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The Battle
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Writer Royyyaaaal
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The Battle
The Battle

The devil tried to grab a hold of me.
He tried to win the battle, you see,
But that is impossible, for I have God on my side.
He was with me through the times that I lied.
I felt scared and alone all my life.
Though I hid everything through all my strife,
I wanted someone to see past my laughter and smiles.
I needed someone to know about my horrible trials,
Someone to understand and care,
But I didn't find anyone, I didn't dare.
There were people in my life who made me feel worthless, like I was nothing,
Until Christ came along and showed me I was most definitely something.
I've had thoughts of things you couldn't imagine,
But then there was someone who showed me compassion,
A kind of love more than others,
A kind of love stronger than your mother's.
He was there for me through all of my tears.
He was there for me through all of these years.
Sometimes it may seem like He's not there,
Like He disappeared into thin air.
I know this isn't true, for I know He's there with you.
I've experienced His presence before.
He showed me what I needed to see,
He showed me what was real to me.
He helped me know there really are people out there,
People who I can trust, people who do care.
So from this day on I won't shut anyone out.
I will be happy without a doubt.
And I will win this fight with Christ by my side.
And there will be no more tears for me to hide.

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