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Short Story
Short Story
About my life
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Writer Dvina
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About my life
About my life

There's a girl been quiet,  not hanging out with friends,  she's different,  but she's never really upset the theme, she's a nerd,dude, gloating,  don't know what she's always thankful for what god gave her for so long. Even if she wants more, she's always saving up, but because she's too quiet,  so she doesn't get to be a friend that she likes, that she likes, that she makes her sad and she likes to talk her teacher. Because she was weak and alone, without talking to her friend, so her friend hates her because her likes her teacher so much. Everyone hates it because she's usually just showing off without proof, that's her foolishness,  because of her frustration her life. She's stupid,idiot, and can't solve her own problems. Everything's ugly in people's eyes.

Until one time she drank all vitamin her father's up to overdose , But everyone said she was drinking drugs,  she'd love to watch an adult movie because of a chillhood the traumatized sexual abuse, but she doesn't know what she's watching it's good/not good. Until the adult she always watches it,  but she doesn't know it's good/not good. Because of her innocence, her stupidity can make her reckless,  because she presefers action without thingking, and finding out cause and effect,  all because of her behavior and without proof. She doesn't know what is good/bad, because she's action without thinking.  She's actually kind, but she's wrong because she's doesn't think long. But now to be someone who's in the value of those people is gross, because of her ignorance- madness with her,  and everyone her so much. She was actually following all in youtube/TV,etc. She's a big hit her,  but she's got the wrong way. The point is she can't get any good/bad , and she's not certifiable. 

She doesn't want to go internasional collage,  but because she's just going to do it,  she doesn't want to do it. 

This is my story. 

Total Reading Time: 2 minutes


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