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Writer Capt. leon
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The entrance
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
14 Mins Read
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THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection4PENANA1K3g1mU4s8

Capítulo 36: The entrancecopyright protection4PENANA1vVwysJu6i

Tens and tens of thousands of Famnya riders clustered under the orders of their mistress producing a deafening noise that could be heard for miles around. Unlike the third palisade, the second palisade had a single main entrance, which was at one of the concave points of the fort, in fact this entrance formed a narrow corridor that at that time was guarded by three hundred infantry men under the command of Brac, the northern Dúnedain who had been summoned by Aragorn for this battle.copyright protection4PENANA7l8oSnRlQB

Throughout the entire front of the palisade, the human archers and crossbowmen on the battlements supported Brac and his infantry, and were also on the battlements that ran along both walls of the narrow corridor in case the infantry had to retreat back into the fortress.copyright protection4PENANAJSmN9na3sC

“Pull up the canopies!” was heard as the voice of Beletor, Gondor's messenger, instructed the men in charge of the mobile canopies at the top of his lungs.copyright protection4PENANAbt760GyJbF

The canopies were thick layers of hard, coated cloth that were stretched over a cross-section of wood and attached to a mast which was lifted by two men. Each canopy covered a small group of archers in the battlements every time the Famnya riders, this time heading in massive numbers, fired huge numbers of arrows that, incredible as it may seem, blackened the sky.copyright protection4PENANA2i1aGUxygo

The fabrics of the canopies had been moistened so as not to fall prey to the incendiary arrows, which ensured the safety of the human archers.copyright protection4PENANAa0hwNqTYtl

“Our archers are guarded," said Braco, another northern Dúnedain and close relative of Brac, leader of the three hundred defenders at the main gate. “The bad news is, they can no longer shoot high and enjoy a wider range of shooting.”copyright protection4PENANAAFPIMPokyz

“Again the enemy's bows have the advantage," Brac replied, "it's a good thing that the enemy still falls under the new long bows and the heavy crossbows.”copyright protection4PENANA0AS1LyWi6c

“Attack of archers on horseback!” A goalkeeper said in the battlements.copyright protection4PENANAHgcYN0oHYS

“Lower the false drawbridges!” Brac ordered, and then the defenses protecting the infantry were lowered.copyright protection4PENANA2yxSgjHFEf

The false drawbridges, which were defenses located at the top and emulated common drawbridges and currents that stretched all along the corridor and descended each time that the infantry of Brac was about to be covered by enemy fire, then rose when the discharge of arrows ceased.copyright protection4PENANAfFQ7GBFDUM

The cat girls were frustrated by the defenses Imrahil designed, but did not have much time to curse the humans as soon as the false drawbridges were erected, the light cavalry of Gondor and Rohan, led by Hallatan and Deorlas, left the fortress and scattered the enemy, then returned in haste.copyright protection4PENANAPB32zQ2Yx1

“Hurry up and let Brac cover the entrance!” shouted Hallatan, the brave captain of Gondor who fought in Dol Guldur, under the orders of Elrond and the late King Celeborn.copyright protection4PENANARAAosRIawn

“Are you sure you're all right, Hallatan?” Deorlas, Rohan's captain, asked him, who with Hallatan defeated the Famnya forces at Dol Guldur.copyright protection4PENANAqL2gSJRymM

“Yes, the Gothic armour prevented the arrows from penetrating deeper” his brother in arms reassured him, who had a painful image, like that of a hedgehog, due to enemy fire.copyright protection4PENANAlcnofXfhWN

“Even so, you must go to the healing houses. The next charge of light cavalry will be led this time by the knights of Edhellond, and the next by the knights of Dol Amroth.”copyright protection4PENANAjNoTcQKV1g

So Imrahil had planned, a constant rotation of light cavalry from all the feuds of Gondor and Rohan, to keep the men and horses fresh for each charge. An identical system was applied to infantrymen every time they returned to the interior of the fortress either to rest or to be cared for in the healing houses, or to make way for the light cavalry that gave them rest when they were extremely pressed by the cat girls.copyright protection4PENANAir2lHV4ztr

“We can do it, I think we can do it," said Mablung, the spy who entered Mordor and saw the flying ships before the air battle at Minas Ithil.copyright protection4PENANAlOEJdTHsbD

Two elves nodded hopefully at his side, they were Orophin and Rumil, who along with Mablung, the human of Gondor, had entered Mordor as spies, all under the command of the elf Gildor Inglorion.copyright protection4PENANAgurEoDv8zw

