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Writer Capt. leon
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Unexpected alliance
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
14 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!tsIO2VAkURKHJf3Sdh5hposted on PENANA

THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection4PENANAQEbo1cdH63

Chapter 6: Unexpected alliancecopyright protection4PENANAwzveoyaZS4

The chaos broke out in the streets of Minas Tirith, as rumors of the most absurd spread at the speed of fire, according to these, their beloved lord and prince of Minas Ithil, Faramir, had entered the fortress accompanied by several orcs mounted on wild huargos and had gone to the palace.copyright protection4PENANAQDMzTQs78y

Some laughed at such absurd gossip and said that surely his lord Faramir had captured these orcs and was taking them to the palace for questioning.copyright protection4PENANAoZczneMBWS

“There was no need to take these monsters to the palace," said the men.copyright protection4PENANAEss9HQIRQA

“And if it were, why did they ride in huargos?” others asked.copyright protection4PENANAWGeIg7zIeH

Rumors and arguments were rising and no one agreed, except for one thing, these events surely had something to do with the invasion unleashed in Gondor to the south and east of Rohan.copyright protection4PENANAgCGtc3HYFD

“Faramir, I can't believe you're serious!” cried Eomer, King of Rohan, as he pounded the table in front of him.copyright protection4PENANARj6jtOabF0

“Faramir, what you are proposing is very extreme," said Aragorn, unable to give credit to his ears.copyright protection4PENANAMCH0lX7UGm

“But my King Aragorn, King Eomer of Rohan, is the only solution! Agog and his orcs captains are on the other side of the door and they expect a favorable response from you.”copyright protection4PENANACXZirbm8a1

“Faramir, it is obvious that the orcs have set you up to trust them," said Aragorn with a heavy gesture.copyright protection4PENANAM1lTlOHvZn

“Listen Faramir, if you keep insisting on this matter, I will not allow my sister to marry you!” Eomer threatened, but Faramir was not intimidated.copyright protection4PENANAwMZdMkbUeS

“If this had been a trap, Agog’s horde could have taken Minas Ithil and killed every man, woman and child inside, and that includes dwarfs and elves!” Faramir exclaimed with his eyes fixed on the messengers elves and dwarfs who had come to Gondor and were shocked by his proposal.copyright protection4PENANAgQQg9hswqC

The foreign emissaries began to protest, as did Éomer and his entourage, even the captains of Gondor were upset, but did not reveal their dissatisfaction because of the respect they had for Faramir.copyright protection4PENANAxdES60HOvG

“Faramir," said Aragorn massaging his left temple, "you have to come to your senses, what you propose is absurd, we cannot make an alliance with the orcs.”copyright protection4PENANAb1taffuraJ

“But Agog has no intention of attacking Gondor, he even tried to convince Zugul, who is the orc leader who attacked Rohan and the elves and dwarfs, to desist from his warmongering.”copyright protection4PENANAjrAaHKr9gS

“Faramir," insisted Aragorn, "so you tell me that Agog only wants us not to attack him so that he doesn't have to fight on two fronts. I doubt very much that he will in any way respect any aspect of this absurd alliance that you propose, once he has secured the Minas Ithil front.”copyright protection4PENANAMO5qGcqo0W

“It is true," said Éomer, "what we should do is kill these orcs and then send men to destroy this horde of orcs, Aragorn, my men are at your disposal.”copyright protection4PENANA4bYyldNQEY

“You cannot decide that! I gave my word to Agog, that he and his men would not suffer any harm in Minas Tirith! ¡I gave my word!”copyright protection4PENANAAYpa86VAfb

Aragorn was disturbed by this.copyright protection4PENANAs2ZxsGJT4K

“The words of an orc are worth the same as the dung of pigs," said Funbol, another of the dwarf lords of the blue mountains who aspired to become the lord of Moria.copyright protection4PENANAQ9VOHg2v7H

"Boy," Funbol said, referring to Faramir, "I see in your eyes the strength of a true knight, but I also see the naivety of someone your age, believe me, you can't trust those beasts. If you keep insisting on this ridiculous idea of an alliance with these creatures, I'm afraid I must understand that the judgment of humans has already fallen to the lowest, if so, I and I believe that the rest of the respectable dwarf lords here present, we must leave and weather this storm alone, as we have always done.”copyright protection4PENANAtHFSSOZNof

“Funbol...” was trying to say Aragorn, to calm the tempers and prevent the dwarves from leaving.copyright protection4PENANAYQhYoKE8EJ

“The elves agree with the dwarfs, at least in this aspect," Flenegal said suddenly. “I understand that Faramir gave his word, so I think it would be best to let Agog and his orcs go, but the elves of Mirkwood, Lorien and Rivendel would never accept an alliance with such creatures who obey only evil.”copyright protection4PENANASuSOjA4l5c

