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Writer Capt. leon
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Show of strength
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
14 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!94zk2IDTJgABwc0R5hIrposted on PENANA

THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection4PENANAsqwGDAsyk8

Capítulo 25: Show of strengthcopyright protection4PENANAjucSPfBs8k

The enormous fungus of fire over western Osgiliath had disappeared and was replaced by a gigantic column of black smoke that rose ominously into the sky.copyright protection4PENANAJJWfVW71dQ

Aragorn, Arwen and the other guards at Minas Tirith, along with the rest of the population, gawked at the fate of the strange flying fortress of Urd.copyright protection4PENANAtGgZmTzPsT

“Yes!” A shout was heard somewhere, which cut off the omnipresent silence in the city and then a whole racket erupted within the white walls of the capital of Gondor.copyright protection4PENANAXLn9EdofFx

The horns sounded and the drums rumbled, as Aragorn embraced Arwen tightly in front of the white tree of Gondor. A gesture that was also imitated by citizens on the lower levels of the white city.copyright protection4PENANAAogwEctMeG

“My love, the enemy's flying fortress crashed in Osgiliath," Arwen said to her husband, who continued to embrace her.copyright protection4PENANACHnSGKMgze

“I don't know what kind of power these famnyas can invoke to get a castle up in the air, but I am grateful to the valar for the fact that the threat was consumed by fire," said Aragorn, who could not take his eyes off the ruins of Osgiliath, which at the time were falling prey to fire. “I only regret the fate of the brave soldiers who were in the city at the time, who were brave men and did not deserve to die that way.”copyright protection4PENANAaw0yGEL5Tq

“Do you think Minas Ithil is fighting the enemy right now?” Arwen asked him.copyright protection4PENANADuPT0u6tgk

“I have already sent several of my best men to reinforce Faramir, I only hope there are no more flying castles that can besiege our friend.”copyright protection4PENANAaS2xKIhxZR

.copyright protection4PENANAL9oLH5qsak

.copyright protection4PENANATNOIHOcOit

In Minas Ithil , soldiers and the rest of the population were also shouting with joy as they saw how the threat of the cat girls' army had been exterminated due to the arrival of the timely wind, which caused Urd's flying ships to fall on their own forces, consuming them in a deadly fire that spread throughout the pass.copyright protection4PENANA9tmb17UiET

Faramir descended with his winged shadow into a clearing near his fortress and as soon as he touched the ground, he descended from his flying mount and ran to the city, which was no longer surrounded by the fire that just now exterminated the invading famnyas.copyright protection4PENANAap2ybJDBcO

The guards of the battlements, seeing how their lord was approaching, opened the doors and through them the prince entered, shouting for his beloved wife.copyright protection4PENANAV5CJOjy18R

“Faramir!” Éowyn shouted and the prince ran to her and embraced her with passion.copyright protection4PENANAuhlQsmXmFB

“Eowyn! My love, when they attacked the top of the moon tower, my heart stopped, I thought I had lost you.”copyright protection4PENANAfP1ind21Oe

“Prince Imrahil suggested that we go down the tower a moment before the attack of the enemy's flying ships.”copyright protection4PENANAPKjru8L39U

“I must thank Imrahil for such a timely and blessed decision.”copyright protection4PENANAUEbfuEBs0h

“I'm afraid you'll have to wait a little while, my love, he and Gandalf are in the healing room receiving the proper care.”copyright protection4PENANA4g65yuiBv7

“What happened to them?”copyright protection4PENANAPlS9Nmhzpq

“Gandalf was exhausted after advising you in battle, and Prince Imrahil was wounded by the rubble as we descended the steps fleeing from the enemy. Don't worry, I've been informed that they'll both recover.”copyright protection4PENANAtk4Ezzjb1j

“I hope so," Faramir said with a smile as he hugged Éowyn again. “Let's pray that Urd doesn't send more attacks like this to our city, we lost several of our flying mounts and the high eagles suffered many casualties as well.”copyright protection4PENANAs6Azb93uKz

