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Writer Capt. leon
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Air battle at Minas Ithil
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
13 Mins Read
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Capítulo 24: Air battle at Minas Ithilcopyright protection3PENANAvF15N140iw

It seemed that time had stopped, only the smooth movement of the wings of the various fantastic mounts in the sky, showed that the passage of time had not suffered any alteration.copyright protection3PENANAxxwBtBkqWY

The men on the strange diagonal and pointed battlements of Minas Ithil could hear the flapping of the wings of the unrealistic mounts, as they all held their breath as they watched as the winged shadows in the service of their lord Faramir stood in front and respectable distance from the cat girls' mounts.copyright protection3PENANAfPFUIKUjxD

The seconds went by tense and at the end, the sound of the soft flapping of the wings was cut by the roar of big cats with stripes on their sides that, incredible as it may seem, did not need wings to fly.copyright protection3PENANAY3j0961e7k

“It's the roar of death!” shouted the men on the battlements, who had never heard the wild and furious roar of the tiger before.copyright protection3PENANAKERgflSAMO

“Forward, for Minas Ithil and Lady Éowyn!” Faramir shouted with all his might, so the air battle began with all its brutality against the orange background of the sunset.copyright protection3PENANAy1EdWnYQHw

The winged shadows charged at full speed against the flying beasts of the cat girls, causing them to break their formation and scatter across the top of the battlefield.copyright protection3PENANAuGzOGJUHX2

“Let us take advantage now that they are separated!” Faramir shouted loudly and his men led their mounts to face the winged enemy.copyright protection3PENANA2IGUYWfRw1

“Damn it, they broke formation!” Chaikia shouted angrily. “Now there's no choice but to fight in dog-face mode!”copyright protection3PENANAG43ki0IgRq

“I never thought humans had those winged mounts," said Amane, as she inadvertently bent down as one of the mounts almost crashed into the side of the boat and very close to her.copyright protection3PENANANl6n9M64u4

“Humans' mounts look like black wyverns but with a rounder skull," says Mamoru, who had drawn his compound bow with the intention of hitting one of the winged shadows, as he was one of the best archers in the Famnya Empire.copyright protection3PENANA6xMNrLJHCf

"Damn it, I can't hit those things with the balloon above us!” complained the cat boy.copyright protection3PENANAJikMDCNmTE

“No one tries to shoot at those things or we run the risk of hitting our own squadrons," Chaika ordered, as several cat girls began to tighten their compound bows or prepare the giant repeating crossbows.copyright protection3PENANAMG0T49Gbea

In General Ryu's giant blimp, he watched the air battle with a grimace and gritting of his teeth.copyright protection3PENANAflI28aNRRq

“What can we do, sir?” One of the soldiers asked him nervously.copyright protection3PENANA7AJrnm3bJX

“We can't do anything, our squadrons are too engaged in battle with the enemy to help them. All we can do is wait until our numerical superiority in the air wanes the enemy strength little by little," Ryu said, then crossed his muscular arms while breathing heavily in, giving him an intimidating look.copyright protection3PENANAPwEPpIZ5Td

The aerial superiority of the enemy was clear and of all the flying beasts of the cat girls, it was the small, greenish dragons that were most dangerous, because like the extinct and enormous dragons of the middle earth, they could also throw a deadly fire out of their jaws.copyright protection3PENANAg9zYbH9Zz0

“Faramir, guide your mounts to the enemy's strange candles, so that the dragons cannot attack with their breath of fire!” Gandalf shouted in such a powerful voice that it could not be natural.copyright protection3PENANApHB98Zwcaf

Faramir listened to Gandalf by sheer luck and led his winged shadow to the enemy ships, his other men following the example of his lord Prince.copyright protection3PENANA9ZLNPavOgp

Gandalf smiled with relief that Faramir had heard him, but suddenly the old magician contracted his face and fainted, fortunately Prince Imrahil held him in time.copyright protection3PENANA2wyCvJjEIT

"Gandalf, your magic and the power of your ring must be almost exhausted to have made you faint," Imrahil thought worried as he saw the old man's face darkened, giving him a more aged look than he had before.copyright protection3PENANAF8AghJgNVq

“Hurry, take Gandalf to his quarters to rest!” Éowyn ordered her men worried and they came out of the trance of the spectacular air battle, they obeyed her.copyright protection3PENANA34qOSfZo4g

Some dragons chasing close up the winged shadows of Faramir and his men, threw fire that passed near the balloons causing everyone to drown a scream.copyright protection3PENANAN7MlJi53XO

