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The Low-Class Prince Charming
Writer MysticFate
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The Low-Class Prince Charming
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Chapter 1
Sep 14, 2018
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!EWhPm0SAVbcIN85BPWRPposted on PENANA

“Where has this girl gotten to this time?” an agitated voice in the distance asked no one in particular. “Lisette!” it shouted.copyright protection4PENANAoUAQzPeDHR

“Yes, ma’am?” a shy voice responded, and Sky heard the footsteps rush down the hallway outside her room.copyright protection4PENANAxmNOc9P4KK

“Go and command the entire household to put their current chores on hold and to look for Sky. If she’s late again, all of our heads will be had.”copyright protection4PENANAgWs44xGUuy

Sky tutted quietly to herself; she couldn’t care less, but if her mother were to hear Karen say her name without title, her head would definitely have been had, regardless of if they found her or not.copyright protection4PENANAKSskJ1aYFR

“Will do, ma’am,” Lisette said, and Sky once again heard her feet scurrying away. She also then heard Karen sigh and start mumbling to herself as she proceeded to walk in the other direction.copyright protection4PENANAPceD1qNQvx

Sky heaved a sigh too as she pulled herself out from behind her wardrobes; she rather liked Lisette and didn’t want her to be put under the burden of having to try and find her. Besides, she was already awake now and she knew she wouldn’t fall asleep again.copyright protection4PENANAAMt2QyAxs4

Knowing they wouldn’t re-enter her room any time soon if she hadn’t been here the first time, she picked out an outfit and got changed at a leisurely pace as she heard feet rushing around outside her room.copyright protection4PENANA5cXxwGzHFf

She patted down the floral dress she’d put on as she had a look at herself in the mirror. This kind of attire wasn’t her kind of style, but she wore these uncharacteristic things to protect herself and make her unrecognisable on camera for the type of lifestyle she led behind this glamourous façade.copyright protection4PENANAyvsM8tdVjJ

She had to admit, it almost suited her.copyright protection4PENANAtUvWXmvxTX

Deciding that announcing her presence within her room was too tedious, she just opened the door before seating herself in front of her makeup table and waiting to have the next maid come and do her makeup.copyright protection4PENANACZazwHg6oV

She was just about to relax on her phone for a while when one of the maids appeared too quickly for her liking.copyright protection4PENANAlXqOKzhXuB

“Miss Sky! Where have you been? You’ve sent the whole household into disarray!” she said as she entered the room, opting to turn off the lights and instead went to open the curtains to let the sunlight come in.copyright protection4PENANAGYwcUtyq0s

“I’ve noticed,” Sky replied with a tight smile. “Anyway, we’re running late right? Help me with my makeup.”copyright protection4PENANAoCrycXgs4E

“But Miss, I should tell them-” the maid started.copyright protection4PENANAnqBOemnwjS

“Sure, go tell them, it won’t be my fault we’re late then at least,” Sky replied nonchalantly as she took out her phone and unlocked it. Her words clearly affected the maid, who hesitated only for a split second before she rushed to Sky’s side; Sky put away her phone and looked forward into the mirror.copyright protection4PENANA80QEdL7Lb8

The maid worked in silence, but let the next maid who arrived know to inform everyone that Sky had been found and was now having makeup put on her.copyright protection4PENANAdzLE7XCopH

Only a few minutes passed until the news reached the head maid, who arrived with another maid in tow.copyright protection4PENANA2N8EBm0YTk

“Janice,” Karen barked upon her arrival. “What do you think you’re doing?”copyright protection4PENANAR1lHGysNkD

The maid working on Sky’s makeup immediately took a few steps back and bowed in apology. “Apologies, ma’am, but we were running late and I didn’t know where to find Jess to do the makeup for her.”copyright protection4PENANAWycIdkFQI5

Karen scowled as she walked further into the room; Sky watched her walk closer. Much to her distaste, Karen grabbed Sky by the chin and looked at her face from every angle. “Could be worse,” Karen finally said. “Thank you, Janice. You may both take your leave.”copyright protection4PENANAxLTFqv2rtW

