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Writer Capt. leon
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Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
14 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!xRCwR4UHKf2GrSnCYYgjposted on PENANA

Previous notes of the author: in this chapter I show the tactics that had the hordes of Attila and Genghis Khan, still the waves of barbarians and orcs that flee from the cat girls, do not invade the Middle Earth.copyright protection3PENANASEVV8j3LDT

THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection3PENANAmaKYGC3BjO

Chapter 3: Trustcopyright protection3PENANARlujdSWcQc

An eagle flew majestically over the fields of Rohan in search of his prey, when the bird plummeted to reach his goal. The bird, after catching his food, flew to the top of a small rock.copyright protection3PENANAwJQrEZKIKo

The eagle was feeding at the same time that it was placing its sight on the capital of the kingdom, Edoras.copyright protection3PENANAB7yl6fX9Rh

Nestled in the middle of an immeasurable plain that looked like a wasteland, a foreign visitor could not glimpse that the city surrounded by a simple palisade was the capital of a powerful army formed by a ferocious cavalry, less than the surrounding lands gave sustenance to thousands of those men, including the city's population.copyright protection3PENANAYIDs1RlX3b

Life in Edoras was hard and therefore its inhabitants were more reserved and quiet than their southern neighbors in Gondor, but the citizens of Edoras today had reason to celebrate, as they prepared to prepare for the festivities by commemorating the battle of the Pelennor fields, in which the knights of Rohan saved Gondor and also celebrated the destruction of the dark lord Sauron.copyright protection3PENANA9AU01z0MhK

In the throne room of the capital city, Eomer, king of Rohan, looked closely at a silver coin he held in his hand.copyright protection3PENANAaSSJeYYc8Q

"Damn Théodred, dear cousin, why did you have to die so soon?" Eomer thought, angry at himself.copyright protection3PENANAu6y7zAZUx3

Because of Grima's betrayal, and infiltration into the palace of several Saruman spies in the past. Éomer had implemented a policy of strict control of all the inhabitants of the capital, who, regardless of their origin, be they nobles or peasants, were kept under constant inspection of their belongings and goods. This could be seen as a somewhat extreme measure; however, it paid off by revealing that some merchants from the north were taking information relevant to Rohan's forces from the kingdom.copyright protection3PENANA6HD0IEAIrS

Eomer wasted no time and had the spies executed, but when one of his captains showed him the Gondor coins that the spies had used to obtain the relevant information, Eomer did nothing but curse his impulsive decision.copyright protection3PENANAtCKllZkkct

“Théodred, you were educated to be a king, but I was only one more captain, I was only brought up to follow orders, not to command," thought Eomer head-butted.copyright protection3PENANAaGAJO9jN4Q

“Brother? “copyright protection3PENANAQbytbg8MZA

“Oh, Eowyn, you surprised me.”copyright protection3PENANAEtcpPyo9SA

“You keep thinking about the spies.”copyright protection3PENANAC3hcM5m5Tr

“That is right, I cannot believe that Aragorn is capable of betraying us, this must be the work of the people of Rhun, I have trust in Aragorn.”copyright protection3PENANAWKCvdOLmAL

“I also think the same thing, the merchants came from the north and I don't think that Bree would even think of a conspiracy against us.”copyright protection3PENANAWfe9E3H3dA

Éomer nodded as he saw the beautiful face of his sister, saddened that she was soon to leave with Faramir, to what was once Minas Morgul.copyright protection3PENANADQDV3p0pvU

“Brother, I see that not only does the restlessness of the spy business annoy you, but I also notice a look that conceals another concern.”copyright protection3PENANARrEtWSiIeT

“Oh Eowyn, dear sister you know me well. I am distressed by the fact that I will soon see you leave Rohan to go to that horrible place in Minas Morgul.”copyright protection3PENANAub8JlMM2P0

