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Writer Capt. leon
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Hope, gentleness... Fire and blood
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
14 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!6Ds69PStR6NX8oGFy5pWposted on PENANA

THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection4PENANAgHLoPw9INz

Capítulo 27: Hope, gentleness... Fire and bloodcopyright protection4PENANAtUdW0mMTPD

A torrential rain fell on the capital of Gondor, Minas Tirith, which washed or attempted to wash away the snow debris that had gathered due to the previous snowstorm and was scattered throughout the fortress city. The constant thunder and lightning made the horses nervous in the royal stables and the young children took refuge in their parents' beds seeking refuge and comfort.copyright protection4PENANAZDA82hNBmd

In one of the royal halls, the atmosphere was hectic and was in keeping with the storm that surrounded the city. Aragorn, King of Gondor, thanks to the implementation of fast messengers on horses belonging to Khand and Harad, had just learned that Urd's army of cat girls had destroyed the fortress bridges of the Harnen and Poros rivers.copyright protection4PENANAxCVi1KPatC

“How could this happen!” Aragorn shouted with a dismayed gesture. “Just when we were sending an expedition to the east of the Great Wall of Mordor!”copyright protection4PENANAKXxXTxkGqa

“The enemy was ahead of our movements," said Gandalf, who looked worried because of the serious news just arrived.copyright protection4PENANAjqNUyPbmqy

“It was shocking to see how quickly they destroyed the Poros fortress bridge after crossing the Harnen," Legolas grimaced as he looked at maps of Gondor in the south and calculated the distance between the two fortresses now destroyed by the enemy.copyright protection4PENANAzYbugcf6nI

“What I can't believe is that they still had enough time to destroy the fortifications along the two rivers!” exclaimed Gimli, who, out of concern, would take short, continuous puffs of smoke after sucking on his pipe.copyright protection4PENANAI7Gf5zNqfe

“My husband, the riders of Khand and Harad inform us that Urd's army is not coming towards Emyn Arnen, nor are they heading south towards Ithilien or Pelargir," said Arwen, who was also worried about the rapid destruction of all the defensive fortresses of Gondor in the south.copyright protection4PENANAAzFntddFzE

“One lucky thing, Queen Arwen," intervened Prince Imrahil, who also reviewed the maps scattered on a huge table. The enemy for some reason is not heading for Osgiliath, nor is he trying to cross the Anduin River and reach Minas Tirith in this way.copyright protection4PENANAd9DoDUBT0Y

“What could be the reason for this strange tactic?” Aragorn asked, but no one seemed to know the answer to why the enemy wasn't heading straight for them.copyright protection4PENANACI6iYcSMC7

Imrahil kept checking the maps and suddenly his pupils contracted in surprise.copyright protection4PENANA1cHGAbTOQt

“According to the reports of our southern allies, the enemy is not heading for the Ethir Anduin!”copyright protection4PENANAt4C6sg03a0

“The Anduin Delta?” Arwen said strangely. “Why would the enemy want to head for that place?”copyright protection4PENANA2MJ84IkWvX

“They are trying to reach the Green Hills of Gondor, the Pinnath Gelin, in this way they will block the entire supply of weapons and armor sent to us by our elves and dwarves allies.”copyright protection4PENANA4w9LdJW7yN

“But Rohan can still send us the supplies we need, can't it?” said Gimli, who was holding his pipe tightly.copyright protection4PENANAA1Rd8ju8nF

“Unless the supply caravan to Rohan is also blocked," Gandalf noted with a worried gesture.copyright protection4PENANA9qrTyvCTr8

“For the Valar," said Imrahil suddenly. “That means that another army is headed east of Rohan, if not already at this time and plans to head for the Isen fjords south of Isengard. That would imply that the southern army, however massive it may be, is only half, the other half is already in the north.”copyright protection4PENANARwF0hSKeZi

“We must inform Eomer!” exclaimed Aragorn.copyright protection4PENANA1AkSOscjBA

“Perhaps Eomer is already aware of this because of Rhun's swift messenger riders," Imrahil said, and then looked sideways at Legolas and Arwen. “Apart from the two blockades, there is one place where they can still send us the needed weapons and equipment.”copyright protection4PENANAYL0pFzVhtn

