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Writer Capt. leon
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The march of the five armies
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
14 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!29JBOF108iew3xaULG9Oposted on PENANA

THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection4PENANAosZ7j8EUWi

Capítulo 32: The march of the five armiescopyright protection4PENANADZrnAg2Cha

A cold and brutal wind blew through the entire east of Angmar, this punishment of the weather was accentuated by the blizzard that clouded the vision of Chaika's army, who decided to camp on the slopes of Mount Gundabad, which was the only step east of Angmar and which led east to the Ered Mihtrin or the Grey Mountains as it was also called. The pass also led south to the Anduin River, which bounded in its first third the cloudy mountains to the west, and the Mirkwood Forest to the east.copyright protection4PENANAUvGY3QSOx1

In her tent, which was whipped by the wind in a futile attempt to tear it down, Chaika assessed her frustrating situation because she was unable to move south because of the constant sneaking attacks of both elves and dwarves, which had forced her to return to the North.copyright protection4PENANACWuB3NKIHG

“I don't know what else I can do," lamented Chaika as she looked at the maps showing the entire course of the Anduin River. “I thought that building rafts to transport us south to the Celebrant fields would be the best way to get to Urd sama, but the dwarves are carrying out sneaky attacks that force us to stop and when we try to chase them, they flee for the safety of the mountains.”copyright protection4PENANA0kFsHgIKS0

“The same thing happens with the elves," said Amane, who was also frustrated with the situation, "it takes us time to get out of the barges, time that is taken advantage of by the damned elves to take refuge in their dense forests. What if we continue with the plan to escort the barges by ground troops?”copyright protection4PENANAUMvBKysDm0

“And lose more soldiers like we did last time?” Chaika replied scowlingly.copyright protection4PENANAEZW8B0VlJC

The plan to escort the barges was effective at first, however, when the cat girls approached the Gladden River, which fed the waters of the Anduin, they were surprised to see how the river seemed to form a simple stream. In this way, the famnyas confidently crossed it and at that moment the waters that were once dammed by the skilled dwarf engineers swept away a large part of Chaika's army, forcing it to return to Angmar.copyright protection4PENANA1KXHcFXVpP

“I didn't want to do this, Amane, but I'm afraid we'll have to go east and surround the entire Mirkwood Forest," Chaika concluded with a serious gesture and away from the maps in front of her.copyright protection4PENANAVkCrVnZn0m

“But to do this, Chaika, it would take us a long time to return to Urd sama.”copyright protection4PENANAoEmkMXlIi5

“There is no other solution, Amane, even if we cross the Gladden River, I fear that the crafty dwarves or the elves will try to cross through Moria. If they do, we'd be surrounded, I know Lorien was devastated, but there may still be elf troops who'll be waging guerrilla warfare on us. With the ents so close to Lorien, I do not wish to draw their attention, lest skirmishes hasten them to a decision, a decision that may ultimately go against our presence here in Middle Earth.”copyright protection4PENANAlkPi11YZXn

“So when do we leave for the east bank of Mirkwood?”copyright protection4PENANAOSIqjDNj1N

“In one hour at the most, Amane, the sooner we leave this cursed land, the sooner we will be reunited with Urd sama.”copyright protection4PENANAGps2KfZ6Xi

Amane nodded and wrapped herself tightly as she exited the tent and forced her lungs and vocal cords to the max to communicate her commander's decision to the soldiers.copyright protection4PENANAbiD0BF2zEZ

Chaika's concerns about a treacherous ambush of dwarves and elves arising from Moria were unfounded. Of course, Funbol was furious when he learned that Gimli had claimed for himself the lordship of the Moria mines, however, mobilizing an entire dwarf army through the labyrinthine corridors of Moria was extremely inefficient.copyright protection4PENANAXsSFTciHvk

Elrond, for his part, had considered such a venture blinded by his hatred of the Famnya invaders, but he thought better of it after seeing the faces of his warriors, all of them would follow him without hesitation, but his eyes showed the uncertainty of traveling the endless underground corridors, in the end Elrond had to recognize that such a journey would make a great dent in the morale of his warriors no matter how loyal they were.copyright protection4PENANAvbJXducdA9

.copyright protection4PENANAvLs9L3OODs

.copyright protection4PENANANAVFfORywn

Both the Funbol and Elrond forces decided to camp on a flat piece of land just east of the confluence of the Isen and Adorn rivers. This location was located to the southwest of Isengard and to the north-west end of the Ered Nimrais or White Mountains as they were also called.copyright protection4PENANAS1yCYM6bZG

Against all odds both Elrond and Funbol had joined a large army, thanks to Imrahil's measures regarding compulsory military service, however, the army was nervous due to the uncertainty of the moment.copyright protection4PENANAlvsNEeQs2t