“Dear brother, my future husband Faramir was given the task of turning Minas Morgul into the beautiful place it was before it fell into Sauron's hands. The news that comes to me from Faramir inspires me with confidence because he seems to be doing a magnificent job of throwing away every aspect of evil that once existed in the place. Aragorn and Arwen gave priority to the recovery of Minas Ithil to their own former capital Osgiliath.”copyright protection3PENANACtQgoTGpib

“That's what I heard sister, the elves and dwarfs who should help rebuild Osgiliath, were sent to Minas Morgul to help Faramir. I am very grateful to Aragorn and Arwen, it is clear that they love you very much. I would never distrust them.”copyright protection3PENANAkaDYEAQWj5

Éowyn approached his brother and took him by the hand to take his worries away, she herself was uneasy with the work that her brother would have for the kingdom of Rohan, and that is because Eomer barely knew how to read or write, however, was doing a good job so far.copyright protection3PENANAPNgYwBLjEA

The doors of the throne room opened and two guards from Rohan entered escorting a messenger from the kingdom of Gondor, who appeared before them.copyright protection3PENANAjh49xt2eTl

“Your majesty Eomer, king of Rohan. Lady Eowyn Lady of Pelennor's fields, I come on behalf of my lord Aragorn, king of Gondor and your ally," said the messenger. “My name is Beletor, son of Beregas and here I give you the correspondence of my lord Aragorn.”copyright protection3PENANAqdw3caE26X

Eowyn took the scroll and proceeded to read it aloud for his brother. The missive contained the details of the spy discovery in Gondor.copyright protection3PENANA7WLoVh0GBF

“Aragorn is very trusting," said Éomer, "if it were not for the fact that this merchant brought down the vase with the scrolls inside, they would never have discovered it. The fact that we have put an end to Saruman and Sauron does not mean that all enemies and spies are gone from our realms.”copyright protection3PENANAhUWl4uP7IJ

“Tell me Beletor, son of Beregas, what does King Aragorn plan to do with the spies?” asked Eowyn.copyright protection3PENANAs8WZc89Qbg

The messenger looked at the wise men of the kingdom with distrust and Eowyn whispered something to his brother.copyright protection3PENANAOjdzI8QIOs

“Everyone outside, let us speak to Gondor's messenger in private," commanded Éomer, and all except the guards who were of full confidence remained in the throne room.copyright protection3PENANAn5mkrrOgyx

Beletor explained to Éomer and Lady Éowyn, the plan to capture the man behind the silver coins, in distant Bree.copyright protection3PENANAZ1GW0S59Jg

“Do you think that this man is the same man who paid the spies in our kingdom?” asked Eowyn to his brother.copyright protection3PENANAqxAD6iLX0z

“Probably, I know the men from the north who came with Aragorn, they are competent soldiers, I am sure they will succeed.”copyright protection3PENANApoFMI6dxmL

Eomer dispatched the messenger and then exchanged looks of concern with his sister.copyright protection3PENANA4mMKiMDnWn

“I have a bad feeling about this whole thing Eowyn.”copyright protection3PENANAEnUe01wMYx

.copyright protection3PENANAmoW1aE7ncu

.copyright protection3PENANA9gQV18IFwF

In the far-off lands of Khand and Harad, the army from the far east had been divided in two. The main force under Urd's command had departed for the capital of Harad, while the secondary force under Chaika's command had gone to attack the capital of Khand.copyright protection3PENANA2b2Xp2YWPW

“We have pushed them back!” cried the king of Khand and the cry of joy of thousands of men resounded in the arid lands. “Now, we can't waste this opportunity to chase and kill every one of them!”copyright protection3PENANAublqcv5kSh

Hundreds of horsemen chased the enemy cavalry mounted on their strange small and fat horses.copyright protection3PENANAO1yEXANGfk

The king of Khand and his horsemen forced the speed of their horses to the maximum in a futile effort to catch up with the rival, but they still did not cease in their attempt as the enemy was ever closer.copyright protection3PENANAlhvofVrdRg

Some other archer fired his arrows at the persecuted, but this was a useless task due to the movement of the horses that were close to collapsing from the effort.copyright protection3PENANAamrvME0SYT

