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Writer Capt. leon
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Invasion to the defensive fortresses
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
14 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!X2xcvUENYo6ADIeYV2Afposted on PENANA

THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection3PENANA97ChWtRKYy

Capítulo 26: Invasion to the defensive fortressescopyright protection3PENANAVVAt85oMSm

A strong, glacial blizzard of snow fell on the great wall of Mordor, the only place in the once shady lands of Sauron, which suffered the onslaught of the harsh winter that bit mercilessly across the entire length of the middle earth. Despite this, the cat boys guards showing extreme discipline were stationed on the wall and did not move an inch as they continued to scan the horizon for any enemy activity approaching the colossal defensive wall, which covered the entire east of Mordor, from the Ash Mountains to the Mountains of Shadows.copyright protection3PENANAaZXOHbMCdn

The gates of the great gateway of the wall, located just in the middle of the impossible structure, opened and an army of very large dimensions passed through this place. It took a long time for the entire army to come out of the gateway and Urd, mistress of the fourth army of the Famnya Empire, came out through the massive, reinforced gates.copyright protection3PENANASmvvErYwbW

"The reports of young General Mizuki were enlightening," Urd thought, while showing a fierce but inscrutable face at the same time. "Unlike the battle of Amon Lanc, the humans are now carrying new weapons and armor. The disaster suffered in the battle of Minas Ithil Pass has taught us that we cannot allow humans to continue arming themselves."copyright protection3PENANA46REA0KYMD

Urd's small, chubby mare stopped in front of a slim figure wearing tightly woven white cloth to camouflage herself in the landscape.copyright protection3PENANAkXChLjtyWG

Urd's black mare seemed to be pissed off but her rider remained calm and without a word.copyright protection3PENANAWO3rjISie4

“Urd sama, the shinobi army is ready to follow you to hell if necessary," the kunoichi swore as she bowed one of her knees.copyright protection3PENANAejb6XL6IJT

“Ai, I trust your reports regarding the sending of new weapons and armor to humans by elves and dwarves," said Urd.copyright protection3PENANAl3QXlChObd

“The information your shinobis collected under my command was confirmed," said the kunoichi without changing her position.copyright protection3PENANAv71zzlhrDv

“Well, go ahead with your shinobis," Urd ordered, so the cat girl leapt forward at an impossible speed, pretending to disappear by magic.copyright protection3PENANAwROHYMt4uc

Urd, went to her other generals and gave them the proper instructions.copyright protection3PENANAXQgONCr4qC

“General Sora, General Mizuki, you will go south and destroy the great bridge of the Harnen River, you will have to destroy the other fortresses along the Harnen River, so as not to be attacked by the rearguard while advancing towards the Anduin Delta, before you will have to do the same with the main fortress of the Poros River and its nearby fortifications. Then, without wasting time, you will head towards the Pinnath Gelin, or as the humans call it "the green hills of Gondor", from there you will prevent the dwarves from sending new weapons and armor to the humans of Gondor.”copyright protection3PENANAiWKjvjFMLi

“So shall we do Urd sama," promised the demon boy and the wolf girl while they nodded martially.copyright protection3PENANAiia7Z8Tsdo

“On the other hand, General Chaika and I will head north. We will sweep away the two chains of fortifications that guard Rohan. General Chaika will take care of the chain of fortifications from Dagorlad to Dol Guldur, while I will go all the old road that is protected by fortifications from what used to be the entrance to the black gates of Mordor to the west of Amon Lanc. At the level of the Celebrant fields, General Chaika will head towards to the Isen fjords, south of Isengard, from there she will prevent any supply from Eriador from reaching Rohan.”copyright protection3PENANAFbeV02yr7Y

“With these two blockages we will prevent the humans from arming themselves further," said Chaika, nodding decisively to her aunt.copyright protection3PENANA4pVOJr8oeU

“As for me, I will go to Lorien," Urd revealed with a wild look on her fierce face. “I will personally eliminate the elf threat, which is what has been slowing us down during this military campaign, so that humans will not receive the weapons and armor provided by the elves either. It is time at last for the true invasion of Middle Earth to begin and that the supreme goddesses have mercy on those who try to stop us because I will not grant any mercy. Remember, we are Famnyas, we gladly devour those who try to subjugate us!”copyright protection3PENANAGwcRDc0xFd

“Kiai!” Hundreds of thousands of soldiers shouted at the harangue of their mistress, while on the great wall of Mordor, the dwarf and obese General Kai saw the extension of the great Famnya army.copyright protection3PENANAVlpagpcOQk

