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Writer Capt. leon
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Yup, I'm a glowing vampire
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!0jrmVBOhIjeSzpvILhREposted on PENANA

A ZOMBIE IN THE 23RD CENTURYcopyright protection4PENANASTPfOakgYi

Capítulo 9: Yup, I'm a glowing vampirecopyright protection4PENANA4YBvkw79OP

Hailey's friends were already gone and so they didn't see my face in makeup soaked in sweat.copyright protection4PENANAt3I3sdLeuD

Damn, I wish I could have spoken French to say the most unimaginable swear words at the top of my lungs!copyright protection4PENANATnxIDmSYCR

A whole world full of blue-eyed blonds. Even almost all people of color or other racial backgrounds had disappeared.copyright protection4PENANAgHPRcaokkd

“So there's no such thing as colored people anymore?”copyright protection4PENANA9NhRQJ5CYA

“Well, in Africa there is a small percentage of the population of color. It is a radical group based in what used to be South Africa, and there are reports that this group kills whoever decides to subject their children to the process of genetic manipulation, they are called: the black Nazis.”copyright protection4PENANAgRYOABatAN

I cursed low and my intentions to return to my time were renewed. In the lab at the complex, I was told that within a couple of days there would be a temporal space disruption very close to where I entered this time.copyright protection4PENANAkQuaIHk71E

“Hailey, I have to get back to my time. They gave me the mission to be an industrial spy for whatever has been invented in this time.”copyright protection4PENANAkbsB3jl8Wj

“How long before you get back?”copyright protection4PENANAJdbH1LjceT

“A couple of days.”copyright protection4PENANAZzKuJsc4zd

My friend looked at me sadly, but seemed to resign herself to the idea.copyright protection4PENANAJUpbwsvRBr

“All right, I'll help you. I don't think you can infiltrate a modern industrial complex. How about I give you all the information in the world?”copyright protection4PENANAbkEm2G8mSn

I breathed a sigh of relief, I didn't feel much like infiltrating an unknown place with God knows what security measures were in place. Unfortunately, Hailey looked worried.copyright protection4PENANAfSW0mFsyK2

“I don't see how you can take that, though. All the information is on the military network.”copyright protection4PENANAMtXcEtEakf

“There are no such things as USB devices?”copyright protection4PENANACvAhSDX0ZQ

Hailey looked at me intrigued and I had to explain to her what USB, DVDs, etc. were.copyright protection4PENANAofIkf50IEK

“I don't know where we could get those old things. Besides, they wouldn't do you any good since there are no devices that can download information onto them. How about an old data crystal?”copyright protection4PENANAKqdICSbh2v

She patiently explained to me what the above-mentioned data crystal was. It was a crystal that could store over a hundred Teras of information.copyright protection4PENANAxF18WTLTUK

Since other devices such as cameras or video cameras of any kind did not exist at that time, I had to be content with the crystal.copyright protection4PENANAJi0sCfxDXb

It turns out that in this day and age, all photographic or recording devices are inside people's brains, which connect to everyone's eyes and ears, and are connected online to whoever you want. Yes sir, Masamune Shirow, the mangaka of Ghost in the Shell, got his vision of the future right.copyright protection4PENANAnICBqftCww

“The only place we could find something this old is with internet explorer.”copyright protection4PENANA74b9c82X1W

“What?”copyright protection4PENANAILfIeSXLvV

“A Hacker I met by pure chance. He could give us the crystal along with the computer that can read the data. Do you think you can take those things back in time?”copyright protection4PENANAXTEAu5PYHm

“As long as they don't have biological parts, I don't see the problem.”copyright protection4PENANAvPqHYCP1AR

“All right, then tomorrow we'll go to his office. It may even make you biometrically registered in the system, with that and the makeup you will no longer have any problem.”copyright protection4PENANAYiDd0R5YCA

“I don't think I have them, in my day there were already studies about using crystals as mass storage devices for information... Hey, how strange that a hacker is called as an Internet search engine that in my day is already obsolete.”copyright protection4PENANAUAtzaYEZWm

“He says it gives him style," Hailey said as she raised her shoulders, and together we went back to her house before her parents came home.copyright protection4PENANAmrbM89pXbZ

.copyright protection4PENANAP9ismjjriW

.copyright protection4PENANA2dwwMHuqHq

I had to hide in my few clothes friend's room. From the noise leaking through the door, I could tell that Hailey's parents were very fond of their only daughter and cared for her very much.copyright protection4PENANAN3SYQ08gYj

“Finally, some food," I said as I watched the teenager enter the room with a plate full of food prepared by the Laura.copyright protection4PENANAfNsygOSzga

“I also brought some juice.”copyright protection4PENANAwjn2Q9KkAr

“I hope it's not celery spinach this time.”copyright protection4PENANALnuDmlEuBD

“I only hope that your exquisite and refined palate will not be offended by a humble juice of tangerine and carrots.”copyright protection4PENANAORrgpH5hhm

“Hold on, my favorite!” I exclaimed happily, and Hailey opened her eyes, and then with her finger glued to her fleshy, sensual lips she gave me a frowning command to keep quiet.copyright protection4PENANArNGPQwZAQz

“I'm sorry. I whispered to her.”copyright protection4PENANA1CXwgjRVOs

We talked as I tasted the food and drink. We don't touch on issues related to my mission or complicated things from Hailey's time. Simple topics that any teenager would talk about no matter what the time of year.copyright protection4PENANAyCj0TJIZ0Z

Despite the time that had passed and the fact that everything around me seemed so different, I could see that adults still had adult concerns, and young people still had young people's concerns. Each and every one of them had the same dreams and hopes as the people of my time, yes, the more things change, the more they remain the same.copyright protection4PENANAlsN1iExheo

“Vladimir, are you all right?”copyright protection4PENANARg0PNh8EcX

I hadn't noticed, but I had started to cry. I'm sure I looked pathetic in Hailey's eyes.copyright protection4PENANA7LArLtausb

My friend didn't feel the same way because she took out a tissue and then wiped my face.copyright protection4PENANAuOEhPXVnea

“How I'd like you to stay, Vladimir.”copyright protection4PENANAM6qMVd44Sg

“I'd like to stay too... God, you smell so good.”copyright protection4PENANA1Z1BrN5Chx

“You don't smell good, but I still like you... We could, uh, shower together, if you want.”copyright protection4PENANANLls3bpYzE

I cursed myself because I knew I would regret my decision.copyright protection4PENANA9lLz8GNcLG

“No, but I appreciate it.”copyright protection4PENANAsNGtp7guJx

Hailey got up and got naked in front of me. Then she went to the bathroom and before disappearing through the door she turned shyly and offered me a candid smile.copyright protection4PENANA2xjoZmzpl8

"And with what I hated about that vampire who glowed in the sunlight... In the end, I'm a bigger jerk than he is."copyright protection4PENANA4utP4BwSNh

I gave a loud sigh, so loud I hope Hailey's parents didn't hear it.copyright protection4PENANAyg4eJul0Y5

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection4PENANAy1CRpCeY1z

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