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Writer Capt. leon
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The cry of the golden rose and the sweet flute's silence
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
14 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!qEtYJA2bEShJAhYxqJqRposted on PENANA

THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection3PENANABlg8k0FIk1

Capítulo 37: The cry of the golden rose and the sweet flute's silencecopyright protection3PENANAvLFZKpzMAe

Inside the San Gebir, past morning and into the afternoon, the noise was deafening. The feline voices screamed at the top of their lungs, transmitting the orders given by the captains to their troops, now that the cat girls were not counting on the help of the flag bearers of the horde to transmit the orders.copyright protection3PENANAESXeaVLAFc

Both the steps and the battlements of the second palisade had already been taken thanks to the advance in formation of three of the cat girls, and so they were ready to receive the load of the human infantry.copyright protection3PENANAshyIpSI4B3

At first the infantry charges commanded by Beletor and Inglod tried to stop the enemy's advance when they entered through the main entrance, but then were swept away by the cat girls. The same fate befell Mablung, Gildor, Orophin and their brother Rumil, the four spies who entered Mordor and died when trying to prevent the cat girls from climbing the stairs to the battlements.copyright protection3PENANA56OL5yaFkK

“Imrahil, the cat girls have penetrated the fortress!” shouted Éomer. “You must command the cavalry or we will be razed to the ground!”copyright protection3PENANATZCQeNMZnr

“Not yet! The infantry must resist, it will be very soon!” Imrahil replied, begging Erkenbrand to buy him a little more time.copyright protection3PENANAcQIKy7Dhcf

The hardened lord of the west fold, Erkenbrand, had cut off the advance of the famnyas. Their infantry men, equipped with modern Roman plate armor, were at first victims of the enemy's compound arches in the battlements, but then withdrew to a safe place thanks to their enormous shields, where they became strong and fought with the enemy from the Far East.copyright protection3PENANAkil84rHe62

The cat girls in the battlements could not advance any further to the position where Erkenbrand was fighting down, due to the elf infantry under the command of Glorfindel, who along with his men covered the humans below him, and were not prey to the deadly Famnya marksmanship. Thus was covered the west side between the second and last palisade.copyright protection3PENANAZ01CQfpCfN

To the east of the second stockade, the enemy was held not by the infantry charge, but by the light cavalry charge commanded by Hallatan and Deorlas, the two brave captains who fought alongside the elves of Elrond and Celeborn at Dol Guldur.copyright protection3PENANA4rDNccVQu7

The light cavalry would have been easy prey had it not been for Éothain and Damrod, who commanded the men who covered the east side of the palisades and thus avoided aerial fire on their fellow defenders.copyright protection3PENANA5OqqXuSFJZ

The battle was bloody on both the west and east sides of the San Gebir, and the humans fought like lions with loud roars.copyright protection3PENANAHIZIlQYLsd

“By Rohan!”copyright protection3PENANAyxFckSofIT

“By Gondor!”copyright protection3PENANAnNINeFi7l1

The enemy also fought with fanaticism and fury. The famnyas soldiers had removed their intimidating masks and helmets and fought the humans while wearing the hachimaki, that is, white ribbons around their heads, as the only defense covering their skulls.copyright protection3PENANA62K5L5VJQo

Both male and female cats roared as well, resembling tigers coming out of the hot jungles or cold tundra.copyright protection3PENANAWoWCBhu0xc

“Kiai!”copyright protection3PENANATU0BIeh1lC

“Katsu!”copyright protection3PENANA2sEMyqRu9I

In the end, what Gildor predicted came true. The human arrows were out of stock and now only the heavy crossbows were shooting at the cat girls.copyright protection3PENANAT67PII6dID

“In battle, he who has more ammunition than the enemy wins," said Urd, who had received the report of the battle. “Dismantle the cavalry and advance into the San Gebir.”copyright protection3PENANApBypdhEui0