“I don't think so," Gildor countered to the human, causing the other two elves to look at him strangely.copyright protection4PENANApRXsdFnieR

“Why do you say that?” wanted to know Orophin.copyright protection4PENANAJAFokTi1mt

“Just look at those strange creatures that go along with the horses of the cat girls," said Gildor, as he stared at the camels or dromedaries, which were carrying heavy loads that apparently consisted of leather quivers that were brimming with arrows for either the compound bows or the repeating crossbows.copyright protection4PENANAECY5hmJMvi

“I don't understand you, Gildor, what did you observe that we didn't?”  wanted to know this time Rumil.copyright protection4PENANAjVagnnWKGb

“Perhaps you think we are holding back the enemy, even "beating" they, but the enemy's attacks, despite their fury, are also choreographed... What a horrible enemy... Don't you see it? their attacks are meant for the archers in the battlements to shoot arrow after arrow and... Our stockpile of arrows is running out.”copyright protection4PENANABqLhO5b67x

The other three spies opened their eyes wide and looked again at the "battlefield" where the Famnya cavalry was approaching the fortress.copyright protection4PENANAALazRrWBer

“We must inform Imrahil!” Mablung suggested nervously.copyright protection4PENANATxn4OKsKv8

“Imrahil surely knows this," Gildor nodded his head. “He's smart, the problem is that the enemy is smart too. The high eagles now without their leaders are unsuccessfully pursuing the enemy's flying cats, while the mounts that once served the Nazgul are in the same situation against enemy soldiers who can also fly... All this is choreographed, it's like the fight to the death between a cat and a snake, the first one to fall into the trap of the rival, will die.”copyright protection4PENANAV7yHpnNAuU

Urd ordered her captains, who transmitted the order to the flag carriers who were located at the top of the moving spiral stairs.copyright protection4PENANA84GjDyKA9Z

Many riders came down from their saddles and these forming compact squares and in perfect formation, advanced at a steady and uniform pace, so uniform that each of the cat boys or girls stepped on the same foot and at the same time, in a march that looked like a parade.copyright protection4PENANA23wp8kaA4F

“To the marks!” the loud voices shouted at the top of their lungs, indicating to the rest of the multitudinous army what was the limit in the range of the enemy's long bows, now that they could not carry out their feared parable shots.copyright protection4PENANAJ0MiIcFvM9

“For the valar," Imrahil spat, seeing as square after square of bowmen or crossbowmen approaching, each of these squares left an equidistant distance from the squares of troops behind them or at their sides.copyright protection4PENANAqVe7eSFZsP

Some of the squares were folded to the sides, giving way to a formation that had nothing to envy the "turtle formation" of the human infantry.copyright protection4PENANAYuTuU2P4DU

“Damn it," Brac spat, "with that formation of squares our light cavalry will fall under enemy fire, this time they can't help us.”copyright protection4PENANAJmUwFCIk8v

“Neither can enemy cavalry enter through the entrance," Brac told him, "we will have to be like an insurmountable barrier.”copyright protection4PENANAuzrIGFBmE3

“It's true. Lower the false drawbridges! Prepare to contain heavy infantry collision!” Brac ordered his men who put firm and determined faces knowing that now they had become the last line of defense of the second stockade.copyright protection4PENANAcDy57s7XwK

The cat girls advanced covered by thick shields on all four sides of the compact frame, as did their heads. The archers and crossbowmen on the battlements fired arrow after arrow, but their work was interrupted by the cover of the Famnya fire.copyright protection4PENANARg7LNMov7x

The clash of the two "turtle formations" was thunderous, but this attack was only the preamble to what Urd was really planning.copyright protection4PENANA1B6skN8V9N

“The effectiveness of human defenders is in their compact group and they cover each other," Urd said, "this kind of defense would wreak havoc on slave soldiers more concerned with receiving the lashes of their masters than with making the ultimate sacrifice. We famnyas fight for those we love, we are not afraid to pay the price.... Let the "new troops" come!”copyright protection4PENANAZlqxry0zvw

Several strange soldiers appeared before Urd, they did not have the shiny armor of lacquered plates, nor were they wrapped in tight black robes such as shinobis and kunoichis, they wore simple, almost raggedy fabrics and their heads were covered with huge circular hats with fallen brims covering their faces.copyright protection4PENANAkmNr8Aew6l

