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The Low-Class Prince Charming
Writer MysticFate
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The Low-Class Prince Charming
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Chapter 3
Sep 14, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!dGD7dmK1CzxTGYYsBU7Pposted on PENANA

Sky didn’t speak on the journey back, and instead decided to sulk in silence as she listened to the conversation between her father and the driver. To avoid attention wherever they went, Sky’s parents had a large number of normal cars instead of limousines, so to avoid having to sit next to each other, her father had opted to sit in the front seat, leaving her to stare holes into the back of his head.copyright protection4PENANAdxftDj2omJ

As soon as the driver pulled up to the front door, Sky opened her door without waiting for the chauffeur and walked into the house with a determined air – determined not to be near her father more than was necessary.copyright protection4PENANAJAqmHDJsFl

“Sky-” she heard her father shout from behind her.copyright protection4PENANA2cfIbdaM7i

She lifted up a hand in farewell. “Goodbye, father!” she shouted back with an air of finality, leaving her father no choice but to let her go.copyright protection4PENANABlQRPtaSSx

Sky lowered her hand as she walked past the maids who opened the door for her entry and made a direct beeline for her room. As she walked along the landing, she spotted her father walking through the front door, and they shot each other an unsatisfied glance as the maids rushed to aid him. Immediately, and predictably, he made his way straight to the office with his butler in tow.copyright protection4PENANABB71YPFHhk

Sky scoffed in annoyance. The only reason he ever came home was for the office. Why did her parents even bother keeping this giant mansion with no one in it but her and the staff?copyright protection4PENANA3jxi1IvcuD

As soon as she entered her room, she slammed the door shut behind her to let the household know that she didn’t want to be disturbed. With a sigh, she decided to get out of the tattered dress and put on more comfortable attire that was more suited to her room.copyright protection4PENANAv6ZlXOP8GH

Unsure whether to get the dress washed or to throw it out, she dropped it in front of her door to let the next maid decide what to do with it. Who knows, maybe she’d even keep it for herself; Sky decided it was no concern of hers anymore.copyright protection4PENANAFijMkhBZYS

Realising the day so far had been displeasing, she decided to sit down and listen to some music for a few hours and practice some of her moves. In no time, three hours passed and she only decided to check the time when she heard a rush of noises outside of her room.copyright protection4PENANAk2cSkeAQq5

She was confused as to why the maids were so anxiously whispering and rushing around outside, but decided if it was a fire they would either come and get her no matter how little she wished to be disturbed or she would just get to it when it comes and help herself.copyright protection4PENANAuWbth8i7gZ

She trained for a little bit longer when the noises finally died down. Deciding she’d finally had enough of training, she wanted to go for a run.copyright protection4PENANAOWh8ICpkCo

Turning off her music, she went over to her window, for this was her way of getting out when she couldn’t be bothered interacting with anyone. For a moment, the sun blinded her as she opened the window, but she was quickly able to retain her vision and manoeuvred her way down with the rope that was hidden among the ivy.copyright protection4PENANAdWqpPKDpB4

With a small oof she landed undamaged at the bottom and brushed herself off.copyright protection4PENANAu50GyiORp5

As she turned towards the fountain, her eyes came into contact with an unrecognisable pair of other eyes; someone she didn’t know was standing in her garden.copyright protection4PENANAQe18mKKM4m

Realising what this could mean, she rushed over and balled the front of his shirt up in her fist. “What are you doing here? What do you want?” she asked threateningly.copyright protection4PENANAaijBH8mlyX

As she was stood in front of him, she realised how much lower he was than her; how much shorter he was. As she waited for an answer from the stranger, all the stranger could think of was what a strange individual this girl was – first scaling down the side of her own home and then marching over and threatening him.copyright protection4PENANAp32qJBJyt9

All she got from him was raised eyebrows.copyright protection4PENANAEjoGsLqdxv

“Ah, I see you’ve met,” James said as he made his way over to them with his butler at his side, observing the two with interest as Sky dropped her fist and retreated as soon as she heard her father’s voice. “Sky, this is Mason. Mason, this is Sky.”copyright protection4PENANAAINUjv2FQB

