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Writer Capt. leon
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Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
14 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!3lQGnXTdyrZyzHRQGSXMposted on PENANA

THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection4PENANA5uuR969tK7

Capítulo 28: Thankscopyright protection4PENANAQOtHvQEo3d

The Ethir Anduin, or as it was known, the delta of the Anduin, was a blessed land due to the constant ups and downs of the tides, which nourished the land and which better shows this than the high dense vegetation, which could easily hide the tallest man in its foliage.copyright protection4PENANAP3MpKEgqxd

Because of the microclimate enjoyed by the huge delta, the constant snowfalls that struck Middle-earth were not present in the delta, which, while it might be a relief to the very few people who lived in those lands, was an odious inconvenience to the army of cat girls of the young Generals Mizuki and Sora, who saw the march of their enormous army delayed.copyright protection4PENANAdDHHuROElz

“It's taking us longer than it should," complained Sora, as her troops slowed down.copyright protection4PENANALbneTT4xh8

“We have to hurry," Mizuki insisted impatiently, "once we leave the delta, our march will be as fast as the steppes' wind. Across this damn land, all six rivers to the Pinnath Gelin, they're frozen.”copyright protection4PENANAL7bywWcNnK

“The river Serni, and the Gilrain will be easy to cross," said Sera, "then we will take the human path and cross the frozen rivers Ringlo, Kiril Cirl, and Morthond.”copyright protection4PENANA0AnIiSA6wW

“Then we must take the Calenhir River," Mizuki continued with a smile on his face. “That river will serve us as a huge frozen road straight to the Green Hills of Gondor, so we can make up for lost time.”copyright protection4PENANAFi73w0WBye

The two young and already friendly generals smiled with confidence when a scout rider told them that a fleet of black and manned ships that appeared to be corsairs from Umbar Bay were headed for the location.copyright protection4PENANAKkmWTTS6Gf

“In this area we are at a disadvantage! They will hunt us down at ease from the high decks of their ships," Mizuki exclaimed worriedly, "there is no time to build any turtleships!”copyright protection4PENANAQHPep760eD

“Then we must destroy our enemy in another way," Sora concluded, and together with Mizuki, they set out to think of a hasty but effective plan.copyright protection4PENANAWTV4Xs5U3D

.copyright protection4PENANA9OYvKSpCY5

.copyright protection4PENANASPMH3cP9c3

The black corsairs, as they approached the Anduin delta, saw how the cat girls had constructed several flimsy canoes in an improvised way and that from them, they shot at them several arrows that did not hit their target.copyright protection4PENANAM9XIdVaiPe

“This is the deadly charge of enemy archers?” the captain of the corsair fleet mocked, "move towards the enemy, we will destroy their ridiculous ships and decimate them with our archers. Even if they're just cats, we'll still get a good price for selling them as sex slaves!”copyright protection4PENANAWZ2UuNNTpL

Faced with the deadly rain of corsair arrows, the cat girls fled frightened north of the delta. The pirate ships chased them and the captains were already complaining about the profits they would make in the slave bazaar and the pleasure they would get from their "merchandise" before that.copyright protection4PENANAZhAMZDYPNb

When the ships were in the middle and scattered across the various arms of the delta, they immediately stopped at the loud sound of the wooden hulls of the ships breaking. The corsairs had fallen into the trap.copyright protection4PENANATAkRixMtPC

Several crew members went to check the damage and found that the hulls of the ships had been pierced by wooden posts whose ends ended in a sharp point and which were riveted in metal to make them harder.copyright protection4PENANAIMBLG6yu0Y

The corsairs imprisoned by greed and lust, did not notice that the Anduin delta was at low tide. The cat girls simulated a barrage of ineffective arrows and a fearful escape to bring the corsairs into the trap. The supposedly sickly canoes, instead of retreating by only one of the arms of the delta, had dispersed through several channels and in doing so had forced the ships of the corsairs to do the same.copyright protection4PENANAfZfQLftK4h

Several of the pirates threw themselves into the waters when they saw their ships sink, their intention was to reach the mainland arms of the delta, however, many cat girls with compound arches came out of the thick, high foliage that covered them and mercilessly killed all humans.copyright protection4PENANAVXRfPaNBDD

“It's a shame we don't have time to catch these pigs," Mizuki said sarcastically. I would have liked to have captured them and then sold them as eunuch and caped sex slaves.”copyright protection4PENANAdmpP76VGAV