“Order the dragon riders to stop their mounts from throwing fire so close to the ships!” Chaika ordered to the top of her lungs and a lot of soldiers began to move banners of different colors with impetus, making the riders aware of the orders of their young General.copyright protection3PENANAXCWxTega2c

“General Chaika has ordered the dragon riders not to throw fire on the enemy," one of her soldiers told Ryu that he was using the primitive telescope.copyright protection3PENANAA5h1U9hUxl

“It's the right decision or else they run the risk of their boats crashing to the ground or falling off the cliff," said Ryu, who had folded his arms at lightning speed as he watched Chaika's boat almost get hit by the fire. "Gosh, that scared me, I couldn't see Urd's face if anything happened to her niece."copyright protection3PENANAaltXGcgLfd

The maneuver of sticking to the enemy ships gave a very good result at first, as more and more enemy mounts like the strange flying tigers or the unicorns fell down, flying thanks to the magic of their horns, however, slow but constant, the enemy superiority in the air guaranteed the cat girls to group in formations that already began to take their first casualties in the forces of Faramir.copyright protection3PENANAAcQwKKL1UN

“Beregond, command the men of the cliffs to prepare themselves," commanded Éowyn with aplomb, and Beregond blew his horns to warn the men of the rocky, pointed ledges to prepare their deadly equipment.copyright protection3PENANAdvTvwOEOIc

“Quickly, prepare the "scorpion"!” said the man in charge of the war machine's equipment. Equal orders were given for all the other protrusions similar to giant rose thorns.copyright protection3PENANA9SxDQeP605

Faramir took a quick glance at the top of the moon tower and saw that his wife Éowyn was holding a long red cloth which was rocked by the soft wind.copyright protection3PENANAjAia73VS5P

“Now my men, to the cliffs, as we have rehearsed!” Faramir shouted loudly and his men obeyed him by shouting.copyright protection3PENANAGjlAOSosG6

“The enemy is moving away!” Mamoru shouted happily. “This is where our dragons can throw fire at them!”copyright protection3PENANAFQZctPqjVr

The dragon riders and the other flying beasts like pterodactyls, seeing that the winged shadows were moving away from the ships, went in pursuit of the enemy shouting with joy, however, this scene was familiar to Chaika, quite familiar.copyright protection3PENANApf1Hq8Ll1Q

“Stop their advance, order them to stop their advance!” shouted Chaika, who guessed the enemy's plan.copyright protection3PENANAbH9wiYoGr5

“But General Chaika, now our mounts can attack the enemy," said Amane, who did not understand her commander's orders.copyright protection3PENANAN6VMjpCKIy

“You didn't hear me! I said order the advance to stop!” Chaika shouted grimly and several men moved the banners furiously, however, it was too late, the riders were already far away and did not see the message.copyright protection3PENANAb7OcPelBAm

Faramir's winged shadows flew close to the walls of the cliff, while enemy mounts followed them closely.copyright protection3PENANAsL4ChmAG31

“You are now mine, human," said a dragon rider, and just before his steed threw fire on his victim, a huge arrow penetrated the side of the green dragon.copyright protection3PENANAMQ8HCr7fbP

"What the hell!” shouted the cat boy, trying to get his dragon away from the cliff, but he saw that this task was useless because of the chain that was attached to the impacted arrow on his saddle.copyright protection3PENANANnXBzNQUoq

“We've got the monster, pull!” shouted the leader of the scorpion's crew in a commanding voice, and the other men twisted the chain with a rigging similar to the one that lifted the anchors of the ships.copyright protection3PENANAhQblstI3aL

The dragon tried to move away from the cliff, but in the end it was impaled on the sharp ledge, dying instantly and causing his rider to fall into the deep abyss.copyright protection3PENANA4WBcEeELtQ

“Hooray, we did it!” The men of the crew shouted euphorically, and they were not the only ones, in the end all the dragons perished in this way, as well as several other flying mounts of the enemy.copyright protection3PENANAAhdySNlIHK

“General Ryu...” said a soldier on the bridge.copyright protection3PENANA9ZAkl3N36Y

“Order all ships to advance, no matter if we break the formation of our squadrons that are in pursuit of enemy mounts. We will attack Mines Ithil, reduce it to rubble with our cannons.”copyright protection3PENANAPbUroyF2j9

“Yes General.”copyright protection3PENANASUq6tiTP1B

The giant blimp, along with the other seven ships from Chaika, began to approach the fortress.copyright protection3PENANAzaAauWdiZj

