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Writer Capt. leon
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Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
13 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!2Ulm5epr1r0n1c4RN2Arposted on PENANA

THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection3PENANAw0mYYUMrzj

Capítulo 35: Attack!copyright protection3PENANA0CdlYjzoKA

The sun still did not come out, still covered by the horizon, however, already the clarity of the early dawn was taken advantage of by the army of cat girls to mobilize.copyright protection3PENANAPLYRY2IL4j

Imrahil saw to his disappointment that Urd had not sent all her forces to attack the entire outer palisade at once, instead, rows of archer horsemen were heading in cautious numbers leading the attack vanguard.copyright protection3PENANAcBkyzjtmL2

Imrahil looked up to the sky and was pleased to see the high eagles and winged shadows of Minas Ithil flying high above his camp. Their number was respectable but even so, they were not all the air units he had since he ordered that half of them stay in Minas Ithil in the event of any eventuality, not that the vast Famnya army stationed in Mordor, decided to attack Faramir, in what would be a coordinated attack on two fronts.copyright protection3PENANAFLET6DcG1X

“Shoot!” The archers of the palisade were ordered and killed several Famnya riders, who fell to the ground as their armor was penetrated by the lethality of the long arches.copyright protection3PENANAhRJfJHissn

The riders tried to back off as they turned their torsos and fired their compound bows, displaying their technique of “parto” shoot, however, their advanced bows had the disadvantage that they were not very effective at executing high shots.copyright protection3PENANAMFY7eyqHVb

"Only in massive discharges do our arrows pierce armor, they are lethal in high shots," thought the archer riders.copyright protection3PENANAKBWpu33HK5

The compound arches had a greater range than the old arches used by humans, however, the new long arches, in addition to piercing armor, if thrown into the sky, described a parable that went beyond the range of the compound arch.copyright protection3PENANAF2WoiG5A9y

“What are you doing?” said one of the human archers. “Why don't they attack seriously?”copyright protection3PENANAYVeX2tvsar

“They're probing our long-range defenses," his wingman replied, "what a terrible enemy.”copyright protection3PENANAEV2BkwEnep

"Humans are terrible," thought a cat girl, who was one of the few warriors fit to serve in the heavy infantry at the time. "If we approach in mass, the humans will realize us, we cannot move forward or backward quickly, our armor cannot stop the enemy arrows."copyright protection3PENANAtTrpiK6okf

Several rows of archer riders tested the lethality and reach of the new arches throughout the fortress. The most brave riders approached the palisade and they were killed under a deadly barrage of dwarf-made crossbows.copyright protection3PENANAWjabgdELGP

“There's nowhere to cover ourselves!” exclaimed the riders, frustrated by the external palisade, which was not curved, but rather straight and with different convex and concave angles.copyright protection3PENANAdkKfV4LAs0

"Now I understand the reason for this strange symmetry in the palisade," Urd reflected, after seeing how the riders she sent were performing. "Well, now we know the maximum range of their arcs, we can work from there."copyright protection3PENANA0VUslccsAx

Urd ordered her troops to tie up various twigs and straws north of the Onodló River Delta or Entwash as it was also called. Once this was done, all these huge "shields" were tied to the side of the horses and the riders began their "assault" on the stockade.copyright protection3PENANAHxQSI66nSM

“Look, the enemy is approaching us," said Derufin, as he prepared his bow, just like the other men of the battlements.copyright protection3PENANAc57Wk316Eu

“It's strange, they're carrying what appears to be a mass of hay, twigs and other things that covers saddle and riders, I don't think that can stop our arrows, do you?” questioned Duilin, Derufin's older brother.copyright protection3PENANA6Eq17MdjeO

This time the riders who approached the palisade were more numerous and all the human defenders fired arrow after arrow in high shots to have a greater range thanks to their parabolic effect.copyright protection3PENANAQWlHP4NVrF

“Come on humans," Urd said, smiling sideways, "I bet you have a vast number of arrows inside your fortress. I don't need any more arrows, but give me the ones you've got anyway.”copyright protection3PENANAIDLPA5TBcx

It seemed incredible but the deadly arrows pierced armor, though they could pass through the thick bundle of branches, hay, straw and wet mud, they could not continue beyond.copyright protection3PENANA6icwjjixCx

“It works, only the tip of the arrows goes through the dough!” shouted a cat girl to her male companion behind her.copyright protection3PENANAlttHaiLYdc