After the easy killing, the armies of Mizuki and Sora hurried across the delta to the cold lands of Gondor.copyright protection4PENANAEPUTFG99qd

.copyright protection4PENANAqlbiB0spC6

.copyright protection4PENANA2QssFAyAg8

Urd's plan had worked, in just four days Mizuki and Sora had reached their destination and in just one day they were in the middle of the Pinnath Gelin, where they became strong and blocked the passage of weapons and armor to Gondor.copyright protection4PENANAwUYrOE7XOy

To the north, in the Isen fjords, Urd's army had met with Chaika and established their main fortress in the tower where Saruman once resided. With this and the destruction of the elf kingdom in the Lorien forest, the supply of weapons and armor to the kingdom of Rohan had been cut off.copyright protection4PENANAbfUnxwnZV0

.copyright protection4PENANA5YQyqv8Y6o

.copyright protection4PENANA7Di647Lc4z

In Edoras, capital of the kingdom of Rohan, black storm clouds covered the entire sky.copyright protection4PENANAKfOFClb0l6

The heart of Éomer was grieved because the situation was compromised as the enemy was closer to the capital than in the kingdom of Gondor.copyright protection4PENANA0r5RZvm7ut

“What have you decided, Eomer?” asked Aldoron, captain of the kingdom of Rohan and childhood friend of Eomer.copyright protection4PENANAwC6PIbWtn0

“Because of the impossible speed at which the enemy moves, Helm's abyss that is west of the capital is only one day away from Urd's attack," said Eomer with a concentrated gesture. “If we wait any longer Urd will attack us in Edoras, in the capital city we will not be able to withstand an attack from the cat girls.”copyright protection4PENANA38gRNTdYTy

“Edoras was always vulnerable to major attacks," said Baldoren, Aldoron's lieutenant.copyright protection4PENANA5UZaLYG86a

“If we were to go into Helm's abyss," Bregdananan, captain of the eastern border of Rohan, intervened, "we would be too slow because of the transfer of the civilians.”copyright protection4PENANACDNIsvTpZh

“Something that happened in the past when we had to flee because of Saruman's army of black orcs," interrupted Ceorlon, who was Bregdananan's lieutenant.copyright protection4PENANAq2pGUcz7at

“It would be madness to go into Helm's abyss," said Deorlas, who was the captain in charge of Rohan's forces, who along with the Elves besieged Dol Guldur. “Unlike the black orc army of the Saruman traitors and snake-tongue, Urd's army does have cavalry which is very fast and their numbers are much more massive.”copyright protection4PENANAGfoFqaE6jL

“You're right, Deorlas," Éomer nodded, "Helm's abyss fell because of Sauron's strength, it was fortunate that my men were able to save King Theoden and Aragorn at the last moment. Urd is no fool, I'm sure she already has scout riders watching all the way to Helm's abyss, we'd all be dead before we could even see the fortress... There is no other choice, we will head towards the Sarn Gebir hills, which are on the west shore of the Anduin.”copyright protection4PENANAgVo4ERzygz

“The San Gebir,?" said Ceorl, who in the past warned King Theoden of the arrival of the army of Saruman, and who fought alongside the late king in the abyss of Helm, "that palece is next to of the Argonath, or as Gondor's men call it, the king's pillars.”copyright protection4PENANAPHCfnwrXEC

“Exactly," said Éomer, "and north of the king's pillars are the hills of Emyn Muil, where our allies of Rhun and the steppe nations are. The enemy has an advantage in the open field and takes advantage of fighting with their base in high places. We must learn from their battle tactics and use them against them.”copyright protection4PENANArkSQ0i0Foj

“Should we take the battle to the San Gebir?” asked Éothain, captain of Rohan, who together with Éomer, killed the group of orcs that had captured Merry and Pippin, when Saruman betrayed the white council.copyright protection4PENANArFfPJUHjsY

“I see no other choice," said Éomer, "the San Gebir is much closer than Minas Tirith. If we tried to go to the capital of Gondor with all the civilians, in the end we would get tired of the long march and there is no guarantee that Urd will not follow us to the capital of Gondor.”copyright protection4PENANATiFvy32Z1G

“Then the battle on the northern front will be decided at the San Gebir," concluded Erkenbrand, a feudal lord of the west fold, who with his infantry men cut off the retreat of the black orcs of Saruman who fled from Helm's abyss.copyright protection4PENANACt1uj2MjHb

All present exchanged serious looks and Gléowine, the bard of Rohan, sang a song of hope to encourage the king and his captains.copyright protection4PENANAD8QTYANGUg