“I can't believe that none of the dwarves are willing to give us their support!” Funbol roared as he furiously hit the surface of his table in his tent.copyright protection4PENANAVP4QvjFnRb

“The fact that Gimli is related to the late Master Balin makes his claim fair.... At least in the eyes of the other dwarf lords” Elrond hastened to say, so as not to make Funbol any angrier.copyright protection4PENANAKJdjmc6sn6

Elrond was in no way interested in the dwarves' disputes, however, seeing that Eriador's humans were unwilling to help him break the blockade on Rohan and Gondor, he decided to join forces with Funbol, who was the only dwarf lord willing to break the blockade.copyright protection4PENANA9IBCvgQmJS

“That doesn't explain the immobility of humans," Funbol complained grimly. “As in the previous war, every Eriador expects Rohan and Gondor to save his neck, without risking theirs. All humans are jerks!”copyright protection4PENANAQEIUveeaB5

“The king of Arnor has enough problems with the other regions of Eriador," said Elrond, who cursed the intense hailstorm that was falling at the time.”copyright protection4PENANAmmPzGbMME9

“Everybody's got problems! Before, the noldor elves brought disunity to their race. Before the war of thering, Lorien and Rivendell didn't get along well either, even now the various dwarf kingdoms are in opposition, but always the dwarves and the elves (although separated) have done the right thing in the end.”copyright protection4PENANASORuqnLgKu

“The old alliances have weakened, even among humans," Elron said, "it is a pity that humans are not strong enough to set aside their problems and join together in a common cause.”copyright protection4PENANA9A9RvE6JPH

“With regret we will not solve things, we must break the blockages that lead to humans.”copyright protection4PENANAPc4EMKQyxu

“Both blocks?” asked Elrond. “Remember that we are facing a massive army, we are already at a great disadvantage, not to mention the fact that we will not receive reinforcements from Eriador.”copyright protection4PENANAHpjzUJXF0H

“What do you suggest then, Elrond?”copyright protection4PENANAaaij1OY7xN

“Let's break the southern blockade, the Isen fjords can be a death trap for us, especially with Isengard and the Orthanc tower just to the north. With the Cloudy Mountains to the north and the White Mountains to the south, we won't have much mobility.”copyright protection4PENANAPmZT1MERkb

“The cat girls won't have it either.”copyright protection4PENANAm2BFCwpzbp

“But remember Funbol, unlike the enemy, your army doesn't ride war horses, only ponies and these are very few and slow. I can't fight the enemy and at the same time protect your flanks.”copyright protection4PENANAhmzAFBoDJW

“But I would like to claim Moria!”copyright protection4PENANArzjrtld7cx

“You can do it Master Funbol, once we get to Gondor, present your case to Aragorn.”copyright protection4PENANAjzAUfcqEMC

“He's a friend of Gimli's, his trial won't be fair.”copyright protection4PENANA34ZDEEf3iZ

“I will see to it that he is impartial," Elrond replied in a harsh voice. "Besides, you have Imrahil, he will not risk the unity of the alliance by ruling in favour of Gimli.”copyright protection4PENANA0Jyka1Fo9S

Funbol suspected that Elrond was using him to go to Gondor to meet his daughter and his relative in law, Galadriel, but he had to accept the elf's proposal, after all, his infantry, although powerful, could be easy prey for Urd's army of horsemen.copyright protection4PENANAVsrvnGIOlu

“All right, Elrond, as soon as I finish this damn hail, we'll go straight south. When the dwarves of the White Mountains and the Druwaith Iaur see an elf army marching towards the enemy supporting me, they will not want to be any less and in the end will join the march whether they like it or not, their honour will force them to do so.”copyright protection4PENANAqpyp2d4igm

.copyright protection4PENANAhh6PBhRgF0

.copyright protection4PENANA9BtB7QiPED

In Isengard, the entire Famnya army was preparing to leave the Isen Fjords, which at that time were being punished by a constant snowfall. The activity was frenetic and a multitude of post riders came and went from the Tower of Orthanc to the Isen Fjords.copyright protection4PENANAj52Sv45znm

“I want you to stay and take care of everything here in the White Tower and in the Isen Fjords, Sakurai” Urd was imposed on a surprised, light pink-haired elf boy.copyright protection4PENANAWED3uekmvZ

“Ehhhh! But Urd sama!...”copyright protection4PENANAnFBQgIGyxl

“It is time for you to learn about these things, don't worry, you will have several experienced captains to advise you.”copyright protection4PENANAbRqdJViPvG

“But Urd sama, these captains have more right than I to lead the camp while you, my lady, head for the abyss of Helm!”copyright protection4PENANAbrkOvP3Pbz