With the enemy's new reinforcements, the pressure on the human defenders was too much, Erkenbrand, Hallatan, Deorlas, Éothain and Damrod fell to defend their positions. Only Glorfindel and his deadly elves held their position on the battlements.copyright protection3PENANA6ktL71bZvl

This time it was Dervorin, lord of the Ringló Valley, who took charge of defending the west side of the fortress with his men, while Bregdananan, the captain of the eastern border of Rohan, and Ceorlon, Bregdananan's lieutenant, took charge of covering the east side with several determined knights.copyright protection3PENANAHpsOeawlnf

Imrahil and Éomer were already preparing to cover one on the west side and the other on the east side, in case the defenders fell, when one of the winged shadow riders from Minas Ithil  informed the prince of the Allied cavalry movement.copyright protection3PENANAZNRyd4PSy7

“Perfect, warn the heavy cavalry of Rohan and Gondor!” Imrahil ordered. “It's time to use the gunpowder Radagast brought us when he went to Saruman's tower.”copyright protection3PENANASFslqznCyT

A series of violent explosions destroyed some sections of the third palisade and at full gallop the heavy cavalry of Rohan, commanded by Aldoron, the senior captain of the heavy cavalry and a friend of Eomer's childhood.copyright protection3PENANAXgiq4wABSY

It was not only Aldoron who led the heavy cavalry, other high lords or captains also led other heavy cavalry charges such as Baldoren, the lieutenant of Aldoron; Angbor, feudal lord of Gondor and brave like no other, as well as his men; Ceorl, who together with the late King Theoden, fought in the abyss of Helm.copyright protection3PENANAQSMHqZLfRk

Dervorin, Bregdananan and Ceorlon, fell defending their posts and now their sacrifice was taken advantage of by the deadly heavy cavalry charge which mercilessly swept away the Famnya troops in their path.copyright protection3PENANAnKZQ6pqt2Z

“Glorfindel, Galdor, get out of there!” Imrahil ordered them, who along with Éomer, joined the devastating charge of heavy cavalry.copyright protection3PENANAm0fEqkb1V4

The two Elves, along with their brothers in arms, came down from the battlements while several soldiers prepared other charges of gunpowder that would this time collapse sections of the second palisade.copyright protection3PENANA0MWMumLgCD

Urd watched in amazement as the heavy cavalry of the humans made their way through several sections of the second stockade that had previously exploded due to compressed gunpowder detonations.copyright protection3PENANAAZnzQtZgW2

Urd's army, which had previously dismounted from its horses and focused all its attention on crossing the main entrance of the second palisade, was surprised and unguarded by the deadly charge of the humans.copyright protection3PENANAfj2vXtP9uL

Although the cat girls were extremely disciplined, their will and cold blood were not enough in the face of the advance of the knights in Gothic armor and carrying the massive, covert mango spears.copyright protection3PENANAdux9g1v2h8

Urd tried to get her troops to stand up to the enemy, but suddenly she felt the ground vibrate at his feet. Coming from the west and close to the foothills of the San Gebir, the cavalry of Rhun, Khand and Harad were approaching. They had left the Emyn Muil and hurriedly crossed the Anduin to the south, towards the battle.copyright protection3PENANAFS83sYwset

“Do not let the enemy retreat to the Onodló River!” Imrahil shouted with all his might, because he knew that the Famnya cavalry was much faster and if they reached the river, they would cross it before his army reached that place.copyright protection3PENANAuuMxZK0PUu

Imrahil's fears dissipated as he watched as cavalries from more than a dozen steppe kingdoms came from farther west, cutting off the entire passage to the Entwash or Onodló River.copyright protection3PENANAA7Z7hf9Nir

Imrahil's plan worked perfectly, had cost the lives of several noble lords and captains, along with their loyal subordinates, but in the end Urd was surrounded. She could not retreat to the west due to the Allied cavalry charges, nor could she retreat to the east due to the enormous waterfall behind the Tol Brandir and the Argonath or the King's pillars.copyright protection3PENANAVXj30M1xeg