The hearts of those present were relieved of the burden of anguish and Éomer thanked his sister for her advice about surrounding himself not only with men of war, but also with men like Gléowine.copyright protection4PENANAENzkj7ol7p

The bard's song conveyed the stillness and beauty of the beautiful and precious things that were defended by the men of Rohan, the long pilgrimage to the south, the claim and defense of their lands, horses and honor, along with the sacred duty to protect the innocent people who lived in Rohan.copyright protection4PENANA2JT3dc50wN

Éomer and the other tough men in the room were moved by the beautiful song, which was the prelude to the horror.copyright protection4PENANAb9W22UDQAx

“My lord!” One man suddenly shouted as he entered the throne room. It was Widfara, Rohan's messenger rider, his face unsettled by the horror he came to report.copyright protection4PENANA6flGAENYZU

“Widfara, what's wrong!” shouted Éomer, fearing the worst.copyright protection4PENANAo1Eh5StbSZ

The messenger told Eomer about the arrival of Lorien's group of surviving elves, most of them maddened by the horrible deaths of their friends and relatives, and also by wearing masks made of their brothers' skinned skin for days. Queen Galadriel went with them and also wore one of the dreadful masks.copyright protection4PENANAZ49V7cPK3q

.copyright protection4PENANAiaGDQghEfh

.copyright protection4PENANAzEidVo5pAY

Chaika had crossed the Isen River and had taken the old southern road, her destination was north of Eriador.copyright protection4PENANApz2zu9MjUP

Urd was very pleased with the way her niece had handled things. The ents had forged a verbal alliance with Rohan and Gondor, however, after news of the whereabouts of the ent women brought by Chaika, the ents decided to discuss the action they would take next in a council of ents. Chaika had made sure to pass on to Barbol and the other ent, things that only the ent at both ends of the world would know, so she gained the ent's trust that there was no deception on the part of the cat girls.copyright protection4PENANAKcZqQQH7uX

Chaika knew very well that a council of ents would take a long time and that this particular council would take years, if not decades, to discuss only aspects of the alliance with humans, aspects of restarting contact with the ent women and a possible alliance with the Famnya empire would take longer.copyright protection4PENANAo3BHhx6mXG

Urd was upset because her plan to show the might of her army by crossing the Harnen rivers and pores, and then turning around had not worked as planned, she did not know it, but Gandalf's advice, drove away the fear of men. Now she was ready to renew her initial plan to move northward from Eriador, in order to bring down the will of men, as she strolled her armies at will throughout the west of Middle-earth.copyright protection4PENANAknfmWJwJ3r

Chaika asked her aunt to be in charge of bringing the presence and power of Urd's army to Eriador, so Urd accepted her niece's good will, now Chaika and her army were moving north.copyright protection4PENANAyODyfuoWBT

Chaika was so excited that in the incredible span of just four days she had already approached the bridge and main pass of the Tharbad River, this structure was known to the locals as the old bridge and was now guarded by one of Eriador's armies, which was shoveling the snow that covered the access to the bridge.copyright protection4PENANAU0WwId3OA1

The human army had been taken by surprise, they had never expected the rumors of the devilish mobility of the cat girl army to be true, when in front of them there were none other than thousands of riders riding swiftly into battle.copyright protection4PENANAvUoKhluO4y

The human army already unprepared when it saw the massive army hurling towards them fled in disarray. Perhaps if the reinforcements had arrived earlier, reinforcements that had the new weapons and armor of the elves and dwarves, they might have stood up to the enemy, but they decided to withdraw.copyright protection4PENANAfDmTbBnAyZ

The humans were very lucky because Chaika was more interested in rushing north than in fighting a battle. Her army crossed the Tharbad Bridge and then headed for the Northern Crossroads.copyright protection4PENANAttZqZIE3xe

“Which way will we take Chaika sama?” Amane asked when they reached the crossroads.copyright protection4PENANA428tNqPieT

“To the east is Rivendel," said Chaikia, "but it is not my mission to fight the war against the elves and less so near the cloudy mountains, the enemy could corner me there.”copyright protection4PENANAQuxdnJOKjn

“Then you will go west along the blue mountains," said Amanae, "because going straight to Eriador's capital would mean being surrounded by human armies.”copyright protection4PENANAJNQJdPrRTY

“I think I have a funnier idea," said Chaika, with a sparkling look and a mischievous smile that made Amane always worry.copyright protection4PENANA6X1eqPFg7U

