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Writer Capt. leon
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The scourge of God
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Zh6TVYxSt4LaEPayXCCgposted on PENANA

THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection2PENANALsOfKxiUSk

Capítulo 38: The scourge of Godcopyright protection2PENANAESBLMwKkpe

The sun had already hidden itself and the whole firmament was dyed with the continuous sparkle of the stars. Oblivious to this beautiful gift of nature, both elves and cat girls were still fighting in Camp Famnya.copyright protection2PENANAobo31zCYbe

The few Famnya troops could do nothing against the elite elven knights who roamed the entire camp near the San Gebir. In the end, several Elven warriors arrived at Urd's tent.copyright protection2PENANAfWG4crBumu

Gigi, Urd's black cat, challenged the elven warriors.copyright protection2PENANAP1nqM9Xxum

One of the elves approached the cat and Gigi hit him using his tail.copyright protection2PENANALTy9WzJyyU

The elf warrior fell unconscious to the ground and the other elves behind him began the attack.copyright protection2PENANANORuS3Vuyi

Gigi magically extended his paws to have the same range as the elves' swords, and his skin seemed to deflect the elves' arrows.copyright protection2PENANAZnjmN6wLD0

Gigi's claws ripped through the shields and elves' armor with impossible ease, and the strength of his paws also increased exponentially, knocking down several elves, who were increasingly entering Urd's tent.copyright protection2PENANA7pTGzQfipO

Gigi bristled his fur, and many of his hairs went into the air and descended swiftly toward the elves, like a rain made of deadly needles.copyright protection2PENANAccC4Gu7CZF

An elf accidentally kicked Urd's old stool, and Gigi was distracted, and an elf spear pierced his body.copyright protection2PENANAUY2elQlRBZ

“One more shock...” the majestic cat groaned and a kind of magical shock in the shape of Gigi's roaring face was directed at the elf that had injured him and he fell to the floor unconsciously.copyright protection2PENANASJoMqYDFg2

The black cat jumped over other enemies, but more elves drove their spears into Gigi's body and he stopped fighting.copyright protection2PENANAute6xVBEyA

The elves in front of the cat were shaking from the animal's strange powers when Gigi convulsed and looked straight into the eyes of hisr enemies as he smiled mockingly.copyright protection2PENANAkszmHUd2MO

“I would have said a poem, if I hadn't known I was already dead... Urd, don't worry... I'll go ahead... and save you a place... at the devil's table.”copyright protection2PENANA1EyqrYo4EE

Gigi's tail stopped moving and swung due to inertia.copyright protection2PENANA688lfFhRkP

Camp Famnya was razed to the ground by fire.copyright protection2PENANAsEi110Ve2I

.copyright protection2PENANA34mCuOATSf

.copyright protection2PENANAyZoGlDmCvG

In the Onodló river delta, Imrahil decided to withdraw his forces, lest victory over the cat girls cost him the war.copyright protection2PENANAsXlKZnLUBN

“Are you sure about this, Imrahil?” Eomer, who was saddened by the deaths of Aldoron and Baldoren, and Ceorl, who fell to defend him, asked him frowningly.copyright protection2PENANADFSZhmNSfG

“I know you want to avenge your men, Éomer," said Imrahil, "but not only did the high lords of Rohan fall, but also the brave Angbor and his men died.”copyright protection2PENANA8NFwu1aQEF

“They weren't my men, they were my friends.”copyright protection2PENANAx6DTRCgCxS

“I know, Éomer, I lost my friends too. But we must retreat to Minas Tirith, Urd will certainly not dare to pursue us after having so many casualties, she will have to regroup her forces, either by gathering the forces that are focused on the blockades or by gathering the troops she has stationed in Mordor.”copyright protection2PENANAqaxiaPEYIU

“Will we make ourselves strong in Minas Tirith?” Éomer asked.copyright protection2PENANAEQIkndlx30

“We will only wait for Funbol, if he broke the blockade, then we will head towards Minas Ithil, which is the only place in the middle earth that can withstand a siege of massive proportions.”copyright protection2PENANAdB6QuYtLA0

Having taken the decision, both Gondor's and Rohan's men decided to withdraw, as did their other allies.copyright protection2PENANAD0abjk1YiJ

.copyright protection2PENANASXABiXOEvS

.copyright protection2PENANAEIuKzZI2Kj

In the Onodló delta, the Famnya captains urged their mistress to withdraw her forces and head either to the Isengard blockade or to go straight to Mordor, yet it seemed that Urd did not hear them.copyright protection2PENANA2nkdzDyABR

“Gigi... Gigi, he's dead.”copyright protection2PENANAjuOT66RUKm

Suddenly, Urd's tail as well as her pointed, wild hair stood up and began to move in fury, causing all the Famnya around her to step back a couple of steps.copyright protection2PENANANp4h9EgSG0