“Éowyn, I think we'd better get down from this place!” Imrahil said frightenedly, making Éowyn react, and together with the prince and other guards, she hurried down the steps of the moon tower.copyright protection3PENANAgPvbgTKVV4

“Fire!”  Ryu ordered, making the cannons vomit their deadly charge right where Éowyn and Imrahil were seconds before.copyright protection3PENANA4OZvVsNOhP

“Hurry up, let's attack the ships!” Faramir ordered, as he saw the top of the moon tower crumble due to accurate enemy discharges.copyright protection3PENANApQZ00uWeNW

“My General, I ask permission to get on the balloons and shoot the enemy," Mamoru asked Chaika, bowing deeply.copyright protection3PENANAy4M3f2W0YS

“But Mamoru...”  was trying to say Chaika.copyright protection3PENANA43H3yCvmrN

“But with the confusion of the battle and the straitness of this place, we will be defeated in the end!” Mamoru exclaimed, accentuating his bow.copyright protection3PENANAbREbRFFOTt

“All right, but be careful," said Chaika, and Mamoru and other archers went up the balloons.copyright protection3PENANALsxxvNAsOy

The cat boys were very skillful and began to climb to the top of the balloons. The cat girls on the other ships saw this, including Ryu's blimp, and imitated this action.copyright protection3PENANAlSC2VaFrx6

Faramir's forces were at a great disadvantage this time as not only did they have to flee from the enemy mounts, but now they also had to dodge the deadly Famnya archers, famous for their accurate and deadly aim.copyright protection3PENANAeIXTTPyzEs

With each passing minute, more and more winged shadows fell and with them Faramir's men riding them, in the end it seemed that all was lost to Mines Ithil , which was being mercilessly bombed by Chaika and Ryu's fleet.copyright protection3PENANA2pUAXpoxSc

The moonlight peeped into the sky and a moth began to fly before the face of Faramir, who looked up into the sky and saw the high eagles descending in the moonlight.copyright protection3PENANA6d4Jg0TVrr

“The eagles are coming!” Faramir shouted euphorically and his men answered with howls of joy.copyright protection3PENANA2G9Zz3P8Ct

"So this was the help that Radagast mentioned earlier, that Gandalf, always keeps his secrets well guarded until the end," thought Faramir and resumed the attack on the flying ships with renewed strength.copyright protection3PENANAAFTugRUFpM

The high ladies of the mountains, unlike the winged shadows of Faramir, attacked with dizzying speed and their effectiveness in every attack was unrivalled.copyright protection3PENANASw0XfgX9cp

Landroval, his brother Gwaihir and Meneldor, who were once involved in the battle at the black gate and in the rescue of Frodo and Sam after they destroyed Sauron's unique ring, now came from the cloudy mountains and commanded several eagles who had come to help Faramir.copyright protection3PENANAAe6JeGN4Op

Once again, luck was changing in the battle and now it was the cat girls who suffered casualties due to the stubborn attack of Faramir's winged shadows and the recent deadly help of the high eagles. And to make matters worse, the wind started blowing hard.copyright protection3PENANAxo5rSmjM1I

Chaika's ships began to wobble and collide with each other with increasing force. The tension in the moorings of one of the boats was too much and the hull fell off the balloons, causing the whole structure to fall to the ground and almost crash on the bridge, but instead it fell into the deep, black abyss.copyright protection3PENANAzTeAQtROD3

“Damn it, we won't last long in this narrow canyon, we must rise and retreat to Cirith Ungol!” Chaika ordered, who was holding on to one side of the ship.copyright protection3PENANAddikXw0KAO

“But our infantry troops have just crossed the bridge and are already at the gates of Minas Ithil!” shouted Amane, who also held on to one side of the boat.copyright protection3PENANAa8cfA5CTSD

“What?  No, order the troops to retreat immediately!” Chaika roared with exorbitant eyes, but it was too late, due to the strong wind, one of the ships crashed into one of the raised, pointed battlements of Minas Ithil, causing the ship to fall to the ground, right over the Famnya army. The combination of the cannon balls and all the stored oil generated a strong explosion and an uncontrollable fire that swept away the invading army.copyright protection3PENANABrxQ2nkTcX

Seeing how the strong wind threatened them with the same fate, other ships tried to ascend and retreat to Cirith Ungol, but midway through the pass they were pushed by the wind towards the deadly cliffs of the canyon and they also fell on the famnyas troops that were scattered all over the narrow pass trying to pass the forts abandoned by the humans.copyright protection3PENANAWqaeK7LKSm