“We're going northwest, straight to Hobbiton.”copyright protection4PENANA9YoHbLq0wK

“The land of the hobbits?” Asked Amane in surprise.copyright protection4PENANAngyeZM4rEX

“You didn't see this one coming, did you, Amane?”copyright protection4PENANAqKVrZlgECo

“Please Chaika sama, let's go west, so we can show the dwarves that it's best not to fight the war against us.”copyright protection4PENANAzLmXtxJUyg

“What nonsense Amane, the dwarves will always declare war on us after the carnage that Sakura, Ryu and Hikari made in the dwarf kingdoms of the north, you know that the dwarves confuse a lot the honor with the unhealthy pride, besides, it sure makes you want to know the hobbits that contributed in great measure to the fall of the big eyed of Sauron.”copyright protection4PENANAFWwdavZeWD

“Me, well...”copyright protection4PENANAcno7Ont525

“That's settled. We're going to Hobbiton!” Chaika ordered, and the tireless army of cat girls continued their race.copyright protection4PENANAtBRQykoifW

.copyright protection4PENANAyUS472A6hx

.copyright protection4PENANAKuU8BJw4Oy

Hobbiton, like the other lands of the Shire, was a quiet place, where nothing was better seen and more respectable than to lead a life immersed in the most utterly and absolutely quiet routine, which was an existence envied and at the same time avoided by the other races of Middle-earth. The dwarves were always immersed in lives focused on the acquisition of material goods and the repair of real or imagined offenses that made a dent in their honor. The Elves seemed calmer, however, their willingness was always dragged to travel the old roads of the world without rest, temporary palliative of the ever-present yearnings to cross the ocean to go to the land of the gods. Humans were a curious race with the attributes and defects of the two previous races, but they were characterized by having the desires of their heart always changing, which made them interesting, but at the same time dangerous.copyright protection4PENANAai919Imx1B

The hobbits were a race characterized by good judgment, which was stubbornly stubborn. Not the dwarves' stubbornness in the face of war, honor and death, but the stubbornness aimed at leading to the extreme a life that does not fall outside the parameters that a good and respectable hobbit would always meet: the tranquility, the tranquility to meditate not on the mysterious and profound things of the world as the Elves did, only the tranquility to meditate on the small details that made not only bearable but entertaining the blessing of the daily routine.copyright protection4PENANAtzvlECofJG

Chaika's army headed towards Hobbiton and the hobbits who were in the middle of their tasks to shovel the snow accumulated in their entrances, believed that the end of the world was approaching as they felt the ground vibrating at their feet and a cloud of white dust approached the horizon, next to the roar of the neighing of thousands of horses, together with the loud sound of the thousands of mares' hooves.copyright protection4PENANAMuaHDLq9Qf

All the inhabitants of Hobbiton left their homes at the request of Merry and Pippin, who believed that a battle would soon be fought. Frodo and Sam were trying to calm the hobbits, and in the midst of that total confusion the horsemen came.copyright protection4PENANAI0yR2HAoeB

All the hobbits on Hobbiton's party grounds were scared stiff and didn't know if they were shaking more from the cold or fear when the cat girls stopped moving. Chaika stepped off her mare and removed her mask along with her helmet.copyright protection4PENANAZHbv3P7r4R

Unabated in the cold winter wind, which grew stronger by the second, she watched the hobbits attentively.copyright protection4PENANA7RmhyZ3Y9T

“Look at Amane," said Chaika to her friend, who also got off her mare and stood next to her friend.copyright protection4PENANAeRTMJWtjkH

“They look so determined, tired, cheerful, sad, strong and fragile at the same time," said Amane.copyright protection4PENANAUko6PrVXT0

“You know, the old spy we sent to Middle Earth who never reported to me, Hiyo, once said to me, 'You can't beat such fools'... I think I get it now.”copyright protection4PENANAP0Sbiqblpk

Chaika approached the four hobbits a little closer, and they wondered why the cat girl was crying.copyright protection4PENANAeDb8pV4Tep

“Thank you” that was all Chaika said in a perfect hobbit accent at the same time as she bowed.copyright protection4PENANAA9JZfzqbwk

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection4PENANAbmk4xCuJYT

Final notes of the author: the tactic used by the cat girls against the corsairs is taken from the old Vietnamese army, in the battle of Ain Jalut, with it they defeated the old Chinese empire, which wanted to invade their lands, the same tactic they used later when the Mongols tried to conquer Vietnam.copyright protection4PENANA3cxflXapQp

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