“I thank our eagle friends for coming so early," said Éowyn.copyright protection4PENANACAVuJIQ0hg

“That we must thank Gandalf and Radagast, they were the ones who asked the eagles to come to our aid in case the enemy decided to attack by the pass. It was fortunate that the eagles and the wind came at the exact moment of the attack.”copyright protection4PENANArLAvpa5Im6

“All this must be the work of the valar, who look after us from the heavens," Éowyn assured him, and seeing the flames still covering the pass, she hugged her husband tightly.copyright protection4PENANA2PdDopNsTy

.copyright protection4PENANA2w8X1RFSSX

.copyright protection4PENANA8jIJP8TURg

At the top of the palisade that served as a blockade of the entire passage between Minas Ithil  and the dark tower of Cirith Ungol, Urd, lady and commander of the mighty fourth army of the Famnya Empire, watched as the fire still claimed the ground in front of her.copyright protection4PENANA1U5exuDlWw

Both Sakurai and Gigi watched in anguish as the fire refused to leave the narrow canyon, even Urd's personal guard looked nervously at the huge flames, for they were related to Chaika and were concerned about her fate.copyright protection4PENANATY31V4TBWL

“Ai," Urd suddenly said to the kunoichi, "I want you to move along the canyon walls and tell me if there are any traces of General Chaika.”copyright protection4PENANAy54gOToINf

The cat girl bowed, but when she was about to head for the canyon, Gigi stood up on her hind legs and pointed one of his paws at the sky.copyright protection4PENANAYO932HxF2u

“Urd, it's Chaika sama! She's safe! Chaika sama!”copyright protection4PENANAcWtgXplR0h

Urd removed her helmet and mask and tossed them unceremoniously aside, while an exhausted Amane carefully deposited Chaika in front of Urd.copyright protection4PENANACznHQbAfUo

The two newly arrived cat girls were covered in soot from the smoke of the fire, and Chaika looked up at the giant in front of her.copyright protection4PENANAvSdEVgmtWp

Urd tried to tell her something, but her niece was already running and hugged her as she cried hard.copyright protection4PENANAY9lrpjQKaR

“Aunt, aunt!”copyright protection4PENANA2NrpuhB5wv

Urd's enormous arms, which had once brutally and cruelly torn Agog apart, now surrounded her young niece's small, slender body with tenderness and care while comforting her as best she could.copyright protection4PENANAt1oHGkX2NU

“Shuuu... shuuuu... calm, calm, it's all over Chaika” Urd comforted her, who like a mother caressed her beloved niece's head with her cheek.copyright protection4PENANAsL3Nds74dh

After a while, Urd separated from Chaika, who was still hiccuping because of the crying, and asked her about General Ryu's fate.copyright protection4PENANAVf4mFzEhEa

“He headed towards Osgiliath, with his giant blimp.... I don't know what happened to him. His ship was badly damaged.”copyright protection4PENANAN8cbPSvNVj

“I understand, you and Amane go to the healing centers," Urd said, trying to put on the sweetest tone of voice that that ice-cold voice could offer.copyright protection4PENANAIn5Lbidjmr

“Come, Chaika sama, let me take you," said Amane, and made Chaika lean on her.copyright protection4PENANAAiHFFmejET

“Thank you Amane, for taking care of Chaika," Urd said as she bowed to her.copyright protection4PENANAur1GDRz9Fv

“It is not necessary for you to bow Urd sama!” exclaimed Amane, who turned red like a tomato. “I would gladly give my life for Chaika sama!”copyright protection4PENANAsnTx84Qmnc

Urd offered a smirk of a smile to her niece's friend, and although she was sincere, she made Amane swallow.copyright protection4PENANANYvuEaRTuv

“You'd better go to the healing centre at once," said Gigi, with a harsh voice.copyright protection4PENANAMYXNFBFeKk

