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Writer Capt. leon
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Imrahil's decision
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
13 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!xT0ma6xYGrN2yDvVwtijposted on PENANA

THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection3PENANAF83CBqDpkK

Capítulo 29: Imrahil's decisioncopyright protection3PENANA0SD1fO8MNO

An icy and cutting wind punished Chaika's face, while her superior view as a cat girl allowed her to see from the eastern entrance of Forochel Bay the enormous island of Forochel situated much further north. The relentless force of the wind caused many drops of very cold water from the sea to crash into the cat girl's face.copyright protection3PENANAeARMdmIKQ0

Chaika soured the expression, but not because of the horrific storm that surrounded it, but rather because of the meeting she had with several of Eriadores men moments ago.copyright protection3PENANA4w978LxMaS

“Chaika sama, please let's go back to the store," asked Amane, who was shivering cold at the time, and Chaika, after looking once more at the distant island of Forochel, decided to listen to her friend's suggestion.copyright protection3PENANAwbKad0YmML

“Is there anything new in the south?” Chaika asked, as she warmed her hands by rubbing them against each other.copyright protection3PENANAa0m2Nzpvkg

“Our situation will be very compromised if we continue in this place," said Amane. “Looking to the south, the dwarf armies are approaching from our right and Eriador's army is advancing towards us, and I have received reports that the elves are approaching from our left, they are still far away and if we leave at once we can get out of the siege that is coming upon us. What are you planning to do, Chaika?”copyright protection3PENANAwoMGwVr4HC

“In the end we made it to the northern end of Eriador, the humans did not expect such a thing, they must have been very surprised when they found out, however, I was surprised when all those men of Eriador, came to interview me," said Chaika and then took a bottle of yogurt and drank its contents to get rid of the bad taste that the meeting with the humans produced.copyright protection3PENANAWeOHo1Hmnu

“All of them former spies and undercover followers of Sauron and Saruman," said Amane with a disgusted look on her face. “You should have ordered their execution.”copyright protection3PENANA8yuuBi40Np

“I was tempted to do so, but these men are right, without their help we will not be able to return to my aunt. They have strategic positions that will convince the King of Eriador to delay his departure and therefore that of the dwarves and elves. We will take advantage of their betrayal to go to Urd sama without having to fight a battle to make our way south.”copyright protection3PENANAgkO30kYroG

“I don't know if it was necessary to deal with those dogs, we could win in the battle of the South.”copyright protection3PENANA3lUS2iTKFh

“True, Amane, but you forget the fact that I'm not going to risk my men's lives unnecessarily, especially since we still have an alternative escape route.”copyright protection3PENANAeOQJjr1nsP

“Forgive my words Chaika sama, I am no match for such a great commander who has the safety of his men as her priority.”copyright protection3PENANANI9BL9VKBj

“Don't worry, Amane, now all we have to do is head east at full speed before the Elves cut us off. We will go to Carn Dum, negotiate with the trolls and cross Angmar, once this is done we will sail along the Anduin River to the Celebrant fields, then head west to Isengard, where we will meet my aunt.”copyright protection3PENANAqFFlxHDrrj

“Urd sama will not be very happy with the agreement you had with the human dogs.”copyright protection3PENANAIG7zpq1qOt

“She will be if she is assured of the non-intervention of the armies of Eriador and of the dwarves. Elrond on the other hand is a problem, but he will not be able to advance to reinforce Rohan or Gondor without the help of Eriador's dwarves and humans.”copyright protection3PENANAgCcpdXz9Ia

Amane nodded, but then there was a concern, Chaika might be very tolerant of humans, but green skins were something else, she was worried that things would get out of control with the Carn Dum trolls.copyright protection3PENANAt9Q8unP7Oh

“Don't worry, Amane," said Chaika, who apparently had read the gesture of concern on her friend's face, "if I could make a deal with that scum of Eriador, then the troll thing won't get on my nerves.”copyright protection3PENANArxYy6nZ8OO

“You see Chaika that Urd sama is right. We must exterminate the humans, they are a race that would do anything, anything to satisfy their ambitions.”copyright protection3PENANAB4qOuEM4Nu

“I will not judge an entire race by the actions of a few despicable humans.”copyright protection3PENANAfgD5o7sefg

“But Chaika, we've been through so much since we arrived in Middle-earth to back out of Urd sama's plan.”copyright protection3PENANAwGOufURf3G

“Yes, we've been through so much, but we haven't learned anything, nothing!.... To exterminate an entire race is madness. No matter what my aunt tells me, I do not believe that a better world will be built by the bloodshed of the innocent, people who do not have to bear the sins of their ancestors.”copyright protection3PENANA4EKusf9ejW

