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Writer Capt. leon
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What a waste of androids
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!cX2lwmbg5rGtCZLFmd2Zposted on PENANA

A ZOMBIE IN THE 23RD CENTURYcopyright protection3PENANAeJ1brEN24M

Capítulo 7: What a waste of androidscopyright protection3PENANAngKqChNOxS

I was immersed by Hailey's explanation, the strange armchairs in the living room were actually complete virtual reality machines called VR May, with which people of this time could go to various shows or social events if they could not attend such in physical form.copyright protection3PENANAgemSd7yAkA

Hailey and I entered the VR May and suddenly the living room disappeared to become a huge school room.copyright protection3PENANAzykBKMgyOk

“This is my school, of course there's no one here now because we're not on school time.”copyright protection3PENANAkbB4Celp3T

“Unbelievable, but... doesn't this affect the socialization of the students since they are only in this virtual environment?”copyright protection3PENANAij7EclLKV6

“Of course not, after all, if we want to, we can meet in the real world. I, for example, have an appointment with my friends this afternoon... and I won't be able to attend unless I finish my homework first.”copyright protection3PENANAlvFF7qrnYg

“Oh, sorry, I'm distracting you.”copyright protection3PENANAIiskn4yIuC

“Don't worry, why don't you go around the world with the VR May?”copyright protection3PENANACMWJr85dS0

“All right, I'll see you later.”copyright protection3PENANAkdvZTDpk0n

Hailey went to her room to do her homework and I got caught up in virtual reality. It is impossible for me to describe in words how real virtual reality felt, not only the images in front of me, but also the sensations that ran through my skin. The VR May could perfectly reproduce the tactile sensation not only of your hands, but of your entire body and face.copyright protection3PENANABJG3337CMC

So, I was entertained touring various places that were in the real world and without leaving Hailey's living room.copyright protection3PENANAeooa8Qjd3b

.copyright protection3PENANAenpKninMDo

.copyright protection3PENANAae7RhaVpMH

When the afternoon came, Hailey cooked food provided by the Laura and we both tasted what I thought was chicken fillets with lettuce and chopped tomatoes.copyright protection3PENANA116qcfgvtk

“What did you think of the food?”copyright protection3PENANAHHI6r5oOS1

“It was very good, you can tell you can cook.”copyright protection3PENANAd3gkUxuPXh

“It's good that you liked it, at first I didn't like it in the kitchen but I got better with time.”copyright protection3PENANAxYjDovSF1l

“Hey Hailey, you were telling me earlier that there were androids cooking but then they were banned by the government.”copyright protection3PENANAZI3IOuNdjG

“That's right, they banned them before I was born, in fact those things were banned in my grandparents' time, before my parents were born.”copyright protection3PENANAewJvQD3ls0

“And why is that?”copyright protection3PENANAD0YWDnsw2t

“Because it was a big mess, that's why. You see, androids looked so much like humans and performed so much of the human labor that in the end there were so many protests.”copyright protection3PENANAS2bVKZqydJ

“I'm sure that by taking jobs away from people.”copyright protection3PENANAesgXX7B0t4

“In part Vladimir was like that, but the biggest problem was that the birth rate around the world fell dramatically.”copyright protection3PENANA064Y3Imveo

“No! You're telling me that...”copyright protection3PENANAZ7ra2casKn

“Yes, with so many android models of faces and bodies dreamed of for either male or female use, it was no wonder that everyone ended up having sex with these things. But what was most disturbing was that the cases of men or women in love with the androids spread like wildfire. There was a lot of fear from religious and feminist groups. At that time the world government was almost entirely ruled by women of radical feminist philosophy. “copyright protection3PENANAcZPsXNzzN2

“Whoa.”copyright protection3PENANADO9IMcq9IF

“When it was proposed to increase the artificial intelligence so that the androids would be able to love, all the alarms became on. What made the situation worse was the fact that companies were developing androids with the ability to become pregnant.”copyright protection3PENANAxIMZTPb3hV

“Unbelievable.”copyright protection3PENANAruVhWS5wrS

“It was a dark time, society was divided in two: On the one hand, those who defended the androids; and on the other, those who wanted to see them all destroyed. And as you can see today, those retrograde ones who wanted to destroy the androids won.”copyright protection3PENANAz5GINtVeCE

“It's a pity, and there are no orders to rebuild more android models?”copyright protection3PENANATamG9fvkjM

“In fact, a law has already been passed to build androids, of course these new models will not look anything like the previous ones. They will not have a human appearance at all to avoid the problems of the past.”copyright protection3PENANAgLhc3d48Kw

Hailey was discouraged to comment on the latter, and when I asked her, she told me that she was part of a youth protest group and that with the approval of the construction of a new range of android models, her hopes of launching her protest group went down the drain.copyright protection3PENANA1jBH1pbXDO

“I didn't know you were anti-system Hailey.”copyright protection3PENANABxZXd8cItv

“It's not funny, Vladimir, history has taught us that it was the social protests that advanced humanity. People today don't complain or protest about anything... thank goodness my colleagues and I still have friends.”copyright protection3PENANAvKhMWk01sK

“You mean the zombies?”copyright protection3PENANAyt3ab5zn2d

“Exactly, do you think it is right that poor friends should be discriminated against so much and not allowed to work at all?”copyright protection3PENANAbDLbBYkOHN

“But the zombies don't need to eat, sleep or get sick... Whoa, when I came to this time, I saw a doctor check on a zombie in the hospital.”copyright protection3PENANAjdyBZvV0wn

“You know, it is the fundamental right of every person to work! Friends are people with renewed rights, so as people they should also have the right to work!”copyright protection3PENANAL4RPe2UOpX

I was surprised to see how Hailey "lit up" with her belief and the truth is that taking her from that point of view, she was somewhat right. However, I was surprised that Hailey didn't answer me about the whole zombie auscultation thing at the hospital, but I didn't have time to insist on it because my friend had invited me to meet her friends.copyright protection3PENANA1BBNMcL60t

“Well, what are you waiting for?”copyright protection3PENANAUkGtVFYQGu

“You're going out like this? You're half-naked!”copyright protection3PENANAerz5gO8bCy

“¿and?”copyright protection3PENANA8E9JrWWc3X

Yeah, the sense of modesty went to the toilet these days, not that I'm complaining but... you know what I mean.copyright protection3PENANAGYhmrd2p4I

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection3PENANAUi9toqhwBU

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