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Writer Capt. leon
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Mr. Longbottom's wand
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!DBjIDMlfQhcG0ICIGeWLposted on PENANA


Chapter 3: Mr. Longbottom's wandcopyright protection3PENANA5MIovmaQB1

.7Please respect copyright.PENANAf8ZgMsBs9I
               After the days passed, Neville's situation did not improve, he was still bad for magic and the teachers flooded him with homework, Snape was still mean to him and he had to endure the abuses of the members of his house, he always had to sit at the end of the seats, otherwise his companions in the back put the wand between his buttocks.copyright protection3PENANA8NH8vkQbzN

               The other students in the other houses didn't want to talk to him either, except the Hufflepuff students who sometimes greeted him. The Slyterin were particularly abusive and biting when they addressed him. The worst thing was when Pansy Parkinson also made fun of him, she was apparently always next to Malfoy and his gorillas, and it was obvious that the girl liked the cruel blonde very much.copyright protection3PENANAXmHvuPTQu2

               Neville meditated on all this one very late night in his common room.copyright protection3PENANAYzOHYk39bE

               “I'm no longer interested in Pansy” Said Neville.copyright protection3PENANAajsSsXdi9M

               “I don't like evil girls, no matter how pretty they are," Neville said again.copyright protection3PENANA679NCECwv6

               “Well said, you also have dignity," concluded Neville, who didn't realize he was talking to himself.copyright protection3PENANAytGnaEHeOS

               A sphere was in a dark room and in silence, only the noise of a heartbeat was in the air, the beautiful sphere was as red as a ruby, when suddenly the surface of it began to splinter.copyright protection3PENANATYclREj4Xt

               “Don't worry, we'll use Harry's cloak of invisibility," said someone who startled Neville, who grabbed his toad and hid in the high-backed sofa.copyright protection3PENANAQ3AZRdEtJ9

               “We will not let Snape steal the sorcerer's stone while Dumbledore is not present," Harry said resolutely.copyright protection3PENANAAhCgFNVm1J

               Neville watched as her friend Hermione and the other two hideous ones covered themselves with the cloak of invisibility and came out through the portrait. Neville could not let Hermione go alone with those two louts to face Merlin knows what dangers and hurried to go to his common room, there was something to bring first.copyright protection3PENANAfUIrgz6zE3

.copyright protection3PENANA3v7DvYR9sB

.copyright protection3PENANAi3SVkyIgVK

               Neville approached where the three-headed dog was and could hear him barking furiously, it was strange that Filch was not present despite the thunderous noise, although he thanked this as perhaps the warden would have discovered him.copyright protection3PENANAZaEICViIuW

               Carefully opening the door he could see the dog barking at the open floor trapdoor, Neville took out of his pocket his new remembrall and twisted a mechanism before throwing it into the room. The sphere that seemed to be made of transparent plastic, emitted a melody that caught the dog's attention and made him fall asleep.copyright protection3PENANAMxsUbXS36l

               “Thank you for the new remembrall grandmother," Neville whispered, and despite his fear he threw himself through the trap door, he had to protect Hermione.copyright protection3PENANAEpoxkJ52Z0

               “Neville, what are you doing here!” Hermione shouted when Neville landed right next to her.copyright protection3PENANAMYbrHNmZwR

               “I came to protect you Hermione," said the aching boy.copyright protection3PENANAWipodBm6Fs

               “Great, and now who will protect you," shouted Harry frustrated at not being able to let go of the plants that wrapped him.copyright protection3PENANArjSQRczWfy

               “Wonderful, now we will die next to this imbecile," said rum.copyright protection3PENANAX2x8ueWQet

               “We don't have to die," Neville told them.copyright protection3PENANAIbM8AZKX5p

               “And who will save us? You're useless," Harry criticized him.copyright protection3PENANAqxJinAuXxK

               “I want my mommy.”   Ron cried.copyright protection3PENANAvuM3DgiA7w

               “We don't have to die, this is the devil's lace, if we don't tighten our muscles, the plant will let us go," Neville explained.copyright protection3PENANA3QIQZjPJgU

               “Neville, you're a genius," Hermione praised him, and she and her friend relaxed with what the plant released them, Harry followed their example but Ron kept crying and resisting.copyright protection3PENANA8GrSYPstMZ