“That arrow hit him!” a rider shouted with joy, but then fell silent as he saw his arrow bounced off from what appeared to be a thin silk cloth, which did not form a layer, rather a cloth pomp, which was swollen due to the displacement of air through the horse's race.copyright protection3PENANAaMVIrSifzy

Khand's compact group of riders was no longer such, but due to the fatigue of the horses, it had scattered throughout the persecution. The king stopped his horse and turned around to see how dispersed his cavalry was, when he realized he had fallen into a trap.copyright protection3PENANAAVQ5j51KiT

Thousands of enemy men had left the places where they camouflaged them and with their strange and small bows they killed the riders with accurate shots, which had much more range than the best arches of Khand, moreover, the arrows pierced with a staggering ease the armor of their riders, something that could not make the arrows of Khand.copyright protection3PENANA0tfsY26YU5

Some riders tried to ram the enemy archers, but suddenly they were reinforced by thousands of other units with strange little crossbows that looked like toys.copyright protection3PENANAS4RNNjG6zg

The crossbows, however incredible it may seem, fired smaller than normal arrows continuously and without the crossbowmen recharging their weapons each time they fired.copyright protection3PENANAE9bufuAgeS

The shots from these little crossbows were not accurate, but they fired so many arrows so often that almost immediately the crossbowmen corrected their shots, thus ending Khand's cavalry.copyright protection3PENANA9flpIkrOil

A roar came from behind the king and he watched as the enemy horsemen turned against them, this time aided by reinforcements including lancers.copyright protection3PENANAUbqLZd5FkF

“Step back, let's go back to the main infantry!” the king ordered, and all the riders who heard him hurriedly rode back to their original position.copyright protection3PENANAVYO6t4B3kP

In the middle of the getaway several horses collapsed due to fatigue and the men were then killed either by the lancers on horseback or the archers and crossbowmen enemies.copyright protection3PENANAWu5hTNBlCU

The king saw to his horror that the enemy's horses were feigning a slow escape, in reality no enemy saddle was tired and very quickly gave Khand's riders scope.copyright protection3PENANAHw67i5loLF

Not only did the enemy horsemen reach Khand's cavalry, but they surpassed them and now they were on either side and in front of the cavalry.copyright protection3PENANA3HESO7Wpah

"I can't believe it!" the king thought horrified. "Horse archers shoot at us without difficulty and without a single arrow missing!"copyright protection3PENANAf7MloG801L

In case the king's surprise wasn't enough, he also saw how the horseback archers would shoot without any problem and without missing their shots either on his right or left, they would even turn the torso and shoot from behind!copyright protection3PENANAVIi2QB7cZT

“This is a nightmare," thought the King in distress and prayed that soon he would reach the bulk of his infantry.copyright protection3PENANAS3AwVoESNP

The king thanked his gods because he was already close to the infantry, when suddenly he saw that all his foot soldiers were dead, his gods had abandoned him.copyright protection3PENANA93WWolCwmD

The king's horse collapsed from exhaustion and the monarch was thrown from the horseback ride, somehow managed to rise up and rush towards a group of three soldiers who fled on foot to a scarce grove near them.copyright protection3PENANAiimAkdcspb

“What happened!” the king shouted.copyright protection3PENANAlhfVOajs27

“A huge group of archers and crossbowmen on horseback came upon us!” one of the men shouted without stopping running, "they did not come as a group, but they did it in a huge row formation that formed a narrow oval and each time it turned like a carriage wheel! the shooting we endured on all fronts was like a torrential rain in the northern countries!copyright protection3PENANAicae8yzL5V

The king did not need to hear any more, it was obvious that he faced a powerful army with unknown tactics of warfare and weaponry never seen before.copyright protection3PENANApoeLZyYb0o

The king and the group of three men entered the grove in the hope of having fled from the enemy, however, on the heads of the king and his men, descended quietly, several shinobis and kunoichis.copyright protection3PENANAnlGChuMBXP