The two maids bowed and rushed out of the room, leaving Sky and Karen to themselves.copyright protection4PENANAMkY72EGus0

“If we weren’t running so late, I would definitely be talking to you about the consequences of your actions right now,” Karen said with an agitated undertone as she went and grabbed a light jacket from Sky’s wardrobe.copyright protection4PENANA7ozk6MFMCo

But we both know it would do no good, they both thought as they shot each other a glance.copyright protection4PENANASa9LQAgT1K

“Come along Miss Sky; the car is waiting out front.” Without another word, Karen left the room, expecting Sky to follow, which she did for once. Sky normally hated charity events, or anything she had to do to make her parents look good, but animal events were another matter entirely. She’d put up with it then – and only then. The animals were worth it.copyright protection4PENANAPN5NV7sBCU

With large strides, she kept up easily with Karen, and at one point debated just heading out to the front since the older woman was much shorter and therefore much slower than her, but she decided against it; she didn’t want to appear too keen.copyright protection4PENANACJib4pYJcA

After an agonising 3 minutes of alternating fast and slow walking, they reached the front door where the car was waiting. Karen turned to Sky and held out her jacket. “Have an enjoyable time, Miss Sky.”copyright protection4PENANA74LhQBR7vS

Sky said nothing as she took the jacket and headed down the steps, walking past the chauffeur who was holding the door open for her in silence and climbing into the back seat.copyright protection4PENANASlGY8B6AcI

By the time the chauffeur had gotten into the car himself and started driving, Sky was already heavily invested in her phone and its contents. As per usual, the drive was silent, with only the sound of the radio to be heard after Sky requested it be turned on.copyright protection4PENANAvOsO0wdYgq

The site of the event was relatively close-by and was in fact a park which she frequented often. Though as she got out of the car, she realised she’d never really seen it in daylight before, and she thought it definitely had its own charm seeing the bright green colour of the leaves rather than the dark grey tint she saw at night.copyright protection4PENANAznvkFlWwts

She didn’t regard the chauffeur as he bowed in farewell when she left and she proceeded to make her way over to the so-called reception area of the event. “Good morning,” she greeted politely in words that seemed almost foreign to her tongue. “Could you please tell me where I can find the person responsible for the event?”copyright protection4PENANAomN4kWGrwS

A petite looking girl looked up from what she was doing and smiled at Sky; when Sky didn’t return the smile, the look on the girl’s face faltered but immediately returned to its friendly demeanour. “Of course. Mr Evergreen is over next to the stage. Wearing a red blazer; you can’t miss him.”copyright protection4PENANA92HBQI83Go

Sky nodded and left without thanking her, leaving the girl behind her wondering who this impolite girl was, but her smile immediately returned as she turned to help the next visitor and Sky was quickly forgotten.copyright protection4PENANAufMZArlxXO

As Sky made her way over to the stage, she noticed that he did indeed stick out like an almost literal sore thumb and had now even decked himself out with a red top hat. If anyone was given the instructions to look out for the red, they most certainly wouldn’t miss him.copyright protection4PENANAZmbMrwI7Xf

She had planned to make a direct beeline for him to get this event underway, but upon spotting a fluffy little German Shepherd puppy, she just knew she had to say hello. Without stopping in her stride, she diverted to the right and walked directly over to the elderly man who was clearly having a bit of a struggle keeping him under control.copyright protection4PENANA07hHJ7qRb6

“Hello,” she greeted, forcing a smile onto her face.copyright protection4PENANAgFm3EXvZut

“Hello, dear,” he responded, with a smile that reached his eyes. “How are you doing today?”copyright protection4PENANAOtPZghwYpt

“I’m doing well,” she replied, looking from him down to his puppy. “Would you mind if I pet your dog?” she asked then, getting straight to the point.copyright protection4PENANAepAw7kExcP

“Of course,” he chuckled. “I think that’s all he’s been looking for since we got here.”copyright protection4PENANAEsv0waX1as