The unloading continued and the skillful Famnya riders who on the side exposed to the enemy resembled porcupines because of the enemy arrows, advanced their mounts sideways giving the opportunity for other units, this time on foot, to throw hooks at the palisade and then proceeded to pull on the thick ropes that held the hooks.copyright protection3PENANAEWQpLquE2G

“They're trying to tear down the palisade!” shouted Duinhir, the lord of all archers. “Duilin, Derufin! Order your men to fire arrows!”copyright protection3PENANAc8ZoFjIXRl

The archers did so and soon all the strange shields caught fire, but to the horror of the humans it soon went out, to release a dense smoke.copyright protection3PENANAvcPYT0hFYu

Inglod swallowed spittle at the sight of the dense smoke, he did not know it, but the wet mud of the "shields" quenched the fire and gave off a column of smoke, which, when joined to the smoke of his sisters, produced a whole curtain impenetrable to the eyes of the archers.copyright protection3PENANARCrI1c9wRb

“The time had come," said Inglod and went to open one of the entrances with other men.copyright protection3PENANAd4kdt0xbYo

This time the Famnya riders approached the palisade and threw the source of the continuous smoke at the base of the palisade, while other riders brought more burning straws to the base of the entire structure.copyright protection3PENANAxtBmrvmIak

On Urd's orders, several foot soldiers joined their comrades in the effort to tear down the outer palisade now that it was being covered by smoke.copyright protection3PENANAd2XELZRUvJ

The humans tried to cut the ropes but the cat girls fired their famous arrows that produced whistles, so they were guided in their shots by making their arrows indicate whether they had passed them by, hit the target, or had only crashed into the battlements.copyright protection3PENANA6JNrXgrusp

It seemed that the entire palisade was about to fall when suddenly the sound of several horse hooves crashing to the ground was heard.copyright protection3PENANATZSvmk0I3b

“Forward, riders of Gondor and Rohan!” shouted Widfara, Rohan's messenger rider, who led the light cavalry against the Famnya infantry.copyright protection3PENANA3ge0VZZNTv

It was difficult for the knights to aim while riding, but this time they carried the dwarf crossbows, which ensured effective aim.copyright protection3PENANAwZfkrcBSH3

“We only have one shot, we must take advantage of it!” one of the men shouted, knowing that it would be impossible to carry the crossbow later, at least while they were on their horses.copyright protection3PENANAhB3a7pu88x

The Famnya infantry retreated in the face of Widfara's assault, first at his accurate firing, then at the burden of horses and knights wielding the deadly damask swords. Unfortunately Widfara fell inert before several Famnya arrows fired by the approaching enemy cavalry.copyright protection3PENANAjbOxcKwcxq

Seeing their leader shot down, the riders of Rohan and Gondor retreated in full swing, lest the deadly compound arc riders cut off their retreat.copyright protection3PENANAH4qXoRaZJS

Many Famnya riders approached their enemies, but in that they were intercepted by Angbor's heavy cavalry, which was clad in the new Gothic armor, which was impenetrable to the arrows of the cat girls.copyright protection3PENANA31t6bAwGJE

The feline cavalry with its low, chubby mares was finally crushed by Angbor's charge, whose knights mounted huge, thick-footed, imposingly high shock horses, and the knights carried the terrible, massive, covered-handled spears. The famnyas didn't stand a chance.copyright protection3PENANAd2P1A2M7ej

Seeing that human armor could not be penetrated by their arrows, the cat girls aimed at the horses, however, Imrahil foresaw this and ordered the heavy cavalry horses to wear arrowproof armor as well.copyright protection3PENANAyVnYTMQ3MA

The cat girls were massacred, but as Imrahil had previously ordered, Angbor ordered the withdrawal of his forces, lest the rescuers needed to be rescued next.copyright protection3PENANAVPBpWN0ttJ

A bulk of the Famnya cavalry approached the humans, these enemies carried the long broad-leaved spears that had at one end a thick, red strand of thread at the base of the sharp blade, which was not for decorative purposes, but practical, since the red strands were intended to absorb the blood of their opponent, making the blood not run the length of the whole handle and was difficult for its bearers to hold, in short, a weapon designed for long-lasting combat in the midst of hellish battles.copyright protection3PENANA7HMXJmZvud

The human cavalry retreated at full speed, but their enormous horses could not compete against the speed of the low steppe mares, that and added to the fact that both horses and riders wore thick armor, made their flight much slower.copyright protection3PENANAO29c03ZR6L