.copyright protection3PENANAIf2Ttbs3Wy

.copyright protection3PENANAZlWd7VL67M

To the south of the Rhun Sea and near the eastern end of the ash mountains, a large horde of orc of different kinds were gathering waiting for their leaders to make a decision.copyright protection3PENANAvu8b6pGT1E

“You are nothing but an insolent dog!” cried Agog, an orc Uruk-Hai.copyright protection3PENANAJJTLDnX5rU

“I'd rather be that than one with a tail between his legs!” Zugul spat at him, another orc Uruk-Hai.copyright protection3PENANADqgAEnvquD

Several orcs, goblins and semiorcs watched as the two huge black orcs loudly shouted at their necks about the route they were going to take.copyright protection3PENANAcZ7kbdKR7L

“Zugul understand, we cannot with the army of the cats, we must go to Mordor!”copyright protection3PENANAwQvpC9Nzfe

“You're an asshole, I'd rather go further west and take that land!”copyright protection3PENANAuSFKtj8ZJC

“But in Mordor we will be safe and we also have the Nurn fields to supply us!”copyright protection3PENANACWCJhNX2F4

“Listen Agog, you want to stay warm in Mordor, you are not an orc!”copyright protection3PENANANbUjBxsp7H

This time the screams ceased and all the orcs saw their leaders nervously watching each other with fury as they tightened their muscles, ready for the fight.copyright protection3PENANAEBAjl3Dt3n

“Listen Zugul," said Agog gathering all the little patience he still had, "now that the great eye is dead, the winters will come to those lands. All the ash from the Doom Mountain is no longer being controlled by anyone, in Mordor there will be heat and food.”copyright protection3PENANA6FjIpBwmDc

“Grains, bread, and what about meat!” cried Zugul spitting everywhere, "The humans of Rhun, Khand and Harad no longer bring meat.”copyright protection3PENANAqqolKZTcp0

“We will go to Minas Morgul, but I will not take my orcs any further.”copyright protection3PENANAU3BvnXz1rC

“Agog, feel comfortable in Mordor that I will go west to conquer and eat meat.”copyright protection3PENANAoxhIgHjN3W

“If you're going to eat meat in the west, leave the pigs for us to feed on," said Agog with a glance of fury, and Zugul with a gesture ordered his troops to leave the animals.copyright protection3PENANAZunnQ7nJkM

“If I see you again, I will kill you," Zugul threatened and departed with his troops to the west.copyright protection3PENANAJfQlKdijeK

“Well what are you waiting for, south to Mordor!” Agog shouted and all his men headed south.copyright protection3PENANAVChdlyUElY

“Stupid Zugul, you'll soon know what it's like to fight in the snow. He and the rest of the humans on this land will know what a true winter is, not just a windy one like the ones they have enjoyed so far," Agog muttered out loud.copyright protection3PENANAAltXIj562p

“That's truet chief," said an one-eyed and gray-haired orc, "if humans believe they will have difficult times with the invading humans of the east and the orcs of Zugul, they will soon see the horror of facing the real enemy.”copyright protection3PENANATMEJ8pWrIa

“Tell me Shagra, do you think the cats will come to Mordor?”copyright protection3PENANAbENsR81MNm

“If they do we will be lost, Mordor is impregnable to the west, with the Ash Mountains to the north, the Shadow Mountains to the south and the mountains to the west... But to the east, there is no mountain range. The black door no longer exists and Minas Morgul was occupied by humans.”copyright protection3PENANALnIelqxrxA

“Should I have listened to that dog of Zugul? Mordor can become a mousetrap if cats enter from the east.”copyright protection3PENANAQqmv9uU5WD

“You must meet your brother again.”copyright protection3PENANAg7h4A8dBV0

“That idiot said he'd kill me if he saw me again, but I'll kill him first!”copyright protection3PENANAYGoGUK7rbE

“Zugul won't be able to fight the humans, he'll surely come back, let him stay north of Mordor, so he'll cover our rear.”copyright protection3PENANA224pxdUsjQ