Both dwarves and elves began to withdraw from the hall, while Aragorn and Faramir saw the scene helplessly.copyright protection4PENANA2zTIrLwryU

“Dear emissaries, I beg you to wait a moment please," said Arwen suddenly and went to the center of the hall.copyright protection4PENANAGwLXuaH9jl

All the elves and dwarf emissaries regained their seats and fixed their attention on Arwen.copyright protection4PENANASbQLZ9l4ur

“I ask you respectable gentlemen to take into consideration Prince Faramir's proposal," said Arwen and everyone present looked at the queen with astonishment.copyright protection4PENANAgx0afsVMTt

“But Queen Arwen, your Majesty," said Flaivias astonished. Of all the people present here, you should be the one most opposed to this idea of an alliance with the orcs.”copyright protection4PENANAHz0txvDfFW

“I am Arwen Undómiel, Queen of Gondor. I am the daughter of Elrond, Lord of Rivendel and Celebrian, she daughter of Galadriel and Celeborn, lords of Lorien and the forest of green leaves or Mirkwood," said Arwen solemnly, "everyone here knows the story when Celebrian, my beloved mother was captured and outraged by the orcs.”copyright protection4PENANAAx8rj8AEd5

All present were silent and watched Arwen put her hands together to prevent grief from dominating her.copyright protection4PENANA6tC6DSyzEr

“My poor mother, outraged, shattered, broken... my brothers Elladan and Elrohir, maddened by the fury, went into the woods and chased the orcs that had harmed my mother to the point of killing them all. We took my mother to the elf forests, but not even my father's love or that of my grandparents managed to get my mother out of the pit where she had sunk, in the end they had to take her to the white shores so that she could somehow find in that place the peace she had lost.” Arwen looked down on the ground and her body began to tremble a little.copyright protection4PENANA2l13PyzsNe

“However, I think my mother would have wanted all races in the Middle Earth to have an alliance so as to ensure perpetual peace," Arwen looked at everyone with a sad smile as thick tears streamed down his cheeks. “I'm sure she would have understood Faramir's proposal.”copyright protection4PENANApoMyP5GpKT

All present exchanged glances.copyright protection4PENANAuQn7W1ZvAE

“If you, my lady, who has suffered so much, are willing to carry out this plan regarding the alliance... then I see no reason for me to be against it," said Flenegal and his younger brother Flaivias nodded.copyright protection4PENANAWD0XHPwgij

Danin, Dorrin, Dwollin, Forrin and Funbol also nodded.copyright protection4PENANAuHHhfxmVW7

“The hatred between the dwarves and the orcs has already generated a lot of pain and sorrow," Funbol said, "the honor that was taken from us by the enemy can never be repaired, but if the elves and Queen Arwen are willing to put aside the hatred and resentment, we also commit ourselves to do the same.”copyright protection4PENANAPrXcyUeypO

Aragorn went to his wife and hugged her to comfort her. Eomer saw Faramir and nodded his head, the other captains were also satisfied with the decision made.copyright protection4PENANAclscj92Pqk

The doors of the hall opened suddenly and three individuals entered through them.copyright protection4PENANA9V1Qchnzdk

“Gandalf, Legolas, Gimli!” Aragorn shouted without being able to give credit to his eyes.copyright protection4PENANAG2MDflxtTX

“I have lived the same as three hundred men, but it is now when I see that at last all races not only unite, but leave behind the horror to glimpse the future together," said Gandalf and he went to Arwen and took her by the hand. “My Lady Undómiel, you are not only the evening star, but also the light of hope.”copyright protection4PENANAi6iLjCVlsl

“Gimli and I met Gandalf when we were coming to Minas Tirith, we wanted to go to help and give you advice, but I see that everything was favorable," Legolas said with a smile.copyright protection4PENANAFBgHrtYP2c

“I knew that behind every great king there is an even more extraordinary queen, blessed are these ears that heard your noble speech, Queen Arwen," said Gimli as he bowed.copyright protection4PENANAaIeXluiTYc

Arwen wiped away her tears and thanked the former members of the fellowship for their words.copyright protection4PENANAQgj92CMXYe

Once they all showed up, Aragorn looked at the audience and they returned approving looks.copyright protection4PENANAiEPzmh2l74

“Let Agog and his orcs enter the council," ordered Aragorn, very sure that such an order was never given before by any king or seneschal of Gondor.copyright protection4PENANAxhMLe8gx2e

“King Aragorn asks for your presence," Hurin said with authority after opening the doors and letting the orcs through.copyright protection4PENANAJTu23xFPuE