“Why do you use that tone of voice with Chaika sama?” Sakurai grimaced, as he wiped away his tears.copyright protection4PENANAJdICKQHBd5

“And what tone of voice do you want me to use, with the concern that they put in all of you, pffff.”copyright protection4PENANAN04jvItnBY

“You were the most concerned Gigi," Urd said, smiling sideways. “You kept calling her Chaika sama.”copyright protection4PENANAToWQcCrRRc

“Urd, don't embarrass me in front of this little girl!” shouted Gigi, jumping up and down, making Chaika look at him with surprise and then she couldn't help but smile a little, and then she was guided by Amane to the healing centres.copyright protection4PENANAcApUdaKVLY

The healing centers were empty at the time, only a few beds were being occupied.copyright protection4PENANA1zY5SuOmRq

When the two cat girls entered one of the tents, they were received by General Sora, who like them was covered in soot.copyright protection4PENANAkLOhB1T3SK

“Chaika, Amane! I'm so glad you made it!”copyright protection4PENANAg4lFZzQKuB

“Sora, you're alive, what happiness!” Chaika replied and went to embrace the young general.copyright protection4PENANAIwbHC4bqq3

“Is that Mizuki in the back?” wanted to know Amane, who recognized the wolf girl who was on her back and lying on her bed.copyright protection4PENANARLOG2qHWuz

“Yes," said the demon boy. “She's not hurt, except for her pride, let's let her rest for a while.”copyright protection4PENANAGKE2qEBgo6

The three youths went to another room and talked about the disaster that turned out to be the battle they fought.copyright protection4PENANAS6C3Nf8ZFy

“How many returned from the battle?” Chaika asked.copyright protection4PENANA3wkScnjUjN

“Not many, just a handful," Sora replied, making Chaika open her eyes wide. “All those who could fly and who grabbed someone and carried them safely to the blockade. It was me who rescued Mizuki, she wanted to stay and die with her men, but I brought her back... She's not very happy with me.”copyright protection4PENANAt0y82YMEfa

“But why, if you saved her?” Chaika was surprised.copyright protection4PENANAL7hob5Dj4j

“She's just distressed and hurt by her men, she'll get over it," Amane reasoned.copyright protection4PENANAS8Pc12zkWT

“And now what will happen next?” asked Chaikia. “This is a tremendous disaster.”copyright protection4PENANA7qTFzWElBT

Leaving Urd's tent in a hurry, Sakurai carried the large, ornate cage full of multicolored birds with him, fearing that his mistress would make a mess inside the tent, which was empty except for the presence of the personal guard.copyright protection4PENANAwm0OKbTovY

“Gigi, what do you think will happen now?” asked the elf boy to Urd's black cat.copyright protection4PENANAHn7xz8A8sw

“I don't know, but I'll tell you something, Sakurai, Urd won't go back on her mission to defeat the humans.”copyright protection4PENANA2zXVfwSUSt

“My generals were unable to take  Minas Ithil... Ryu, who fought with me in so many battles, died... This is all my fault.... what do you say to me," said Urd, who was sitting on her crude old stool, and was not focusing on anyone in particular with that look of hers that seemed to have an inner fire in it.copyright protection4PENANANpQOdB07Zv

“The plan was perfect, an air force was something that humans would never have expected," said one of the guards.copyright protection4PENANA5GScerkOAN

“The plan was, but not the chosen route," Urd replied scowlingly. “All those lives were lost in vain.”copyright protection4PENANAlCniyCPqxI

“The Generals could have done something," intervened another guard.copyright protection4PENANAUk8K9ml9tl

“In the battle we lost almost all our infantry," Urd lamented and grabbed a bottle of sake and proceeded to drink from it.copyright protection4PENANAEz2xMgZ74A

“You wanted to take the war to a new level, the best thing is always to go down a road already traveled and safe," said another guard.copyright protection4PENANAUqchILUycr

Urd threw the sake bottle into a wall of the tent and it broke into several pieces.copyright protection4PENANAh6MpRVLd4f