“Of course, if Mordor can be a mousetrap for us, it can also be a mousetrap for cats!” Agog shouted.copyright protection3PENANA5AXmExvS8r

“Then you'll go to your brother?”copyright protection3PENANAS77hN21Vuc

“First things first, we go to Minas Morgul. Tell the others to prepare and wear their weapons proudly.”copyright protection3PENANAzweEVMSPec

The old orc was limping and Agog fixed his attention to the southeast.copyright protection3PENANAFkMCHr9cji

“Humans of Minas Morgul, you will soon see the power of Agog's army.”copyright protection3PENANADcqLtdNu9h

.copyright protection3PENANAHIOVnJIfyW

.copyright protection3PENANArehdRYF1aY

Far to the north in Rivendel, Lady Galadriel, Elrond and Gandalf talked about the changing climate in the middle Earth.copyright protection3PENANAjObKAEXn97

“For what we have concluded here," Gandalf said. “Sauron used the ash from the Doom Mountain to cover his armies from the sun  every time they came and went. Now the ashes accumulated over centuries and centuries have naturally ascended to the sky, making winters increasingly colder.”copyright protection3PENANAFRPtNcdvsM

“Exactly," agreed Elrond.” Lady Galadriel and I have studied the firmament and I can assure you Gandalf, that this year's winter will be the first to cover Middle Earth with snow after a long time.”copyright protection3PENANAsT0J7RHMSS

“In winter snow sometimes falls in the north, but this is sporadic, only in the Cold Lands in Forodwaith snow is perpetual," said Gandalf thoughtful. “If we look at it in perspective, this climate change means that the natural course of the seasons is returning once again, it's not really a bad thing.”copyright protection3PENANALcHXWhCUFM

“You are right, Mitrandir," said Lady Galadriel, "these first winters will be very hard, but the ash will disperse over time.”copyright protection3PENANA1kDROq41Ww

Lady Galadriel, along with Elrond and Gandalf, were still discussing these matters when an elf entered the room and told Elrond his report.copyright protection3PENANAOoqP7xHPkA

“What's going on, Elrond?” Gandalf asked once the elf left the place.copyright protection3PENANAH6Mo3JFFEk

“I am told that a huge horde of trolls from the east settled in Forodwaith.”copyright protection3PENANAsGF5ytwCvs

“The cold northern lands?” Gandalf said strangely.copyright protection3PENANA9kQz9Y7QNs

“That's right, as I was informed, several trolls and orcs settled there to a lesser extent.”copyright protection3PENANAquydTCXyiC

“In Forodwaith there are already orcs and troll settlements," Galadriel reminded them.copyright protection3PENANATKjyQR2muy

“This will bring problems, the trolls and orcs of the cold lands are always in dispute, they will not welcome this new horde from the East.”copyright protection3PENANAODSFd2DkTq

“That's for sure Gandalf," said Elrond, "I just hope the orcs don't head south.”copyright protection3PENANANkVmyOYvnh

“Elrond, Mitrandir, the wind tells me that there is more to all this than a mere arrival of a horde of trolls at Forodwaith.”copyright protection3PENANA8g1rPRiRdM

“What do you mean, Galadriel?” Elrond asked.copyright protection3PENANAq2qjHDmlYf

“I feel as if a new power is approaching these lands," Galadriel said and then rose from her seat to head for a balcony next to the enclosure where she was before.copyright protection3PENANALLzH77v6DS

“I wonder what it could be.”copyright protection3PENANAnL9pcYgvQu

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection3PENANAhgxIAelWAk

Author's final notes: the tactics of sending spies into enemy territory to gather information about enemy force, terrain, etc., was always used by Genghis Khan, he never went into battle without knowing this information, never.copyright protection3PENANAbl6L3eTykw

Repetitive crossbows are an invention of ancient China. Anti-arrow silk bubbles come from Japan, as do shinobis (ninjas) and kunoichis (ninja women).copyright protection3PENANArIhA7uzoZp

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