A silence prevailed in the tent, so deep that it seemed that the strong gust of wind could not overcome it, only the crackling of the candle and the constant purring of the sleepy cats were now clearly visible.copyright protection3PENANAJydmEBu6QJ

“Amane, tell the army we're leaving for Angmar.”copyright protection3PENANAnmqcQF6IVa

.copyright protection3PENANAoZP9uhpDwI

.copyright protection3PENANAAghNDVo72f

In Minas Tirith, the winter weather gave no mercy to the people living in the white city. A heavy snowfall that went in all directions due to an untimely wind that insisted on blowing in several directions at the same time, made it difficult for anyone who dared to go out into the streets that night to see. Of all these people, it was the lookouts on the crenelated walls who were most frustrated by the situation, as their work was impossible because they could not see beyond the extension of their extended arms.copyright protection3PENANAQqBhCsXJbS

But it was undoubtedly Imrahil who was most frustrated as his requests for the dwarf armies of the White Mountains or Ered Nimrais, along with the dwarf armies of the Druwaith Iaur, to hasten the march to confront the army of cat girls barricaded in Pinnath Gelin or also known as the Green Hills of Gondor.copyright protection3PENANATzSIJm080x

“I could send the armies of Gondor, Dol Amroth and Edhellond to attack the cat girls from the east, but this will be useless without the attack of the dwarves from the west.”copyright protection3PENANARAN9or5My8

“It's a good plan, Imrahil," said Aragorn, "maybe we should carry out the attack.”copyright protection3PENANA2pyDGb6DUh

“No, my king. If anything went wrong it would be the end of Gondor, there would be no barrier between the enemy camp and the capital.”copyright protection3PENANAwORoxALyJM

“What is your plan then, Imrahil?” Éomer asked him, who had come to Minas Tirith to ask for help because of the other enemy army in the north that was blocking all the way to Eriador, which was a stone's throw away from Helm's abyss and therefore also near Edoras, the capital of the kingdom of Rohan. “My people had to go to the hills of San Gebir, I was afraid that my people would not be able to go to Minas Tirith if the enemy would persecute us, but in the end my fears thanks to the valar did not materialize. However, this wait brings me uneasiness, for even Eriador's armies, along with the dwarves and elves, have not come to our aid.”copyright protection3PENANA5BnTKLkQyS

“This immobility is worrying," said Gandalf. “Should we take Rohan's people to Minas Tirith?”copyright protection3PENANAYAixdYIkCD

“I know that the people of Rohan are suffering at the moment," contradicted Imrahil, "but they must remain in the San Gebir. According to reports from the steppes and our deceased allies: the Orcs. The Famnya use the migrations of people fleeing to safe places in their favour, so the defenders spend their resources on feeding the refugees instead of their own troops.”copyright protection3PENANAB9ssyZ3kxN

“But we must do something!” Gimli exclaimed, "The Tartars have blocked the supplies of weapons and armor we so badly need, and I...” Want to continue Gimli, but his anger prevented him from talking.copyright protection3PENANA6Dotw9fR0N

Legolas clapped his friend's shoulder while trying to keep tears of helplessness from running down his face.copyright protection3PENANAKYn2wB1eVE

“To cut off the supply caravans," continued Legolas, "they didn't care about massacring... Even Sauron's orcs don't look like these beasts.”copyright protection3PENANASxNkZmj3GR

“The enemy wants to see us annihilated not only physically, but mentally," Aragorn said with a grim expression. “Their terror tactics are designed to put an end to our will to fight and bring the civilian population into a panic.”copyright protection3PENANAQMufg1pwSp

“How is Queen Galadriel?” asked Imrahil, who clenched his fists in anger as did those present.copyright protection3PENANAjDoHFUiH9e

“She's feeling better now," said Aragorn. “The mental trauma she suffered will take time to heal, but Arwen told me that she is better off than her mother after the orcs... well...”copyright protection3PENANAl1L9lLvFPb

“And Queen Arwen, my lord?” Imrahil asked worriedly.copyright protection3PENANAwGY0Vf1lLU

“Galadriel comforted her after the death of my brothers-in-law, and now it is her duty to comfort her grandmother. At least that's what she tells me, but I know it's all inside...”copyright protection3PENANAL4x9Md45Ud

A sepulchral silence ensued in the room where the meeting was held, only interrupted by the howling of the wind, which like a wolf seemed to weep because of hunger and the desire to satisfy its appetite with human flesh and blood.copyright protection3PENANAjgf5qARWfH

