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Writer Capt. leon
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Council in Minas Tirith
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
13 Mins Read
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THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection5PENANAtnPjILxont

Chapter 5: Council in Minas Tirithcopyright protection5PENANAFpJcUU81Zz

The people of Minas Tirith were uneasy, everywhere there were murmurings about the breaking of the peace treaty between Gondor and Harad by the distant inhabitants of the south. The concern was on the rise because even though they were told that everything was under control, people were still coming from the southern Gondor territory and they testified that things were not really going well.copyright protection5PENANA1sVZRsLcgr

Two days ago  from the lands of Rohan, King Eomer and several of his knights came to the city to meet King Aragorn. The city's incessant rumors initially indicated that Rohan's men were called upon to help Gondor fight Harad's men, yet the coming of a northern caravan brought news of an invasion of Rohan's territories by Rhun's men.copyright protection5PENANASJOH2xtAVR

“Then again we are at war” several men whispered, not because it was forbidden to talk about these things, but because the threat of a new war filled the hearts of the people with fear.copyright protection5PENANA3BgNNaHWcG

The last North Caravan brought news that black orcs had also penetrated the eastern border of Rohan, but fortunately they had been repelled.copyright protection5PENANAvd9rd0TYc9

These whispered conversations came and went all over the fortress, and in the end the inhabitants looked up and prayed that the high lords of the royal palace would find a solution to scare away the clouds of war that loomed on the horizon.copyright protection5PENANAp5TeNWLgwH

“I don't see an easy solution for this wave of invasions," said Eomer, king of Rohan, "you tell me Aragorn, that your southern border is being invaded by men from Khand and Harad, so you can't come to help me.”copyright protection5PENANA8Aioo6z52L

“That's right, Eomer, it seems that all of Harad and Khand are crossing the southern border, there's no way to contain them," Aragorn admitted.copyright protection5PENANAMxZWYcWSb9

“And since the entire eastern border of Rohan faces the invasion of Rhun's men and the black orcs, I can't help you either," Eomer continued speaking in an angry and worried tone. “Moreover, as if that were not enough, new invaders who I can only say come from the distant steppes beyond Rhun, also cross my borders with the intention of waging war.”copyright protection5PENANA2BfWP2SAjp

The two kings were silent, and Aragorn watched everyone gathered. Members of all races of the Middle Earth had gone to Minas Tirith for advice in the face of the recent wave of invasions. It was the first time a council of this nature had been held since the one held in Rivendel by Elrond, when they tried to see what they would do with Sauron's ring.copyright protection5PENANAir0APoGotI

In addition to the humans, there were Flenegal and his younger brother Flaivias, both elves who together with a delegation of their race, came representing the elves of Lorien, Mirkwood and Rivendel.copyright protection5PENANAagg9cfm98x

“The Mirkwood Forest is being invaded by Rhun men, orcs and these new men from the far east," Flenegal said. “From Tranduil, which borders the lonely mountain to the north, to the ancient fortress of Amon Lanc or Dul Guldur as it was called before by the enemy.”copyright protection5PENANAib8y7YA0yT

“Lorien is also under attack from the forces of which my brother spoke," continued Flaivias, "and I understand that the invaders also wanted to cross the forest of Fangorn in order to go to Eriador, fortunately the ents prevented the enemy from passing through Isengard and crossing the fjords of Isen, otherwise the invaders would have reached the sea.”copyright protection5PENANAqQkqraO7zi

“Talking about the Lone Mountain," Danin, a dwarf sent as emissary of Erebor, suddenly intervened, "these same enemies have also attacked my people and we had to defend ourselves, we could have used the help of the elves, but they were busy defending the riders of Rohan.”copyright protection5PENANAQJy6SLmfUu

Flenegal tried to argue, but Dorrin, another dwarf sent from the Iron Mountains, interrupted him.copyright protection5PENANAMdFVLNTlOs

“We do not try to blame the elves, we know that it is impossible to provide the necessary help, even if one asks for it sincerely.”copyright protection5PENANAfejAEKLtRk

“Dorrin," said Flaivias, "I assure you that your sneaky reproaches have no reason to be, the warning of the invaders' attack came too late and besides, the Iron Mountains are far from the Lonely Mountain to the east.”copyright protection5PENANALI3kOW5bbZ