The guards led the orc leader who kept a calm pace, unlike his men who turned their heads and stared in amazement at all the decoration of the place.copyright protection4PENANA3NiTmFao0h

Agog was a Uruk-Hai orc, with a darker pigmentation than the other orcs of his class, was also very muscular and his size exceeded any other orcs that Aragorn or anyone present had seen before. Agog, had a shaved head, which did not look good for the already aggressive face of the orc.copyright protection4PENANAtxzgjNozlq

Next to Agog, came a group of ten, which were common orcs, Uruk-Hai and goblins, among them came a grey and limpish orc.copyright protection4PENANAN5ki8nPNcj

Aragorn was surprised to see this last orcs, in all his years of fighting the green skins, had never seen an old orc, since those creatures had short lives due to the brutal nature they had.copyright protection4PENANAsg7K9tpjSq

“King Aragorn of the Gondors," Agog introduced himself. “I am Agog leader of the orcs of the grey huargo, and these are my orcs that follow me. We're here to ask for an alliance with you.”copyright protection4PENANAAlX9CgX0Pj

“I am informed Agog, leader of the orcs of the grey huargo that you came for this reason," said Aragorn, "Prince Faramir, lord of Minas Ithil and son of Denethor, ancient seneschal of Gondor, attests to your intentions.”copyright protection4PENANArCoLVw8Kjl

“Even then, king of the Gondor, he accepts to have a very good alliance with me.”copyright protection4PENANA4LBbwKEW3x

“First Agog, you should note that several of those present in this room come as emissaries of their respective realms. Realms that fought against Sauron's forces, enemy of the world," Aragorn said with authority.  “Agog, the lords present here, including King Eomer of the Kingdom of Rohan, would first like to know the reason for this unusual request for alliance.”copyright protection4PENANAmETkOvAMwq

Agog looked at Eomer in surprise and bowed, as when he did so as not to attract the wrath of his former nazgul masters.copyright protection4PENANA5X2tJYZRIj

Mostly I have fought for Mordor and the great eye, but it was with whippings that I did it. I will not lie when I say that I did not enjoy killing and pillaging, but I prefer never to face the elves, dwarves and men again. I fought very much against Rhun's men and the stepparis and I prefer them in combat before facing the steel bite of Western men.”copyright protection4PENANAcM5NYCyDyB

“Agog," said Aragorn to him, "do you know what prompted Rhun's men to invade the lands of the kingdom of Rohan?”copyright protection4PENANAaVf4g4zQQ5

“King Aragorn and king of Rohan, Agog fought very much in the far-off lands beyond Rhun, but only to the barbarians of the steppes, it is better that Shagra tell you this because he was the one who fought very much in the far east and was the only orc who returned to tell it.”copyright protection4PENANAhV3koMioE0

The old Orc hobbled as he approached his leader and bowed strangely, kneeling and bending the trunk while extending his hands, one of which ended in a hook.copyright protection4PENANAHRNMFLodoX

“King Aragorn, King Eomer, I am Shagra without father or mother, I fought in the far east by order of the great eye, cursed be his name," Shagra spat and rose again. “The great eye sent its captains, the nazgul to their lands to recover something he never told us it was, but east of Rhun, concentrated the greatest of his forces, not to fight the stepparents, but the... the Tartars who live by the sea and beyond this but also near the end of the world.”copyright protection4PENANAOzT4D99d0Z

Aragorn exchanged views with Gandalf and his wife.copyright protection4PENANAihUmBj8THM

“Talk more about these Tartars Shagra," Aragorn ordered anxiously.copyright protection4PENANAUoEHbjtzwS

“We orcs believe that if we don't fight and assault enough, the orcs come down, we go to hell, a place called Tartarus, that's what we call the army of the distant east," said Shagra nervously. “The great eye sent one and a half of the two to fight the Tartars, while only half of his hand attacked the west.”copyright protection4PENANAxlrqq4AziA

The dwarves and elves murmured at each other.copyright protection4PENANAzASuWuN5nv

“You say Shagra that Sauron sent only twenty, thirty percent of his forces to the middle earth?” Aragorn asked, surprised.copyright protection4PENANASiUw05PtFm

Even so is King Aragorn, the great eye sent two of his ten men to this place. Beyond Rhun and the steppe barbarians he sent the remaining eight out of ten," said Agog, and with a glance he indicated that Shagra would continue his account.copyright protection4PENANAlcHND8SdIa

“The Tartars or as we call them in mockery, the cats, are thin and mortal like elves, but also robust and mortal like dwarfs. Just as here they have an alliance with other creatures and form a great empire that drinks the blood of their enemies," said Shagra, this time nervous. “The Tartars have the wind speed and endurance of the mountains, every time we lost, they chased us and reached us to behead us. There was no way of defeating them even though we went deep into their territory on several occasions, in the end, we allied ourselves to the steppes and the revenge of the Tartars was terrible, we were defeated, beheaded and... and formed whole pyramids with the skulls of orcs and humans. They came to our camps and continued to form pyramids with our skulls and that of humans... They even placed the skulls of women, children and all animals.”copyright protection4PENANAOhLGLIazNy