“That's what I plan to do!” Urd shouted. “But that won't replace the men I lost!”copyright protection4PENANAyJOBhBRgIW

“What do you plan to do?” Another guard asked her.copyright protection4PENANAQCm3U5POE1

“Humans may be celebrating victory over our forces right now. I must do something.... Attacking them now will only show them that their victory hurt my strength... I have to do something to restore fear to their hearts.”copyright protection4PENANAfV71kZX6c1

Urd smiled and then left the store.copyright protection4PENANAlLLam3Meju

Gigi and Sakurai followed Urd to a section of the camp and his mistress stopped in front of the dwarf engineering tents.copyright protection4PENANAba7ye1D3Pi

Urd walked into one of the tents. Inside it was a very fat dwarf, so fat that he could not move on his own.copyright protection4PENANA45dc7yc4Eo

“Urd sama!” exclaimed the obese dwarf. “What can I do for you?”copyright protection4PENANA609SbwVXKf

“Master Kai, I need your services.”copyright protection4PENANAsVpztDA7Hq

“Of course Urd sama, how can this humble dwarf help you?”copyright protection4PENANAqMwDZDbbIQ

“I need you to help me build some bridges.”copyright protection4PENANAzORJH2fC00

“Some bridges?”copyright protection4PENANARsWh1qVCxC

“That's right, and congratulations, Master Kai, you've just been appointed general.”copyright protection4PENANA3XpzBodNzW

.copyright protection4PENANAD9LuTsx84x

.copyright protection4PENANA9WZ5d1v8D3

The news about the victory over the cat girls in the Ithil Mines Pass spread like wildfire throughout Middle-earth and raised the morale of all those on the front lines against the Famnya army, including plans to recover the territories of Rhun, Harad and Khand, as well as the march south of the Rhun Sea to have forces to guard the whole of the north, south and even the east of Mordor, this way Urd's entire army would be trapped in Mordor as Sauron's forces once were at the height of the elves two eras ago.copyright protection4PENANALH1agCyuq8

The only regrettable news was the loss of men in and around East Osgiliath due to monsters being thrown from the Ryu fortress. Aragorn ordered his best hunters and archers to kill the dangerous beasts, which claimed new victims as the days passed. Numerous and diverse groups were organized for this, which were supported by both skilled elf hunters and hardened and crafty dwarf trappers.copyright protection4PENANAr3hcybE6jJ

.copyright protection4PENANADtFDySE31i

.copyright protection4PENANA7MZ8WgLvLb

In the newly built castles on the banks of the Harnen River, which bounded the territories of South Gondor and Harad, the garrisons of men from either Gondor or Harad watched over the other side of the river, ready to immediately report any presence of the enemy who ventured across the Harnen.copyright protection4PENANADcfVoN63Uq

Duilinor, an old captain in charge of the castle further east of the Harnen, was told by one of his guards that a massive Famnya army was approaching from across the river.copyright protection4PENANAMyTrbskQwl

“By the sacred white tree of Gondor, there can be no such large army!” shouted the old knight as he saw the multitudinous army of cat girls led by Kai, approaching the other side of the river.copyright protection4PENANA9D78L4pxza

At first Duilinor believed that the enemy would try to cross the river to attack him, but instead, they moved away from his castle and began to build a bridge with various trees they carried with them, brought from the valar knows where.copyright protection4PENANAIcnY8MLePG

So many troops and so methodical was their work that in a flash a huge bridge facilitated the enemy's advance to the other side of the river.copyright protection4PENANAFBey2q0mhw

Duilinor ordered his men to prepare for the attack, at the same time he ordered some riders from Harad to communicate this situation to the other fortifications of the river, but the enemy, far from attacking him, passed by and headed west.copyright protection4PENANAIqaPzWTYtt

