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Writer Capt. leon
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The twilight harangues
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
13 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!u5U3Hct5iyGUAOvsn8O1posted on PENANA

THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection2PENANABmGcFvQS4p

Capítulo 34: The twilight haranguescopyright protection2PENANA7zu1Dce6iw

Under a starry sky and inside her general command tent, Urd frowned at the report of both the white wolves and their temporary horsemen, and the report of the air units. Things were complicated at best.copyright protection2PENANAEZrfOWIb5w

"The whole slope of the San Gebir is full of traps," Urd thought displeased. "It will take us a long time to dismantle them all. Besides, the damn human fortress consists of a triple defensive wall."copyright protection2PENANAdGTTTzoJrt

Urd dispatched her scouts after completing their reports and then assessed their plight.copyright protection2PENANA9y2EAFROM9

"The appearances are deceiving, even if they are wooden palisades, they form an impressive obstacle. Each of the entrances is not located in a convex area of the palisade, but in concave areas, deep inside the palisade, we must cross some corridors that will leave us exposed to enemy fire."copyright protection2PENANAlq9MGXIo9O

"I don't have enough infantry to bring down or storm the three palisades, in the end it was a mistake not to mobilize the logistics army for this battle as well. Even if I call them, it will take them a long time to get from Mordor to this place.... There is no other way, I will have to fight with the few siege forces at my disposal at this time."copyright protection2PENANAVmuOfonE8P

Urd sent for the cats again and they confirmed that the weather would be good tomorrow.copyright protection2PENANA7hoaWZQNOC

"Good news," Urd said to herself. "Our riders will have no problem climbing the numerous slopes that lead to the first palisade. What worries me is the traps that the enemy built to slow our advance, those hidden pits with spikes are not a problem for an advance of a few riders, but they are very effective in creating crowds and rides at a snail's pace for larger numbers."copyright protection2PENANAX936VJ4E8d

Urd ordered a good number of the few infantry units she counted to neutralize these dangerous obstacles as soon as possible, as her army would attack at the first light of dawn.copyright protection2PENANAs3zXSPlguu

She also ordered the construction of several towers that would advance toward the palisade, as well as informed all air units about the battle plan.copyright protection2PENANA5BMuLItBwh

Urd's infantry advanced diligently to dismantle all the traps and then prepared the ground so that their mistress's cavalry would have no trouble riding full speed ahead.copyright protection2PENANAdtqhAm0E19

“We've removed all the poisoned tines!” shouted one of the soldiers to inform his commander.copyright protection2PENANAStcsr4iNkM

“You heard the man, cover that trap with soil and don't forget to tamp that area hard so that the ground is compact for the arrival of the cavalry!” the speaker commanded.copyright protection2PENANAhqn4U9MoKi

.copyright protection2PENANAFYM6fmsg1t

.copyright protection2PENANApTXCmoHEc2

Imrahil was told about the advance of several enemy troops and their work to neutralize the traps and obstacles he had ordered to erect for the battle.copyright protection2PENANAqtsOynXkLI

“Look, my lord!” Anborn, one of Faramir's men, who was the one who captured Gollum when they took Frodo and Sam prisoner in the empty pond, told him, “The enemy is moving up and down the slope and gathering around the traps we set up.”copyright protection2PENANADqGqwWNZdO

“I see that Urd leaves nothing to chance," said Imrahil, “once he reached the outer palisade and saw with his own eyes the enemy's work.”copyright protection2PENANAsDIqf4PWJ1

“Imrahil, we must send the cavalry to stop the enemy, before they eliminate all the traps," suggested Angbor, a feudal lord and one of the high commanders in the fort, who during the ring war was tasked with stopping the black corsairs.copyright protection2PENANAY9vrX3PVoA

“And for the enemy to send a counterattack with cavalry? I don't think so, Angbor.”copyright protection2PENANAD21ksygfxu

“Please Imrahil, send me and my cavalry, you know very well that my knights and I have no fear of the enemy, however terrible it may be!”copyright protection2PENANA407NqnSgkB

“I know very well about your Angbor courage, when King Aragorn arrived with the spectral host instead of the arrival of the black corsairs, it was only you and your men who did not flee in panic, even though you did not know that the wraith were coming to our aid. However, trust my judgment, Angbor.”copyright protection2PENANAhjLMLJQAEe

“My lord," said a soldier who was coming at that very moment.copyright protection2PENANAahhcCKKS0h