The murmurs spread throughout the hall and Shagra continued.copyright protection4PENANA4GRYcR32kJ

“The balrogs obeyed the dark lord, the true dark lord, they ignored the great eye, but even so they went to the far east, with the promise of the great eye to wage an endless war, there were dozens of them and they commanded us, but they fell under the steel of the Tartars... And now they are coming here," said Shagra afraid. “Their forces are many much greater than the stars of the sky or the grains of sand on the beach, that's why we are looking for an alliance, it's the only way not to end up as skull pyramids or the forests of orcs and impaled men, all of them without ears, without ears in the pyramids, without ears in the stakes... the Tartars sent us lots of sacks filled with them, so many that I would never have believed it if it wasn't because it was me and others who gave it to the Balrogs in person. Shagra can't count, but I keep a part of one of the caporals.”copyright protection4PENANAoGV6tyelLW

The old orc took a filthy parchment out of his clothes and gave it to Aragorn.copyright protection4PENANAwzehgZZryM

Aragorn knew in addition to the elf and dwarf languages, the dark language of Mordor and his writing, so he took the scroll and proceeded to read it.copyright protection4PENANA0CtRBFJFI4

Aragorn's face lost its color in an instant and he fixed his eyes once again on Shagra, who nodded as he cried.copyright protection4PENANAo6KjdeSsAE

“They devoured us, sir, and they will devour us if we do nothing.”copyright protection4PENANAp6dDnuCnWa

“This is impossible, Shagra, you're sure these notes are accurate!” exclaimed Aragorn.copyright protection4PENANAaWNDOoix40

Likewise they are King Aragorn, the Balrog skinned alive those who were mistaken with the scrolls, they skinned them with their whips of fire.”copyright protection4PENANABs7mMkBENb

Gandalf was surprised by the semblant of Aragorn and approached him asking for the scroll, Aragorn gave it to him and the magician eagerly read the notes.copyright protection4PENANAiciwPG1r3X

“What happens Aragorn, what the hell does this scroll say?” Gimli asked.copyright protection4PENANACdUqQIP9gT

“It says that the balrog was given sacks containing... forty million ears," said Aragorn and everyone present looked nervously at each other.copyright protection4PENANAaRlie7CPMp

“The king of the Tartars is a creature with the name of Urd, the stepparis called him "the scourge of God" and they say that where his horse stepped on the grass never sprouted” Shagra moaned while shrinking for having pronounced the name of Urd.copyright protection4PENANA14CjBr0CS3

Shagra could no longer continue because he fainted in the horror of his memories. One of Agog's captains took the body of the old orc to one side while his leader held a firm position.copyright protection4PENANAzvhtV8bKis

“Then King Aragorn, does Agog have his alliance?”copyright protection4PENANADsjZKy7nnT

Aragorn passed the view over all present and stopped at his wife.copyright protection4PENANANoXpIyQIaJ

“Yes, Agog, you have my word that while the threat of Urd and the Tartar hordes is upon us, the kingdom of Gondor and your forces will have an alliance.”copyright protection4PENANAMKf4dadpVv

There was no turning back, Agog spat on his right palm and Aragorn had to tighten it. The same procedure was followed by Eomer, and the delegation of the elves and dwarfs promised Agog that they would intercede for their kingdoms to join the alliance.copyright protection4PENANARzXbyIJF67

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection4PENANAyTwwje5aXg

Final notes of the author: The Tartars are a Turkish people who are not related to the Mongols, however, the medievals used this term to refer to all those invaders of the eastern steppes, such as the hordes of Genghis Khan. This was because according to Greek tradition, it was the Tartarus where hell was located, it was a way of saying that the Eastern invaders were like an army coming from hell.copyright protection4PENANATK09Oek1Ef

Attila the Hun was called "the scourge of God" and it was said that where his horse stepped on did not grow grass.copyright protection4PENANAwwOuInds3j

History tells us that the Mongols killed forty million people in their invasions and that one way of scaring the kings to conquer was to send them sacks full of severed ears, each belonging to a different dead body.copyright protection4PENANAzBd58xkeHh

When the Mongolian army wanted to create panic, they erected pyramids with the skulls of the entire local population, including animals.copyright protection4PENANAuB1vKQK4Sp

About the impaled bodies, I took it from another source, specifically from Vlad Tepes the Impaler, i. e. Dracula.copyright protection4PENANAjpW8UEw77z

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