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A Dreamer (Pandora's Box)
Writer P. Sandra D.
  • G: General Audiences
  • PG: Parental Guidance Suggested
  • PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned
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A Dreamer (Pandora's Box)
A Dreamer (Pandora's Box)

"Theodith. I give you that name, because you are from a holy and noble people.
Not destiny that determines your life, but you are the one who determines destiny.
Remember what I said,
‘Develops that grows, grow that develops.
The old has passed, the new has come '"

* * *

Armonia has often had strange dreams lately.

These dreams eventually bring her to things beyond human reason. Take her to see one by one amazing things on the other side of her world. Take her on a journey that reveals hers true identity.

She is not an ordinary daughter.

Destiny chose her. She chose her destiny.

She is 'predicted'.

She was created by the hand of the Creator.

She is a Goddess ..

She is an Angel.

* * *

"Theodith ... ... don't be afraid of darkness. Darkness will disappear by light. "

"But I have no light, God."

"You have it. You are created through my hands. My light dwells in you. Your job is to bring the light into the darkness and conquer the "dark"."

. . .

"Do what you feel needs to be done. I will always guide you. Follow what your heart says, let it guide you. For verily my light dwells there."

"... Armonia, ... Darkness is just an illusion of a moment's eyes. Open your eyes, then you will see the truth.

* * *

Total Reading Time: 25 minutes


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