“What's your report, Damrod?”copyright protection2PENANAn4ivSJSKZd

“My lord, the enemy is erecting several mobile towers," Damrod, who was one of the harassers and elite scouts named a by the late Seneschal Denethor, told him.copyright protection2PENANAmhx73iRUSw

“Assault towers?” Imrahil asked.copyright protection2PENANA93NqfqaZia

“No my lord, the structures are not covered by any material on the outside, they have a pattern as if they were a spiral staircase.”copyright protection2PENANAhGfAb7j4Si

“That's an inefficient staircase, if you want to cross the palisade," said Dervorin, another feudal lord and lord of the Ringló valley.copyright protection2PENANAhezPmD7ey0

This time Imrahil frowned, as he had no idea of the exact function of the strange towers.copyright protection2PENANAKH3y8jYijg

“I don't see how these strange mobile steps can help Urd get to the battlements, but we can't be overconfident. Duinhir, I hope you and your magnificent archers will take care of the enemy's mobile towers.”copyright protection2PENANAtBXJb8RucJ

“Yes my lord Imrahil, my archers with my two sons Duilin and Derufin, we promise you that no cat girl will reach the battlements.”copyright protection2PENANANuYnjl1rzz

Imrahil gave him a smile of confidence, after all Duinhir "the Tall", and his archers, known as the best archers of Gondor, were the best before the arrival of his steppe allies. Now their lethality had surpassed that of the steppe allies, since they had the new long elf-shaped arches.copyright protection2PENANArjgvRpOPH8

“Listen," interrupted Galdor, the elf sent by his lord Círdan when the council of Elrond was held, when the matter of the destruction of Sauron's ring was discussed.copyright protection2PENANA6bJ3UUbMpo

Imrahil and the other feudal lords sharpened their ears and heard melodious and gentle tunes made from instruments unknown to them from the enemy camp.copyright protection2PENANAvcTuAdPBEo

Not only were they sad and beautiful melodies, but there were also privileged voices that, even though they expressed themselves in the incomprehensible language of their race, nevertheless showed feelings of joy, sorrow, pain, effort and even love.copyright protection2PENANAa6HrBzQqoy

Galdor, who volunteered to fight Urd for this battle after what happened to Lorien's elves, was very moved.copyright protection2PENANAyuKhyFcJrC

“Can you understand what they are singing Galdor?” asked Inglod, who was the captain of the seven gates of Gondor and who, together with other noble and emblematic warriors of Gondor, volunteered to fight at the San Gebir.copyright protection2PENANA8XP1rpfg0T

“Only some parts, the enemy uses few words in elf, and even in dwarf. What touches me is the feeling with which they sing... Their feelings reach deep within me.”copyright protection2PENANAFbZnDBWu1k

“You mustn't get confused, Galdor," Glorfindel said, "even though a nodor sword has a beautiful and delicate design, in the end its function is to kill the enemy, soon the songs will stop and there will be more shouts of cry for our blood.”copyright protection2PENANA2zPNRns47T

All present including Imrahil bowed their heads before the tall elf, who in former ages was the captain of the kingdom of Gondolin, and although he and his kingdom perished, then the same valar resurrected him so that in later ages he would face the same warlock king of Angmar and then rescue Frodo near Rivendell.copyright protection2PENANAGgQviiVxzW

“I don't know, my lord Glorfindel," said Galdor with tears in his eyes. “Isn't there anything we can do to stop all this madness?”copyright protection2PENANAqe7qBL1yf2

“I have asked myself the same question in the course of the ages, and in the end I have not found any answer.”copyright protection2PENANATiCJ5u6xze

Imrahil watched the tall elf wearing armor in the colors of silver and firmament on a sunny day. On his chest and covering what would become his heart, there was a rose made of gold, symbol of his old house and of which he was the lord, there in the first age, when the world was so young.copyright protection2PENANArguiMMAHj9

"The valar resurrected Gandalf," Imrahil thought seriously. "They resurrected him with the mission of helping Frodo to destroy the ring, without the advice of the istari, our reduced forces in Gondor would never have marched to the black gate, thus helping our savior to fulfill his mission. I have a feeling the mission Glorfindel was given will come tomorrow... There's so much at stake!"copyright protection2PENANADKoLaZwcyL

.copyright protection2PENANAfr3Sa9mhGW

.copyright protection2PENANAv8d0qZN1H7

At Camp Famnya, after finishing the final details, Urd watched with pleasure as her troops were distracted by the work of the rest commissars. Though the melodious chants moved the cat girls, they would be ready for battle, even if it was fought at this very moment.copyright protection2PENANAblRz62zDe7