“I'm not going to do either one or the other!” Urd shouted angrily, lengthening her fangs. “I'm gonna go after those sons of bitches and gut them myself! Send the air forces to harass those who invaded the camp and delay their flight until we arrive, then I will join our forces and return to Mordor as soon as I meet with Chaika, I will raze the humans if it is the last thing I do!”copyright protection2PENANAcJowWXauyL

The cat girls headed north while turning ocarinas as if they were slingshot, they called the air force.copyright protection2PENANAlRgaLmhCh2

In fact, several air units were approaching the cat girls, but they were not coming from the north, but from the east. The imperial messengers had arrived.copyright protection2PENANAY4r3mBHCuo

The flying tigers landed near Urd so that there was no noise or movement of air, only the muffled grunting of the exotic mounts was heard.copyright protection2PENANADG72d40nzy

“General Urd," said the messenger with the imperial banner, "you are ordered to return to the empire at once.”copyright protection2PENANA9Vqp5cMnO3

Urd lowered her head and after a couple of tense, silent minutes raised her gaze to the sky full of stars that seemed to flash with mockery and began to laugh out loud.copyright protection2PENANApN8QRusz7W

“So close and so far!”copyright protection2PENANAXLC4NP9OcI

Urd took a deep breath of air and then calmly poured the air out through her nose.copyright protection2PENANAmmDNMJZy6O

“So the Mikado died...”copyright protection2PENANACvCLmtgO3n

“General Urd..." said the imperial messenger.copyright protection2PENANAK09n5WceLp

“No... I will not return to the Empire.”copyright protection2PENANAX7MAVyjV7q

“But the whole army must return, General, it's an order," said the messenger at the same time as the other messengers were carrying their hands to their katanas with concealment.copyright protection2PENANAJJWmviQL7T

“Transmit that order to General Chaika, she is now in command of the fourth army, await her arrival at Isengard. I, for my part, will go alone to my devastated camp and then to Minas Tirith, I will suffice myself to finish off Éomer, Aragorn and Imrahil, regardless of whether they send me an entire army to destroy me first.”copyright protection2PENANA8SThfYesdZ

The Imperial messengers wanted to tell her something, but at that moment Urd's hair and tail stood up, while her pointed hair turned shiny white and her skin turned dark purple and luminous.copyright protection2PENANASa7FL3d5Yk

The tigers of the imperial messengers began to roar loudly as their riders placed faces of terror, Urd, the lady of the fourth army was being possessed by the "frenzy of nature," a strange technique with devastating consequences that made her uncontrollable.copyright protection2PENANAvH4r4AJUlR

Urd began to roar loudly, when she suddenly fixed her attention on a point in front of her... It was Sakurai's spirit.copyright protection2PENANANtJGLZF0sT

The gentle ghost smiled at Urd and then moved his lips to convey a message that only she could hear.copyright protection2PENANA0l370OaeU8

The "frenzy of nature" had passed and Urd bowed her head.copyright protection2PENANAzpQDQUdAPz

"Don't let resentment change you... Um... Let's go home.”copyright protection2PENANArC3bjObYOE

.copyright protection2PENANARPZVW0K7eE

.copyright protection2PENANAgN47rU2FuR

More than a hundred years later...copyright protection2PENANAeWth8M6kLV

A dwarf with curly brown hair and beard, who was very curly, walked through the almost empty capital of Minas Tirith and gestured sadly towards the royal library of Arwen, named this way by the old King Eldarion, the first-born son of Aragorn and Arwen.copyright protection2PENANAYDKYzGYkOc

“Good morning, Master Brumir.” A human belonging to the royal guard greeted him politely.copyright protection2PENANAY4Z2cqXe6s

“Captain Borlas, a pleasure to see you again after so long," said the dwarf with a friendly smile.copyright protection2PENANA6kpzBxmHS8

“I regret my absence, but I had several matters to attend to.”copyright protection2PENANACQMmOl3NFR

“Concerns about the strange attitude of the young men of the kingdom and their foolish conduct in imitating the orcs of yore, such as attacking trees for no reason," said the dwarf this time with a nod.copyright protection2PENANAZEWZH8pFnw

“I wish only that were the case, Master Brumir," Borlas said this time, frowning. “As captain of the White Company, I heard about recent sectarian activities under the orders of a certain Herumor, a sect that seems to have demonic characteristics.”copyright protection2PENANA7tQw3s4qaX

“How do you intend to handle the situation Borlas?” The dwarf asked him, looking disgusted at the idea of a demon cult.copyright protection2PENANAyMOl9DGdqm

“An old acquaintance of mine, Saelon, knows the sectarians. He invited me to one of these meetings, I will attend the meeting and I will check the rumors regarding this sect and his leader.”copyright protection2PENANA5p12oJbOoy

“Be very careful Borlas, I have a feeling that the behavior of the young and the appearance of these sectarians is not a mere coincidence.”copyright protection2PENANAkw2b25D7vN

“I know, Master Brumir, I too have a feeling that something bad is coming, as if an old evil were returning.”copyright protection2PENANA54ATpKw6YW

The young captain said goodbye and Brumir again went to the library as the royal chronicler of Gondor that he was.copyright protection2PENANAs4mu6LdhzB

