91ev

In the forts closest to Minas Ithil, Princes Imrahil and Faramir harangued their soldiers while receiving battle reports.copyright protection6PENANAZeM024dDay

“The new weapons and armor are proving to be effective against the enemy," Beregond told the two princes, "but the cat girls also use tactics like the turtle formation and the phalanges, they are also very good at stopping the attack of our swords.”copyright protection6PENANAb5kYShEUBm

“In the narrow pass and with the forts they cannot use their numerical superiority," said Faramir. “How are our men doing in general?”copyright protection6PENANARTH3CLLMMZ

“Our men and both the girls and the cat boys, fall in equal parts, the battle is stagnant my lord.”copyright protection6PENANAhMd4Mg90Tj

“What do you say, Imrahil, do you think we can get the enemy to back off?”copyright protection6PENANAz4pT3iaIcL

“It is probable Faramir, especially if we have fresh reinforcements from Minas Tirith. What worries me is the enemy's flying ships.”copyright protection6PENANA44FM7ixT4k

A clamour from the men fleeing to Minas Ithil interrupted Imrahil's words, and together with Faramir and Beregond, they looked up to the sky, where the fleeing men were pointing their hands.copyright protection6PENANATm66qTnzUg

“In the name of the Valar, what is that?” said Imrahil, who didn't believe what his eyes saw. “Let's go back to Minas Ithil .”copyright protection6PENANATtlimoAw6N

“Imrahil, guide the men safely to the fortress, I have to prepare other forces to fight the enemy.”copyright protection6PENANAibRXXZfvTk

“What forces could you count on to deal with such an unnatural abortion?” Imrahil asked incredulously.copyright protection6PENANAPMGVT7PgGJ

“Trust me Imrahil, my wife will tell you at the top of the tower of the moon, go!” Faramir asked, and Imrahil had no choice but to rely on Faramir's cryptic words and with a commanding voice led the men fleeing to the safety of Mines Ithil .copyright protection6PENANAwAcSTygu5n

Faramir rushed the race and at the base of the cliffs met Radagast, who, far from worrying about the battle, was quiet watching the wild flowers growing around him.copyright protection6PENANAhny8lw8A11

“Maese Radagast, shouldn't you seek refuge behind the walls of Minas Tirith, where Gandalf must surely be waiting for you?”copyright protection6PENANAVQNBMGIBWp

“Gandalf, he don't need me for this occasion, I've done all the work he gave me in Isengard, I've also done my other work.”copyright protection6PENANAlt0xlT6Cnb

“What does Master Radagast mean?” Faramir asked angrily, seeing the old man redirecting his attention to the wildflowers in front of him.copyright protection6PENANA0EyyNT4Vu6

“Soon help will come, help that will come in time with the first blasts of the evening wind," said the old magician with an enigmatic smile. “Not only you' ve been looking for a way to fight the enemy.”copyright protection6PENANAXpWK1IrKko

Faramir, seeing that Radagast was calling for a moth and seemed to be talking to him, decided to resume his journey and entered a cavern on the side of the cliff.copyright protection6PENANAaFRadd4jPr

Guiding Famnya's seven flying ships, there was a massive flying structure, so large that it could carry the seven ships behind it inside.copyright protection6PENANAvP63oUXtQs

“General Ryu, the giant blimp is approaching Minas Ithil," told to Ryu, a cat boy who used a kind of telescope made up of two crystal balls wrapped in a piece of leather.copyright protection6PENANAzNSwyUfZFz

“As soon as we get in front of the bridge, let go of the flying mounts.”copyright protection6PENANAnPff0ss5Mi

Ryu had arrived with his giant blimp, which carried several wooden structures, which carried the flying beasts and the commanding riders, along with Chaika's fleet, he had decided to leave the infantry behind and attack on his own.copyright protection6PENANAxh8DlwyjZo