"A katana rests gently on its altar, but it is always ready to cut the leaves that fall with the wind," Urd reflected, listening to the songs and the melodious sound of the native instruments of the empire, in which the sound of a sweet flute stood out, gently closing the eyes of the cat girls and at the same time touching the hearts of the enemies in the san Gebir, Glorfindel included.copyright protection2PENANAptytlJCI0j

Urd scratched the nape of her neck in an inelegant manner and addressed the soldier playing the flute with the skill of an accomplished master.copyright protection2PENANAFwrSwSRjTz

“I see you've improved with the flute, Sakurai.”copyright protection2PENANAr4UiD1kcEz

The elf boy cut the tune of the flute with a very sharp note and saw his lady again with exorbitant eyes of fear.copyright protection2PENANAj33SwoB97C

The sound of a slap interrupted the chanting and the music present.copyright protection2PENANAsM8TFFLxZF

Sakurai trembled as he placed his hand on his bruised cheek and looked up to apologize to his mistress for coming to the camp, yet Urd interrupted him by hugging him.copyright protection2PENANA6qK0In13AG

“Stupid boy, I told you to stay in Isengard, don't you see I didn't want you to risk your life in this battle?”copyright protection2PENANADUKGNh4pqc

“But, but... Urd sama, you told me that you had no hope of living in peace in your life," Sakurai said, as he wept. “I... I...  also want to fight so that neither Chaika sama nor Urd sama will ever have to fight again!”copyright protection2PENANA1SZaMEPybP

“You must not weep, if you were willing to disobey my orders and come to fight, you should be willing to temper the sword of your heart. If you continue to cry, the cats will surely mock you.”copyright protection2PENANAdifXjYll2V

“Forgive me Urd sama, I could not stay in Isengard.”copyright protection2PENANA1FQLlD3q2t

“At least you didn't run into Rhun's scout riders, though if you had, Gigi would surely have helped you, wouldn't you, Gigi?”copyright protection2PENANAC4lBe7g3Fs

Urd's black cat came out of the shadows slowly and staring nervously at the sides, as he nervously wagged his tail from side to side.copyright protection2PENANATTK8R37co9

“I know cats do whatever they want," she said, "but this is the last straw.”copyright protection2PENANA8qOZc9CfAF

Both Gigi and Sakurai wanted to apologize but Urd told them to shut up.copyright protection2PENANAIcJ4OXc41S

“I can't order you back to Isengard, but I can't reward your lack of character either, so you must stay in the camp and take care of my personal tent. I will not accept any reply.”copyright protection2PENANAwULh3DlaPK

Both the cat and the elf boy nodded in defeat and headed for Urd's tent.copyright protection2PENANAjYa8XnizCS

“The twilight is beginning to appear, one way or another, it will all be over soon.”copyright protection2PENANAfl5YpTWCYY

Several cats carrying out the exploration work on the margins of the camp and on the slopes of the San Gebir returned at that time. They all wore huge bells on their necks or tails, to alert in case they were the target of the enemy's sneak shot, they also wore several ribbons of different and bright pastel colors, these did not have a practical work in themselves, they only served as ornaments that consented to their feline vanity.copyright protection2PENANAuvSgMWT76J

Urd ordered the voice-overs to communicate to all her army to prepare for battle.copyright protection2PENANARqH2yEpQe2

.copyright protection2PENANAJtoOsNIpqG

.copyright protection2PENANAnUbfbYb46i

The cold preceding the dawn as well as the dew were the Gentile heralds for what would be a day full of blood, death and violence.copyright protection2PENANANYIu0g9q7o

“It is time," Imrahil told the feudal lords of Gondor and King Eomer, who had just married Princess Lothiriel. “You know what you all have to do, communicate my orders again to our allies in Rhun, Khan and Harad, as well as to our steppe allies.”copyright protection2PENANAtRRRGkFoJ5

Several of Gondor and Rohan's soldiers were ready to carry out their lords command, while others were on their way to announce to the civilian population that the battle would begin at any moment.copyright protection2PENANA560hmbfyfl

Despite the deployment and movement of troops, there was not much noise of armor crashing, because the soldiers and knights were very well prepared and knew where they were to move without disturbing each other. The enemy's invasion and discipline had echoed through the human defenders.copyright protection2PENANAQ3kyxlPHLX