“You are right Sakurai, meritocracy is a strong institution in the empire, so you will only deal with logistics aspects while I am not present. In the event of a military emergency, such as an attempt to break this blockade, the captains will have the last word, in which case it will be your duty to give them all the help you can and to evaluate their performance.”copyright protection4PENANAPzeqpv963G

“Couldn't the whole army go to face Rohan?” Sakurai asked, still worried.copyright protection4PENANArfyRtiNM7i

“And risk being attacked from the rear?, so I'll go first to Helm's Deep, there are reports of a whole system of caverns that can hold an entire army, so I don't want any surprises while I attack Eomer in the Sarn Gebir. Don't worry, Gigi will stay with you.”copyright protection4PENANAsiKN7fDb5P

“Gigi?”                                                      copyright protection4PENANAKUoZlNvuTz

“And what did you expect?” Snorted Urd's black cat with mockery. “The elves of the Famnya Empire are now pacifists, you are the exception.”copyright protection4PENANAbkOJci2059

“In the lands of the empire, wars between the Elves shook the earth," Urd reminded them. “Not only among the Elves and the Dark Elves, but also among the Elves and the Semi-Elves, the killing was so great that now the Elves no longer fight, they only help the armies of logistics, the same happens with the dwarves of the empire, who after fighting their depraved cousins of chaos decided to abandon the art of war.”copyright protection4PENANAiys3lzjYLo

"It wasn't just the orcs and goblins who were our only enemies," Urd reminded them again. “Also the steppe barbarians, the barbarians of chaos, the ogres, the blood drinkers, the minotaurs, the reptilians, the tumultuous lords, the rat men and the dog men, and other enemies equally formidable and multitudinous. It took all the strength of the empire and its four armies to exterminate them all, and we had to intervene in the civil wars of the elves, dwarves and other races.”copyright protection4PENANAOvjcvFZ0aT

Urd stepped to the side of his tent where the polished skull of a dog-man was located and lifted it to the level of her eyes.copyright protection4PENANAAlep5rH7rM

“Do you know what the best thing in life is, Sakurai?”copyright protection4PENANAhKkJNGj7F4

“Ride on the steppes, with the wind whipping through your hair, an eagle on your right arm. Riding into the setting sun.”copyright protection4PENANAvtAPF5vF6F

“You're wrong! Tell me, Gigi, what's the best thing in life?” Urd asked the black cat who stopped grooming his right paw.copyright protection4PENANAyG0N56eNeF

“The best thing in life is to finish off your enemies, to see them annihilated at your feet and to hear the weeping of their wives.”copyright protection4PENANAAvpVedBxkh

“That's good, that's the right thing to do. Tell me Sakurai, why do you think I keep the skull of the king of dogs?”copyright protection4PENANACQKcFqia6o

“To remember the sacrifice made by our soldiers and the commitment to always remember the price of our difficult earned peace: eternal vigilance.”copyright protection4PENANAPF5QsbXGZb

“I am glad that you have studied the books of war, however, this answer is based on the book, it is only for didactic purposes. For me it has a very different meaning.”copyright protection4PENANAmzGMuVZ6tj

Urd observed the skull backlit and a manic gesture drew her face as her pupils and irises contracted to their maximum.copyright protection4PENANAn598hPzA0F

“In those dark times when I was just a child, a simple captain of General Natsuki..... You can't imagine it, Sakurai, we fought all the enemies he mentioned earlier in hellish battles, all of us knowing that we were fighting a lost war beforehand. But it was just that feeling that motivated us to fight madly to sell our lives, we fought to the waist immersed in pools of blood, and our breasts and arms covered with the still warm and throbbing entrails of our enemies or ourselves. I do not keep my skull to remember the horror, but to immerse myself in the madness of pleasure that comes from the memory of that nightmare.”copyright protection4PENANAZQk4GMgEtf

Sakurai put on a face of fear as he swallowed saliva.copyright protection4PENANAPPPwBksBqW

“You wouldn't understand it Sakurai, the pleasure of death and blood are much more orgasmic than any experience you could enjoy. But that is also my downfall, I and the rest of the warriors of my generation will never be able to enjoy peace or bring it into the world.”copyright protection4PENANAUO14XjUwUU

“Then, then why is my lady fighting!”copyright protection4PENANAbTKvXrie5L

“ I fight in the vain hope that neither you nor my beloved Chaika will fight again. I fight, I kill and I die so that she will discover that there is more to life than the simple choice of winning or dying.”copyright protection4PENANAuVBjsdEUO4

“Go in peace, Urd," said Gigi after a deep silence in the tent.copyright protection4PENANARJTTOQcIn7