She smiled then; not at him and not at the puppy, but just in general. Tying her thin dress up into a knot at the side to avoid getting paw prints on her dress and hence revealing the shorts she was wearing beneath, causing anyone watching her to become flustered for a moment, she bent down and held out her hand. For a moment, the puppy seemed uncertain, but upon sniffing her hand he bounded around too fast for her to keep up with him. She laughed.copyright protection4PENANAuZVkZcCvb1

“How long have you had him?” she asked the elderly man.copyright protection4PENANAYprzWzUA66

“About… Hm, 2 weeks now I believe. My son got him for me so I wouldn’t be so alone all the time,” the elderly man responded, watching the young girl and his puppy enjoying themselves. “Though I wish he would have gotten me one a bit older; this one has too much energy for me. But when I said that to my son, he said it had to be this one; it just spoke to him when he and his wife went to pick one out.”copyright protection4PENANAqLzVL56J6g

Sky had a last little pet of the dog’s head before she straightened up and untied her dress. “I’m sure your son has a very good reason for picking him then,” she said. “If you’ll excuse me, I have somewhere I have to be now,” she abruptly excused herself, leaving the elderly man a bit confused and the young puppy looking after her with his tail wagging.copyright protection4PENANAbBf7VekyKv

She finally made her way over to the stage, neither rushing nor taking her time, and once again immediately spotted Mr Evergreen who was looking around constantly and checking his watch.copyright protection4PENANAzJV1jRAdrG

“Mr Evergreen?” she asked as she approached him. She immediately caught his attention.copyright protection4PENANAjRsSNeXTX4

“Ah, you must be Miss Simmons,” he responded, walking over quickly and sticking out his hand. “Perfect, just on time. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”copyright protection4PENANAa9FphBEBao

Sky eyed his outstretched hand, unsure what to make of it. As she didn’t move, he awkwardly moved his hand outwards to the right, indicating the backstage, as though that was the original intention for his hand movement. “If you please, follow me this way.”copyright protection4PENANA6J81KrSkEk

As he led the way backstage, Sky almost let out an audible sigh but followed nonetheless.copyright protection4PENANA1XbtQYIOSF

For the animals, she reminded herself.copyright protection4PENANAS2Pys7a7Ik

“If you could please wait for here a moment,” the older man said once they’d reached backstage, and this time Sky actually did let out a huff of air as he scuttled off and left her by herself. She crossed her arms to show her distaste for the current situation. Could he not have done whatever it is he’s now doing while they were waiting for her?copyright protection4PENANAwP4ERP5KaJ

He returned after a mere minute and indicated for her to follow him. She did so with no audible complaint, and with a helping hand up the stairs she found herself up on stage next to him and looking down at the crowd.copyright protection4PENANA4cHgGxfol7

As she stood next to him, she zoned out as he called for attention and gave a short speech; she only zoned back in upon hearing him speak her name.copyright protection4PENANA4e9TNB1YIK

“… Sky Simmons and her parents for making this fundraising event possible with their very generous donation, we’d like to present them with this award.”copyright protection4PENANAjeznTrcYbn

Although she’d missed the first half of the sentence, she assumed this Mr Evergreen had been thanking them so she put on her fake smile and turned to him, taking the award from his outstretched hands. “Thank you,” she was speaking so many foreign words today.copyright protection4PENANAHgzpwfXMDj

He smiled at her and indicated for her to go to the microphone. She panicked for a moment, realising she didn’t know what to say, but she knew she could bluff her way through it. She walked up to the mic with award in hand.copyright protection4PENANATHx2BlECjn

“Thank you,” she said once more, wincing at how often she’s had to say that word combination today; she wasn’t even sure who she was thanking this time. “Have a good time everyone.”copyright protection4PENANAmCCW0vndtz

There, bluffed, she said to herself proudly. With a slight bow, she walked back off the stage and upon reaching the bottom she expected to exchange a few last words with Mr Evergreen before she went back to the animals.copyright protection4PENANAAbP9Amoy81

Instead, when she turned around, she came face to face with…copyright protection4PENANAR2Jp4kKJW4

“Father.”copyright protection4PENANA6iHIfIeCVH

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