“The Blue Mountains, the White Mountains and the Druwaith Iaur are also far from the elf forests," said Dwollin, a dwarf from the mountains west of Gondor and Rohan, in the territories of Eriador. “Will the elves also hide in their soft excuses when the enemy will stand before our gates?”copyright protection5PENANAFYdlTY8MkW

Several dwarves who also arrived representing their own kingdoms, nodded strongly and began to recriminate the elves present, who in turn rebuked the dwarves.copyright protection5PENANAeAbybQiWja

“Gentlemen, please!” Aragorn was imposed to put the meeting in order. “These senseless discussions are getting us nowhere. We are all aware that we are facing an invasion throughout the east and south of Middle Earth, we also know that after the battles of Helm's Abyss, the Pelennor Fields and the Black Gate, our forces have been greatly reduced, we also know that both elves and dwarfs do not have enough forces to help each other, at least not at this time.”copyright protection5PENANAh4SkoHhuSt

“What can we do Aragorn?” asked Eomer.copyright protection5PENANAuxsHTlG280

“To be able to save this situation, we must first know what or who caused all these enemies to come to our lands. As I explained, I sent a group of Dúnedain to Bree to capture a man who may have been the key to deciphering all this.”copyright protection5PENANAZnBaVM0dJj

“You talk in past Aragorn, what happened?” asked Eomer.copyright protection5PENANAn0ogkNXChP

“The man in question was captured, although one of my men was killed. As I was reported, the subject offered resistance and although he was not armed, he used movements that according to my men seemed to be: "just like the claws of a cat and the attacks of an eagle", a way of fighting that they had never seen before.”copyright protection5PENANA6LnysgU8i3

“And what happened to the man, did you interrogate him King Aragorn?” asked Forrin, a dwarf from the White Mountains.copyright protection5PENANA9hqKsmxszg

“When I tried to interrogate the man, who had the same features as the men of the distant lands beyond the Rhun, he sat on the ground in a strange way and then holding his neck and jaw, he proceeded to break his neck.”copyright protection5PENANAMXgaeBXbee

The group inside the hall began to murmur about what Aragorn told them.copyright protection5PENANA0k0nTtENBW

“I had never seen a man do that before, and the look he gave me was as if he were mocking. We cannot continue to fight without knowing the forces that drives these invasions, we must negotiate with our attackers and prepare to fight the real enemy. For my part, I have already ordered all my forces to leave the territories of Southern Gondor, so that the men of Harad and Khand will stop attacking and diminishing the forces that I could use them for other purposes, which would not only involve the protection of my borders, but also the protection of the territories of eastern Rohan and thus also help the elves and dwarfs of the north.”copyright protection5PENANARLehwGE39e

All present nodded and agreed that they should at least seek an alliance with Rhun's men, who were at least people known to the council members and could help them at least with the orcs problem, when Hurin, captain of Gondor suddenly entered the room.copyright protection5PENANAkVbA5pb3Bp

Hurin was known for always keeping the proper composure, typical of every great captain, but at that moment he was agitated and with a look of dismay on his face.copyright protection5PENANAiBKiZDLDrn

“Forgive my king, his majesties and envoys of various kingdoms," Hurin said. “We have just received news that a large orc's horde has approached Minas Ithil where Prince Faramir commands the fortress.”copyright protection5PENANAAi9OAFveJE

All present exchanged nervous glances.copyright protection5PENANAs3zEDF4PJF

“What is the situation of Minas Ithil?” Arwen asked, who had remained silent until that moment.copyright protection5PENANAf1hZkhD6U5

“Well, you see, my lady, I... It's incredible, but...”copyright protection5PENANAuunDjYiOd1

“What's going on Hurin? Speak at once," said Aragorn, fearing the worst.copyright protection5PENANAtG43kIIpxr

“Prince Faramir is now arriving in the city, and he does not come alone. Apparently he comes with several orcs, which want to meet with your majesties to form an alliance.”copyright protection5PENANA5NtmMNDqUy