After two days, and close to the mountains of shadows, the cat girls reached the Poros River and crossed the river in the same way, under the watchful eye of the armies of Gondor, Harad and Khand, who were ordered not to attack the enemy.copyright protection4PENANA9cFxaOjW38

The armies of Gondor and Rohan gathered at Pelargir, waiting for reinforcements from the dwarves and Rhun's men to arrive along with the stepspeople, however, the enemy once crossed the Pores, turned around and made several cat girls sing several songs, returned where they had come from, dismantling the bridges once they had crossed the rivers.copyright protection4PENANACIJQgMhh9y

.copyright protection4PENANAORYZHyVBxo

.copyright protection4PENANA4GBKeLyxIB

“I don't understand the enemy's tactics," said Éomer, in Minas Tirith, after a week of the famnyas returning to Mordor. “Her army could crush us for their numerical superiority.”copyright protection4PENANAFkjpbAbtSl

“We developed tactics that would battle Urd's army, thanks to information from the stepspeople," Aragorn said, "but I never thought I'd see such a large army turn around and go back to where they came from with singing strange songs.... I don't know what to think of all this.”copyright protection4PENANA1Hd0GUyBv5

Imrahil leaned his elbows on the table, intertwined his fingers, rested his upper lip on them and, looking down on the two kings, gave his point of view:copyright protection4PENANA0zMCj0nSx6

“This is a demonstration from the enemy, they want us to see that the defeat they suffered in Mines Ithil  pass does not affect them in the least. They want us to see that the fortresses we build to repel the enemy's advance and protect our territories are useless in the face of their power. To Urd, we're nothing but insects that she can crush whenever she pleases.”copyright protection4PENANAtdrNCDnO6g

“The news of the arrival of the enemy and the advance of the Harnen and the Pores has already spread like wildfire," Gandalf reminded them. “Prince Imrahil is right, the enemy's tactics are to introduce fear into our hearts.”copyright protection4PENANA97Xm7EhGfM

“What can we do, Gandalf?” Arwen asked.copyright protection4PENANALgmySGzgy6

“We must not fall into despair," replied the old magician. “No matter what, we must keep morale high. We didn't beat Sauron to fall to a foreign force now.”copyright protection4PENANAm2jOPWrdKx

“Now that Urd's show of force has passed, the enemy's attack will soon come," Imrahil reasoned. “Their army is so massive, that they will most likely attack from different fronts at the same time, however, we will have the advantage that the enemy will no longer have a free path to cross the rivers, this time they will have to fight.”copyright protection4PENANAtTFrgN5xtl

“Do you think they'll try to cross the Minas Ithil Pass?” Éomer asked.copyright protection4PENANAkfCHOunnLW

“I don't think so," said Imrahil. “Urd suffered a serious defeat in that place, she will not attack there again, anyway, the Mines Ithil  pass is highly strategic so we must reinforce it. Both the eagles and the winged shadows must remain in this place, only a sufficient number of our allies will come to warn us of the proximity of our enemy and their attack routes.”copyright protection4PENANAu8YNWOKn1u

All present agreed and fixed their eyes on Mordor, which was being hampered by the first snowfall of magnitude that heralded the arrival of the dreaded winter.copyright protection4PENANAUvoAXFn3dQ

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection4PENANAoy61fUwDhh

Author's final notes: Julius Caesar also used the tactic of building a bridge over the Rhine. Built in only ten days, it made such an impact on the German barbarians that they surrendered to Julius Caesar that on his return he ordered the bridge to be destroyed so that it would not be used by the enemy.copyright protection4PENANAzLpyzlmjJo

The Mongols practiced meritocracy and the best proof of this was General Subotai, of very humble origin and without belonging to Genghis Khan's family, in his last years he was so fat that he was carried in a bunk proudly by his men, who adored him for his superior tactics. A real difference with the Europeans, who only followed royalty, who led their armies and risked a lot in battle, while Subotai and the other Mongol leaders led from a safe distance the entire course of the battle.copyright protection4PENANAOEUdeRSBU5

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