Due to the cargo of Rohan and Gondor, the only option left to her was to try to escape through the south, and in doing so she would have to go deep into the Onodló River delta, which fed the widest extension of the majestic Anduin River. The delta, located north of Anórien, would be the place where Urd's forces perished.copyright protection3PENANA0ILNgLygAs

The cat girls broke the square formation as fast as they could and after riding their steppe mares, they headed south as fast as possible, penetrating the Onodló River delta.copyright protection3PENANALaAKiR0rEi

The heavy cavalry of Rohan and Gondor, did not penetrate the delta because due to their weight they would be easy prey for the cat girls, it did not matter, since they had already fulfilled their mission by killing several famnyas and forced Urd and her remaining forces to take refuge in the delta.copyright protection3PENANATAfcDgYFNd

Only the light cavalry of Rhun, Khand, Harad and the steppes entered the delta and fought the disorganized forces of the famnyas.copyright protection3PENANAWOWHCcsbt3

“The heavy cavalry will stay on the margin of the delta to cut off any kind of enemy retreat," Imrahil instructed his men. “Glorfindel, you and your elf cavalry, will head for the Urd camp in front of the San Gebir, I don't want any cat girl to retreat for reinforcements. The rest of the human light cavalry will support the light cavalry of our allies and enter the Onodlo delta.”copyright protection3PENANAEeeeYw6ZYL

So Imrahil's plan had been set, with which Urd had finally been defeated. Rhun's allies, Khand, Harad and the steppes had done well in leaving Emyn Muil and then crossing the Anduin, and finally going south to the San Gebir, cutting off the western route that could be used by Urd to escape.copyright protection3PENANAhRlx4ZO3FC

.copyright protection3PENANAgBqcj3oMeR

.copyright protection3PENANAPT6475Ae4z

In Camp Famnya everything was chaos as a result of having neither Urd nor any other experienced captain to lead orders.copyright protection3PENANA0mrlTvlHy0

The enemy cavalry is approaching the camp! Sakurai shouted inside Urd's tent as he tried to secure the huge, ornate cage of multicolored birds.copyright protection3PENANAjPCK1VOqI2

“Stop that, Sakurai," said Gigi, Urd's black cat. Get out before the enemy cavalry comes and get back as fast as you can to Isengard.”copyright protection3PENANAixVoC3uciy

“But Urd sama ordered us to protect his tent!”copyright protection3PENANAMiUdENJZvi

“Silly boy, it only takes one to do that and believe me, it's enough for me to do this.”copyright protection3PENANA0P7Dz9ynzg

Sakurai knelt and began to moan.copyright protection3PENANAqSOmhqqLDI

“I cannot believe Urd sama was defeated," cried the pink-haired elf boy.copyright protection3PENANAjq1eEF2nFx

“Leave at once Sakurai, return to Isengard and wait for Chaika's arrival, then go to Mordor and wait for Sora and Mizuki's arrival.”copyright protection3PENANAFFnNjWWRkw

“Let's go quickly, Gigi!”copyright protection3PENANA8LpX7Goyr2

The black cat shook his head.copyright protection3PENANAgLshZ6X2uC

“I must take care of Urd's tent... No, I have to take care of her crude old stool. It is the only thing left that reminds Urd of her humble days as a soldier, without this stool, what would become of her. Now you, Sakurai, must remind Urd at all times to be humble.”copyright protection3PENANAzaiXYBUUte

“Grab the stool and fly away," begged Sakurai, even though he already knew the answer.copyright protection3PENANArC0Qz8xYGZ

“You know I won't do it, I have my pride too... Come on, get out of here.”copyright protection3PENANA0XKtfKAcM5

Sakurai put on his mask and helmet, and taking one last look at Gigi, came out of the tent.copyright protection3PENANAOmf7jdId8c

