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Writer Capt. leon
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Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
13 Mins Read
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THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection3PENANAg3g9P3D23z

Chapter 4: Invaderscopyright protection3PENANAnrpLCKQMRM

Nailed in the only western passageway of the Shadow Mountains, Minas Morgul, the tower of dark magic, the ancient capital of Sauron's lieutenant, was being remodeled both inside and outside. Several engineers and masons, whether these humans, elves or dwarfs, worked shoulder to shoulder to remove all traces of horror from the ancient fortress of the warlock king of Angmar.copyright protection3PENANAzubmPffJOt

The task was not simple, Minas Ithil was built by Isildur himself as its old capital. The colossal moon tower was surrounded by a huge fortress, only Minas Tirith could stand up to it in terms of its massive structure, yet all the workers struggled and little by little the fortress regained its ancient beauty.copyright protection3PENANA95xqemtSpx

Faramir, who was named Prince of Minas Ithil three years ago, saw on one of the walls of the fortress the painstaking dedication of those who work to make the fortress a place of peace.copyright protection3PENANArMYRxBBnnt

Going up the steps, Beregond, captain of Minas Ithil, went to his master to inform him about the progress of the reconstruction being carried out everywhere.copyright protection3PENANAaWXljNByxp

“My lord, here I have the engineers' reports for you," said Beregond and handed the documents to Faramir, who read them carefully.copyright protection3PENANA2Guz7JVABk

It was rare for knights to know how to read or write, but Faramir was the son of Denethor, the last seneschal of Gondor, who forced his two sons to learn to read and write.copyright protection3PENANA7276UFHv24

“I see that everything is going well Beregond, at this step all traces of Sauron's influence and Angmar's sorcerer will disappear before Lady Eowyn comes.”copyright protection3PENANAYd1WykJ9Tg

“It is good to know that my lord, in a couple of more days, they will remove the scaffolding on the outer wall and then Minas Ithil will be able to show itself as it was in the times of Isildur.”copyright protection3PENANAzVX4u4NqFo

“That’s right Beregond, however, the twelve towers that surround the outer wall end in strange high, pointed battlements, it is as if Angmar's sorcerer had feared the attack of dragons or something like that.”copyright protection3PENANALNrSTmxBRA

“It is strange, my lord, but if you had decided to break down the battlements, the fortress would not have been finished by the time of Lady Eowyn’s arrival.”copyright protection3PENANAFQNHNl1xvU

“It's true, well, I guess we can tear down the battlements after my wedding with Eowyn," said Faramir, and this time a sweet smile was drawn on his face as his gaze was lost in happy memories.copyright protection3PENANAO5QLakQXKv

Beregond had more to report to his master, but he didn't want to disturb the moment of happiness that Faramir had, so he fixed his eyes on the superb and enormous bridge that crossed the river and the abyss.copyright protection3PENANAmvjOocaVO2

Beregond saw a figure rushing across the bridge as he waved his arms. The captain forced his eyes and could see that the figure was that of a child, but not just any one, it was his son Bergil, who ran as if he was escaping from a horde of orcs.copyright protection3PENANAvuTjbGEdda

“Isn't that your son Beregond?” Faramir asked and Beregond nodded.copyright protection3PENANA81fYNpiDn3

“Why is he running around so agitated? He seems like he wants to yell something at us.”copyright protection3PENANA9KzszXFKSu

The two men looked at the boy carefully and when he was near the other end of the bridge, they could hear him clearly.copyright protection3PENANAMoYFH9mmmz

“Orcs! A horde of orcs is coming!”copyright protection3PENANAwuBMtobM2z

Faramir and Beregond exchanged glances of surprise and shouted to the scaffolding workers to seek refuge within the fortress.copyright protection3PENANAPckoFTllDe

“Beregond, warn the guard and close the fortress door as soon as your son enters!” Faramir ordered.copyright protection3PENANAPqCN6jWtGj

Beregond rushed to his master's orders and then went to meet his son.copyright protection3PENANA3cOEYh3a45

“Bergil, I told you not to leave the fortress!”copyright protection3PENANAKTh4iXYEiC

“But father, if I had not done so, I would not have been able to see the orcs!”copyright protection3PENANAS72vU9PRCv

Beregond was about to answer his son when suddenly he heard the sound of horns and orcs war drums.copyright protection3PENANAbFH0kGinQm

The captain ordered his son to seek refuge, then went to the outer wall and along with the other soldiers and Faramir, saw the extent of the orc horde.copyright protection3PENANAtBfKFyHDc0