.copyright protection5PENANAvo3T1mRjb5

.copyright protection5PENANAlFLqI59rvH

At the eastern end of the Ash Mountains in Mordor, the cat girls' military camp was professionally developing their activities. The entire camp was symmetrical and ordered according to the nature of each of the tents. Several silk partitions were placed around and inside the camp, forming what seemed to be streets, which were signposted and with guards stationed in strategic positions to direct the arrival and departure of the soldiers who were tingling around the place on an incessant tour.copyright protection5PENANATAumXhaBH4

Each of the soldiers had a job to do inside the camp, whether it was some sort of logistical work or, on the contrary, taking a well-deserved rest or playing, whether they wanted it or not, since the rest commissioner made sure that this last aspect was fulfilled with all the necessary rigour.copyright protection5PENANA9ctc6uzXOL

“The duty of a soldier is also to rest and play," said the commissar. Together with his men, the commissar watched so that all those who were not on duty could play or rest and then be fresh for battle.copyright protection5PENANA3arOA9UJBp

The soldiers inside the camp, whether they were on duty or not, had the help of their families, as the army was accompanied by their relatives, this to ensure certain aspects: First, that the soldiers should always be with their morale high, enjoying the company of their loved ones; second, that they should not feel homesick and thus be tempted to return; and third, that in the face of certain death, they should not decide to desert.copyright protection5PENANAqu0VRXc2yU

This measure implied other benefits to the army, such as preventing the spread of venereal diseases and the proven effect of living with a good degree of comfort, which ensured good performance later in combat, only the ignorant gaijin considered luxury as something that could soften the soldiers.copyright protection5PENANA7H6AUd4uaT

Watchmen stationed far away from the camp and who rode without a break, making their reports known continuously, assured the tranquility of the camp, as well as several shinobis camouflaged in the landscape.copyright protection5PENANAge3H2EQWos

Several jockeys travelled around the camp in their turn of practice, riding their mares in the company of other mares and camels as they did every time they went to war. This was not an eccentricity, but it exploded all the logistics applied for the war, in case of necessity the riders drank the mares' milk and if the thing became more difficult they drank a little of their blood, enough to feed themselves without having to kill them, they had several mares per rider to change of saddle and not to tire the animal, in this way they always had a fast saddle in the ones that were already resistant small mares of the steppes, camels were not useful for saddle, despite being also very fast and extremely resistant in extreme, their function was to carry several quiver full of arrows piercing armor, so the cat girls army seemed to have an unlimited supply of arrows.copyright protection5PENANAmPWmKNjWQS

All this calibrated and oiled war machinery had as its center the general command tent, in which Chaika looked closely at the maps placed in front of her.copyright protection5PENANAQXAXxuaCZl

The army had split in two, Urd was fighting to the south with the main army, while Chaika had been charged with penetrating Mordor and seizing the plains of Nurn, which were the sustenance of Sauron's former army.copyright protection5PENANAvfzzWCdNyB

The mission was supposed to be simple, after the defeat of Sauron, the orcs were supposed to have left these lands, however, in an incredible way they had recovered from the fall of their lord and had occupied Mordor, giving battle to the army of Chaika.copyright protection5PENANAfUqcha0A7Q

Every time Chaika entered Mordor heading for Nurn and pulling back the orcs of Agog, a large group of orcs under Zugul’s command penetrated the eastern end of the ash mountains and forced Chaika to return north of Mordor to account for the enemy. This operation took place over and over again and Chaika was frustrated.copyright protection5PENANAsYN2Wlx7Xx

“Cursed orcs. This is never over," Chaika said as she stubbornly looked at the maps as if waiting for them to change its drawings to please her.copyright protection5PENANAttM32JFfwe

Chaika was in trouble and knew it, could not continue to come and go from the fields of Nurn and the swamp of the plains of Gorgoroth to the east end of the Ash Mountains, in the end the morale of men would resent to take and leave each time the land in dispute with the orcs.copyright protection5PENANARM9hYqsY1A

“Damn it, if only all the orcs were inside Mordor, but every time I expose the rear of my army. I don't have enough troops to make it through the Gorgoroth and at the same time withstand a massive attack from the rear.copyright protection5PENANAOuzCxwY4EW

“Chaika sama," said Amane, who had just entered the tent, "Urd sama’s army is a short gallop from the camp.”copyright protection5PENANAB7pobs7QIE