Arwen and Legolas opened their eyes wide.copyright protection4PENANAqkT5lbX5pX

“Lorien... Queen Galadriel...”copyright protection4PENANAoryJkmbwGN

“Grandma...”copyright protection4PENANA6Ey74dGZva

Aragorn swallowed saliva and exchanged nervous glances with Imrahil and Gandalf, while Gimli again cast rapid and constant scrolls of smoke.copyright protection4PENANAmVuf0PrXVR

“We can do nothing about the enemy army that will surely advance through Rohan and his defensive fortifications, but there is still hope that the enemy will not block the southern caravan to our kingdom.”copyright protection4PENANAVjit2DQe9w

“What do you mean, Imrahil?” Aragorn asked.copyright protection4PENANA1gazoeN5ei

“Just as we planned to send expeditions to both the north and south of Mordor to reach the great wall, so I went ahead and had negotiations with the corsairs in Umbar Bay.”copyright protection4PENANAfAdJQdzhbu

“The corsairs? I remember that Aragorn, Gimli and I took their ships and together with the spectral army headed for Minas Tirith in the darkest part of the battle on the Pelenor Fields," Legolas reminded them.copyright protection4PENANA86OrAR4q5e

“That's right," said Imrahil. “The aim of the negotiations is for the corsairs to monitor the entire Anduin River from the delta to the waterfall south of the Argonath, the king's pillars.”copyright protection4PENANAW7v7HTluYz

“But Umbar Bay is a long way to the south," said Gimli.copyright protection4PENANAMdaZX0dxio

“Don't worry, Gimli," Imrahil calmed him. “The corsairs had planned to arrive on this day, hopefully before Urd's army crosses the Anduin delta.”copyright protection4PENANA2rvQT6IYwO

“Luck be with us, I only hope that Urd's army will not go straight to Edoras.... Nor will it go to Lorien either," said Aragorn, not very convinced of the latter.copyright protection4PENANActVHACBW7z

Arwen, Legolas and the others looked up to the ceiling and prayed to their respective gods that everything would go well, they prayed because there was still hope.copyright protection4PENANAvTNGTKH6hZ

.copyright protection4PENANAvjr1ak7SiE

.copyright protection4PENANAGv7CdHfOEm

Southwest of the Celebrant fields and south of the Fangorn forest, the army of Chaika rushed their march.copyright protection4PENANAnafaQ9Vxgd

“We mustn't trust overconfident!” Chaika shouted. “There are no more enemy fortifications as far south as Isengard, but I don't trust the Rhun horsemen we saw earlier and who fled as soon as they saw us!”copyright protection4PENANAxLxZNIjVBC

“I wonder Chaika sama, if Mizuki and Sora have already crossed the Anduin Delta!” shouted Amane.copyright protection4PENANAzh8HUlp993

“I hope so! In the meantime we must reach the Isen fjords, where we will set up the blockade and use the Saruman tower, the Orthanc, which is in Isengard as our headquarters and campsite!”copyright protection4PENANAvxdKI4UDBa

“I see the fjords of Isen Chaika sama! How strange, according to the maps, there shouldn't be a forest in this place, it seems that the wind blows the trees hard!”copyright protection4PENANAR9Wp8J7sEI

“It's not the wind, Amane!”copyright protection4PENANA4e0dWUyl3H

The cat girl was surprised by her friend's laughter and words, and then she understood perfectly.copyright protection4PENANApyeDjXHdBj

“By the supreme goddesses and goddesses of gentleness, friendship and love.... Those are, are ents.”copyright protection4PENANAosskSB3Z3I

“Stop the march!” Chaika commanded with a signal from her hand and the flag bearers on horseback as well as the loudmouthers transmitted the order to the entire horde.copyright protection4PENANAI8XIlUCTfG

Tens of thousands of riders stopped their march and waited for the forest in front of them to approach their position.copyright protection4PENANABFfQizNZNo