The orcs numbered in the thousands and waved their vulgar banners of war.copyright protection3PENANAf47iz2soU5

“My lord," said one of the guards to Faramir, "the masons informed me that the scaffolds cannot be dismantled from the outer wall because they are nailed to the stone.”copyright protection3PENANAT5LB55hnt8

“Damn it, so the orcs won't need siege machines to enter Minas Ithil, they'll only go up as if they were using simple stairs," said Faramir swallowing saliva. The entire outer wall was covered with scaffolding, the orcs would enter without opposition.copyright protection3PENANAJWJZGoxo2J

"My knights!” Faramir shouted as he drew his sword, "it seems that the time has come to test our courage and swords! We cannot allow Minas Ithil to fall again into the hands of the orcs! will you allow Lady Eowyn's face to be saddened at the sight of her city being seized and defiled by the enemy?”copyright protection3PENANApiOwBnz3Mt

“Nooo!” the guards shouted and prepared for what would be a short but brutal battle.copyright protection3PENANA9GzUhE0y2t

.copyright protection3PENANAHMpqM6PkvS

.copyright protection3PENANA3UaSrMg0Q2

Far from Minas Ithil, crossing the mountains of the shadows and south of Gondor, lies the land of Harondor, or as it is now called: South Gondor.copyright protection3PENANAtZI2T0HUzK

This land, unlike the grasslands of Gondor, is characterized by desert land, just like the rest of Harad or Khand, and these two latter kingdoms always confronted Gondor for the possession of these lands. Harondor has very specific boundaries, with the Poros River to the north and the Harnen River to the south, but this did not prevent the whole territory from changing hands as the centuries passed. Now, once again the kingdom of Gondor claimed these lands from the Southerners.copyright protection3PENANAngxMHjSxDo

Harad and Khand's defeat in the Pelennor camps set the southerners back, and Gondor's men believed that they would never lose those lands again. The families came and settled, but now the Southerners were crossing the Harnen and threatening the villagers.copyright protection3PENANApHiAAJmQJd

The captain of a group of knights, Bellego, mumbled how ill of his situation was when a knight approached him.copyright protection3PENANASdcBg6BY0a

“Sir, the Southerners have been expelled from Duilinor's camp.”copyright protection3PENANAInqga8A3Fd

“So old Duilinor did it with so few men, I knew he was still a competent man," said Bellego.copyright protection3PENANAr5VKFvt2md

“However, new breaches open up as we expel the invaders.”copyright protection3PENANAfersQHyrGz

“I know Halbargo, however, we can't do anything, it is impossible to watch the whole Harnen. After the battle of Pelennor, we lost many men, not counting our best cavalry when Prince Faramir tried to reconquer Osgiliath.”copyright protection3PENANACpW3F7bfaQ

“We also lost many brave warriors in the battle of Morannon, right in front of Mordor's black door.”copyright protection3PENANAtCVpmBVQEh

“True, my two brothers died there," replied Bellego.copyright protection3PENANA4UwvmmdVNU

“My own too, sir," said Halbargo. Now, once again our men fight and die on the battlefield, yet we are not facing any army, but we fight several skirmishes with forces scattered throughout the Harnen, even further inward, sir, what is going on?”copyright protection3PENANAuqjrtYyEeJ

“I don't know, but one thing is certain, I'd rather face an army, these skirmishes are wearing us out and the rations are running out," recognized Bellego with a tired voice. “When our King Aragorn sent us to expel the Southerners, I thought it would be a simple task, but more and more people are coming from different places and in the end we asked for reinforcements from the capital to contain this senseless invasion. We are already in the eighth reinforcement and we still can't say that we are in control of the situation, I will not lie to you Halbargo, things do not look good.”copyright protection3PENANAvIlq7I23yG

“Sir, I heard rumors that the entourage that went to the capital of Harad never returned.”copyright protection3PENANAkDAQ9WcmR0

Bellego moved restlessly on his horse.copyright protection3PENANAhmqANTzlyO

“After the battle of Pelennor, Gondor and Harad signed a peace agreement. The entourage went out to see why Harad broke the agreement, so far they are not coming back, and neither are the knights who went looking for them. The same thing happened with Khand.”copyright protection3PENANA53wquE9wHI

Halbargo looked with surprise at his captain when a guard approached them and told them that a battle was taking place with another invading group in another remote location.copyright protection3PENANAc1lNSuJ5RB

"What's the matter, is this an invasion or not? Where is its main army, it seems that all of Harad wants to cross the Harnen in a dispersed way, at this step we will have to go back to the Poros," thought Béllego alarmed as he galloped to face the Southerners in this new skirmish.copyright protection3PENANA68XwILqi7Z