"Don't worry Urd sama," Kai thought. "I swear to protect Mordor in your absence as you commanded me."copyright protection3PENANANVJJKtaTRo

.copyright protection3PENANANyV0pzdp6T

.copyright protection3PENANAD2e2cvspjj

In the forest of Lorien, the elves, ignorant of the soon-to-be-threatening threat that would befall them, were heading with a sad but determined step south, in order to take the ships that would take them to the imperishable lands and never return to Middle-earth again.copyright protection3PENANAJ7etRYW2RN

Galadriel, the last of the noldor and mistress of the Lorien forest, watched with sadness the constant march of her people towards the Grey Ports, the elf chants were sad but beautiful and agreed with the light snowfall that fell on the forest at that time.copyright protection3PENANAqFlmGLVTb1

"The third age of the Middle Earth is over," thought the queen of the elves, as she gazed upon Nenya, her ring of power with a sad look, a ring that was given to her by Sauron himself when he deceived men, elves and dwarves so long ago. "Since things that were no longer are, we must leave and leave Middle Earth, however, how I would have liked our departure to have taken place under different conditions, with the humans and my granddaughter Arwen, free from any threat now that Sauron was destroyed."copyright protection3PENANAMO31RgwjFQ

Galadriel covered her ring with her other hand and her beautiful face contracted from pain and suffering.copyright protection3PENANACpXQSPPORH

“My lady?” Galdorin spoke worried as he approached his mistress.copyright protection3PENANACinYE4JzYU

“Master Galdorin," said Galadriel, and this time her face tightened into a hard, determined expression. “I will not leave for the Grey Ports, my heart cries out to see the sea again, but I will not leave Lorien, I will stay with the remaining elves who work in the forges to help the husband of my beloved granddaughter.”copyright protection3PENANABKJFMAViUB

“Are you sure about this, my lady?” Galdorin asked her.copyright protection3PENANA8w05nSVdHM

“No matter where I was, I will always be Galadriel," said the queen, and then she took off her power ring and threw it away.copyright protection3PENANAVj4ihJm0jk

Galadriel sighed briefly and began to laugh as she had not since before she came to Middle-earth, thousands of years ago.copyright protection3PENANAVV5EARfw9a

“Now at last I am free from all Sauron's influence, now I will wither like the youngest trees in the forest will one day, but I will still be Galadriel.”copyright protection3PENANA7hG7n40jiH

Galdorin, who always maintained a cold, distant stance, bent down on the floor and began to cry like a little boy. Galadriel approached the master weaponsmith and embraced him as if she were her mother.copyright protection3PENANA5d0aviTSid

“There is no reason to shed tears, young master, of all things, this was the most necessary thing. Like my granddaughter, I can now look forward free without feeling the weight of the noldor on my shoulders or the shadow of Sauron in my heart. Rise, Master Galdorin, rise and continue to lead the forges, may the fire not only of the forges but also of our hearts and wills continue to help our friends and allies.”copyright protection3PENANAde8jTIb9ek

Galdorin looked at his queen's smile and wiped away his tears.copyright protection3PENANAjmCZu04ujm

“My lady is right, as Kilibin would say: "Full steam ahead!" although I'm not sure what that phrase means.”copyright protection3PENANAcpzdz5vtYO

“You're very fond of Master Kilibin, aren't you?” Galadriel said smiling at him.copyright protection3PENANAGc2OvVxG4M

“That's right, my lady, but please don't tell the dwarf.”copyright protection3PENANA1n8EnDEs8Y

Galadriel smiled at the elf and then raised his gaze to the top of the trees, fine, tiny snowflakes fell on her face and then melted to resemble tears that streamed down the face of the former noldor queen.copyright protection3PENANAPkopyXu3rt

.copyright protection3PENANAR7FUWaQtRU

.copyright protection3PENANAfSiowG1b9a

Unlike the snow-capped forest of Lorien, the main fortress of the Harnen River, which was just above the main bridge connecting the territories of Harad and Gondor in the south, was struck by the harsh and strong rays of the sun.copyright protection3PENANAaYuyn2wS6X

Dark storm clouds in the distance seemed to foretell the arrival of the long awaited rain, yet they were only a cruel deception of nature, for despite the constant and distant thunder, rain never fell on those desert lands. Had it not been for the Harnen River, all the surrounding lands would not have been able to support any kind of life.copyright protection3PENANAlY51S1cIv3

“I see the fortress bridge," said the young General Sora.copyright protection3PENANADLVWasDcEM

