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Writer Capt. leon
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I caught you!
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!HGKtOmms0fOTQDcYH5s7posted on PENANA

A ZOMBIE IN THE 23RD CENTURYcopyright protection3PENANA9UZp0SsfJx

Capítulo 4: I caught you!copyright protection3PENANAIrdtV1PhuQ

What a spy army agent I turned out to be, my first raid and in a simple, ordinary family house (common and ordinary in the future I understand) and I had already fucked up..., I mean, screwed up.copyright protection3PENANAwjKnWWlD2N

“Hey, who are you? Turn around.”copyright protection3PENANALbHKBIC3Yl

No way, I would turn around and try to escape before the woman calls the police of the future (I hope they're not like Judge Dreed).copyright protection3PENANABHNOaIQ0Zl

Hey, what do these little drunk calf's eyes see that the worms are going to eat... A beautiful babe! The woman turned out to be a beautiful teenage girl with dark brown hair wearing a white nightgown that's, uh, transparent.copyright protection3PENANARvEBSAydeA

I see she's wearing a piercing on her left nipple.copyright protection3PENANA1ZLJJnrlrq

When I thought the girl would tell me the classic: "Hey, I'm up here", followed by the classic: "One, two, knockdown slap. It comes to me with something very different.copyright protection3PENANAH28uRicHjc

“Do you like my piercing? My friends tell me I should take two, but I think only one of them shows a more rebellious attitude. What do you say?”copyright protection3PENANA2aHHLAhjNw

“Emm... huh? Why are you asking me!”copyright protection3PENANATPvFyf20Bt

“Well, because you're the only person here right now and since I don't know you, I need an impartial opinion.”copyright protection3PENANAqjwyOnR05a

This is beyond me, so I just tell her my professional opinion, which is to look at her breasts and drop a little drool.copyright protection3PENANAc7lUP6u6qi

“I'm waiting” the cute girl cuts me up with a smile worthy enough to serve as a model for advertisements in a dentist's office.copyright protection3PENANADk78ZGo2GZ

“Aha, it's soooo good” I say showing the thumb of approval and making an asshole face (without forgetting the respective drooling).copyright protection3PENANAw7i3G6qy7v

The girl stepped forward and smiled at me and said something strange.copyright protection3PENANAJkD4esbJzB

“Jell-O.”copyright protection3PENANA2cWalWQJZx

“Hmm?”copyright protection3PENANAIvE1zl7ZTf

“Jell-O, what's your name?”copyright protection3PENANAvDz9HOBTyb

“Emmm, my name is Rayita.”copyright protection3PENANAvAorKJnBsm

LIE, LIE, LIE, I'M JUST KIDDING, DON'T BURN THE BOOK.copyright protection3PENANA8bSNcr9kr2

“My name is (damn rooster's voice). I mean, my name is (voice: Barry White mode, activated) Vladimir.” copyright protection3PENANAzXG86nXIhv

“I'm Hailey, what are you doing in my house?”copyright protection3PENANATM5heQ1Bru

“Would you believe me if I told you I am a soldier from the past?”copyright protection3PENANAYAFRnSjwcL

“Not at all. So Vladimir, tell me what you're doing in my house... you're not one of those pervert panty snatchers, are you?”copyright protection3PENANAzLIfUODRwU

“What? NO, no, no, no... I'm not one of those guys” I tell her and she crosses her arms and stares at me with a frown. Of course, I don't notice the latter, since crossing her arms Hailey makes her breasts come together and look bigger.copyright protection3PENANAmqGsIUiJwK

As I was (again) starting to drool, I decided to change the subject.copyright protection3PENANAdvkTnHLGeX

“Hey Hailey, aren't you afraid I' m a thief or something?”copyright protection3PENANArNJa3EZGww

“And who is a thief these days? All I can think of is someone wanting to take someone else's panties. And in that case I wouldn't have to be afraid, this one like all the other houses is managed by artificial intelligence, the AI of the house scanned you, as soon as you crossed the garden. It recorded your brain waves and your entire body to see if you had heart disease or any disease, and also scanned for weapons, drugs or sleeping pills. All this to get you fried and not to be sued by your family.”copyright protection3PENANABTWilFdEoJ

Wow, I seem to have landed in a future where there are no  thieves. As for houses with artificial intelligence and murderous defenses... COOOL.copyright protection3PENANAoCfJvCrgjF

“And tell me, what's with the jelly?”copyright protection3PENANAeKtYVwCUd8

“Well, Jell-O... gellow, hello... hello.”copyright protection3PENANAqO1m6n2j2q

“Oh, I see. I'm serious, I'm from another time... Oh, I know! Ask me all you want from the... Oh no, that only works if I come from the future.”copyright protection3PENANA3r3iayVBPe

Hailey laughed and shook her head and approached me, holding my hand, and led me to some kind of washing machine in the kitchen. She put the palm of my hand on a cell phone glass panel and an automatic voice came out of the machine.copyright protection3PENANAg3ZK2UgEOt

"Recognition error, clean the biometric recognition panel and put the palm of your hand back."copyright protection3PENANANfiPCodEHf

The voice of the machine was not like the automated voice heard in the movies. This was crystalline and like saying it... kawai, it was like listening to the voice of a female anime but speaking English.copyright protection3PENANA4LG73QGYrv

Hailey was surprised but repeated the procedure again.copyright protection3PENANAdIzcsB6JgV

"Error in recognition, repeat the above procedure and make sure the palm of your hand is clean and free of covers."copyright protection3PENANAd3avTMT6qB

Hailey looked at my palm and repeated the action again.copyright protection3PENANAlvn1DqSjpj

"Recognition error. Do you want to communicate with the manufacturer or is your personal integrity at risk and you cannot communicate by ordinary means? Touch the biometric panel again if this is the case.”copyright protection3PENANAPC2oOv0Veg

Hailey let go of my hand and looked at me in amazement.copyright protection3PENANAQsj1XcNRjd

“You're not biometrically registered. No way, everybody's registered, even friends.”copyright protection3PENANAtEJQFmhxFH

“I told you. I come from the past.”copyright protection3PENANARvkUT8pT4E

Hailey couldn't believe it so she went to a computerized panel next to the wall and with the movement of her eyes ordered something from the AI in the house.copyright protection3PENANA9V6tW4GJVZ

"ID scan complete. Unknown subject. Subject not registered in the United Earth Space database."copyright protection3PENANAXpEHgj3xRJ

“No... it can't... be!”copyright protection3PENANAeJeyD8H31M

“You know, I can dance too," I said as I started a charleston demonstration (my best dance step. Well, the only one, I'm a loser for these things).copyright protection3PENANAHbHOFDSmnO

Hailey's house was slowly getting smaller as the camera shot moved away towards the sky showing a series of rows of houses equal to each other, while the camera shot was moving away...copyright protection3PENANAlleZ2uj51b

Hey, what's up, this isn't the end of a Hollywood script! Don't worry friends, in the next chapter I will continue with the story of my adventures (misadventures I suppose) in the 23rd century.copyright protection3PENANAPgU4PycxBd

Oh and I forgot, wish me luck with the girl cause I'm in "dry spell," if you know what I mean, ciau.copyright protection3PENANAjjp174F0r3

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection3PENANAOMo3Mqx6wy

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