.copyright protection3PENANA6c2CDwhM2Y

.copyright protection3PENANAuf0Q2SkMYb

While Gondor of the South faced the threat of the Harad and Khand men's skirmishes, it was the east of the kingdom of Rohan, the one who was engaged in an open invasion from what was once the black gate of Mordor to the south, to the ruins of the Dul Guldur tower, to the north and south of the black forest or Mirkwood.copyright protection3PENANAo4klB371le

Aldoron, a childhood friend of King Eomer and captain of Rohan, had just fought a battle with a large group of black orcs from the east.copyright protection3PENANA1rr344zlRC

“Damn unnatural spawns," said Aldoron to his lieutenant Baldoren, while he was wiping the sweat from his forehead, "they do not need thick clouds to fight in the open field; these spawners are immune to the discomfort caused by sunlight.”copyright protection3PENANAkmRkcUdwGb

“From the battle in Helm's Abyss, I had not seen black orcs," said Baldoren, while cleaning his sword that was soaked in the blood of orcs, "nor did I expect so many to come.”copyright protection3PENANAI4f2qQ6ySr

“After Sauron's defeat, I believed that these monsters would not dare to show their ugly faces in this place. It's only been three years and we're up against the Uruk-Hai again," said Aldoron and then spit on the side.copyright protection3PENANAMTTdXYixk9

“The battle is over, take the wounded to the camp," commanded Aldoron, and together with Baldoren, riding on their high horses, they hurriedly returned to the camp.copyright protection3PENANA9Ev1ZIWcfC

The wounded groaned in grief as they waited for someone to take them to the camp, while some scattered soldiers took charge of finishing off the surviving and badly wounded orcs, although no one had asked them to.copyright protection3PENANAoXHE08u6Gn

The whole battlefield was a mix-up with men coming and going without knowing where to turn. Some men were not even soldiers, they were the usual group of looters who always followed the army after every battle previously declared.copyright protection3PENANAythrGepYMJ

Aldoron finally arrived at his chaotic encampment, if not for the fact that his tent carried the royal flag of Rohan, which proudly flew very high, he would have been lost in the disperse and senseless distribution of the other tents.copyright protection3PENANA8VoEXnmTAB

Aldoron's tent served as his bed and at the same time a meeting place with the other knights to whom he had entrusted the leadership of his men. A long table and rough chairs were in place, only a pitcher of wine and a few glasses were the only sign of a certain luxury he could afford.copyright protection3PENANAwYzeCzn7G3

Rohan's army and anyone else in Middle Earth believed that anything like the comfort of home could soften the soldiers.copyright protection3PENANAvewMGd15bN

Aldoron felt his body crushed, but it was improper for a captain to remove his armor, he should wait until nightfall. Rohan’s men instead did remove their armor, but they continued to wear the mesh armor pending further instructions from their master.copyright protection3PENANAPkJdYGBkAb

Several knights arrived at Aldoron's tent and informed him of the other battles along the eastern border of the kingdom. Apparently the elves of the black forest helped their horsemen in the battle of the North and all the black orcs were exterminated.copyright protection3PENANAV79ulM4IUK

“It's a good thing the elves came to the aid of the northern army," admitted Aldoron, "what about the other orcs and goblins that came with them?”copyright protection3PENANAMpZjbFwdLI

“Sir, apparently they were driven by the black orcs to fight even though there was a clear sun in the sky," said one gentleman.copyright protection3PENANA0B2JO0qql0

“I never believed that simple orcs and goblins were in great numbers to battle despite the sunlight.”copyright protection3PENANABg7LLtyPcs

“From what I saw," the knight continued, "the fear to these black orcs is greater than they have of the sun.”copyright protection3PENANAAYRzi3fOg0

“This is worrying," said Aldoron, the leader of these attacks is also very intelligent, he made me believe that his main force would be heading south, but instead went north.copyright protection3PENANAwgBz0qAqQV

“Sir!” a soldier who had just entered the tent shouted, "The northern soldiers returning here were ambushed by a group of wild, strange-looking mountaineers!”copyright protection3PENANAqsbydX2LNf

“Explain yourself!” Aldoron shouted, rising from his seat and dropping his coarse chair.copyright protection3PENANAene5Xw8dko

“We were crossing the terrain, confident of having finished the battle, when several men ran out of the hills and began to fight against us," said the soldier with a frightened gesture on his face. “At first we thought they were mountaineers, but then we saw that their faces were different, they had slanted eyes and yellow skin and a broad nose, they had shaved heads and a long braid hung from the back of their heads.”copyright protection3PENANAeRFQqFg057

