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Writer Capt. leon
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Naval Battle on the Rhun Sea
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
15 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!HELTmO3FTN8x367eWfaRposted on PENANA

Preliminary notes by the author: in previous chapters I used Mongolian, Chinese and Japanese tactics and technologies. Now comes weapons, tactics and technology from ancient Korea. As much as you may think, remember that things like cannons and flame-throwing, poisonous weapons and armoured ships were already used by ancient Eastern civilizations long before the end of the Middle Ages in Europe.copyright protection4PENANASxjPYMsrTm

THE SCOURGE OF GODcopyright protection4PENANAMA1xunly2e

Chapter 7: Naval Battle on the Rhun Seacopyright protection4PENANAlbLpiTDf8O

In the plains of Dorwinion, Urd's army was supplied thanks to the fertile fields by the Rhun sea, this sea had as borders to the east a leafy forest and to the west a chain of mountains, it was the perfect place to gather food and prepare for the arrival of winter. Not to take shelter from this one, but once the heavy snowfalls arrived, Urd and her army would invade Middle Earth, since the army of cat girls, unlike the other existing armies, attacked during the harsh and cruel winters.copyright protection4PENANA61lqQkdjL6

Dorwinion was located to the northwest of the Rhun Sea and west of the river to the north and which was divided in two, the eastern branch called the river Carnen or Redwater, came up to the iron mountains or Ered Engrin; while the western branch called the river Celduin or River Running, went up to the north of the Mirkwood Forest, the long lake, where the human cities were located; and in the end, the great dwarf kingdom of Erebor.copyright protection4PENANAFxGG4b3qJ6

The logistics soldiers of the Famnya army carried out their work with professionalism as a result of constant practices, and on the banks of the Rhun River, a varied group of soldiers and engineers armed the ships that would protect access to the interior sea. A simple caution due to the kingdoms located to the north.copyright protection4PENANAE4iquAj7Ps

Urd was in her tent wearing a soft kimono, while practicing with a long brush the complicated calligraphy of her race. One of the tiny, multicolored little birds landed on her right shoulder and began to sing melodiously. Gigi, the black cat, looked up at the confident bird as if it was compromising the cat girl's safety, but then lay back down at the side of the entrance as the sunbeams toasted his black fur.copyright protection4PENANAWWuhnlBAEm

“Aunt Urd," said Chaika, who along with Sakurai had entered the store.copyright protection4PENANAGjTnZYy3ph

“What do you want, Chaika?”copyright protection4PENANAa3msuQ3OYT

“I just came to let you know that we have completed the construction of the underground stables, so that our reserve mounts will be protected from the winter. We will also be on the verge of ending the kobukson ships, and the sixty gunboat and navy soldiers are ready to train on the ships, as well as the seventy rowing soldiers, all of them for each boat.”copyright protection4PENANAhUPLcd6NNK

“Notify me when the turtles ships are sent to the Rhun Sea, send the cats to tell us where the winds will blow and if there will be a storm before the practice begins," Urd said, while she was still writing with the brush.copyright protection4PENANAat34Q32p7r

“And why is that Urd sama?” asked Sakurai, who was already making tea.copyright protection4PENANAHhv3K0UNOS

“That's because of the poisonous gas used in the tiger's head, we don't want the gas to reach the camp," Urd replied.copyright protection4PENANAG6NwRZJXNx

“My comrades and I waited for this labor delicious food from Rhun's sea," said Gigi drowsy and lay down again this time showing his belly.copyright protection4PENANAHX0L2RP4hW

“You never saw the turtle boats, did you, Sakurai?” Chaika asked, and Sakurai shook his head.copyright protection4PENANAwYe22Y3WMS

“I will take you to see the naval war exercises, it will impress you," Chaika promised. “The first models of turtle ships were called Gwiseon and only had the deck vaulted by the iron dome with long and sharp spikes, but the following models, the Geobukseon, now have the entire hull covered in iron that makes the attacks of projectiles or incendiaries useless, also has eleven cannons of different kinds both in front, sides and behind the ship.”copyright protection4PENANAPtYD0PDJNq