"Minas Tirith and Edoras, had to give all the new weapons and armor to the men of San Gebir for this battle, Gondor was left unprotected due to the blockade of the enemy, we must make the most of the new weapons and armor of our allies, we must not allow the sacrifice of the noble elves of Lorien to be in vain," thought Imrahil, as he raised a prayer to the valar.copyright protection2PENANA5fPX6vhLT1

.copyright protection2PENANAQZ7Qgu2v2h

.copyright protection2PENANARSkbrSwhzi

At Camp Famnya, the entire movement of troops was ordered as usual and the cat girls waited for their mistress to arrive on her black mare, but the sight they saw of her left them with blood frozen in their veins.copyright protection2PENANAfEx4CEzTpt

Urd did not ride his black mare, instead of this one, he rode a tall, snow-white horse, while the giant, muscular cat girl was dressed not in her characteristic armor of crimson lacquered plates, but rather a simple, long white cloth that covered her entire body, including her face. Urd wore all white, the color of snow in the cold, harsh winters, the color that unlike the culture of western men, in the Famnya Empire symbolized only one thing: the color of death.copyright protection2PENANAVgs37Ix9eA

On her forehead, Urd wore a huge gold star carved not with much care and her shoulder pads were covered with silver that sparkled a cold and cruel glow. Urd's horse was adorned only with a golden horn that resembled a unicorn.copyright protection2PENANAr6tMhUEOce

Imrahil, who had elf blood in his veins and therefore enjoyed the excellent sight of the elves, looked at Urd, which stood out from the rest of the army, and despite not understanding the symbolism of Urd's attire, could not prevent a cold shiver from running down his entire back. Despite this, he stood firm and stood up to his men and various allies.copyright protection2PENANA7rTFvvj5pJ

“Gathered under the sky in the sight of the gods, once again we men are preparing to fight," said Imrahil to his men. “But this time we do not face the shadow of morgoth or his lackey Sauron, who in past eras forced us into a fratricidal confrontation between brothers. Today, at dawn, we all face together, the whole race of men, an enemy from the far east who came with the sole purpose of exterminating the race of men. The war of the ring and those that preceded it also announced such a severe threat, however, now men, regardless of their origin or previous alliances, recognize the value of union in the face of a just cause, recognize that it is not proper to shed blood in vain and unjust confrontations for the benefit of a lord who only desires the perdition of our race. They recognize at last, that we must fight under the banner of humanity and most importantly, they recognize that we must fight together for our homes and loved ones. Therefore, my brothers, let us raise our swords and shout in unison: victory!”copyright protection2PENANAzkZ2n6LUgZ

All the men of the San Gebir shouted out Imrahil's harangue and were ready for the decisive battle.copyright protection2PENANAuH5XtnS8c4

This time it was Urd who stepped forward with her horse.copyright protection2PENANAmkwg02Lj8a

“Expelled by the men of numenor," said Urd. “Fleeing from slavery and unworthiness, we came to the end of the world, a place that was broken by the horror of the omnipresent chaos. With courage, we fought countless horrors and managed to make a land without a past offer itself to guarantee our future. The enemy in front of us is confused if it thinks we have come this far for the sole purpose of making war. Future generations may judge us harshly on our hardness of heart, yet I assure you that it is the force of arms and the threat of coercion that in these present times ensure peace. It will be up to future generations to find different ways to achieve the desired peace, but here and now, we must not forget the immeasurable suffering and sorrow that our ancestors suffered and that our enemies or their descendants will surely want to inflict on us again. Keep in mind that despite the distance from the empire, we not only fight forthe mikado in the capital, we also fight for our home and for all those we love, we fight to protect our warm homes and the smiles of our families... We fight to keep sadness away from their hearts, with our own hands.”copyright protection2PENANA2Hu2KS8vNp

“Damn beasts!”copyright protection2PENANAvh6BfAZ8Ic

“Freedom!”copyright protection2PENANAd5wJlwM7QU

“For dignity!”copyright protection2PENANAiTCNVmF3Ss

The cat girls shouted as thick tears streamed down their cheeks, as Urd drew her terrible nodachi: the Masamune, the "soul slicer".copyright protection2PENANAtnKzY0aY8T

“For the valar," Imrahil whispered, listening to the enemy's voices of intense hatred and resentment.copyright protection2PENANAamYG5kdRs3

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection2PENANAMKWoxSKdWD

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