"We've already bombed the infantry men who were blocking the way," Ryu thought. "However, they may regroup again. The best thing is to attack Minas Ithil  from the air with everything we have, once the fortress falls, the rest of the human forces will surely flee in disarray to Minas Tirith , no matter, we will still attack the capital of Gondor from the air."copyright protection6PENANAMzcE5KzkKe

At the top of the moon tower, at Minas Ithil, Éowyn, Imrahil and Gandalf, saw the enemy air fleet moving very slowly through the canyon and getting closer and closer to the fortress.copyright protection6PENANAU84ao5DQap

“How can we beat this thing?” Imrahil asked worried at the sight of the giant blimp.copyright protection6PENANA9HHhl3NTmN

“Don't worry, Imrahil," said Éowyn, who was struggling to get the courage out of her chest, just as she did when he saw the extension of Sauron's army when she was besieging Mines Tirith. “My husband Faramir, has something with which he can stand up to the power before us.”copyright protection6PENANAi8nuNtfnN0

Imrahil did not understand what Éowyn meant, but when he was about to ask her, he was interrupted by Gandalf.copyright protection6PENANABI9FSxLvoV

“What remains of the power of my ring tells me that soon the wind will strike the canyon with force, perhaps this will help us to hinder the enemy's flight.”copyright protection6PENANAVyDDPYGDS2

“And in the meantime, Gandalf, the enemy will attack us at will with his flying ships and that other monstrosity," said Imrahil. >”If they came close enough we could shoot at those strange swollen sails with incendiary arrows, so we could force them down or even their ships would fall into the void on both sides of the bridge.”copyright protection6PENANArbbOFZiVm6

Imrahil's hopes were dashed when he saw that the enemy air fleet was stopping right over the bridge.copyright protection6PENANAWYO6DHEpd2

“Look, something's going on," said Gandalf suddenly, seeing some doors opening at the sides of the giant blimp.copyright protection6PENANAk8AYLqXr4P

On the command bridge of the giant airship, Ryu gave the order for his attacking air force to leave.copyright protection6PENANAuv0GkGFCC2

“Get the flying squadrons out of here immediately.”copyright protection6PENANAIz0xFEej3r

All the flying beasts went out with their riders and stunned the human defenders.copyright protection6PENANAmoAXmlnjNr

“Are those dragons?>” Imrahil asked, unable to avoid taking a step backwards.copyright protection6PENANA9iXaYiREUt

“It seems so, but because of their size, they are much smaller," said Gandalf, forcing his eyes. “I don't know what the other beasts are.”copyright protection6PENANAHD2HaImp1p

Éowyn shook her head to get out of her amazement and then fixed her eyes on another section of the sky.copyright protection6PENANARoOrlaNJuB

“Look, here comes my husband, with the help I promised you Imrahil!”copyright protection6PENANAaET8OSqFxl

Imrahil and Gandalf looked over to where Éowyn was pointing, causing the two men to drown out a scream.copyright protection6PENANA9fYcX9UjzW

“These are the shadowy flying beasts of the Nazgul!” shouted Gandalf. “Where you found them and how you got those monsters to let the men ride them!”copyright protection6PENANAIqkxSGHFpc

“Like the horses of the Nazgul, they are only animals that can be trained," Éowyn said, as she watched her husband and other men lead their dark saddles to the enemy.copyright protection6PENANAhAQbIF39lB

“General Ryu, there are several winged creatures approaching, apparently these are mounted by men," a cat boy informed him.copyright protection6PENANAuuQtGNCB7c

Ryu approached the bridge window and watched the winged shadows guided by Faramir and other men from Minas Ithil.copyright protection6PENANAyQCTnvz5aY

“What the hell are those things?” Ryu asked more for himself.copyright protection6PENANAhry8ChOGq9

“Apparently it's the enemy air force," replied a soldier on the bridge.copyright protection6PENANAiUD9okX1V4

Above the huge bridge at Minas Ithil, both air forces looked at each other in awe, while the golden light of the sunset dyed the entire sky orange.copyright protection6PENANAduUQnilWnv

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection6PENANAUFXtNAKBha

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