“What an impressive thing," Sakurai admitted.copyright protection4PENANAhvohgq96vq

“That's nothing," Chaika continued speaking, "in front of the ship there is the head of a tiger which has inside a cavity that can have a cannon or a flame thrower, also the head can expel smoke to hide or release poisonous gas, the eyes of the tiger can turn red due to the heat of some embers and under the head, there is a battering ram that is used to destroy enemy ships.”copyright protection4PENANA32oi4rg7n3

“It is a pity that there is no river that goes straight from the Rhun sea to the Anduin river, that would make the invasion much easier," Urd lamented as she placed the ceremonial brush at its base and made it easier for the multicolored bird to rest on the back of her hand and this happy one stood on one and the other finger as Urd moved her fingers.copyright protection4PENANA0dwYQwNtgA

.copyright protection4PENANAUx5iPmJZse

.copyright protection4PENANApwgOOlf5tD

North of Rhun and Rhovanion, were several kingdoms and cities that during the ring war, were the fourth front in which Sauron's armies fought before heading to Amon Lanc, Rohan and Gondor.copyright protection4PENANA8tQFrHbfbs

The dwarf kingdoms of the Iron Mountains, whitered heath, the Grey Mountains and Erebor were destroyed by the nazgul and their armies, who then headed for the human cities of Esgaroth and Dale, which also fell before the enemy. Once the fourth front was secured, Sauron's army went to secure the third front consisting of the Mirkwood Forest, descending from the north, the enemy reached the Amon Lanc, which was renamed Dol Guldur, the necromancer tower. Fortunately, the kingdom of Rohan did not fall to Sauron's puppet, embodied in Saruman the former white magician and council leader who was supposed to seek Sauron's defeat. The members of the ring fellowship, first saved Rohan and then Gondor, both kingdoms who had their respective monarchs under the influence of the enemy, indeed, the free peoples of the Middle Earth were very close to losing the war.copyright protection4PENANAP50VoPi7OL

Garron, lord of the grey mountains reflected on these facts and the actions of the former dwarf king before he was killed by the enemy. Since the grey mountains were the northernmost dwarf kingdom, the old king felt safe and ignored the idea of forming an alliance, of course it was not only the former king who took an isolated and neutral stance, but the other dwarf kings declared themselves neutral, and in the end paid the price, even the human cities on the shores of the long lake: the cities of Esgaroth and Dale, did not suffer such destruction as the neutral dwarfs, even the forest elves in Tranduil, did not see so much destruction.copyright protection4PENANAlehC26Xibq

Dwarf emissaries and elves arriving from Minas Tirith reported on the unexpected alliance between the kingdoms of Gondor, Rohan and the orcs of Mordor.copyright protection4PENANAWjTNYluaAG

The reaction was to be expected: chaos and immediate rejection of the idea of the Southern alliance, however, like Queen Arwen, it was Queen Galadriel, who calmed the mood, and in the end the Northern kingdoms decided that they would think it through calmly.copyright protection4PENANACqLClasEhh

The information given by the orcs was valuable and Garron planned to make the most of it, this time the dwarves would not remain neutral.copyright protection4PENANApCvHfyNcRY

"It cost me a lot of diplomacy and gold," Garron thought. “But in the end I convinced and bribed all the kingdoms of the north to form their own alliance to confront these Tartars. Even Elladan and Elrohir, brothers of Queen Arwen are with me."copyright protection4PENANACNiwAhR5rr

The two elves went against the wishes of their father Elrond and his grandparents Celeborn and Galadriel. Heading to Tranduil, they went with several other elves dissatisfied with the Southern Alliance, to join the Northern Alliance.copyright protection4PENANAL4RxHdH9SY

“My king, all the ships are ready and I have just been informed that in the Iron Mountains everything is ready," said a dwarf with aplomb as he entered the throne room.copyright protection4PENANAqiBWZQuN2m

