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Writer Capt. leon
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Memories of a carpet
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!TW5APzLDPKfiO4uAfTBPposted on PENANA

A CAT IN LOVE WITH A CARPET7Please respect copyright.PENANA8lPuCsPl0y
Capítulo 2: Memories of a carpetcopyright protection3PENANAelQP8mJNni

The soft, blue moonlight this time bathed the interior of the attic in very gentle and harmonious creamy colors.copyright protection3PENANALgfQR5pCIf

A light brown cat with green eyes advanced cautiously and with steps that emitted no sound, as if he were walking on the clouds, he gradually approached his unknown interlocutor with a feminine and harmonious voice.copyright protection3PENANAnYyb22LhWn

“Here, here" said the soft, feminine ringing voice. For whatever reason, she refused to come out of hiding, whether out of shyness or otherwise.copyright protection3PENANA7bIY0QkJEI

“Where are you? Don't be afraid, I'm not going to hurt you.”copyright protection3PENANA2pYigQnFt6

“This way,” that was the only answer the feline received, who stopped when he saw that there was no exit at the corner of the attic where he was.copyright protection3PENANAVQ4t26wOos

Dusty boxes and a few cleaning utensils were around the cat. One of the things that caught his attention was a small but beautiful carpet in front of him. The color was difficult to identify because the carpet seemed to be purple, violet, and lilac in color; the carpet frame was made up of silver-colored arabesques that at the time seemed to pay homage to the pale moon that shone like a princess or queen in the dark blue sky with her cohort of stars that flashed mischievously.copyright protection3PENANAbwDUuEKPop

“Hello," the cat was encouraged to say as he was not quite sure that the voice was coming from the carpet.copyright protection3PENANAxqOwJ4m6KP

“Hello... don't be afraid,” was the answer from the carpet.copyright protection3PENANAdFFh9HoFvN

The cat would have escaped, but when he heard the carpet tell him not to be afraid, It forced his pride and decided to stay to face this unexpected mystery.copyright protection3PENANA8HkMBOqmDO

“Well, hello. I didn't expect to find anyone in this room," confessed the cat who was trying so hard to stay calm. “I have good ears and nothing escapes me. If I'd heard a human in this place, I wouldn't have come in, but you don't make a sound.”copyright protection3PENANALbfAHYF35q

“I don't have much need to move around," the carpet admitted with some shyness. “I like to stay calm in the moonlight and see the stars.”copyright protection3PENANATi6yAfgZVM

“That makes two of us," replied the cat, this time with a smile. “There's nothing like being on the rooftops and looking at the moon.”copyright protection3PENANAN3t7Q5WhsA

The ice had broken and both the cat and the carpet came into confidence, exchanging stories and asking a few questions.copyright protection3PENANA5eLlOtkuwp

“Don't you have a name?” asked the carpet.copyright protection3PENANAUqI1Yjgfjb

“No, I'm a stray cat and I don't have a name. Well, until recently with what people were always yelling at me, I thought my name was: cat get down from there!”copyright protection3PENANA16fve5Bam3

“What fun,” the carpet laughed with a bell so sweet that it pleased the cat's ears.copyright protection3PENANAKshwO6Z8Aw

“What about you, do you have a name?”copyright protection3PENANAyvWhwVANaU

“Well, unlike people or pets, I don't need a name. I never actually thought about having one.”copyright protection3PENANAZc1eIfkjqH

“Everything has a name," said the cat. “You for example are carpet and I am cat. But some things have a special name given to them by humans.”copyright protection3PENANAmaaEHYKG7l

“Like what?”copyright protection3PENANAcFQ9Wn4xaf

“Well, rivers and mountains are not just rivers and mountains, humans name them after humans, it's a bit strange, because they're not alive.”copyright protection3PENANAr9rso9IJs8

“So am I," said the carpet in a tone of sorrow. “Although rivers and mountains come from nature. They are not a creation that can be discarded as I am.”copyright protection3PENANAqPjBt0zeGH

“Don't say that," said the cat worried, "humans still dump rivers and mountains. They pollute rivers, flatten mountains, kill all the fish that live in the water, burn all the trees that hum in the sun in the mountains.”copyright protection3PENANAzTmq2jN7RY

A silence fell over the cat and the carpet, but it was interrupted by the distant coughing of the fat guy who once wanted to throw a shoe at the cat.copyright protection3PENANAmj8NLwXufq

“And what is this place?” It looks abandoned except for the room where the human shoe thrower lives.copyright protection3PENANACGfVhJVRXC

“This place was what humans call a cinema. People came several times a day and watched many films, sometimes as a couple, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends or family; some laughed, some cried and others intertwined their fingers sweetly.”copyright protection3PENANAywwVXzfKG6

“Really?”copyright protection3PENANAI2pQQbnOFD

“I listened to everything because they always put the cardboard figures from the films or the occasional framed poster of what they were going to show on me. After the movie, I watched people retire, it was a good life.”copyright protection3PENANAehkudBd9tb

“And what happened?”copyright protection3PENANAL1IiXFRcqx

“I don't know, only people stopped coming.”copyright protection3PENANAj8AIZrUnfz

Both carpet and cat didn't know it, but this was one of the many private homes that were redesigned to house small movie theaters that were very popular until the 1990s. Then, the arrival of video cassettes, CDs, piracy, cable television and the Internet forced many of these cinemas to close.copyright protection3PENANA1uRlY4Wcdp

“So many things were felt," the carpet remembered. “Sometimes people sang hymns, sometimes they sang threats to an enemy who couldn't say, sometimes they came laughing like fools to forget their sorrows. Sometimes the place closed, I still remember the military boots and the screams, ordering everyone to return home and not go out at night.”copyright protection3PENANAoZr6hpM8Bc

“There are no more military," said the cat. “Now everything is peace, but at the same time everything is so sad.”copyright protection3PENANAGUlhDlJxIZ

“So sad and dusty,” the carpet sighed, and the moon hid behind a window and left the whole place in gloom.copyright protection3PENANA7JtY5r21Eg

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection3PENANAr2fT9wiVEU

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