Several ents of all kinds stopped at a respectable distance from the army of Chaika and began to sing a kind of song or a warning note.copyright protection4PENANAibRLvJmzJp

“Nobody move," said Chaika, "I'm going to talk to the ents.”copyright protection4PENANAirxg9TaMMq

“Chaika sama, don't go! Remember what they told us,” begged Amane, "the male ents are harrowing and dangerous creatures!”copyright protection4PENANAto5Ienh2n4

“What women scorned and ignored say is something I will always find absurd and unbelievable," Chaika said with a sigh as she closed her eyes and took her index finger to the bridge of her nose.copyright protection4PENANAqGgirL1NlK

Chaika rode toward the ents as her tail dodged Amane's attempt to hold her, who seeing her attempt failed began to hiss in frustration.copyright protection4PENANAcDcKUmE48q

“Shuuuu Amane, you will make ents susceptible," said Chaika with a beautiful smile.copyright protection4PENANAuCPAk3YC5l

An ent with a severe face resembling that of an old man with a green, stony beard took a couple of steps forward when he saw the cat girl stop at half a gallop and descending from the horse she approached the ents, at the same time as she removed her helmet and detached herself from her swords.copyright protection4PENANAHw1XOsIQg4

“Noble greetings and wise shepherds of the trees," said Chaika at the same time as she made a pronounced bow. “Greetings from us cat girls, greetings also from women ent...”copyright protection4PENANABtHNdC9RGi

It was as if time had stood still, every hint of a breeze left the place. While Chaika and Barbol the ent, looked at each other, the one with a gentle look and a wide smile, and the other with a surprised look and an open mouth. Time passed again as soft, delicate snowflakes fell from the sky, all cream-colored from the sun's gentle, cloud-draped rays.copyright protection4PENANAibU8LfbJRh

.copyright protection4PENANA5yN7wCAetQ

.copyright protection4PENANAj4j1SxD1pj

Away from the gentle scene developed near the Isen fjords, Urd was standing in front of the Lorien forest.copyright protection4PENANAkIveQgu20l

The giant, fierce cat girl stared manically at the forest in front of her as she rode her mare, despite the constant wind, her armor still retained the stench of burnt flesh caused by the destruction of the chain of fortifications that led to the east of Lorien and west of the destroyed ruins of Dol Guldur.copyright protection4PENANAj5U7crKNGd

“When General Mizuki told me that the Elves bombed Dol Guldur with catapults and onagres, I did not imagine that the destruction was so great," Urd admitted in a cold voice.copyright protection4PENANADZhX09uDbU

“The elves surely decided to destroy the fortress, the smartest choice because of its proximity to the Lorien forest," said Gigi, Urd's black cat, who stood in front of his mistress and on the black mare, and who, unlike her, was extremely unhappy with the nauseating smell that came from his fur. “Damn it, the stench of burnt human flesh won't come out!”copyright protection4PENANAXvCsKtIevJ

“It was to be expected that Dol Guldur and the entire Amon Lanc were defended by tens of thousands of Elven troops," Urd said, tightening her muscles in anger.copyright protection4PENANAAPOvX1WHPC

“Maybe you were wrong to overestimate the numbers of the elves," said Gigi, who, as usual, did not measure his words in front of Urd.”copyright protection4PENANAUsBcpClUfx

"Well, so did General Hikari, apparently.... We never received intelligence reports about the elves, they are so self-isolationist," said Gigi, noting how the atmosphere was tense because of the feeling of anger that seemed to come out of Urd.copyright protection4PENANAOd2rFNUo1q

“Then it is not necessary to stay on the east bank of the Anduin," Urd said in a poisonous voice, so acid that Gigi thought it would be wise to get off the horse and away from the reach of Urd's arms and tail.copyright protection4PENANA7CfW7cY4UN

"Ai...”copyright protection4PENANAGOgi0GUmAa

The kunoichi descended at an impossible speed from the top of a tree, this time wearing tight green canvases that camouflaged her perfectly.copyright protection4PENANAUpnWR3KMrM

“My lady, the shinobis and kunoichis detect the presence of elves, especially around the forges, apparently this is where the newly designed human weapons and armor are produced.”copyright protection4PENANAczoswwFuAz