“Reports came to me that a third enemy army was headed for Forochel Bay, according to reports I received, I believe its aim is more to frighten Eriador's armies than to fight a battle," Gandalf intervened.copyright protection3PENANA7Mn6NjlPE7

“Unlike Gondor and Rohan, Eriador did not confront either Saruman or Sauron," Aragorn reminded them, " Their armies have all their men complete, it will be difficult for the famnyas to make their way to the south.”copyright protection3PENANAJpchzYuE3p

“That's true," Imrahil said, "I think Urd hopes that this army of her in Eriador, frightened men, dwarves and elves, will not send us any support, or at least delay its much needed help, which I think the enemy is achieving.”copyright protection3PENANARnG6t7Hk3X

“The dwarves of Eriador would not be intimidated by anyone!” shouted Gimli, frowning.copyright protection3PENANA1bJphwIDln

“Neither did Lord Elrond, and the other elves of Rivendell," said Legolas with a serious gesture.copyright protection3PENANAK5MXmmVR0Z

“I'm sure of that," Imrahil said with a bow of her head to calm their spirits. “However, Eriador is something else, I have reports that the kingdom of Arthedain is losing power.”copyright protection3PENANAhSmXZP4Ga8

“The glory of the ancient kingdom of Arnor has now completely vanished," Aragorn said.copyright protection3PENANAEcjnBAUjeg

“I'm afraid it is," agreed Imrahil, "now the successor kingdom to Arnor, the present kingdom of Arthedain, cannot hold its territory together. I have heard that the territories of Rhudaur, North Cardolan, Minhiriath, and South Cardolan are planning to separate from Arthedain. I have also heard similar rumours from the territories of the Eregion, Enedwaith, and even Dunland.”copyright protection3PENANAHZluWIQRAR

“It's strange that with the Famnya threat there are all these secessionist problems," said Gandalf.copyright protection3PENANARRJdPJ3Uqd

“I know," Imrahil nodded, "I also heard from the dwarves this time that things are moving in a similar direction in the territories west of the dwarf kingdoms like Lindon, Lindon in the north or Forlindon, and Harlindon or Lindon in the south. All these problems are the cause of Eriador's still not coming to our aid, and therefore the dwarf kingdoms cannot do it either. After the disaster of the northern dwarf kingdoms east of Angmar, they no longer dare to go alone on their own, and the same can be said of the elves in Rivendell.”copyright protection3PENANA24plr1Wmla

“But that doesn't explain the attitude of the dwarf kingdoms west of the Green Hills of Gondor," said Éomer worried.copyright protection3PENANAC29Yw5GnXg

“I know," Imrahil continued, "we can't go on like this, as far as I can see, Urd has planned two scenarios: first, her army in Eriador will concentrate the forces of our allies in the north while she attacks us.... If she is not doing so at this time, but I do not think this is her best option, she cannot attack us with two of her armies separate from her main army, not to mention the one inside Mordor.copyright protection3PENANAeO7Y2XH5R7

"Second option," Imrahil continued, "she risks a lot if she orders her army to make way with blood and fire through Eriador, no, I think they will go to Angmar and negotiate with Turok at Carn Dum, to let them pass, they will surely sail the Anduin until they meet Urd at Isengard.”copyright protection3PENANAiTcIfDKb05

“Your plan Imrahil?” Gandalf asked.copyright protection3PENANAlC8uAEAh1x

“Gimli, in your veins you have the blood of your relative Balin, the last lord of Moria. Legolas, you are the prince silvan of the vanished kingdom of Thranduil. It is time for both of you to claim what is rightfully yours, even if this puts us against Funbol and the rest of the dwarf lords, I fear we will not be able to enforce the unity of the great alliance.”copyright protection3PENANAxgmFfoCWtu

“You speak of betrayal of the great alliance," said Legolas nervously.copyright protection3PENANA4MogvDUfOV

“I believe that the betrayal has already been committed and not by those present in this room, but how can it be explained that just in this moment of need several territories of Eriador decide to split from Arthedain? We all know that not all the traitors who supported Saruman and Sauron were discovered, we can continue to act with honor all we want, but the enemy will surely be more pragmatic.”copyright protection3PENANAlaxuF88fpa

“You think only the worst," said Gimli, who, because of the tense situation, took out his pipe to smoke his precious tobacco.copyright protection3PENANANWraCGyeD2