"Hell, we're not gonna make it!" Angbor thought furiously and was tempted to turn around and attack to his persecutors, but at that moment, as Imrahil promised, help came to him.copyright protection3PENANAr2B3ryQs1k

Several light cavalries came to the aid of Gondor's men. It was the knights of Edhellond and Dol Amroth, who cut off the enemy's pursuit and then with their own mastery of the surrounding terrain, fled to the safety of the palisade.copyright protection3PENANAb91X7Kk7fO

“We did it!”  celebrated Beletor, the old messenger of Gondor, when he saw how all the cavalries had tricked the enemy and returned safe and sound.copyright protection3PENANAl4QvhRygIF

Several men shared in Beletor's celebration, but Éomer saw that the Famnya, far from being deterred, continued their attack on the fortress, this time using incendiary shells.copyright protection3PENANA29HEc9c3Be

“I see the enemy is finally using its siege machines," said Éomer. “What do you expect Imrahil, order my light or heavy cavalry to destroy those things.”copyright protection3PENANAnMopKv94Cp

“Don't rush, Éomer, and if you look closely, their siege machines are not monstrous like Sauron's, they are rather portable, after all, they only use a couple of posts and tied guts, which use the twisting or stretching effect. If we destroy those things, they will only assemble many more and we will lose more and more knights.”copyright protection3PENANASYtJtLA11j

“What can we do then?” Éomer asked, "At this rate, they will tear down the outer palisade.”copyright protection3PENANAG4tnIGwVJ8

“Trust me Éomer, it is not yet time to send the cavalry or the infantry. What we'll do is we'll use our allies the high eagles.”copyright protection3PENANA97UxwF3GJG

“It is true, their speed and that of the winged shadows of Faramir will help to destroy the projectile spears.”copyright protection3PENANA6CEAl7lW8n

“We will only use the high eagles, the enemy has a superb aim. The Winged shadows of Faramir are not so agile as to avoid being reached, we will use them in another way.”copyright protection3PENANAgPrJcapJ59

After receiving the prince's instructions, the high eagles plummeted down at a dizzying rate and destroyed the enemy's incendiary projectiles one by one.copyright protection3PENANASfgNNNsQuc

“My lady!” said a cat-boy captain to Urd, "the giant eagles destroy the projectile spears, our archers cannot shoot them down. Shall we send our air forces to attack the eagles?”copyright protection3PENANAwBObbaix7r

“No, I have other plans for our air forces, let the eagles continue their attack, but observe their attack patterns and after learning these, command the spiral stairs," Urd ordered and the captain understood perfectly.copyright protection3PENANAUngm7twxdC

The human defenders were pleased, machine after machine of siege were destroyed by the high eagles and only one of their noble allies was shot down by the accurate Famnya shots. In that, the strange siege machines that resembled spiral staircases appeared, while at the same time more projectile throwing machines also gathered in large numbers, all of them very close to the strange and high mobile spiral staircases.copyright protection3PENANAG5RXSELlvf

The high eagles resumed the attack, but this time the result was very different.copyright protection3PENANAx2Qld2wvzE

The very high towers, which were not covered by any wall, housed three famnyas in each of their staircases. Sitting on each grandstand and looking outside the structure was a cat girl with the famous and small repeating crossbows, behind them were the archers with the fearsome compound arches and behind them were soldiers whose only purpose was to serve as a human chain to transport arrows either for the archers or crossbowmen.copyright protection3PENANAWt1dQ9GnGT

The attack was disastrous, killing several eagles, but the worst was the fall of their leaders Gwaihir and Meneldor.copyright protection3PENANAZnZRkSw5d1

The mobile snail towers were essentially fragile structures, but they had a vision, defense and attack coverage of 365 degrees, not only horizontally, but also vertically, allowing the defenders located in the tower to fire either down, in front or even up to cover all the flanks.copyright protection3PENANAlK4c6heCNO

“Shoot!” An order was heard from the cat girls' side and they fired massive incendiary charges at the palisade, which were embedded in the thick wooden fenders.copyright protection3PENANAgKhiX8sEv8

“There's nothing to do, let's go back to the second palisade!” Imrahil commanded all his captains who transmitted his lord's orders. Make as much noise as you can!copyright protection3PENANAyvvxmQpSWC

Imrahil hoped that Urd would send all of his forces in pursuit, but Urd did not take the bait.copyright protection3PENANAUhnYutgI63

“Shall we not pursue them, my lady?” One of her captains asked her.copyright protection3PENANAxmNPFLX7ps