“Very well Gurrin, brother," said Garron and rose from the throne, then the two dwarfs went to the entrance of his kingdom and then to Lake Largo. “Our ships and projectile weapons will descend through the Celduin, while the other fleet belonging to the kingdom of the Iron Mountains will descend through the Carnen, together we will go down the Rhun River and attack the Tartars before winter arrives.”copyright protection4PENANAMF94cKl3PN

“It is a very good plan, dwarfs, humans and elves will succeed in winning, I do not think that the Tartars are waiting for an invasion by the Rhun river," said Gurrin, "I just fear that the Tartar sentries will see us when we are about to arrive at the Rhun sea.”copyright protection4PENANAvBRn8yBPIt

“Don't worry," said King Garron, who would command the two fleets, "it's impossible for them to warn Urd in time.”copyright protection4PENANAO8Lq5LgAyj

Everything was ready in Lake Largo and at the agreed time, King Garron ordered the Celduin's fleet to leave, confident that the Carnen's fleet would do it a couple of hours later so that they could meet at the junction of the two rivers and descend to the Rhun sea, and from there raze with all the plain of Dorwinion, where Urd and her Tartars were.copyright protection4PENANAWkZ5pbPLfF

.copyright protection4PENANAyKgq8oZJeH

.copyright protection4PENANAd2QZsVKJwj

As Gurrin feared, a Tartar sentry spotted the Celduin fleet and rushed to warn his camp.copyright protection4PENANA3sE2x3enPt

“Why did the enemy ride with several other horses without a rider?” a human sailor asked an elf.copyright protection4PENANA2oeiOmHO5V

“I don't know, but it doesn't matter, the terrain is rough and the sentry won't be able to warn us of our presence," the elf replied.copyright protection4PENANAvjYmiri3bO

At the junction of the two rivers, King Garron's fleet met the fleet of Haglin, king of the Iron Mountain dwarfs. Together they descended down the Rhun River and hurried to the Dorwinion plain, where the enemy was supposed to be.copyright protection4PENANAmeg1gO5ucU

Information regarding the enemy's location was given by elves leaders Elladan and Elrohir. His grandmother Galadriel had located the Tartar camp, thanks to the powers conferred on her by Nenya, her power ring. A great luck, since the fall of Sauron due to the destruction of the one ring, the powers of the other rings were eroding vertiginously, it was certain that the ring of Galadriel could no longer protect the forest of Lorien or relocate the enemy camp.copyright protection4PENANAYficx7yfVE

“We must seize this opportunity, we will never again have the powers of old," Elladan thought. "We can't fail!"copyright protection4PENANAbrY9NgB6kM

Arriving on the Dorwinion plain, the elves, who of all races had the best view, found it strange that the enemy camp had been evacuated.copyright protection4PENANAUH0bIh0NMc

“How can that be! the Tartars were supposed to be in this place.”copyright protection4PENANAIKr1XZ8vf4

At first the sailors and their commanders, with the exception of Elladan and Elrohir, thought that the information regarding the enemy camp was wrong, but they saw the remains of several bonfires which were put out in such a way as not to produce smoke. They also saw the tracks of different horses, on what appeared to be cracked soil, they had apparently poured a lot of water so that the retreat from the camp would not produce any dust to denounce their movement.copyright protection4PENANAaqv8AjpbpJ

The fleet entered the Rhun Sea, while some soldiers set up a camp on the east of the Rhun River, by the Rhun Sea.copyright protection4PENANAYkqZw8hwW4

Garron, whose position would be very compromised if such an expedition had been organized, and in the end it turned out to be a fiasco, decided to wait in that place until a decision was made. Measurement shared by Haglin who was in a similar situation, and then in the night of the sixth day, they saw how a dense fog covered the bay where the Northern Alliance fleets were located.copyright protection4PENANAJEPbFMbOir