“Then what happened?” Aldoron asked.copyright protection3PENANAVwz75N58zS

“The men confronted us using curved swords like the men of the far south, but they also carried strange small arches that fired far away, and sir, they did not miss their aim," said the soldier. “Their leader, I think, was riding on a fat little horse. In the end we put an end to enemies and killed their leader, but at a very high price.”copyright protection3PENANAnNgBTe71rr

“I must go where that ambush took place and see these strange mountain people, are you sure they were not Harad's or Khand's men?” Aldoron asked.copyright protection3PENANAqGj6wJMMKR

“I am sure, sir, which I or another of my companions had never seen such warriors and I am sure I will never forget them, for they fought like a pack of angry wolves.”copyright protection3PENANAUGouOuhTCR

Aldoron ordered his men to get dressed and go to the place indicated by the soldier.copyright protection3PENANAMZF2AyhHAJ

“Our horses are already exhausted," Baldoren told him.copyright protection3PENANA91pt7VdTIX

“We can't do anything else, let's go north," Aldoron replied as he wondered what new threat this would pose.copyright protection3PENANALCE96sDomf

.copyright protection3PENANAg8fVbPtsx3

.copyright protection3PENANAbH4Aacwo5e

Far north of Middle Earth, in the ancient kingdom of Angmar, Braco, one of the northern Dúnedain returned from exploring the goblin territories.copyright protection3PENANAmRQ01XtFmP

The land of the old warlock king's kingdom was cold and hostile, yet it was at least habitable compared to the faraway lands of the north or the cold lands as the Southerners called them. Any man would have seen his march delayed before such difficult terrain, however, the Dúnedain, was accustomed to this dangerous territory so that his march was fast, constant and furtive.copyright protection3PENANAUCYaxa01Cy

Braco finally saw his destiny approach where five of his companions and an old man were waiting for him. When the scout arrived at the scene he saw that his companions had left, surely to fulfill other obligations, no matter they would soon return. It was the old man after all to whom he had to give his report of the things he saw and heard in the frozen lands of Angmar.copyright protection3PENANA4Og9prmVPs

“Gandalf, I have returned," said Braco, who went to the front of the campfire and began rubbing his hands.copyright protection3PENANA9bj0bkYFZk

“What news you bring me Braco.”copyright protection3PENANAvUXt4vD5wg

“Any news coming from Angmar is bad, you should know that Gandalf, however, the news I bring you are especially bad.”copyright protection3PENANADB4TLuk7p9

“Relative to the horde of trolls and orcs from the east I suppose," said Gandalf, knowing the answer beforehand.copyright protection3PENANAzykSzwdxbc

“Exactly, as you told us, the local population of trolls, orcs and goblins is not very happy with the newcomers. Surely there will be a war to define the new territories and the warlords who govern them.”copyright protection3PENANASG7PaclOhR

“How do you see the situation, do you think that the horde from the east will prevail easily?”copyright protection3PENANA4Ut9OeD8l3

“I don't know Gandalf, the goblins are very scared so it's most likely. From what I heard it seems that the new horde is made up of a large majority of brutal but cunning trolls, apparently headed for the ancient cursed city of Carn Dum, the former capital of the Nazgul king.”copyright protection3PENANAiUCDNb90Jl

“Carn Dum?” Gandalf whispered and took his hand to his chest because of the horror that this name evoked.copyright protection3PENANAdB2krcwM1N

“Yes, the goblins speak of these Eastern trolls thinking of settling in that place and making it their capital, imagine Gandalf, their capital!”copyright protection3PENANAD5I7fwlTFH

“These trolls are different from the ones we knew, they seem to be intelligent.”copyright protection3PENANAWXCyBpKKqt

“Smart trolls, I never thought the day would come when I saw something like this," said Braco, who finished warming his hands and now chewed a little bit of dried fruit.copyright protection3PENANA6E59Ywlvim

“Do you think the trolls decide to go south?”copyright protection3PENANAjWs13IypBd

Gandalf only gave the Dúnedain a preoccupied look, he only hoped that this invasion of the east would be limited to the north of Middle Earth, because if it spread to the east of Rohan, then the whole Middle Earth could face a serious problem.copyright protection3PENANA6ybI7M8Rxy

“And when we believed that we had already attained peace, we once again faced an enemy that threatens our existence," Gandalf muttered as he looked to the north, to the cursed land of Angmar.copyright protection3PENANAlEcqNbX9Hf

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection3PENANAv0cY2gGBFi

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