               “The devil's lace is weakened by sunlight, Hermione uses a light spell to free Ron," said Neville, and Hermione using this spell freed the red-haired man who was embarrassed.copyright protection3PENANAehu0l8hDJp

               “What the hell are you looking at?” Ron said to Neville, who looked down.copyright protection3PENANAaMfSDecsYt

               “We have to keep going," said Harry and the boys kept going, first they found a huge troll lying on the floor and then in another room Harry had to use a broom to catch a flying key, after this danger the boys went into what appeared to be a giant chessboard. Ron took control of the situation but with four boys instead of three, the game became difficult and came to a standstill.copyright protection3PENANAn79OZ8ErCq

               “Let me treat," Neville said.copyright protection3PENANArQIWR348GN

               “But if you are the donkey of the class, how could you play chess?” said Ron to himcopyright protection3PENANAxQANJd2VG0

               “My relatives only play chess and cards, my grandmother wouldn't let me learn how to play cards, but I am good at playing chess," Neville said, but Harry and Ron snorted.copyright protection3PENANAo38yS7Hwzj

               “Let him try," said Hermione, so Neville took control of the board, and he did very well, winning the game and not sacrificing any of the boys as pieces.copyright protection3PENANAW0aEX1I1ao

               “That was brilliant Neville," said Hermione. Harry and Ron exchanged glances of astonishment.copyright protection3PENANAPIfqvYEyUk

               They came to a room full of various jars apparently filled with potions; suddenly the boys were surrounded by walls of fire and had no choice but to decipher the riddle. It was fortunate that Hermione was with them, otherwise they would not have succeeded.copyright protection3PENANAzjoHSgOzMn

               “Well Neville, take the potion and go through the wall of fire," Hermione said.copyright protection3PENANATJo3ol46nf

               “Hey, why does he have to go and I don't?” Ron said.copyright protection3PENANAvdXKEtJj1E

               “True, do you think he can beat Snape with his clumsiness?” Harry said.copyright protection3PENANAEAY2hQi6p5

               “This "clumsy", saved our lives with the devil's lace and magic chess, moreover, before Neville defeated Vold…him, it's his right to stop Snape," Hermione said angrily.copyright protection3PENANAuiOTmcfrjC

               “No one knows how he defeated him, could have been just luck, give me the potion Hermione," Ron said.copyright protection3PENANAGOQDzu6jN8

               “No, I am the best of all. Give it to me, Hermione," ordered Harry.copyright protection3PENANAXsIVu0MN7c

               The two boys took the girl's potion and were struggling to be the one to take it.copyright protection3PENANASBuHuRTJic

               “Stop it, you'll break it!” Hermione shouted, and decided to bewitch them with the paralyzing spell.copyright protection3PENANAmY1dCAHJTv

               “Well, now take the potion Neville," said Hermione, after taking the bottle out of the two boys' motionless hands, Neville looked nervous.copyright protection3PENANARRXANsBzfI

               “Are you sure? Harry and Ron are right, they are much better magicians than me, you're a much better sorceress than me," said Neville trembling at the prospect of having to face the man he feared so much: Snape.copyright protection3PENANAL8jgPO7Jyp

               “Study many books? Fly well on a broom? Bullying?” Hermione said looking at Ron when she said the latter, "There are many more important things like loyalty and courage, you have a lot of courage Neville.”copyright protection3PENANAWVoX80yQJs

               “No, I don't have.”copyright protection3PENANAmBjkb7MMH2

               “Of course you have it because you came to stop Snape.”copyright protection3PENANAvtaPJ0DRJc

               “I only came for you, I wanted to know if you were safe, I wanted to protect you," he blushed, Hermione looked at him.copyright protection3PENANAhG7GEfGc6q

               “Neville, that's very sweet and brave.... You're brave, believe me, I'm telling you” Hermione said, stroking his cheek.copyright protection3PENANAFs2YMd6y0N

               Neville was very surprised and forgot all the fear he had and drank the potion and went through the wall of fire.copyright protection3PENANABvgLk0LYSv

               After crossing the wall, he walked through a dark and gloomy hallway to reach a semi-basement, again he was trembling, so afraid he forgot to pull out his wand which was in his trouser pocket.            copyright protection3PENANAbabiQPyx2E