.copyright protection3PENANAsAOsroAZmh

.copyright protection3PENANAYneJRttsGg

In the Onodló river delta, the cat girls fought with the human forces, which gained more and more ground and won victory after victory.copyright protection3PENANAxvDNCW1la9

Urd's forces had left behind their valuable camels and dromedaries, which were essential to gain the advantage in terms of ammunition with piercing arrows.copyright protection3PENANAxDKl5cJGb6

It would have been an easy victory for the humans, but they were counting on Urd to inspire courage and human progress was slowly slowing down.copyright protection3PENANAY9tcSlGmNn

Imrahil, confident in Urd's defeat, decided that the heavy cavalry of Rohan and Gondor would support the light allied cavalry, which far from fighting the cat girls at a single point in the delta, had separated and encompassed almost the entirety of the delta.copyright protection3PENANACkSg7vd9Qn

“Advance with caution," Imrahil instructed the lords of the heavy cavalry. “The terrain is treacherous, I just want you to support the light cavalry. Don't attack on your own, you must do it with the light cavalry.”copyright protection3PENANAio13J7ftNq

With the prince's decision, once again the pressure on the cat boys was too much and the victory was more clearly skewed towards the humans.copyright protection3PENANAzMz3YsoFOc

“Southern detachments, attack!” ordered Urd to the top of her lungs with a roar that was heard all over the delta.copyright protection3PENANA2rwVHEqUNg

Out of the waters of the delta's arms, a multitude of shinobis and kunoichis headed as fast as their legs could take them into battle, and not only were they, hidden behind numerous tall bushes, but also several riders mounted on majestic red deer or colorful bocochos, as well as several white wolves the size of steppe mares, who were carryingcopyright protection3PENANAi6FjaoqpSe

Imrahil did not know for certain how Urd had defeated Agog's forces in Mordor and therefore had not foreseen the possibility of a similar surprise attack that had defeated the orc forces before.copyright protection3PENANAQr0pvZSUEG

"This is why I asked Chaika and Ryu to form a blockade between Cirith Ungol's tower and Minas Ithil ," Urd thought with pleasure. "I didn't want any green skin to inform the humans about how I conquered Mordor. This is also why I ordered my air forces not to engage in combat with the giant eagles or the winged monsters of Minas Ithil, only to distract them from seeing the advance and concealment of my rapid response troops. My intention was to create a trap for the humans fleeing the San Gebir, I never thought I would be the one to flee to this place."copyright protection3PENANA6H8DCQi2K6

The light cavalry of the humans was intercepted by these new enemies who were equipped and most importantly, were fresh, which would be vital after a battle that had already taken place a whole morning and afternoon.copyright protection3PENANAj3cYmnnNMf

The heavy cavalry tried to cover the light cavalry, but the cat girls focused their attention on the only weak spot that formed the lethal set of horse and armed knight: the legs of the equines.copyright protection3PENANA2CH22c2V7H

The human horses were unlike the steppe mares, enormous and with long legs, so it was not difficult for the cat girls to break them with long wooden sticks called bo, or with long swords called nodachis.copyright protection3PENANACdoKR1A94l

“May the best swordsmen advance to the knights in full armor!” Urd ordered her men, and they were either horsemen or shinobis or kunoichis, and went to meet the fallen knights.copyright protection3PENANAfoosmLPKyB

Humans in Gothic armor had the advantage, yet Urd instructed her best swordsmen to confront this armored threat.copyright protection3PENANA0AeIDhVFc2

The only weak point of the Gothic armor was the inner part of the thighs, which made contact with the skin of the horse, this section was not covered with metal, only with a very thin mesh of rings, which could be cut by the very sharp weapons famnyas.copyright protection3PENANAmOgLy7M9gQ

Masterful cat girls focused on this weak spot and cut the femoral artery, the most important artery after the jugular artery in the neck, so that the men would fall for this cutting maneuver.copyright protection3PENANAuveTYBENmd