The fog was so dense that even the vision of the elves could not pierce it.copyright protection4PENANASsRnBsH0E7

“This fog is not normal brother," Elladan told Elrohir.copyright protection4PENANAKCraCYjTuf

“Isn't that normal? It's not natural! I heard the sound of oars in the fog!”copyright protection4PENANAXeUMqAzCpR

“They attack us, all sailors to their posts!” Elladan shouted, and all sailors of whatever race began to assume their positions.copyright protection4PENANA3hkUFVmnW0

“Zafarrancho combat, zafarrancho combat!” Gurrin shouted at the top of his lungs and immediately the horns and drums began to sound indicating the beginning of the battle.copyright protection4PENANAuHDVRfTb9o

The movement of the fleets of the alliance was a total chaos and they could not see the enemy because of the thick fog, however, this resulted in several ships that had in front of them the figure of a head of a big feline species, whose eyes gleamed red and threatening.copyright protection4PENANAr7DlT3WsGm

Some sailors were panicked and began to leave their positions, but then something worse than the red eyes of feline heads emerged from their jaws. Strong flames like those generated by the extinct dragons of old.copyright protection4PENANAkJEEEjA0Hw

Many sailors were burned to death by the flames and ship after ship was sunk either by cannons or the cargo of battering rams from enemy ships that were coming in formation.copyright protection4PENANA1bdF65V0g4

“The enemy has already come out of the fog!” Elladan cried, "Don't be afraid, they are not dragons, but simply ships! We outnumber them, we have to surround them!”copyright protection4PENANApHb23560yM

“You heard Prince Elladan!” Gurrin shouted. “Finish lifting the anchors and surround them!”copyright protection4PENANAmSw0wak6b1

The ships did what they could, but before the present chaos they only got in the way of each other. The few ships that could achieve this were shot down by the cannons at the sides of the ships and the lucky ones that arrived at the rear were sunk by the rear cannons.copyright protection4PENANADccRSjXNkd

Screaming and shouting filled the wide bay, while on the east bank of the Rhun River, Garron and Haglin saw their fleets powerlessly prey to the enemy's surprise attack.copyright protection4PENANASKV3MZ9T0H

“Damned Tartars, they came out of the mist with ships that spit fire like dragons!” Garron shouted.copyright protection4PENANAGmzdn6nIcy

“Set them on fire!" commanded Elrohir, "giant crossbows, shoot!”copyright protection4PENANAKQLXHDhErB

Hundreds of arrows struck the enemy's fleet, but they only managed to burn the enemy's only two strange sailors sails, which used their oars to keep advancing.copyright protection4PENANASjlOn8Nx2N

“It doesn't work, the fire can't burn the iron!” cried a human in the midst of chaos.copyright protection4PENANAeJaOWyUjh6

The giant crossbows fired accurate shots at the enemy, but they broke when hitting the iron structure of the strange ships.copyright protection4PENANAS1XDYEhgjJ

“Our weapons do not work against enemy ships covered in iron!” cried a dwarf with an ugly cut on his forehead.copyright protection4PENANARc3d0qmOXo

Seeing that the situation was insurmountable, several courageous sailors decided to board the ships, seeing that the previous attacks failed, but suffered horrible injuries as they climbed onto the iron shells, which were covered over their entire surface by long, sharp iron spikes.copyright protection4PENANABc8M04lUoC

Already all the Northern Alliance ships were sunk or preyed upon by the enemy battering battleships.copyright protection4PENANA1hDYVCDcSX

“We must disembark from enemy ships! Fire the frontal cannons!” Chaika ordered, and then the boat in front of her broke in two, and the battering ram of the feline ship was freed, so that the young General's ship could retreat, and the rest of the ships copied the same maneuver.copyright protection4PENANAWK9ZYaqkYo

“This is no longer a naval battle, but a massacre carried out inside fishing nets!” Garron shouted, unable to give credit to his eyes.copyright protection4PENANAJAARnBWIvk