“Hermione, how I wish you were with me...”copyright protection3PENANAYH70GTeMse

               As he approached, he saw the figure of a man in front of a huge mirror, but it wasn't Snape, it was Quirrell.copyright protection3PENANAA3KRP5SA4K

               “Professor Quirrell, sir?”copyright protection3PENANA6fVhyL77j9

               The teacher turned around and spoke to him, no longer with a stuttering and high-pitched voice, but now his voice was cold and hard. Quirrell made fun of Neville and his friends by thinking that it was Snape the suspect and not him, and finally ended his monologue expressing his frustration at having come this far and not yet being able to have the stone.copyright protection3PENANAMhRTixNwkf

               “Make the boy look in the mirror," said an ultra-terrestrial voice that made Neville ache from the scar.copyright protection3PENANALVjwM8BEJG

               Quirrell forced Neville to look at the mirror and saw his image reflected in it, his mirror image showed him that he had the stone on one side, Neville palpated his trousers in disguise and checked to his astonishment that the wizard's stone was in his pocket. Neville tried to trick Quirrell, but the ultra-terrestrial voice ordered Quirrell to turn around. The magician obeyed and removed his turban.copyright protection3PENANApPVk6u6eCq

               Neville wanted to scream but the fear was such that a guttural sound came out of his throat instead, in front of the boy was Voldemort.copyright protection3PENANAnoIfi0N5x7

               Voldemort mocked him, but then invited him to deliver the stone and join him.copyright protection3PENANAlj2EPPNquw

               “You don't have to be afraid anymore Neville, you don't have to suffer the abuse of others, you can be strong Neville, you can be loved and respected by everyone," Voldemort told him, “just look in the mirror, see everything you can get...”copyright protection3PENANA7Tl3esxlG9

               The mirror bombarded Neville with fantastic visions: Ron and Harry being friends with Neville, Seamus and Dean sharing fun moments with Neville, the other gryffindors helping and laughing with Neville, the girls smiling at Neville... Pansy Parkinson staring into Neville's eyes as she smiled at him.copyright protection3PENANAL4ytjRu6W2

               The splintered red sphere emitted a gentle heartbeat when it suddenly began to splinter, as thick tears streamed down Neville's face.copyright protection3PENANAeilgXa6KBA

               “Yeah, it's for the best," Neville thought. "The most practical decision, the most logical decision, the most convenient decision..."copyright protection3PENANAgIuCLJ4j4K

               Neville put his hand in his pocket ready to hand the stone to Voldemort, when his fingers rubbed and then held his father's wand. The boy shook his head like he woke up from a trance and then stabbed the wand straight into Quirrell's jugular.copyright protection3PENANAtQO1k7TOeP

               The professor's blood stained all over Neville's face and chest, came out in incredible amounts, but even so Quirrell turned to the boy and tried to strangle him, the skin on Quirrell's hands melted and Neville held his face until he was completely skinned, dying Quirrell shortly afterwards.copyright protection3PENANARs8cI5nPQY

               When Neville saw Quirrell's skull he stepped aside and vomited hard, when he incorporated, the Voldemort spectre went through his chest and Neville lost consciousness...copyright protection3PENANAp7HUJtDNMH

.copyright protection3PENANAygymiSubHI

.copyright protection3PENANA1ya9KTf7I6

               Neville woke up, apparently he was in the infirmary, some objects were next to his bed, they looked like boxes of multicolored gifts, the boy rubbed his eyes and saw that there was nothing, everything was an illusion due to the reflection of the sun's rays coming in through the window. At that moment Dumbledore was entering the infirmary.copyright protection3PENANA68dO3XiGL4

               Neville became nervous and greeted the director shyly, then urged him to ask something.copyright protection3PENANAojlWGDObOw

               “Sir, what happened to Hermione, it's okay! What about Harry and Ron!”copyright protection3PENANATQ440OYfWH

               “Don't worry, Neville, your friends are safe," Dumbledore told him. The fact that he called the boy by his first name made Neville feel surprised and relaxed.copyright protection3PENANAm3PzRTx9zi

