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Writer Capt. leon
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More gay than Edward Cullen
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!HFAEY10q8fGKBIRLR5dMposted on PENANA

A ZOMBIE IN THE 23RD CENTURYcopyright protection4PENANAPDef2DLCgv

Capítulo 6: More gay than Edward Cullencopyright protection4PENANA0YbAD9CDAL

After my impression of the cat's name had been overcome, we moved on to Hailey's room.copyright protection4PENANAThvvZmgQst

At the door there were lots of metal signs and others warning her parents or anyone else about entering her room under the penalty of immediate or slow and painful death.copyright protection4PENANACh7Rx9uiMK

“Wow, this whole place is a jungle," I said to Hailey when I saw how many big stuffed animals were everywhere.copyright protection4PENANAOMIZnl80ZJ

“Yes, I like to sleep cuddled up with a different stuffed animal every night.”copyright protection4PENANALT0hpZDFP6

It was the typical room of a teenager going through a rebellious phase. Lots of posters of rock bands and one or two of the usual handsome teenage actor.copyright protection4PENANA9snhjUrNdd

We talked too much until her parents arrived and Hailey got nervous.copyright protection4PENANAy10h0nD9oD

“Don't worry, didn't you tell me zombies are tolerated these days?”copyright protection4PENANASawSrVS4BI

“Yeah, but, well... my parents are a complicated matter, so they better not know you're here.”copyright protection4PENANAaLay3utuiH

“Well, but... where am I going to sleep?”copyright protection4PENANAHQIH7J5LSu

“Sleep with me in my bed.”copyright protection4PENANAoLEVE5Rw9t

Well, I wasn't expecting this.copyright protection4PENANAekfpTiTmMb

“Your bed doesn't look very big.”copyright protection4PENANA3u2McavhVo

“Better, so we can sleep in each other's arms... wait, you don't have a rare skin disease from the past, do you?”copyright protection4PENANAMkaqfOv6lF

“That's what you're worried about! No, I don't have any skin disease and I think I'd better sleep on that hand shaped inflatable couch.”copyright protection4PENANAzzZPZT7SgU

“No! I don't want you to see me as a discriminator, I have no problem with you getting into bed with me.”copyright protection4PENANA4kp66BgCTc

"Oh, God, I know I'm gonna regret what I'm gonna say next," I thought.copyright protection4PENANA1Fwb5L0ASl

“Look Hailey, there may be no discrimination this time, but I would be very uncomfortable if we had to sleep together so suddenly.”copyright protection4PENANAfsUfhU9oMp

“Oh, I see, well, I better say hello to my parents and then get ready for bed. There's the bathroom, brush your teeth or take a shower if you want.”copyright protection4PENANAjRKIXRjetd

“Thank you... and I'm sorry.”copyright protection4PENANAqvSXGYIGyB

“Don't worry Vladimir," Hailey reassured me and then left her room.copyright protection4PENANA1O3W4kQdJD

When I went to the bathroom I didn't see a toothbrush and in the shower box there was a series of metal nozzles coming out of the walls and ceiling.copyright protection4PENANAD2vnKte4HI

Hailey returned quickly and explained to me some aspects of the baths in the 23rd century, for example, the use of the three snails.copyright protection4PENANAh8da5U8OBH

You bought it, didn't you? There's nothing about three snails in the bathroom like in the movie The Demolisher. But there are no toothbrushes anymore.  It turns out that toothpastes and the bristles of toothbrushes, while preventing tartar formation, also wear away tooth enamel.copyright protection4PENANApCvtzANqOx

“Now we use the omnidirectional dental rinse," Hailey explained to me. “The human race would have lost its teeth in the 22nd century if it hadn't gotten rid of toothbrushes. Vladimir, try the mouthwash.”copyright protection4PENANA4szzQk35oK

So I did and it felt like I was rinsing the liquid from a soda into my mouth. Then I spit the liquid into the sink.copyright protection4PENANANGT1QZWYOx

“This thing is great!” I exclaimed as I looked in the mirror. All my teeth were clean.copyright protection4PENANAGeacHKMvaB

"Hey, do they use tooth whitening this time?”copyright protection4PENANA2f3BPTWSZk

“Yes, I use it, but there is a political debate about banning teeth whiteners. After all, the teeth are not pearly white, but light ivory in colour. “copyright protection4PENANADM1xORwKQl

“Strange things are what the politicians of this era are debating. And how do you use the shower?”copyright protection4PENANAiwzsJgcvLn

“Oh yeah, I'll show you," said Hailey and just got naked and into the shower.copyright protection4PENANA7NDbps5ll4

The sense of modesty went down the drain at this time.copyright protection4PENANAGYRIwFA2qq

The metal nozzles gave off very sprayed but pressurized jets that cleaned Hailey's entire body, and then these same nozzles released hot air jets that dried her in a flash. There were even nozzles on the floor even though they didn't protrude from the surface.copyright protection4PENANAnJXXbHdocZ

“See?”copyright protection4PENANAMkNpvcSAyd

“Eh... yes I did, in fact, I think I saw too much” I answered and then I certainly suffered a pressure drop as I had to sit on the toilet.copyright protection4PENANAEfcvXIbxLB

Ah, about the toilets... well, did you see those modern Japanese toilets, because in the 23rd century, all the toilets are like that, there weren't many changes.copyright protection4PENANAY8kW6wDjVQ

I settled down on the couch and then Hailey got into her bed. It turns out that my new friend was sleeping naked, not to mention that as soon as Hailey fell asleep, I regretted with all my heart that I had not accepted her invitation.copyright protection4PENANAjHa67FjZfS

Hailey's cat jumped on my thighs and fell asleep in a heartbeat.copyright protection4PENANAcU7op56ACR

“Well, for lack of love... cat.”copyright protection4PENANAcB0xx64bqZ

.copyright protection4PENANA1KHcRORaN7

.copyright protection4PENANA2Z1aoqfv1S

The emotions of the night before were so many that I was probably very tense inside and so I slept fast, so deep that when I woke up I hadn't noticed that Hailey wasn't in her room and apparently her parents had already gone to work.copyright protection4PENANAnetoL1vPcW

“Hi Vladimir, did you sleep well?” Hailey said to me as she entered the room.copyright protection4PENANAPeGwqxkhI8

“Yes, thank you very much. What are you wearing there?”copyright protection4PENANApK8qVwRb2S

“It's my school notes, I have a lot of homework and to top it off I'm about to fail in Physics and Music, I hate Music Theory, I don't understand anything. I also don't do very well in Programming, who wants to know FGTS language when you have infinite applications that do everything for you? It's so stupid!”copyright protection4PENANA3p7xNSyiIL

“Do you go to school?”copyright protection4PENANAfyZV4ptpHb

“Sure, why shouldn't I go?”copyright protection4PENANAx6WFwRco2e

“Yesterday I came into your house because I assumed that only your parents lived here.”copyright protection4PENANAh6EoErhcKZ

“Oh... of course you come from the past. You see, there are no more physical schools, now you connect to VR May and you're already in school.”copyright protection4PENANAYZxXVCno14

You know, I'm getting tired of being in this day and age, everything is so different that I don't understand half the things Hailey talks about, and this school thing is one of those, but anyway, that's gonna have to wait until the next chapter.copyright protection4PENANAzzavfHnr5q

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection4PENANAGnwkLaL2nw

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