“Finally," sighed General Mizuki, who wiped the sweat from her brow. “After almost a week of riding through this infernal desert, we finally reached our goal. I do not understand how Urd sama did it, who rode further south from Harad and forced the haradrim to head for South Gondor when we first arrived here.”copyright protection3PENANAmOKQn8TT00

“Urd sama is Urd sama," said Sora gravely and laconically. “I feel sorry for Lorien's elves to the north, the shinobi army goes with Urd sama, they are known for not knowing what mercy is, also the nekoi go with our lady, the black riders in their tall, thin black horses, those riders in their black armor do not know what mercy is.”copyright protection3PENANARmYXnQYzzu

“Let's not think about it, let's focus on the strategy we planned," Mizuki said, as she signaled her fist to the rest of the army to take a brief rest before the deadly march to the fortress bridge.copyright protection3PENANADdgyaq1NCF

"You are right, Sora," Mizuki thought, trying not to reflect any emotion on her young face. "I suspect that Urd sama sent us south so that she could gloat over the massacre, even sent her niece Chaika to head south of Isengard, before she reached Lorien, Chaika is not too keen on enjoying the massacre."copyright protection3PENANAAYulPStJMu

Taking the fortress bridge would be an easy or difficult task depending on the strategy prior to the attack on the intimidating structure itself. To all the horses, branches were tied up that would produce a lot of dust, making the enemy believe that they had larger numbers than they actually had, something that at one point was unnecessary, due to the enormous army that they actually counted, but a very useful measure to cause panic in the adversary. They also placed dolls on horses that did not have riders to highlight the effect of larger hordes than they actually were.copyright protection3PENANAJDRHAfyzP8

The fortress bridge was fortified, and although it could be taken because of the numerical superiority they had, they decided to apply the well-known Famnya efficiency. The weak point of the fortress was to be on the same bridge, when enemy soldiers and lookouts were distracted by the enemy attack, the Famnyas hordes would assemble previously built ships and then ram them into the columns, columns that would collapse due to the crash and the intense heat of the ships that would be burning.copyright protection3PENANA4smk1wL2kn

Béllego, commander of the fortress bridge, was summoned by his loyal knight Halbargo, who indicated to him that a multitudinous army of cavalrymen was approaching the fortress.copyright protection3PENANAIUmdgc5KVR

“No, it's impossible, there can't be such a big army on earth!” Béllego shouted, as he saw the dozens and dozens of thousands of riders approaching the fortress.copyright protection3PENANAeFv5n6lWFa

The strategy of Generals Sora and Mizuki worked perfectly, everything inside the fortress was in chaos and the lookouts did not notice that several cat girls and boys were beginning to assemble the light ships they carried with them on the banks of the river.copyright protection3PENANA5JCr4EYPHi

“The ships are ready now!” shouted a cat girl. “Hurry up, put the dry branches and the tar!”copyright protection3PENANAdpdzDtMJdI

Once the ships were ready, they drove them to the columns in collision course and before they hit they lit up the tar.copyright protection3PENANABsn6yLcTIS

“Quick, get the little boats and let's get out of here!” shouted several cat girls, as they saw the strategy of their Generals assured.copyright protection3PENANA4NCHfGldv2

Several shocks were felt in the fortress, causing all the soldiers to plunge deeper into fear.copyright protection3PENANAwJsKi5e5Os

Béllego continued to order his men to remain calm, not imagining that soon he and all the other soldiers in the fortress, whether they were Gondor's men or his allies from Harad or Khand, would die without even crossing swords with the cat girls.copyright protection3PENANANqUbwtWJmE

.copyright protection3PENANABrsd8HTtUp

.copyright protection3PENANAvr8Xbr3pwS

The fortress collapsed faster than Sora and Mizuki had expected, causing such a roar that their mares became a bit pissed off.copyright protection3PENANARkiLvPfsyC

“It came out better than expected," Mizuki confessed with a smile that showed teeth that could still be considered milk teeth.copyright protection3PENANA793zmbhgEc

“Now let's cross over to the other bank, you head east and I'll head west," said Sora. “Let's destroy all the fortresses on the banks of the river, then take the Harad road and do the same with the fortress bridge of the Poros River to the north.”copyright protection3PENANAFaDO8OfbdM

“We will first have to destroy the fortresses on the southern shore of the pores," Mizuki said. “After destroying the fortress bridge, we will only go to the Anduin delta.”copyright protection3PENANA456mRCb64J

“Yes, that's why we shouldn't waste time. Come on, let's go!”copyright protection3PENANAIcTLMfW3wB

The army of cat girls began to cross the river resembling a gigantic army of ants, which unstoppable then headed east and west of the Harnen River.copyright protection3PENANAfcMS0UHg6U