"New troops," said Urd, "you have three hundred enemies before you, who are sure to boast of being the best warriors in the world, but even if this arrogance is founded, they will soon discover that the world is a very vast place, even those three hundred men can become prey. I promise that the first of you to enter the San Gebir will be rewarded with paradise. Remember, no sacrifice is extreme, even if you lose your life, fight to the death!”copyright protection4PENANA47XaAhXJd7

“Hail Urd, those who are about to die salute thee!” shouted those strange warriors in the Famnya dialect and ran straight for the fight.copyright protection4PENANAwcsXKUvKu1

“Dismantle the spiral stairs and prepare them as I instructed," said Urd.copyright protection4PENANAgOo4gwEu3L

Brac's infantrymen, who had barely defeated the enemies of the "turtle formation", were soon assaulted by new and agile enemies, apparently unarmed.copyright protection4PENANAQ7TNht5fcj

Although the new enemies were fewer in number than the humans, their movements were very agile and employed a kind of short mango trident that blocked the gladius, they also used a kind of sticks held by a short chain and L-shaped sticks that covered their forearms as they held them at the short end, but what was most frightening to humans were the huge wicker hats that covered their faces.copyright protection4PENANAmJvPGfKcZe

The enemy had caused numerous casualties, but unlike the cat girls, it offered more open spaces with which Brac and his men eventually took the lead. In the end, the sai, nunchakus and tunkuwa did not gain the advantage. The gladius, the francisca axes and the halberds were the winners.copyright protection4PENANAdg2Blj7ZNb

Braco wanted to take out the tip of his halberd that had impaled his enemy, but he saw that the enemy was holding his weapon tightly, preventing the halberd from leaving his body.copyright protection4PENANAKEiDsA7xQk

The enemy's hat fell to the ground and a human face was revealed. This enemy belonged to the "new troops", humans whose hearts had been stolen by the Famnya empire and its "feline peace", humans who would gladly give their lives for the feline empire, humans who believed that one could not choose one's origin, but one's way of life, and chose to fight for the famnyas.copyright protection4PENANAQc3m2KCMWB

Apparently Braco was not the only one in this situation, all the other men were in a similar situation, with their weapons imprisoned by an enemy who refused to die.copyright protection4PENANA1aS4LdnTda

“My loyalty is to Urd sama... Cog, cof.... Not with a species that insists on... In destroying nature...”copyright protection4PENANA4YPnChXKPN

“What?” Brac asked the enemy who had imprisoned his gladius sword with his body and refused to let her go.copyright protection4PENANA4F0823TEQP

“Orcs or other demons.... burn the earth... You can put out the fire... You can... pick... replant, but where man steps... The stars disappear... forever...”copyright protection4PENANAgRZ9VLmjFA

Suddenly the siege machines fired into the entrance corridor.copyright protection4PENANAuKzj7bA5Vp

The extraordinary defenses of Imrahil's false drawbridges could cover the human infantry with any projectile, but this time they did not fire any sharp, rocky or incendiary projectiles.copyright protection4PENANAT05U87X1MO

What appeared to be sacks of thin cloth fell and burst over the drawbridges and they unloaded their contents. They were the remains of smoking ash from what was just a moment ago the first palisade.copyright protection4PENANAR2FRcBCyVi

"If you can't breathe, you can't fight, if you can't see, you can't see death coming," Urd said to herself with a cold look in her eyes. "Sorry Imrahil, I'll have time later to play rough with your men, now I'd rather burn them with the cold of my heart."copyright protection4PENANA9p2II9TjfP

Brac and his men were blinded and coughed a lot, but the worst came next.copyright protection4PENANAI8PO2YW00I

Brac's men continued to insist on releasing their weapons when they saw a group of new enemies approaching.copyright protection4PENANAORLuJX6lw1

Some of them were normal troops carrying the very long masts on which the mobile spiral staircases had been erected before. Each of these had been attached to other masts, forming a kind of ladder that was laid horizontally and at the rear end was attached to a strong wooden support that prevented anyone from lifting the ladder or knocking it to the ground.copyright protection4PENANADFrFo9Pis4

The tips of the approaching masts were topped with sharp metal spikes and Brac's men dodged them, but in doing so they had to separate themselves from the rest of their teammates in slender corridors.copyright protection4PENANA7bdXZgVVhV

The other enemies who approached were very tall and muscular cat boys and girls who wore heavy armor and brought a kind of sword with a blade so wide that it could hide the body of a man, they also carried brutal and massive weapons that would be impossible to carry even by the strongest man, surely these enemies were those who possessed the strange technique that allowed them to have the same strength of a mountain troll or even more.copyright protection4PENANAE5NpAwmHST