The rest of the Gothic armor was protected from cutting maneuvers, however, Urd also foresaw this, if the armor could not be cut, it could sink with movements not of cutting but of stock.copyright protection3PENANApmOD4sVZ77

The cat girls pointed at the dungarees or at the sides with rapier movements and the armor sank, making it difficult for the knights to breathe or breaking their ribs, with which internal bleeding was achieved or even worse, the ribs pierced the lungs.copyright protection3PENANA1uWhfvp1EF

The knights' helmets protected their entire faces, only the eye groove was the weak point, even some helmets instead of grooves had several holes that did not allow any penetration by any sword. Attacking the eyes was not an option.copyright protection3PENANAS9b639IHW4

With helmet protection, Urd ordered them to use kendo moves before the battle, which would only knock out the enemy. After the knights were knocked out, the cat girls lifted their visors from their hooves and killed the humans by penetrating the edge of their weapons through their eyes to reach the brain.copyright protection3PENANAVmqK0vcVvj

“Don't kill the humans!” ordered Urd. “Enemies can surround us easily! We don't have time, just knock them out and go for the next opponent!”copyright protection3PENANA3xOZO3ud59

So did the cat girls and little by little the victory leaned in favor of the Famnya forces.copyright protection3PENANATYi44leN3b

.copyright protection3PENANARZxiJxNVsj

.copyright protection3PENANAfvQ3vE7ZSd

Meanwhile, in the Famnya camp near the San Gebir, the elf cavalry attacked the few Urd troops inside.copyright protection3PENANA8MbrRgM53Q

Galdor was engaged in a unique battle with a Famnya warrior covered in plate armor and with his mask and helmet on. The warrior, although smaller than the elf, defeated Galdor with an elegant movement and fell inert to the ground.copyright protection3PENANAhUPOdyl1uO

“Galdor!” Glorfindel suddenly shouted as he was heading for the Famnya who had murdered his friend.copyright protection3PENANAkKkaOPPVPI

Glorfindel's cry was terrible and tears of helplessness streamed down his face as he recalled all the centuries of friendship he had spent in the company of his now deceased brother in arms.copyright protection3PENANA9YukplBcrE

The enemy Famnya defended himself with strange and accurate moves, but in the end the elf's fury won more and the Famnya fell to the wounded floor.copyright protection3PENANA3IzSxMrSNW

Glorfindel embraced his friend's body and then turned to his enemy who was beginning to move.copyright protection3PENANAH7G2iuR7qH

With an ice-cold stare, Glorfindel removed the helmet and mask of the warrior Famnya. In the end, a face not of a cat girl was revealed, but rather the very young features of an elf with a girl's face, an elf with light pink hair.copyright protection3PENANAPzFkU5Fvi7

“Oh no, oh no” cried Glorfindel, as he opened his eyes wide and tried to cover the wound of the elf child with his hands.copyright protection3PENANAalQJenwGgk

Sakurai smiled gently at Glorfindel as he handed him his most valuable possession, a flute.copyright protection3PENANACYsj0KNSRd

“You are the one who played the flute the night before the battle... Don't die! Don't die!”copyright protection3PENANAzHNf1HlHdD

Sakurai spoke to the elf, but Glorfindel did not understand the strange language, so with a gentle look and a peaceful smile, Sakurai died.copyright protection3PENANAOnZF7e2DUj

“No!” shouted the noble elf, and then he grabbed the earth with fury and put it on his silver hair.copyright protection3PENANAYxhqQiaEa2

After a while he removed his golden rose from his chest and placed it on Sakurai's chest, then he rose and placed Sakurai's flute on Galdor's chest. So Glorfindel fulfilled his destiny and threw his sword to the ground and headed south to the grey ports.copyright protection3PENANARKJFZKnlrA

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection3PENANAZgYYV6cYJ7

Author's final notes: Sakurai's death is inspired by the true death of a noble young samurai warrior who previously delighted comrades and enemies with the melody of his flute.copyright protection3PENANAiIEz8uSj82

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