“And have the humans send their heavy cavalry to intercept us?” Urd replied, as she watched the outer palisade go up in flames. “We run the risk of not being able to turn back a circle of fire behind us first of all, and if we manage to maneuver through the terrain, the light cavalry of the humans could cut off our retreat, there between the anvil and the hammer we would be safely shot down.”copyright protection3PENANAgXXMvkCVdy

“I understand my lady, forgive my ignorance” the cat girl apologized.copyright protection3PENANAx7QV6kon3u

“Let the palisade be reduced to rubble, don't put out the fire and gather up all the still smoking ash," Urd ordered as she looked past the black smoke curtain trying to see Imrahil, who was doing the same from the second palisade.copyright protection3PENANArARepw0mEq

"Damn you, Urd, you didn't fall into the trap I had set for you," thought the prince.copyright protection3PENANAPVnNHT7kOk

"Damn Imrahil, you're as cunning as a fox and as crafty as a mongoose. The battle will be decided depending on which commander will trap his opponent," Urd thought with heeer gaze fixed on the dense smoke rising into the sky. "I have to be very careful, I'm on your pitch, despite my superior numbers I can't afford to play at your pace."copyright protection3PENANATmsJhz4GW7

“Send the air force to harass what's left of the giant eagles and the flying mounts from Minas Ithil," Urd instructed, "I want even every cat that can fly to join in the harassment. Your mission is not to engage the enemy in battle, only to distract them.”copyright protection3PENANAanI1C8yCvc

Once the entire exterior palisade had been consumed, Urd noticed that the second palisade had been reinforced during the previous battle, and had also been moistened and covered with hard cloth that would prevent it from catching fire.copyright protection3PENANA3k7r8Pkf99

The walls of the second palisade perfectly emulated the straight design of the first palisade, with sharp right angles and convex projections, as well as concave entrances, and it was in the entrances of the fortress that the most concave entrances were found, which formed corridors that had to be crossed to reach the interior.copyright protection3PENANAA3v2MNBQty

This time the cat girls had no choice, they should go through the entrances as it would be useless to try to set fire to the palisade.copyright protection3PENANAYDVHFyPdbk

Despite her own reluctance, this time Urd ordered several of her lancers to dismount and try to cross the entrance corridors.copyright protection3PENANAqeFyFNoZ3x

The Famnya approaching were the object of enemy fire, so they had to be covered by several archers and crossbowmen who this time wore thick leather shields that although they were made in haste, had several layers that guaranteed them not to be hit by human arrows, at least not every time.copyright protection3PENANA9DAEFnsheV

Brac, one of the Dúnedain of Gondor, went out with other men from Gondor and Rohan to cover the entrance, they formed an infantry equipped with the superior and very mobile armor of Roman plates, as well as an assortment of new weapons in which the short gladius swords, the French axes and the fearsome halberds were found.copyright protection3PENANAQdzMUekJsv

“Save the halberds for the cavalry attack!” Brac shouted to his men, knowing that although the halberd was a superior weapon, it did not have the mobility of the enemy's broad-leaved spears.copyright protection3PENANA4SKJrpwPpz

“Shields up, turtle formation!” The Dúnedain commanded and all the infantrymen raised their long, thick shields, except those on the sides and rear, which were already covered by the walls of the entrance corridor.copyright protection3PENANAnydYdTlFaA

Despite the decision of the cat girls to face the human infantry, they were eventually killed in the charge that sought to break the blockade of the three hundred human defenders.copyright protection3PENANAB1NaNIp7rR

“Ahuuuu, ahuuu!, ahuuu!” Brac and the other defenders shouted, when they received the fast charge of the Famnya infantry that shot them with its lethal bows or crossbows.copyright protection3PENANADwKnfbNM0d

This time it was the halberds who were the protagonists because with their deadly design and using the style of Greek phalanges, they stopped the enemy charge and then knocked down the riders to the ground to kill them with the deadly charge of a single blow for which the massive weapon was designed.copyright protection3PENANAmoLzmZsIFD

Brac's infantry was screaming their battle cry, as were the cheers of the human archers and crossbowmen in the battlements.copyright protection3PENANAigE5qrOPzf

“With three hundred of us defending this entry," Brac said, "the numbers of the cat girls count for nothing.”copyright protection3PENANAHcLrA1CnND

Urd watched with a grave gesture as her forces had been slaughtered.copyright protection3PENANAAa2mJolb61

“So you want to play rough, huh? Well, that's the only way I know how to play.”copyright protection3PENANAOphtuIUiyt

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection3PENANAyfGkGgmjEa

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