Huge flames rose up the entire length of the pass and it was impossible for Ryu's giant airship to retreat back to Cirith Ungol.copyright protection3PENANAz2uMi5SUYK

“Hurry, let's go to the city of Osgiliath and descend into that place!” Ryu ordered his men.copyright protection3PENANAxAc5qetL7F

“We're losing altitude, we won't make a soft landing in Osgiliath, we'll crash General!” they informed him.copyright protection3PENANAI45SjQ04BS

“So let it be so, then, before we crash into the city, free the cages with the beasts of attack, and we will leave a gift to the humans so that they may not celebrate their victory in haste!”copyright protection3PENANAqaUVXd0P7Z

Chaika's flying ship was the only one left of her fleet and therefore began to be attacked by winged shadows and high eagles.copyright protection3PENANAzFzLK00dL7

The flames all along the pass are sending us hot air and making our ship rise above the canyon! Amane, who was still clinging to the edge of the boat because of the ship's constant sudden movement, told her.copyright protection3PENANATtcYmvOnAq

“We must take this opportunity to go back to the safety of Cirith Ungol!” Chaika ordered and all her men got to work.copyright protection3PENANAg1AbXyoXnv

Seeing that Chaika's celestial ship was beginning to leave the canyon, Faramir and the eagles resumed their attacks with force, they would not allow the ship to escape.copyright protection3PENANAXXaxIVxJ8j

“At this rate they will compromise the safety of the balloons! All available soldiers, climb on the balloons and defend the ship!”” Chaika ordered decisively.copyright protection3PENANAR2N309yPx9

“Chaika, are you sure about this!” exclaimed Amane.copyright protection3PENANAfNaQY7on5M

“What other choice do we have, come on!”copyright protection3PENANAS2J3zsZ7b8

Every cat girl who was not essential to the operation of the flying ship, got on board the balloons and started shooting at the enemies that were coming at her.copyright protection3PENANAq2ad6anE0U

"Heavens, heavens... we are not going to resist," Chaika thought alarmed, while with her compound bow she fired one and another arrow that were dodged by the enemy.copyright protection3PENANAOgIY7H5w4b

An eagle plummeted right down on the young General Chaika and then her attack was stopped by an accurate arrow that pierced her skull from side to side. It was Landroval, who fell inert on one side of Chaika and then fell into the flames that continued to consume everything in the pass.copyright protection3PENANAiXd21Nu0VF

“Mamoru, thank you!” Chaika thanked him with a smile, but then, uncontrolled by the rage, Landroval's brother, Gwaihir, suicide attacked the cat boy and took him to the heights, there with Meneldor, they proceeded to tear Mamoru apart.copyright protection3PENANA8lIizOtWtu

The cat boys lips moved as if he wanted to say something in the middle of a gentle, tearful smile.copyright protection3PENANARhKAgShmom

“Mamoru, no!” Chaika shouted and then a wobble shook the ship.copyright protection3PENANAxHkLJlzdmu

“Chaika, the ship is falling into the flames of the pass, we must get out of here," said Amane, who had tears in her eyes.copyright protection3PENANATuPCNpqhlU

Amane took off her armor, the same as Chaika, then Amane held Chaika tightly and began to fly away from the ship.copyright protection3PENANALdcwNso5ON

"My flight is so slow.... I will not allow anything bad to happen to Chaika, I will not allow Mamoru's sacrifice to be in vain," thought Amane, as she tensed her face to force her eyes to stop crying and bit her lips until they bled due to the effort of using her strange magic technique.copyright protection3PENANAsmuM7e8Hru

Before Chaika's flying ship crashed into the flames, it exploded, casting a cloud of smoke that covered the slow retreat of Chaika and Amane.copyright protection3PENANAblZ1XMqo3L

Across the Mordor Mountains, Ryu's giant airship unloaded the boxes with the attack beasts in East Osgiliath, while flying over the Anduin River at full speed, it reached West Osgiliath.copyright protection3PENANAiPZvlNYKTN

The giant blimp crashed into the ruins of the city and an explosion shook the whole place, a huge fungus of fire rose to the sky, so large that it was visible to all the people of Minas Tirith.copyright protection3PENANAxm928hghYI

Nothing had remained of the ship and no one had survived, save the multitude of rats and mice that had escaped from the blimp just before the wooden structures were consumed by the flames.copyright protection3PENANAM93La1yBpB

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection3PENANAnIrmeMacx3

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