“Who the fuck asked you for that report, tell me about the number of elves in this stinking forest.”copyright protection4PENANAihoyzpeuMP

Both Ai and Gigi trembled at the obvious fury contained in their mistress.copyright protection4PENANAFGf2D66nTx

“Urd sama, the elves found do not exceed a few thousand individuals, most of them civilians and workers of the forges. Queen Galadriel is present” the kunoichi hurriedly reported.copyright protection4PENANA967xyD3e7E

“Galadriel, I see," said Urd, and then she stopped frowning, but at the same time a cruel smile was drawn on her face, then she moved her horse forward a little, and this began to want to get angry.copyright protection4PENANAOqVcYvCdZo

"Hell, this is gonna get ugly," Gigi thought worried, while the kunoichi, fearful of the future carnage, was gloating over it.copyright protection4PENANA2E4iHHpN4i

“Send some emissaries to Lorien, I want to have a nice diplomatic talk with the elf queen.”copyright protection4PENANAldotLX6Pbe

Ai, he was surprised at first, but then she understood perfectly.copyright protection4PENANAt0EpcDUOQT

“Yes, Urd sama," she said and disappeared at an impossible speed as the shinobis and kunoichis always did.copyright protection4PENANAdTyhcgYB43

"Sure, a nice diplomatic chat", Gigi thought sarcastically, knowing how twisted her mistress could be. "Sorry elves, you asked for it."copyright protection4PENANATqhiT2f0Sr

Galadriel was informed that Urd herself wanted to meet with her and was ready for the meeting, which took place on the west bank of the Anduin and near the trees for her and her loyal elves' peace of mind.copyright protection4PENANAfmrULExFto

The deaths of her grandchildren Elladan and Elrohir, as well as that of her husband Celeborn, weighed heavily on the queen's heart, yet she had a civilized conversation with Urd, was surprised when Urd assured her that the invasion of Middle-earth was not intended to make war with the elves and dwarves, and that she would not allow any of her riders to invade Lorien.copyright protection4PENANAzGi7XuoW5s

“As a token of goodwill," Urd said, "I would like you to send us gifts from Lorien.”copyright protection4PENANAZZTgiNjxNb

“I don't know which ones you might like, but I'll try to please you Urd," said Galadriel, who was contemplating a way out of the plight she was in.copyright protection4PENANAZ3xrXi5vYy

“I don't need gold or jewelry, just something simple and gentle that is within the reach of the skills of your people. I want to be given several birds native to the Lorien Forest.”copyright protection4PENANATxecFcG38M

Galadriel was surprised at Urd's request, but promised that she would soon bring her the peculiar gifts.copyright protection4PENANAw7Lqn3dGB1

.copyright protection4PENANASB4q22I7xH

.copyright protection4PENANAGreUDT6jXf

The elves gathered several small birds and handed it over to Urd, who then headed for the eastern bank of the Anduin.copyright protection4PENANA6umRUKV8rx

“Gigi, Ai, Sakurai, watch and learn," said Urd and immediately carried out her evil plan.copyright protection4PENANA9j8dJafsiN

All the birds were tied up with long twigs and set on fire, then released all the birds, which went to the forest of Lorien, burning everything in their path.copyright protection4PENANA9YeoTRi0bg

"Let our army be the trees, the rocks and the birds in the sky...” Urd said with a smile on his face “You see, if we had thrown flaming arrows into the forest, the Elves would have put out the fire, but with this strategy there is no way the Elves could put out an entire burning forest.”copyright protection4PENANAfhKC9Fm5NN

“What about the promise you made to Queen Galadriel?” Sakurai asked.copyright protection4PENANADW7LaRWqje

“I will keep my promise, after all, a burning forest is not my riders' natural environment," Urd said. “Ai, you and your shinobis and kunoichis, go to Lorien and capture as many elves as you can, kill whoever resists.”copyright protection4PENANAdtdsR6ka6w

“What about the elves who try to escape from the forest?” Ai asked.copyright protection4PENANAqlOaXXPk3D