.copyright protection4PENANADy0n4YOmcU

.copyright protection4PENANA8GPJ0iXEdM

In Minas Tirith, the violent storm was accompanied by discussions that Imrahil had with the remaining members of the ring community.copyright protection4PENANAJ4wDXkta3Q

“As king of Gondor, I must go to Éomer to fight beside him!”copyright protection4PENANAhGph4tfTQr

“Forget it, my king, your duty is to remain in the white city and to guarantee from the rear that the knights of Dol Amroth and Edhellond remain on the east side of the Pinnath Gelin, to prevent the Famnya army from marching unpunished towards the capital! “copyright protection4PENANANY8DI9VGN8

“But most of the knights of Edhellond and your city will march to Éomer!” Legolas criticised him with a reproving gesture.copyright protection4PENANAsxdYaajEkm

“Listen to me Legolas," Imrahil explained, gathering together the little patience he had left, "unlike Rohan, our army doesn't have much cavalry. The knights of Edhellond and Dol Amroth form an excellent light cavalry that will reinforce the heavy cavalry of Eomer. The few knights who will remain to the east of the green hills of Gondor are the indispensable minimum to make the enemy believe that we have a force of consideration, a force that in reality we do not have. This is why the infantry of Ethring, Calembel and Lamedon will cover the spaces left by the missing knights.”copyright protection4PENANAvB2UT6o8Ze

“To the west of the enemy are the dwarf kingdoms of the south!” Gimli shouted angrily, “Let me go and fight with my own people!”copyright protection4PENANAANdIrWSmCF

“What a fight you're talking about if neither the dwarves of the White Mountains nor the Druwaith Iaur dare to break the blockade!” Imrahil replied.  “That's why I made Funbol believe that you claimed Moria for yourself. With this stratagem I will force Funbol to break the blockade or at least try to break it, anyway, his attempt will prevent the army of cat girls in the Pinnath Gelin from trying to advance towards Minas Tirith.”copyright protection4PENANAv5dI3nTn1d

“You dare to call that a stratagem! Both dwarves and elves are dying north of the Anduin in your farce," said Legolas. “And what for! When Funbol comes, you'll tell him it was all a plan to get him to break the blockade. Do you think the dwarves and elves will be happy after fighting and dying north of the cloudy mountains and Mirkwood Forest?”copyright protection4PENANAJwPMrITPQT

“Enough, I don't have to listen to the reproaches of an elf prince who preferred to abdicate his father's throne in a mere act of childish defiance towards his late father.”copyright protection4PENANA4rGha7e2uQ

Legolas was furious and Gimli took his hand to the belt where his axe was secured.copyright protection4PENANAI0WVJ0jCnk

“Please gentlemen!” Arwen intervened, "these discussions will get us nowhere. Remember that we chose Imrahil as Dictator so that his decisions will lead us to a good end to this war. You, my husband, should remember that too.”copyright protection4PENANAP6RETinM8d

“Thank you, my lady," said Imrahil after sighing to get rid of the frustration. “Gimli, Legolas, I know you want to go and fight the enemy, but I can't afford you. There is much at stake and I cannot dictate the course of the future, your presence at Minas Tirith is vital if Funbol decides not to break the enemy's blockade at the last minute.”copyright protection4PENANAFcEmuPuIRZ

Aragorn and his two friends both frowned and admitted defeat, while Arwen gave an imperceptible sigh of relief, Gandalf nevertheless rose from his seat and put on his hat.copyright protection4PENANAzzZvuIvNlS

“Since everything is decided, I will go to Eriador, I would like to arrive in the Shire as soon as possible.”copyright protection4PENANA8aZ0PSjcFr

“Are you afraid that the enemy will return to Eriador and try something against our hobbit friends?” Arwen asked.copyright protection4PENANAqlE5H8UcQL

“It is the humans of Eriador I care most about," said Gandalf with a grim gesture on his face. “The secessionist activities that the king of Arnor has to face are not a coincidence, if Imrahil succeeds in his plan, I fear that the former spies of Saruman and Sauron will try to kidnap our saviors and then force us to give way to the enemy or at least slow down our decisions and cloud our judgment.”copyright protection4PENANAbplbUQUpEf

“What could you do, Gandalf, now that you've lost all the magic of your ring?” wanted to know Aragorn, who was worried about the fate of the old istari.copyright protection4PENANAiNphNfa6sP

“You know better than anyone Aragorn," said the magician with a warm smile, "I will show you the best magic of all: my advice.”copyright protection4PENANAyTbcYTkT5b

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection4PENANAFhA1svRmVv

Author's final notes: Urd's question to Sakurai, and Gigi's answer was taken from a scene from the film "Conan the Barbarian" with Arnold Schwarzenegger and curiously enough this scene is based on a phrase attributed to Genghis Khan.copyright protection4PENANABdi1v6hGdJ

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