“That's my job, which is why I was chosen.”copyright protection3PENANAJIO7ZkKTAz

.copyright protection3PENANAOVKmppuyFT

.copyright protection3PENANAJtQaDsRcHu

After the meeting, Aragorn went to see Arwen whom he found in his quarters in the company of a twelve-year-old girl and a seven-year-old boy, both of whom were sleeping.copyright protection3PENANAeqd3xcni6X

“Arwen, my love, how are you feeling?”copyright protection3PENANARVTChj2MRI

“I feel better, my husband. I just got back from my grandmother's room, she's feeling much better now.”copyright protection3PENANAFBbwMPYD2G

“I knew you'd comfort her, Arwen.”copyright protection3PENANA8g6lkDxIWD

“You really have Princess Lothiriel and Prince Elphir to thank for that, they brought the smile back to my grandmother's lips.”copyright protection3PENANAFOyzqQSsCK

“Apparently it wasn't just your grandmother who got her smile back," Aragorn said with a smile and Arwen gave her a smile back with a kiss.copyright protection3PENANAailmP7cOLe

The two children looked like their father, despite having elf blood in their veins, both had very tanned skin and very black hair.copyright protection3PENANAuUvAfPeNxa

“Should we wake them up?” Aragorn asked.copyright protection3PENANArdY0MoRERt

“Let them sleep, they haven't rested since they came from Dol Amroth. Their aunts Ivriniel and Finduilas asked me to look after them.”copyright protection3PENANAp2MKoBSApE

“How is Finduilas?”copyright protection3PENANAPTykuOaJCI

“She is now recovered from the death of her husband Denethor, she suffered a lot with the death of her son Boromir and the dishonourable fall of the house of the Senescals, I suppose that this aspect, the pain, made her get along well with my grandmother. Ivriniel never married and has a character similar to that of my grandmother.”copyright protection3PENANAT4VS4IhVn8

“And the sons of Imrahil?”copyright protection3PENANApMacxzNq9d

“With two aunts so serious and severe, they are in need of love, it was a tragedy that Imrahil's wife died giving birth to Elphir.”copyright protection3PENANA4Y7DjCstl5

Arwen carefully got out of bed so as not to wake the princes and then went out into the corridor with her husband.copyright protection3PENANAbe976ePoac

“Would you like anything, Arwen?”copyright protection3PENANAwzZHMwgzWp

“Only one thing, my lord.”copyright protection3PENANAN0oVEHx6bS

“Which one?” Ask me and I'll give it to you.copyright protection3PENANAcm7ltezjCJ

“I just want your company, I don't want to share you with anything or anyone, don't bring to this moment what you and Imrahil talked about at the council with the others. I want so much to be just the two of us and nothing more.”copyright protection3PENANAv8juP505FX

The two kings stepped out onto a covered balcony and watched as the heavy snowfall and glacial wind had passed to make way for a gentle snowfall.copyright protection3PENANAvtYUoCCVJN

Aragorn watched the gentle snow and could not help but show a face of sorrow, what was once a scene of peace and romance had now become the herald of an enemy whose sole aim was to destroy each and every man.copyright protection3PENANANVaUgE8QXK

"Why? Why do bad things seem to happen again? Now things look so different and similar at the same time.... Without being able to trust our allies, leaving everything in the hands of fate, only a path of blood and death before us with a faint beam of light of hope which looks ever more distant... We fight to keep death and despair away from the hearts of those we love the most, yet once again these two demons stand up to us and threaten everything and everyone we love... Is it that the Valar have fun with our misfortune?"copyright protection3PENANAAsTUXJ0YPF

“Aragorn, my love...”copyright protection3PENANAVk8TfxvRsf

“What's the matter, Arwen, are you cold?”copyright protection3PENANAFfaQarujir

“My Lord, I wanted to tell you something...”copyright protection3PENANA3SUXNRGNPv

“You said you didn't want bad things to disturb us.”copyright protection3PENANAtKQCD599XB

“No, it's not that, I, I'm pregnant my lord, I'm expecting your child...”copyright protection3PENANAoDRzt21Xlj

Aragorn saw all his doubts cleared up and thanked the Valar from the bottom of his heart for the blessing they had given him and proceeded to embrace his wife with passion.copyright protection3PENANAopcimZa3NZ

In the chambers of Aragorn and Arwen, Princess Lothiriel and Prince Elphir began to awaken.copyright protection3PENANAygKoSnu2xr

“Lothiriel, Lothiriel," said the boy as he shook his older sister to wake her up. “Look, there's some shadows stuck to the walls and they're moving.”copyright protection3PENANAEW5wvyywwU

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection3PENANAQUj2dG1oJP

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