.copyright protection3PENANA3a0awRMIXR

.copyright protection3PENANAsF3lrPBoT7

Far to the north, east of Dagorlad, the hordes of Urd and Chaika waited while the shinobis delivered their intelligence reports.copyright protection3PENANAZ8kL1lGIBM

“Urd sama, as you can see from the drawings we have given you, all the fortresses follow a similar, if not completely the same, pattern of construction," Ai told him.copyright protection3PENANADFWDPtuCcs

“Why would humans build their fortifications so similarly?” Chaika asked.copyright protection3PENANAtE8x0znBXg

“For the same reason that we do it in the eastern islands of the empire, to speed up its construction," Urd replied. “Though I suspect that these human fortifications are of permanent establishment as opposed to ours, it does not matter, what humans considered an advantage will soon become our benefit.”copyright protection3PENANAJXp3Irop90

Urd put on his helmet along with the intimidating mask, and Chaika with a signal from her hand ordered the banners men to signal the hordes to be ready to leave.copyright protection3PENANAbNG8qvBV8O

The whole ground vibrated with the rapid march of the Famnya cavalry, the hooves of the steppe mares clashed with a gloomy sound against the hard ground as they made the dust and small stones jump, at the same time as the strong wind from the Dagorlad plains shook the riders' clothes, tightening their muscles and hardening their faces before the cold bite.copyright protection3PENANAoBsw8s5w42

The enormous army split in two, Chaika headed for her first fortress and, as she had planned with Urd, began to surround the fortification in a march that circled the structure in a perfect circle, at the same time as she threw her arrows over the wall.copyright protection3PENANAMNZcRIDg8N

The defenders of Rohan and Rhun, fired their arrows but these were stopped by the silk bubbles carried by the riders. Once the weak point of the fortress had been verified, Chaika and his men set out to attack in earnest.copyright protection3PENANAhjAXr1t3XB

With the help of small catapults that had previously been built and assembled for this attack, they proceeded to demolish the weak point of the fortress, as if this were not enough they also threw many arrows and incendiary projectiles, which forced the soldiers to go to extinguish the fire and, distracted as they were, they did not realize that the shinobis and kunoichis were surreptitiously penetrating the fortress by the walls and opened the main gate.copyright protection3PENANARlckRlNXRR

Thus, with two points of entry, Chaika's forces entered the fortress with ease, and the lancers impaled at will those who crossed their path. As the defensive fortresses at both Rohan and Gondor were remote points that were to delay the enemy's march, they did not receive the necessary supplies of weapons and armor that were forged by the elves and dwarves, at least not in sufficient numbers.copyright protection3PENANAZEFZQwIuNQ

After the fortification fire, Chaika carefully examined the few samples of new weapons and armor worn by the humans.copyright protection3PENANAh4aS1CTuGR

“What magnificent swords, their blades are not as elaborate as the blades of our katanas, but they are still a work worthy of admiration and fear," said Chaika, impressed by the sight of a gladius and a damask sword, as well as a francistic axe and the long bow next to the heavy crossbow.copyright protection3PENANA6yciS4EF1v

“As Mizuki told us, their armor now gives them great mobility and protection," said Amane, looking with respect at the Roman plate armor for the infantry and the Gothic armor for the knights.copyright protection3PENANAx1ac11JKvw

“The knights' armour protects them in their entirety, or almost as well," said Chaika with a scrutinizing look. “I know where the weak points of these are. Amane, it is certain that with every minute that passes, the humans will receive more and more of these new weapons and armor, we will resume our march north without wasting any more time.”copyright protection3PENANABNBLFCnz74

Amane nodded and at the signal of her friend and commander, the army of Chaika departed northward to the next fortification, leaving behind the ruins of the fortification through which a column of black smoke emerged, as well as the stench of the burnt flesh.copyright protection3PENANAqdCDwuHaaJ

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection3PENANAGHLRUMSDwo

Author's final notes: About the attack on the Harnen fortress bridge, I took it from an old Viking strategy, which consisted of throwing burning ships into the castles that protected narrow waterways and letting the fire do all the work.copyright protection3PENANAa7bLTQohqw

The beautiful Japanese castles, unlike the European ones, were only built for one particular battle, then abandoned, so there are so few whole castles in Japan and they all follow the same construction pattern.copyright protection3PENANAlQJXugscrC

The tactic of encircling a castle in circles while arrows were being thrown until the weak point was discovered was a tactic used by the Mongols.+copyright protection3PENANAV8jGZetRRZ

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