Both the dwarf kings and their subjects and the other elves and humans in the camp felt the ground vibrate at their feet, filling everyone's heart with fear.copyright protection4PENANAkxCYwxA9Jt

“But what horror now approaches before us!” Garron shouted and saw the Tartar army approaching the camp.copyright protection4PENANA6GegFcq5wp

“Impossible!” Haglin shouted, "That means that Urd and his tartars went west and descended and then circled the mountains, the sea itself and finally all of Rhun's forest!”copyright protection4PENANAufZ56nG35c

“And now they are here," said Garron with his face covered in cold sweat. “In truth, they are an army of the Tartarus... that Aule, have mercy on all of us.”copyright protection4PENANAopJ0nfxYph

The dwarf king hardly entrusted himself to his god, when about fifty arrows pierced his armor and face, as well as at least ten spears. Thus died the dwarf king and leader of the Northern Alliance.copyright protection4PENANArwXFMCRdIo

Haglin’s fate was no better, for while he covered himself behind two thick dwarf shields, he was rammed by a giant white wolf, then other white wolves held him by his limbs and proceeded to dismember him. Thus died Haglin, King of the Iron Mountains who by a strange irony had as an effigy of his house, the figure of several white wolves.copyright protection4PENANADdDDiK0YO5

“Elrohir, Elrohir!” Elladan shouted, who had survived the slaughter at sea and had pushed his brother just before the cannons had destroyed his ship.copyright protection4PENANAacvUcSaJQz

"Brother," said in a murmur Elrohir, and his brother heard him thanks to his elfic ear.copyright protection4PENANA0i5YYSBQ6j

“Resist, brother, we must get out of this hell," the elf encouraged him and carrying his brother, they came to a couple of horses and fled in these.copyright protection4PENANAfJxTmPDnNr

“Those two are leaders, don't let them escape!” Chaika ordered and several riders were in pursuit of the elves.copyright protection4PENANAsYEXSQQ3zH

.copyright protection4PENANACA0IyYA9PG

.copyright protection4PENANAt4q0XNPBaD

The two Elven brothers were expert horsemen and would have lost any persecutor, but the enemy horsemen insisted fanatically on persecution. In the end, after a couple of days the horses collapsed and the elves were surrounded by the riders who pointed their compound arches at them.copyright protection4PENANA3DBHBuyrx7

Although the two elves heard about the mortal aspect of the enemy, they decided to surrender because the enemy was not this time a group of orcs, otherwise they would have fought to the death.copyright protection4PENANA8aI9Sg7tpX

They tied the elves' hands and then mounted them on a couple of fresh mares that had no riders.copyright protection4PENANA9T2ATZnIBy

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection4PENANAmFbYnMtVe1

Final notes of the author: the Mongolian army specialized in attacking in winter, unlike Napoleon or Hitler, they did conquer the Russian winters.copyright protection4PENANA2nbKw41Exq

In present-day Siberia, people keep their cattle in underground stables to protect them from winter.copyright protection4PENANABHjDhdDFWf

At the time of the pirates, all the ships whether pirates or not, carried cats, because according to popular belief, these predicted the coming of storms, so the pirates did NOT have parrots or monkeys as pets, but cats.copyright protection4PENANAeiUqghdKcr

The famous Korean turtle ships used them before the end of the Middle Ages in Europe, the only difference being that the ships carried dragon heads to generate panic among the enemies. Since this fanfic is about an army of Cat Girls, I replaced the dragonheads on the boats with tiger heads.copyright protection4PENANALfOX0l11Zy

The Mongolian army could travel in a single day the overwhelming distance of more than a hundred kilometres, unthinkable by the other European armies of the time. Mongols arrived days, even weeks ahead of what the European kings believed.copyright protection4PENANAsAfLexZSdV

The Mongols had as a tactic to hunt down enemy leaders and capture them, no matter the distance and time, thus preventing them from reaching their castles and forming new armies to fight the Mongols.copyright protection4PENANA7re1Rvj4fv

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