“Now that Moria is free of goblins, the Elves will surely try to flee through that place," said Urd with a mocking smile. “They'll be so desperate they'll try to escape through there, there's nothing to worry about, the black riders will intercept them.”copyright protection4PENANA8GAfsL6obq

“But the black riders will not arrive in time, my lady," said Ai.copyright protection4PENANADpTQSLXcV3

“I sent them to Moria before I spoke to Galadriel," Urd revealed with a serious gesture, and both Gigi and Sakurai saw Urd with surprise.copyright protection4PENANAIlpwwnumHy

Ai, bowed and then left the place to fulfill her mission.copyright protection4PENANAZPez5Gkb5w

.copyright protection4PENANACJWwzOhx1d

.copyright protection4PENANAAKy0h4nLq5

Within the forest of Lorien chaos broke out, however diligently all the elves put into mitigating the fire, it was impossible for them to control all the thousands of small fires that arose more and more due to the dreadful flight of the birds. So, distracted as they were, they didn't see the shinobis approaching them, the elves didn't stand a chance.copyright protection4PENANAkqVy00flcl

Galadriel tried to flee to Moria, however, she was captured by the black horsemen and taken to Urd.copyright protection4PENANARO4NkECCbD

“This is how you honors your word, Urd!” shouted Galadriel. “Burning our forests!”copyright protection4PENANAPMnoMEtaqU

“I have kept my word, none of my riders have entered Lorien, and what fire are you talking about? I did not burn Lorien, your grandchildren Elladan and Elrohir did, who threw fire on our ships in the Rhun Sea, Elrond and your husband did, who threw fire on Dol Guldur and killed General Hikari, all those fires spread to Lorien.”copyright protection4PENANAgKkbjkcyFo

Galadriel beneath her head, but then she looked up as Urd approached her with a shinobi sickle in her hand.copyright protection4PENANAUxdYlyCXbO

The blade of the weapon stopped near Galadriel's throat, but then it was directed at her neck, then Urd cut her entire long hair.copyright protection4PENANAB0AYonDRx4

Urd had the captured elves lined up and told Galadriel that for every hair of the queen that was cut, an elf would die, and she was to be in charge of selecting the elves that would die, knotting one of their long hairs around the neck of each condemned man. If she did not do this, she would condemn all his subjects to burning to death by being chained to the trees set on fire.copyright protection4PENANAMNO6Z8rbH7

Galadriel had no choice and selected those who would have to die that day.copyright protection4PENANAABEOzZmcXx

Urd made the condemned men chained together so that they would not move, and there, in the presence of Galadriel and the other elves, she ordered their skulls to be skinned.copyright protection4PENANA1yyBxXYbPw

The shinobis first cut the area around the nose, eyes, ears and jaw down to the nape of the neck and then pulled the skin off the entire skull with their hands.copyright protection4PENANAfBk4Hjc8vU

The brave elves sang solemn songs as they were skinned, but in the end they shouted, each and every one of them always ended up screaming.copyright protection4PENANAg5vUT5UgiS

“Release the elves," Urd ordered. “Let them go where they please, but first tie their hands behind their backs and place the skinned skin of each other, like a mask, on each of them. Sew these to their jaws and nape of their neck so that they don't take them off until they reach their destination. Elves, you will soon receive divine justice.”copyright protection4PENANAOjrmUYjTa8

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection4PENANAqqJKur4HAz

Author's final notes: "Let our army be the trees, the rocks and the birds in the sky", this phrase is attributed to Alexander the Great.copyright protection4PENANABQE7LydFOv

Genghis Khan, asked as a tribute to a besieged city, the delivery of several swallows, then released them carrying fire with them, so conquered the city, and when he entered it... Well, you can imagine what happened to those poor guys.copyright protection4PENANAyCPZZKYiD8

Urd's self-indulgence towards Galadriel is inspired by a phrase of the American General William Tecumseh Sherman, who excused himself from the confederate cities fire, indicating that it was not he, but the confederates who set the city on fire, by setting the northern cities on fire, that simply that fire reached the south.copyright protection4PENANAr4yaO2BSKc

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