"I hope Borlas will take care of all these problems," the dwarf thought sadly. "After all, he is one of the few remaining humans who still has firm priorities to be addressed. The good King Eldarion is very old and the other descendants of the late King Aragorn are foolish bureaucrats at best."copyright protection2PENANAQU7S6aXKit

The dwarf sat down in his chair and began to write at the same time as sad memories struck his heart.copyright protection2PENANAxnx8hXTN3R

"About six years after the fall of Sauron, the Famnya army under Urd's command returned in a hurry to the Far East, all Mordor was emptied and we did not hear from this enemy again in about thirty years. After that time, the famnyas returned again, who by blood and fire penetrated the same wall they built east of Mordor and once again claimed the ancient land of Sauron," Brumir wrote, pausing to put the tip of his feather back in the inkpot.copyright protection2PENANAJwV502Rejr

"This time it was not Urd who commanded the invading forces, but one of her former generals named Sora and his lieutenant and wife, General Mizuki, beside him. My person who had just been appointed royal chronicler of the kingdom, accompanied the late King Aragorn on a diplomatic mission, there I learned that his Mikado or Emperor had died, and by custom Famnya all armies outside the boundaries of the empire should return in full force, Urd could not disobey.""copyright protection2PENANAQalX2s80cr

"The election of a new Mikado should have been a matter that would have been concluded in just a couple of weeks, however, internal disagreements between the generals of the four armies and other interested parties, cut short the normal development of the Mikado's election. There were internal fights and even the entire Famnya fleet was burned, which by the numbers they gave me was undoubtedly the most powerful in the world, for this reason a Famnya minister named Natsuki, committed sepuku, which is a kind of self-immolation and was then beheaded by her underling named Akira, who then committed suicide.”copyright protection2PENANAtKP1S6ZLT3

"As for Urd, she became a minister and her niece Chaika left the army to start a family. A period of thirty years without Mikado did much damage to the Famnya power, but we must not be confused, if the famnyas put all their will into it they could still conquer all the Middle Earth at least."copyright protection2PENANADDzyJAAAOU

There was a pause in Brumir's work and he sighed.copyright protection2PENANA1F4nC7PL72

"After Sora, there were other famnyas commanding officers who took the position of commander general of the invading army, however, the waves of invasion, apart from becoming strong in Mordor, only assaulted the kingdoms of Rhun and Khand, sometimes penetrating shyly into the east of Rohan or Harad.”copyright protection2PENANAdBM2DE8Cq2

"The Famnya can invade Gondor and Rohan, and even reach Eriador if they were serious about it, and now there are so few defenders who can stand up to them," wrote the dwarf, although this time tears streamed down his tired eyes.copyright protection2PENANAF3FfCoPdZE

"After Urd's withdrawal, the humans became fanatical. They grabbed all the domestic cats and, together with the former spies of Sauron and Saruman who had been arrested in Eriador, burned them in huge pyres, in the sight of the general population. I must say with regret that many innocent people were condemned in this way."copyright protection2PENANA70jcnWjdIr

"Without doubt it was a divine punishment, for without the domestic cat population, the mice and rats that came along with the enemy Famnya, multiplied alarmingly throughout Middle  Earth and a new and unknown disease brought death not only to humans, but also to elves and dwarves."copyright protection2PENANAfV21XFG6i7

"My grandfather Brugor and my older brother Bromir, fell to this new disease. Extremely painful blackish blotches are the characteristic that affect the victims and give the skin a blackish, green or whitish color. On a recent visit to Mordor, I heard that the lands east of the Famnya Empire and across the ocean, lands they call Fu Shang, a similar disease claimed the lives of nine out of ten villagers, a disease that has the characteristic of being red and not black like the one that still strikes Middle Earth sporadically."copyright protection2PENANA8XaNcNc20b

"After a hundred years the Elves left the world, they called the disease Bubonic Plague because of the bubbles that were lodged in the victims. Less skilled humans in the science of medicine called it Black Death because of the blackish coloration of the buboons. And the dwarves called it with horror: "Aule Thudul Ar Smak", which in dwarf language means... THE SCOURGE OF GOD."copyright protection2PENANAH8b1lzYFNH

FINcopyright protection2PENANA62C94APLG7

The author's final notes: ending like life itself, in fact this was what happened to the Mongols just before they conquered Europe and it also shows a parallel with the ancient Chinese empire, which burned its entire fleet forty years before the discovery of America by Columbus, if this had not happened for sure the Chinese would have arrived before the Spanish.copyright protection2PENANASP53CiQPkR

The black plague spread in Europe because the Medieval people burned cats for saying they were satanic and what had to happen happened.copyright protection2PENANA02Zc4kL3Zz

Smallpox was the extermination of the Native Americans and they became infected by the European invaders.copyright protection2PENANAK6CnfGX4sE

According to the scientific consensus in general, at any moment a disease will devastate the human race, which we are actually living on borrowed time...copyright protection2PENANAcltho6zeVU

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