               “What happened in the castle with Professor Quirrell, is a secret, so everyone knows it," said Dumbledore, who looked at the empty tables around Neville's bed and looked a little disappointed.copyright protection3PENANAeYCAVidKu2

               Dumbledore explained to Neville about the sorcerer's stone and the relationship between Snape, Harry's parents and Neville's mother. The boy was surprised when Dumbledore told him about his mother's sacrifice and why Quirrell could not touch him.copyright protection3PENANAgnSksS9q86

.copyright protection3PENANA7u9X41QBbq

.copyright protection3PENANAUqpw0kPe4j

               Neville decided to go to the large dining room, which was filled with flags from Slyterin's house.copyright protection3PENANAglH9F92Pzb

               When he went to his table, everyone whispered to each other and pointed at him with unbelieving gestures.copyright protection3PENANAVHF4EK6vlh

               As soon as the boy sat down, Dumbledore got up and began his end-of-year speech, congratulated Slyterin on being the house with the highest score, but decided to add extraordinary points to Gryffindor.copyright protection3PENANAVgIlMIFCWK

               Hermione was awarded points for his application of cold logic in the option room, Harry was awarded other points for his broom flight when he caught the key, Ron was also awarded points for his loyalty, and Neville was awarded most points for his wisdom with the devil's bow and for magic chess. Gryffindor had won the cup of the houses.copyright protection3PENANAVd5CnLMqBm

               All the Gryffindor applauded the boys and celebrated winning the house cup. Harry, Ron, Seamus and Dean exchanged glances and raised their shoulders as they joined the applause, apparently they had decided to forgive Neville.copyright protection3PENANABw3gBI1Hen

.copyright protection3PENANAZ9DHvpqa1n

.copyright protection3PENANAVXB1AZNmpo

               Already on the train headed for London, Neville was alone in a cabin wondering where her friend Hermione would be.copyright protection3PENANAJ0VNhwvieJ

               “I'm sure he's with Harry and Ron.”copyright protection3PENANAFeTiWoImzK

               "At least someone would have been with me.”copyright protection3PENANAKvIlwiljFK

               "And who the hell would have wanted to be with you.”copyright protection3PENANAIoKDb1aHko

               "They would have asked me about the sorcerer's stone adventure.”copyright protection3PENANAr0DkizJ1Wj

               "That's why they have Harry and Ron, who in their right mind would think you had something to do with it.”copyright protection3PENANAMGOu2lNnFs

               "It's true, they probably think Dumbledore gave you those points because you're the kid who lived.”copyright protection3PENANA7nRS13UbKe

               "Or because he's senile.”copyright protection3PENANAAbedwxMgzI

               "Enough already!” He shut himself up.copyright protection3PENANAzlpoQsJEPo

               Neville stared sadly at the window and got ready as the train approached the station, as he prepared he noticed his wand and held it in his hand.copyright protection3PENANA6XMYQN1KYM

               “You know Trevor, my mother saved me eleven years ago and my father saved me two days ago, maybe It’s not the best wand in the world, nor will I be able to perform great spells with It unlike another wand that I choose at Ollivander's.... Never mind, I'll keep it anyway.”copyright protection3PENANAZyYeMuMzLm

               Neville, who was not with anyone, left the train before the others, his grandmother was waiting for him and Neville gave her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. The old lady was surprised because Neville was always shy when he was with her.copyright protection3PENANAikIHJy9scZ

               “I don't care if others see that I love my grandmother or my other relatives," said Neville smiling and holding hands, he and his grandmother crossed the wall into the Muggle world.copyright protection3PENANAQjXDiOqjyo

THE ENDcopyright protection3PENANA6yX4NKyzjk

.copyright protection3PENANAVBFDjoctQp

.copyright protection3PENANAsHJqk1eLlN

This fanfic was translated from Spanish into English using the DeepL program, and my knowledge of English. Forgive any grammatical and punctuation errors.copyright protection3PENANAarm8v9S4Jb

.copyright protection3PENANAoFN3i6rvzi

.copyright protection3PENANAV20EtlFH61

Neville Longbottom and the sorcerer’s stonecopyright protection3PENANAvgsRoY0g2J

Original tittle: Neville Longbottom y la piedra del hechicerocopyright protection3PENANAsrogvHmXdW

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