First these enormous enemies marched at a unique pace, holding their weapons to their chests as they chanted a rhythm that sounded hum, hum, hum and when they approached the corridors that had created the long masts, they marched on full speed.copyright protection4PENANAJwyacXj1fM

“Katsu!” shouted the brutal enemies with a roar that was nothing to envy that of the larger bears, making the humans tremble, then the huge enemies rushed the march.copyright protection4PENANA6mYkjYAfUR

Urd's plan was simple and therein lay its beauty and efficiency. If the infantry humans got their advantage by fighting in a narrow corridor, she would make them fight in narrower corridors so much so that in the end the battle would be man-on-man.copyright protection4PENANAbyXZYyvlfo

Brac, seeing that he could not release his weapon, pulled out his francisca axe and threw it at his enemy. The advantage of this weapon lay in the fact that in the event of not hitting the first one, the weapon could bounce off the ground and hit an enemy's leg, and this was the case, however, the enemy ignored the pain and lunged at Brac.copyright protection4PENANAeYUN96Kt80

Brac, pulled out his other francisca axe to stop the blow, but the onslaught was so brutal that the dúnedain was killed, not by the edge of the sword, but by the crushing effect of the massive weapon.copyright protection4PENANAgfmezGdaW7

The other infantry men tried to throw their axes at the enemy, but now their companion in front of them prevented them from doing such an action, they tried to break down the barriers that formed the thin corridors that already formed the entrance of the fortress, but it was useless.copyright protection4PENANA27G06EyC0O

“Lift the drawbridges!” cried Ceorl, captain of Rohan, who fought with the late King Théoden in Helm's abyss.copyright protection4PENANA0eNV2W1Nqa

The defenses were raised and the archers and crossbowmen of the battlements at both ends of the corridor wanted to shoot at the enormous enemies, but in that one by one, the squads of Famnya archers and crossbowmen also entered the corridor of the entrance to cover their scarce members of heavy infantry.copyright protection4PENANANGpaUZQ7aN

Bracchus did not take part in the battle of the Pelenor fields, but he spoke to Gandalf about this battle and the night before the great battle, about how huge and brutal trolls dressed in full armor and carrying brutal and massive mallets with metal spikes had entered Minas Tirith, after the main gates had been broken down by Grond, the gigantic battering ram in shape.copyright protection4PENANAfdUVd1AMDA

This situation was similar, not in fact much worse, although the trolls instilled fear, at least Gondor's soldiers could cover each other, now the narrow Famnya corridors forced the man-on-man fight, a fight that could not be won by the now unarmed infantrymen.copyright protection4PENANAAEPozRlBEL

This was the last thought that passed through Braco's mind, before he was struck down by the brutal cat girl in front of him, who crushed him with a huge iron ball held in place by a thick chain.copyright protection4PENANALsrbCmbstl

The huge and brutal cat girls broke through the entrance so that the archers and crossbowmen could pass by and then threw hooks at the false drawbridges and pulling the chains of the hooks lowered the defenses, thus, covered by the same human defenses, the cat girls entered the fortress of San Gebir.copyright protection4PENANAfJyaEMbeyP

Imrahil could not believe it, the same defenses he built now covered the cat girls who now flocked into the San Gebir.copyright protection4PENANAO9tDx3vTEa

Unlike the chaotic entrance of the orcs when they entered Minas Tirith the night before the battle of the fields of Pelenor, the cat girls entered disciplined formations and then placed themselves in perfect coverings that covered their other comrades who advanced three by three in a straight line, thus covering both flanks as they advanced.copyright protection4PENANAEpC6BesMHW

The human archers, without the protection of the battlements, were shot down by the enemy arrows, and so died Anborn, Duinhir, along with their two sons, Duilin and Derufin, and the other archers who tried to get off the battlements, and who were shot down by the scarce formations of three by three and in line of the cat girls carrying the dreaded repeating crossbows.copyright protection4PENANA7WFG7jsjy1

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection4PENANA9naD1IGwBk

Author's final notes: The "new troops" are based on the Muslim janissaries under the command of Mehed II the conqueror, who conquered Constantinople, in fact, Urd's words to the "New troops" are based on what Mehed told the janissaries, prior to the taking of Constantinople.copyright protection4PENANAGgKimlwO8d

Janissaries is a word that translated would mean "new troops" and they were Christian men who preferred to fight for Islam.copyright protection4PENANALgaqWiKpBi

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