“Mason? Who’s Mason? And why is he here?” Sky asked, shooting another look at him.copyright protection4PENANADgEGHoiqXL

“As you can see, he is Mason,” her father stated matter-of-factly. “He’s here because we’re doing a favour for a family friend.”copyright protection4PENANAAB5YhxJIKg

“Ah,” Sky nodded. “Of course they wouldn’t send someone like him to try and mess with me on my turf. That’s common sense,” she said quietly to herself, still nodding her head in understanding as she looked him over once more.copyright protection4PENANAekZ1eixhYn

“What did you say?” Mason asked, with no one being able to catch Sky’s words.copyright protection4PENANATCDyilWALU

Sky clapped her hands together in front of her, satisfied with this turnout of events. “Nothing.”copyright protection4PENANAllvqjNY3wJ

“Sky,” James said, calling for her attention, and he got it from her, albeit it didn’t seem interested. “I want you to show Mason to his room. It’s the one between yours and the stairs.copyright protection4PENANAkK4jMiCjAB

“Me?” she asked in disbelief. “Me?” she repeated when her father nodded. Sky scoffed. “What on earth do we have all of this staff for if you’re making me do these tasks?”copyright protection4PENANAGudk2wFZ6r

James’ stare was unwavering and she knew she couldn’t win against him. She shot a glare at him in response. “You,” she said, shooting a look over at Mason. “Follow me. And keep up because I’m not going to slow down.”copyright protection4PENANATsNpT7cRaI

Without another word, she stormed off to the front of the house and did indeed leave Mason behind without regard to his shorter stature. Her being unaware of it, Mason and James exchanged a glance of understanding before the young man raced off after the girl who was already far in the distance.copyright protection4PENANABusFNfYpyy

“You really think this is going to work?” Michael asked James in a hushed tone as both men looked after the rebellious girl.copyright protection4PENANA0e2ez5Kf4R

“It’s one of, if not the, last chance we’re going to get, so I’m going to hope for the best,” James responded. “Prepare the car, Michael. I’m going to head off again.”copyright protection4PENANAGYjtncAz4L

“Of course, sir.”copyright protection4PENANAiFfLl30jty

Around the front of the house, Sky was waiting for an out of breath Michael to appear directly before her.copyright protection4PENANARuNUIm0sC5

“Took long enough,” she said when he finally arrived. “Is this all your stuff?” Michael was too out of breath to respond so he just nodded, no matter how much he wanted to retort. “Fine.”copyright protection4PENANAji3DMqQm0V

Without complaint, Sky managed to shoulder the big rucksack and took a wheel luggage in each hand. “Can you handle the last one?” she asked him. He looked at her like she was crazy; surely she couldn’t carry that up the front steps. He nodded again in response to her question.copyright protection4PENANA8jAn4Wr4fU

“Good. Follow me.”copyright protection4PENANAD7oq16N2zp

To his disbelief, not only did she manage to carry all of his stuff up the front steps, but the second set of steps up to his room indoors as well. While he was still struggling with his last large suitcase, she was already at the top. She turned to look at him.copyright protection4PENANA7TIbwuCmRC

“Alright, fair enough, I did leave you with the biggest one. Do you want me to help?” Although it appeared as though she was offering kind help, in reality she just wanted to show off her strength and let him know he couldn’t intimidate her with his sudden presence in her home. As Mason shook his head to prevent her stealing his manliness, Sky just shrugged her shoulders. “Suit yourself.”copyright protection4PENANAhZWSn0OO54

Not leaving Mason enough time to change his mind, she dragged his stuff the last remaining metres into the room next to hers. To her surprise, it was organised and clean. When had they managed that?copyright protection4PENANAJJb79deXfN

In the time it took for her to take in the new room, Mason had managed to drag the suitcase up the stairs and join her, breathing heavily.copyright protection4PENANAnnG6ydAaAs

She slid the rucksack off her shoulder and was just turning to leave when she stopped momentarily next to Mason, who was still standing breathless at the entrance. Confused, he turned to look at her just as she turned to look at him; the fact that he had to look up and she down at him caused her to let out a chuckle, and, with a last shake of her head and smile on her face, she left him alone in his new room.copyright protection4PENANANRrJKPKzEQ

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