Chaika swallowed saliva and then turned around and put a serene face on her friend, though she didn't quite make it.copyright protection5PENANA5zqeRpFknG

“How can I tell my aunt that I failed in my mission?”copyright protection5PENANAUcauPH0NME

“Just tell her the  facts Chaika," Amane said, leaving the military tone behind and taking the young general's friend tone. “Mordor was supposed to be empty. Besides, every time you tried to fight the orcs, they took refuge in the plains of Gorgoroth, that whole territory is a huge swamp, our riders would be useless in that terrain.”copyright protection5PENANAJoM9MXBUOj

“This place is a mousetrap, if we go too far we could get trapped and our army would be exterminated, there are many places to be ambushed and the riders are useless in this whole land disaster," Chaika said as she put her helmet on.copyright protection5PENANAyTTZ8KoN4L

“Chaika sama," Mamoru said nervously as he entered the tent. “Urd sama and her army are about to arrive at the camp.”copyright protection5PENANAuZYEtNmuB8

Chaika went to greet Urd. Amane and Mamoru looked at her friend with concern in her eyes, though smiles were forced to cheer her on.copyright protection5PENANA9kxVtjT5eH

“Don’t forget Chaika,” Amane recommended, “Urd Sama surely knows about the failure of the mission, so just confine yourself to giving her your preliminary report, don’t be afraid and everything will be fine.”copyright protection5PENANAoMBhLJ29x6

“Cheer up Chaika," Mamoru said with a smile to encourage her childhood friend.copyright protection5PENANAV16UGAH24i

Urd along with her riders arrived faster than expected, in the same way that the cat-girl army always used to arrive, due to their mobility devilish.copyright protection5PENANAbeDI9722cg

The riders formed a corridor through which the mare of Urd passed calmly. The aura of the commander of the fourth army was intimidating, but Chaika remained still keeping her composure.copyright protection5PENANAKA3lSP5UYD

“Chaika," said Urd once stood in front of her niece and without getting off the horse, "I received reports about your mission to take the fields of Nurn.”copyright protection5PENANA1UF8OlIwoN

“General Urd," Chaika said in a firm tone, "it was impossible for me to carry out the mission. The Nurn camps could not be taken because of the orcs that were going to fight us from beyond the Gorgoroth and the orcs that descended from the north at the end of the Ash Mountains. To continue with the mission would be tantamount to sentencing your soldiers under my command to a certain and unproductive death.”copyright protection5PENANAPA1tjbAldM

Urd looked at Chaika attentively and stood still and said nothing.copyright protection5PENANACYnFkguqat

“My lady, anything else I say would be an excuse, so please do what you have to do," said Chaika and took off her helmet, then bowed down and showed off her slim, slender, helpless neck, ready to be beheaded. Amane and Mamoru put on faces of anguish, but stood firm in their positions.copyright protection5PENANA3coJkd43Jt

Urd got off her horse and approached Chaika, and with the kindness of a mother she forced her niece to look at her.copyright protection5PENANAQz3S2m3CIh

“Chaika, remember when I told you that the secret of victory lies in knowing how to withdraw? You did well Chaika, you made the right decision.”copyright protection5PENANAokfM0A2v0d

“Urd sama...”copyright protection5PENANAZ3qnMKAROk

“Chaika, if you had continued with the mission just to please me and you had lost a horde of twenty thousand soldiers, in that case, it would not have been necessary for you to give me your report, I would have killed you myself without giving you a chance to even look me in the eye," Urd said, and Chaika trembled a little.copyright protection5PENANAlFTpxVMByv

“We will head towards the forest and sea of Rhun, where we will stock up as soon as winter comes, once all of Rhovanion and Vanion are covered by snow, we will begin our true attack on Middle Earth.copyright protection5PENANASXQ8JQIMlJ

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection5PENANAZlNpIAajsY

Author's final notes: Genghis Khan, organized his army into units of ten, that is, ten, one hundred, one thousand, and ten thousand men. Each of these divisions had its own name, but two or more units of ten thousand men were called hordu, hence the horde name, which in the case of the Mongols was not a "barbaric horde", but an army with a very advanced organization for the time.copyright protection5PENANADNEwdcsZN1

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